Hi there, i am a keep modder / map maker for a variety of games, but i tend to focus on detailed reviews of mods and games, if you like a mod or a game but you are not sure what its like or if it is worth it i would be willing to try out nearly every game or mod that you ask, however in my spare time i like to design models and concept designs. I am willing to help out fellow modders with models, maps and even graphics, so just send me an email and ill be glad to help out any way i can. Also if you are experiencing problems with a game, or mods for a game i will try to help fix it, or guide you to a support service (that actually does help)

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Tiberian Sun Retro

Mod review

This mod is very nice, it picks up where westwood left off and gives this game that cutting edge that just wasnt there in the original game, it has some missing units put in and given some new units. the mod has re-moddeled most of the units and even some of the structures, they have even made new audio transcripts for most of the units, it follows its name with retro cameos and icons. however this mod is quite glitch and often crashes, on the other hand it fits in very nicely and when you get a good session it is very fun and brings in thoughs few features that westwood missed. overall i belive it is a very good mod and has alot of potential, once the crashes are fixed this mod should work flawlessly.


Madin's Mix Mods

Mod review

This mod has brought together some of the all time classics and put them in to what i consider to be one of the best game engines of its time, it has ballenced the teams well and given quite a variety to choose from, however like the name suggests it is a mix of mods and not all of the structures and inuts "fit in" in my opinion, however that still doesnt stop this mod getting my approval

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