Insane Lord of the Rings fan, mod tester, and writer of fiction (especially RPs at my staff position at I'm one of those crazy people who has way too many ideas and can't keep his mouth shut. This is how I got the title of "Head Fanatic," and later Adminship, for the Narnia mod. I was formerly WoA's Secretary of Foreign Affairs, but I've resigned that post for ModDB. Recently, I've only been lurking in the corners of moddb, leaving the PR work for Wars of Arda to the more eager Neth, but you'll still see me around from time to time. I marvel, nonetheless, at the amount of respect I get around here... it's weird, but I guess all you need is a level 10 profile and a few friends.

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A new mod is starting, led by mapper Rokqua Shadowkin and amateur mapper/2D Artist, ME! Our goal in the mod is to add some realism to either BFME 1 or BFME 2, depending on what the executive decision is. So far we have a coder, RobnKarlaFAN, but we'll need more than one coder to the advanced kind of work for this mod! In the words of the mod leader himself...

"This will be a mod that removes unit-build structures, builds siege engines like a BFME II structure, and allows for build-anywhere farms and wall hubs. The farms and wall hubs, however, will only work if you build a foundation first, and the foundation will take time to build. To build and army, you don't need to have that many CP, and can go over anytime, but if you go over, your army will start to starve, and units will die randomly, and the more you go over the CP limit, the more units will die. To GET the units, you will need to build messengers for about 3,000 resources each, and send them to the edge of the map, where you will get actual battalions of about three hundred men each, but divided into many smaller hordes. to get an even larger army, you will by an elite messenger that you can only get one of with a guard troop for about 7,750 resources that gives you two and a half battalions with a total of seven-hundred and fifty soldiers. Also, both Isenguard and Mordor will be able to build walls, with Mordor's walls looking something like the Black Gate, and the wall towers being similar to the Towers of the Teeth. Also, the Castle Citidal would look like Barad'Dur, while the outpost Citidals would remain the same."

My turn... Now, the troops summoned by the messengers will be the elites of the army (i.e. Gondor's KoDA, Mordor's Mumakil/Trolls, and an army of basic units). However, the build system for the basic units will be drastically changed to match the new resource generation system: Farms must be garrisoned with a battalion of peasants in order to function, and the peasants can be garrisoned in Parade Grounds (for Gondor) in order to be transformed into basic soldiers (like Gondor Swordsmen or Archers). Different kinds of civilians will be able to be upgraded into different types of units; for example, Rohan's Westfold Peasants will be transformed into militia on foot while the Eastfold Herdsmen will be upgraded into a variety of cavalry units. However, this will, again, take a great deal of advanced coding.

If we get to the point where the original four factions are finished in this manner, we plan to add an extra faction: The North! This confederation of the northern war against Sauron will be comprised of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and humans. Here is a basic tech tree, designed by yours truly:

The North
A confederation of all of the peoples who fought Sauron, the North is a versatile faction with many options of armies.

Peasant Units:
Shire Farmers- Produce the most resources in a farm, but make the worst troops. Can be trained into either Shirrifs or Bounders.
Dwarvern Miners- Produce no resources whatsoever in a farm, but make the most solid troops. Can be upgraded into Axemen.
Elven Gardeners- Produce medium resources in a farm, and are the best stealth troops. Can be upgraded into Marksmen or Blademasters.
Men of the North- Produce medium resources in farms, and are the solid backbone of the army. Can be upgraded into Warriors, Archers, Riders, or Rangers.

Regular Units:
Shirrifs- A basic unit that can toggle between quarterstaff and thrown rocks.
Bounders- Stealthy hobbits equipped with a bow to fend off the beasts from the wilds to the north of the Shire.
Axemen- A solid Dwarven unit that concentrates on armor over speed.
Warriors- The basic swordsmen for the North, Warriors can be upgraded with Dale Armor.
Archers- The ranged version of their warrior counterpart, they can also be given Dale Armor.
Riders- The sole cavalry unit for the north, these riders use the finest horses in Dale.
Rangers- These mysterious men roam the lands around Bree, protecting villagers from evil.
Marksmen- The finest archers of the North, these elves are almost invisible in woodlands.
Blademasters- The sword-skill of these elves has been honed to the finest.

Farm- Produces resources, but only when a unit is present; builds Farmers, Gardeners, and Men of the North
Mine- Produces greater resources and reduces upgrade costs, but only when Miners are present; builds Miners and Men of the North
Training Ground- Troop upgrades purchased here when peasants are sent in...
Citadel- The center of any self-respecting army base.
Armory- Upgrades purchased here!

Dale Armor- armor for humans
Dwarven Armor- armor for elves and dwarves; better than Dale's
Fire Arrows- Arrow upgrade for a maximum of six battalions
Barbed Arrows- Arrow upgrade for normal people
Elven Blades- Melee upgrade for everyone

But, reiterating myself for the millionth time, we can't do this alone! So, if you'd like to help us, just drop a PM my way or comment on this blog.

Regards, IRS

As the battles in the passes rage, a great force of power begins gathering in the skies above Middle-earth. Soldiers everywhere turn their heads upward, looking in wonder at the great storm above. In an instant, the world changes. New fortresses are built; others razed. Mountains crumble, valleys rise up, and most of Curunir's armies perish in the cataclysm. A new world awaits, wider and ripe for the conquest. One by one, the armies of Arnor move across Middle-earth in a quest to free it from the depravity of evil...

Translation: This is, sadly, the final installment of this particular war. Since RJ-RotWK 1.06 will change plenty and it comes out today, I decided that I would... speed things along a bit. So, I hung up my headphones and mouse and used the power of the Valar to make me win immediately. Thus, the Fifth Age of Middle-earth ended.

In the northlands, the snow is stained red with the blood of Arnor. A massive army of orcs and their siege weapons, led by Grima, attacks Arveleg's army at Mount Gundabad. Flanking the battle lines of the Arnorians, Grima's ballistae cause devastation among the tightly-packed troops. Meanwhile, Grima's Warg Riders rove the snowy plain, devestating Arnor's buildings. All seems lost until Glorfindel's cavalry returns from their lightning attack on the enemy base. The remains of Arveleg's army retreat west as Glorfindel and his steadfast horsemen devestate Grima's siege equipment and track down the fleeing warg riders. Although it cost Arveleg almost his entire army, Arnor has triumphed again. Now Curinir sets his sights on the mountain passes...

Translation: An epic battle was fought for control of Mount Gundabad. Ever since Arvedui's crushing defeat there, the region has been debatable, and this proved to be the fiercest battle yet. Fifteen ballistae took out most of my army, but my Galadhrim Archers and a sparse remnant of my infantry survived. Fortunately, I managed to negotiate Glorfindel's return from a scouting mission just in time to save Arveleg from death at Wormtongue's knife. Foiled there, Saruman's army attacked the High Pass, where Carthaen's army now stands...

After years of peace, the forces of Arnor break the leaguer of Curunir's forces and attack. In the south, King Arvedui forges into Gondor, taking the Falas by storm and coming close to the captured tower of Minas Anor. In the north, Argeleb takes the passes of the mountains with a massive army. Curinir's forces, attacked on two fronts, become confused and leaderless. The orc-lords Sharku and Lurtz move south to attack Arvedui's army-- can he take Minas Anor before they arrive and outlast their siege?

Translation: On the 54th turn, I got bored of army-building and decided on a little battle, so I packed my bags and attacked them. The Uruk-hai in the south weren't ready for my attack, and I took Belfalas and Anfalas very quickly. It is interesting to note that there were some strange occurences in Belfalas involving swimming units... But I digress. Now that two huge hero armies are on their way, I need to dig Arvedui's army into a fortress, and fast.

The battle for Dunland is over. Although victory required the sacrifice of many elves and the entire Dunedain Army, Elrond's forces finally triumph over the dark forces of Curunir. The elven army, finding a hidden route to the north of Sharku's fortress, surprise the defenders of the wall and, with their trebuchets, destroy the enemy base. Although many of the swords of men crumble into the dust, the bodies of the Shadow Army die with them, and the spirits of the troops can rest in peace, knowing their sacrifice was not in vain. However, the war is far from over, and even now both sides regroup their forces...

Translation: I won the battle in Dunland, but in order to make room for stronger forces, the entire Dunedain army launched a suicidal mission into the heart of the enemy base. However, their valiant efforts weakened Isengard enough that I managed to catch them off-guard, infiltrating a walled-off route and trebucheting their troops and buildings to death. The battle was won, but now I'm back where I started. Time to build up more troops!

Grima's forces in Rhudaur are destroyed completely by the combined forces of Arveleg's Arnorian Knights and Glorfindel's elves. Although the worn-out Uruks attempt to retreat, a group of Dunedain led by Argeleb retakes Cardolan, cutting him off and defeating him utterly. However, the Worm himself eludes the grasp of justice, slipping off back towards his own territory and gathering new armies around him...

Translation: Wormtongue's army was defeated, then trapped inside my territory by a flanking force. Unfortunately, he was soon revived, and although I re-unified the region of Arnor, the forces of Isengard were still at large.

While Grima rebuilt his shattered forces, a new threat to the Kingdom of the Dunedain came from an orc-lord named Sharku. From atop a great black Warg, he spurred his armies towards the elven haven of Imladris. Lord Elrond, hearing of this assault, led his elves outside of the city to meet him halfway. The two armies collided in Dunland, where the barbarians aid Curunir's cause. Elrond's army, badly outnumbered, takes terrible losses in the first conflict. Left with only a captain and several groups of archers around him, Elrond nonetheless manages to hold the line long enough for Dunedain reinforcements to arrive. Now the two great armies are deadlocked...

Translation: Sharku's army attacked next, and to preempt his attack I moved Elrond and his army into Dunland. Although most of his force was killed by Sharku's pikemen and Warg Riders, I barely held him back, and soon had rebuilt a solid army of Dunedain led by the stalwart captain and archers that had survived the first onslaught. But the battle is not over yet...

The ancient kingdom of Arnor is under heavy duress. The Elves and Dwarves have long ago retreated into their forests and mountains, leaving Arnor as the only force able to combat the forces of darkness. In the desolate realm of Mordor, the Maia Curunir forms a dark army to destroy the Dunedain. Only a few brave soldiers stand in defiance of Curunir's conquest of Middle-earth...

Translation: I got bored and decided to play a RJ-RotWK War of the Ring as my favorite faction, Arnor. Since Mordor is insanely OP in the latest beta (I had trouble fighting a Medium, even though I can easily take out a Hard Isengard), I decided to fight Isengard instead.

Curunir's first target is the southernmost province of Arnor, Cardolan. His general, Grima, leads a massive army of Dunlendings and Uruk-hai to attack the small force of hobbits and humans defending the province. However, the desperate Cardolanis manage to destroy a large portion of his army before succumbing to the tide of evil...

Translation: I took most of the northern portion of the map for myself, but I neglected to defend my flanks properly, and Wormtongue found a nice big hole in my defense: Cardolan. However, with very few soldiers at my disposal, I still managed to destroy most of his cavalry.

With Cardolan in his power, Grima forges deeper into Arnor, attacking Rhudaur. However, Arveleg, the King of Arnor and Lord of Amon Sul, will not give in easily to Grima's assault...

Translation: Wormtongue attacked Rhudaur next. However, the defense force there was stronger, and the battle still rages...

Well, after such a long time peacefully slicing the heads off of AI orcs, I decided to expand my opponent horizons and go for a multiplayer match.

The mod: TEA
The players: Jonas vs. Ithilien
The factions: Rohan vs. Mordor
The place: West Emnet

Well, I started out quite well (I think) by spamming the entire battlefield with orcs. Soon, I had built Gothmog to lead them, and I decided it would be nice to take a stroll in the general direction of the enemy base. For some reason, the back files of my orcs were walking over peasant corpses, then orc corpses, then they saw the Rohirrim bearing down on them and you can imagine what happened next. Undeterred, I built another 200 orcs and sent them to die in the same manner while my Haradrim sat around the base and glared around in their ninja masks. A couple of Nazgul dropped by to join my army, so I sent them to kill Theoden... which they did. Gamling tried to kill them, so I killed him too. I attacked Eomer, but he lured my Nazgul back to his base, where they were promptly slashed to pieces between the towers. Since I'd destroyed one of his outposts previously, I decided it would be nice to make some catapults and Mumakil while my Nazgul revived. My Mumakil devastated his cavalry, but they were also lured to his base and, again, killed by the towers. His entire cavalry attacked again, just as the Nazgul re-emerged from the citadel. My base was destroyed, although a Mumakil accidentally stepped on Theoden, killing him again. It dealt with Eomer and Gamling, went to his base, and was again killed by the towers. Although my army of ten Haradrim, a Mumakil, and the Nazgul managed to keep him away from the outpost, they succumbed to the Army of the Dead and Elven Archers. What a game!

The replay is located at, or in my downloads section. Perhaps I should have stuck to killing AI orcs...

Well, it's been awhile... although nobody even will read this blog, I have taken it upon myself to keep on writing.

So, why is it that I can destroy a Hard Isengard army within 7 minutes, but a Medium Mordor army draws me out into an unwinnable extended stalemate on the same map, even though I had a better army against Mordor? Well, it might be because Mordor is the most insanely OP faction at the moment, and I really can't build up enough of an army before it is wiped out by bouncing catapult fire rocks and attack trolls that kill a fully upgraded battalion with a single sweep of a club. Grr.

I really need a new computer. The 7 minutes against the Hard Isengard was technically 2:30, but since I have uber-lag, it doesn't work so well. Thus, the need for a new computer arises, but I'm around $300 short. If only I could borrow it from my little brothers...

Well, that's all for now.

Yes, I'm insane about those books. And movies. And games for that matter. I own all of the movies, all of the games released thus far for the PC, all of the games released for the GameCube, and, of course, a large number of fabulous mods for the BFME series. A rundown of my personal favorites:

Elven Alliance- Such high quality, even if it wasn't finished. And the campaign is awesome.

Rhovanion Alliance- So what if if hasn't been released? It's still amazing.

Special Extended Edition- Sure, it takes me over half an hour to take down my opponent's fortress, but it's still a really high-quality mod even if it does take forever to destroy buildings.

RC Mod- Some fun new factions, and the new Create-A-Hero functions are stunning.

RJ-RotWK- Rob doesn't just mod, he makes modding into an artistic profession. Quite possibly the best mod I have ever played, and I never get bored of it, even during insanely extended battles.

The Wars of Arda- A mod that I am very, very, VERY active on, and hoping to beta test for the next release. Seven eras, with at least two unique factions for each one? Duh! Get it when it's out!

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