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Ironhierro May 7 2013, 4:41pm replied:

I don't know if this is the right place to note/suggest/ask, but one of the most common 'hallucinatory' effects associated with cannabis is the feeling of colours being bright and oversatured; are you going to implement something like that, or is that too much work? :D

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Ironhierro Oct 22 2012, 3:41am says:

I keep on coming here to complain about how long it's been taking, only to have my impatience completely assuaged by the sheer badassery of the stuff this team keeps on showcasing. Keep up the good work; we're all eagerly awaiting a chance to sink our teeth into this one. :D

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Ironhierro Sep 10 2012, 5:50am says:

Sad about the New Ordance; Still, I'm so ridiculously stoked to see how the new version looks! All of the little game play quirks look like they'll enmesh into something beautiful! :D Thank you guys!

Can I ask a question (er, or 3) , though; will the suit-modules you guys have made for Misery 2.0 replace the Vanilla upgrades, or just stack on top of them?

Did you guys change any of the Mutant textures this time around? I really liked the new flesh and chimera, something to fear instead of just put out of its misery.

Aaaand; now that we'll have to pay for medical assistance, will the 'discounts' you get for completing quests apply to the cost of the medic, aswell?

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Ironhierro Aug 30 2012, 6:20am replied:

The DOF was added with photo manipulation.

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Ironhierro Aug 30 2012, 5:25am says:

' STALKER! Be quiet, and let your movements have purpose; to avoid the nighmare-beasts of this emission wracked hellscape will require both caution, and the occasional silencer. Do not leave Skadovsk without it! '

'Persistence does not get you far here; If you are outgunned, out manned, or merely cannot get through an anomaly, pulling out and trying again after restocking supplies will save you piles of rubles in maintenance costs.'

'Camps sell toolkits to help you keep your equipment maintained while doing deep travels into the Zone; cumbersome and lacking the quality material to completely repair , is essential for long excursions with brittle equipment.'

' Know the surroundings; Many STALKER has found their way to a glorious stash or a cache of artifacts, only to be slaughtered by a pack of bandits barreling through the bushes.'

' HIGH is BETTER, Buddy; climb a highspot like a tower to get a lay of the terrain. AND USE YOUR DAMN BINOCULARS! '

'Walking into a herd of Flesh will cost bullets, rubles, and possibly a STALKER's life; circling around them only takes some forethought and a little brains.'

' S'not easy to run around with a mask on. Get it STALKER? BECAUSE YOUR MASK IS FILLS WITH THE SNOT, AHAH HAH HAH! '

* 'Broke' the english alittle, for effect.

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