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Iragnox @ TLD 3.2 Patch - OBSOLETE

Well it was easily sorted out as soon as I googled "The last days of the third age". Someone else had already solved it on the MBrepository. It seems I wasn't the only one who missed that the creators slapped a quite comprehensive manual in the Modules folder. So just look up TLD-3.1-ManualFAQ and on page three is the solution. So I am now hitting this mod up and having a blast. All it took was five minutes of copying files around. So go get your read on, and then get your Tolkien inspired arsebeatings on. Happy Holidays from Rags. GL & HF!

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Iragnox @ TLD 3.2 Patch - OBSOLETE

I am having the same problem as Storkman888, tried reinstalling M&B, and the full 3.1 before trying patching again. No luck yet. Anyone got a clue why? Using the Steam version if that matters.

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Iragnox @ DragonMod Z

Hello again everyone.

It would appear that in my several year hiatus that I've forgot how to get mods working, both through ordinary Halflife (Due to the destruction of the WON network) and my lack of knowledge of how Steam works.

So, if anyones interested in re-animating DMZ and is looking for an eager participator then feel free to poke me at, preferably with a how-to guide. For Dummies.

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Iragnox @ DragonMod Z

Thank you Netrogor for still keeping it around, and supplying the masses with one of my favourite mods.
God it's been four-five years since I last played this, and it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the good ol' days.

Back in the day when everyone played CS I even managed to get my entire clan playing DMZ, was an amazing couple of months.

But as always, people move on, except me, who's been sulking about the golden days being lost forever. Shame I didn't google for DMZ earlier, say around Nov 6, -07. Would've been sweet to rally up old friends and get to play with one of the creators. Sincerely hope that people are still playing this, somewhere in their own basements, just LANing like the good ol' days. A couple of friends, a big stock of cola, and DMZ. Life does not get much better my friend, it does not.

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