I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. My talents range from game modeling to CAD to actual production. I've designed and helped build an airplane cockpit, designed 50 x 50 foot exhibition spaces, and worked on several successful mod projects - and I love getting random PMs, so say hi. :)

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InvertedVantage Apr 10 2013, 5:12pm says:



It looks like the track creator's experience would be kind of boring, being so slow, though?

+1 vote   article: New gameplay footage from Velocity Stream. Plus Fighter Mode!
InvertedVantage May 7 2012, 2:00am replied:

What about the whole game?

+1 vote   media: Visual Style Test
InvertedVantage Jan 29 2012, 4:01am says:

Awesome, congrats and good luck!

+3 votes   article: The Darkest Dawn is Almost Upon Us
InvertedVantage Oct 31 2011, 2:13am says:

Having the props blow accelerated air over the elevators would also improve it's controllability. :)

+1 vote   media: SF-262
InvertedVantage Oct 24 2011, 1:17am replied:

I think it makes herhim more interesting. :)

Thanks for the compliment. :D

+1 vote   media: Pilot concept
InvertedVantage Oct 23 2011, 2:41am replied:

Thanks. :) It helps if you break them down into simpler, blockier shapes; the front of the foot comes off the ankle sort of like this: \_ while the heel comes off sort of like this /. :) Hope it helps

+1 vote   media: Pilot concept
InvertedVantage Oct 6 2011, 10:58am replied:

For real, kudos to Andrew for putting out this awesome concept piece.

+1 vote   media: Mood sketch
InvertedVantage Oct 1 2011, 11:00pm says:

Wow, nice models.

+3 votes   article: New Dinosaurs!
InvertedVantage Oct 1 2011, 6:08pm replied:

I haven't actually heard of a forward swept wing increasing lift - where'd you see that? Reading Wikipedia, it looks like the effect of the fuselage as a wing fence during low speed maneuvering might be construed as increasing lift by preventing the vortices from spilling over the edge and creating drag (such as in the case with a rearward swept or straight wing, where the airflow moves from the root out, which is reversed in a forward swept wing). I guess you could make the argument that they increase lift as well because, since most of the air is being pushed towards the larger wing roots, the aircraft's total lift is increased at low speed when compared with a nominally configured aircraft.

How do you figure the plane would have increased stability from the body and tail lift? I guess it really depends on where that lift is centered.

+1 vote   media: XC-247
InvertedVantage Oct 1 2011, 5:50pm replied:

Thanks. :D

+1 vote   media: Best to Bug Out
InvertedVantage Oct 1 2011, 5:50pm replied:

Sure, next time I put something up I'll do that.

+1 vote   media: Reusable Asset Test
InvertedVantage Sep 26 2011, 11:30pm replied:

Yea, this one's a rock. :D

In the universe they're where people live, in the game I actually hadn't thought much of them as active participants in the gameplay other than obstacles or places where runways are kept, but an artist I'm talking to suggested they could be armed, powered, and turned into fortresses and whatnot, an idea that I'm thinking has a lot of potential. :D What do you think?

+1 vote   media: Floatsam
InvertedVantage Sep 26 2011, 11:13pm replied:

It actually makes an aircraft more unstable (more maneuverable). :)

+1 vote   media: XC-247
InvertedVantage Sep 26 2011, 10:28pm says:

Wow, this is really impressive work. It looks like a triple A game already.

+11 votes   article: Renegade X - Beyond Black Dawn
InvertedVantage Sep 18 2011, 11:43pm says:

Haha that AI sounds pretty cool. :D

+2 votes   article: Development News 10
InvertedVantage Aug 13 2011, 11:52pm replied:

We'll see how advanced we can make the flight model. For the first go it might end up being pretty basic; that really depends on what can be done with the UDK. I don't have a clue as to what's possible so we will see how things progress. :)

+2 votes   media: SFT-240
InvertedVantage Aug 7 2011, 11:58pm says:

Cool. :D

+4 votes   article: News 4, WIP video
InvertedVantage Jul 27 2011, 9:53pm replied:

@ZPF_likes_banans; try it out, don't be so judgmental. It's actually a really cool game. :)

@f34rthereaper; Um, not sure what moddb you're looking at. Modding is about learning and trying things out. There's tons of "learning experience" mods out there. Don't put someone down whose trying to learn about something they're interested in. :)

+3 votes   game: Hammerfight
InvertedVantage Jul 5 2011, 8:16pm replied:

Try using some really heavy cast iron covers or something; old world style, three relatively small slits to let water go through and that's it.

+1 vote   article: Dogs in intro
InvertedVantage Jul 4 2011, 7:43pm says:

Hey man, you sending out friend requests? Do I know you or did you send me one just by chance? :)

What's up? What are you looking to find? :)

+1 vote   member: gamerfrombirth210
InvertedVantage Mar 27 2011, 7:16am says:

The wall crawling piqued my interest, I'll track it. :)

+2 votes   article: A Weekend Media Update Spectacular
InvertedVantage Feb 8 2011, 3:06am says:

Looks great, really enjoying the alpha. :) You have some VERY impressive mod capability built into the engine already.

+3 votes   article: New Overgrowth a117 video devlog
InvertedVantage Jan 27 2011, 7:53pm says:

Wow this looks really cool, watching.

Unfortunately I'm broke at the moment...when I get my next paycheck I'll definitely look into picking this up! :)

Hey, I don't suppose you're hiring 3D modelers? I specialize in starships! :)

+2 votes   article: Looking for a new space system to dominate?
InvertedVantage Jan 26 2011, 7:42am says:

Hey, what's your IM handle?

+1 vote   member: feather240
InvertedVantage Jan 20 2011, 3:06am says:

Wow, impressive visuals. You consider licencing the engine?

+2 votes   game: The Precursors
InvertedVantage Dec 21 2010, 9:56am says:

Nice, but...those *twinkle/giggle* sounds get really annoying really fast. Nice trailer otherwise, though I'm wasn't sure what the gameplay actually is...I just read your description, so I get it now, but in the video you only had one relatively brief scene where you actually saw someone drawing something, otherwise it was just watching the little guy go across a line.

+1 vote   article: The Line HD is out, trailer, iPhone update!
InvertedVantage Dec 8 2010, 6:03pm says:

Please tell me you're removing building subsystems, and re-adding simultaneous building and researching.
If you are I will finally buy HW2.

+1 vote   article: Homeworld:@ released
InvertedVantage Dec 6 2010, 2:28pm says:

What program is this in?

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
InvertedVantage Mar 15 2011, 8:47pm says:

$20,000 is a lot to make an indie game. That raised a flag for me before i donated. But I still donated, so if I was willing to have faith in the project then, I feel that the least I owe is waiting this story out and not overreacting.

+1 vote   article: Miscommunication
InvertedVantage Feb 27 2011, 8:29am says:

This game looks great. Tracking.

+4 votes   article: There's blood in the water!
InvertedVantage Feb 24 2011, 1:32am says:


+2 votes   article: Lighting tests
InvertedVantage Feb 17 2011, 1:38am says:

Hey, check your messages. :) Neat game idea.

+1 vote   download: Perfect Stride FOREVER v2
InvertedVantage Feb 16 2011, 12:01am says:

EDIT: Check your PMs! :)

+1 vote   member: Ben_E
InvertedVantage Feb 14 2011, 1:15pm says:

Neat but how does that stock actually attach to that drum? It's not realistic that it just kind of jams up against it. How does that stock break to allow reloading of the grenades? The grip on the bottom also doesn't seem very comfortable.

+1 vote   media: Grenade Launcher
InvertedVantage Feb 13 2011, 4:07pm says:

Cool but I really can't...see what's going on.

+2 votes   media: Alpha gameplay trailer
InvertedVantage Feb 10 2011, 3:29pm says:

Oh cool, gonna reinstall Nexus and get this soon. :)

+1 vote   article: Freespace: Evolution 1.0 released
InvertedVantage Feb 8 2011, 9:07am replied:

License a movie track? To put in a trailer? Do you really think that's necessary for a tiny team? How much lost revenue do you think Warner Bros is really getting from them having the music in the trailer?

I'm not trying to be an *** about it, but there's a line between reasonable and unreasonable, and going through all the trouble and fees of licensing a song from a movie for a personal project is unreasonable IMO.

+2 votes   article: New media releases and upcoming public beta
InvertedVantage Feb 8 2011, 12:35am says:

Well, I like your idea, it looks to be very interesting. I disagree with willy-wilson, I don't think I've seen any of this stuff before.

As for your game, you've got an interesting core idea but you have not refined anything outside of that idea at all. Your shooting mechanics are sloppy, and your levels are poorly paced.

Nevertheless, yo uhave an interesting art direction and general concept behind this. I'm tracking you as I see a chance for your project to succeed in whatever goals you have for it.

+2 votes   article: New media releases and upcoming public beta
InvertedVantage Jan 17 2011, 2:20pm says:

Hi there. I have a suggestion for you that might help Desura's userbase grow.

Here at my university, RIT, we have a very large gaming organization that regularly hosts LAN parties that can go up to 200 people. In fact, we just finished with a LAN party this weekend that was "small" at 80 people.

Now, at these LANs we host several tournaments, with prizes donated by sponsors. Futuremark, for instance, regularly sends prizes for us hosting a Shattered Horizon tournament.

Just last night, there was a call for Goldeneye: Source. Not many knew about ModDB or about getting it off there, and they definitely didn't know about Desura.

What I'm suggesting to you is that Desura sponsor prizes for mod tournies - games like Goldeneye: Source or other indie games or mods that want exposure. It helps out the mods and it helps out your service.

If you want to know more, PM me and I'll get you in touch with the right people.

+6 votes   member: lodle
InvertedVantage Jan 9 2011, 12:31pm replied:

Agreed. The Source engine was showing it's age several years ago. It's a pretty limited engine all things considered these days.

+1 vote   article: Aubrey's Overgrowth art video
InvertedVantage Jan 8 2011, 12:11am says:

Yo are you seriously from Mauritius?

+1 vote   member: L-DLS
InvertedVantage Jan 6 2011, 6:39pm says:

I like this - are you shooting for a sort of World in Conflict style multiplayer? There are some definite improvements that could be done for that formula.

+1 vote   article: Just a quick update
InvertedVantage Dec 21 2010, 10:46am says:

Glad to see this is really starting to get rolling. I'm cheering for you guys, can't wait to put content on it. :)

+1 vote   article: Introducing Desura
InvertedVantage Dec 20 2010, 2:30pm says:

1) Yea, I meant crashing as in game-over. Also a bit less leeway when it comes to the rider staying on the motorbike might be nice.

But I mean in general when I hit something at like 80 miles an hour, I should get hurt in some way. When I hit it with the bike I just kind of fly 30 feet into the air and then thud back on my two wheels. :)

2) It was just the starter bike, I've literally only started playing FUEL because of this mod (it fixed the biggest problem I had with the game, with the driving not being fun at all out of the box).

I was also wondering if it's possible to get manual shifting? That was the other big thing I missed in FUEL.

+1 vote   mod: FUEL: REFUELED
InvertedVantage Dec 18 2010, 3:39am says:

Just tried my first race, absolutely great, the motorcycle is finally great to drive, and I LOVE the extreme weather effects.

That being said, the background sounds of the weather is too weak. With all those leaves blowing around and thunderstorms going off, you should be hearing a RACKET behind the engine, but you don't. :(

+1 vote   mod: FUEL: REFUELED
InvertedVantage Dec 18 2010, 3:20am says:

Just played it, excellent game - finally fun to actually drive these things.

However, two requests;

1) Enable death in free-range mode. It really is an immersion killer if I can fall from a mountain and not die. The whole point of surviving and exploring out in the wilderness is the trying not to die while braving the odds. The original FUEL and this mod so far lack this :(

2) Could you raise the camera point on the motorcycle to be at a realistic level with a human head, perhaps do this with all of the vehicles? It would make driving a lot easier, right now my eye point is about where the headlight is - in the weeds. Also, if while I'm in the camera view, it'd be great if I could still look around.

+1 vote   mod: FUEL: REFUELED
InvertedVantage Dec 18 2010, 1:17am says:

Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that I'm installing FUEL because I'm so impressed that you did this. I'll see what I feel about it after I play ;)

+1 vote   mod: FUEL: REFUELED
InvertedVantage Dec 16 2010, 10:36pm says:

That's REALLY clever, I like it a lot. :)

+1 vote   article: My Country, My Name Character Animation
InvertedVantage Dec 15 2010, 8:52am says:

I am seriously impressed with this mod. Can't wait to install FUEL again and try it out.

+1 vote   article: FUEL: REFUELED - V15 User-Created Content Support
InvertedVantage Dec 11 2010, 9:36pm replied:

Then I'd suggest designing the gameplay so as to properly allow the dinosaur players to act like dinosaurs - i.e. give them movement bonuses, maybe play with how well they blend into the environment, give them advanced vision modes, etc - basically let them act like the brutal hunters that dinosaurs are. :D

+2 votes   article: Primal Carnage - Alpha Gameplay Teaser!
InvertedVantage Dec 11 2010, 6:53pm says:

Lol looks like a lot of fun. Does still smack a lot of the UE3 engine though, and your dinosaurs don't seem to behave much like dinosaurs would (predatory, not running at you in a hail of gunfire). I think one of the big things you're gonna have to do is pull up the AI to really push how these dinos behave, otherwise you're just fighting zombies (which is what the video footage you've posted ends up looking like).

Cheers. :)

+1 vote   article: Primal Carnage - Alpha Gameplay Teaser!
InvertedVantage Dec 9 2010, 5:23pm says:

Great mixes, glad to see such good stuff coming out of the Freespace community.

+2 votes   article: In space, everyone can hear you ROCK
InvertedVantage Oct 2 2012, 10:09pm says:

Looks neat. :) Just bought it. :D Congrats on your release!

+2 votes   article: Project Stormos Released on Desura
InvertedVantage Aug 4 2011, 9:49pm says:

Wow. Loved it.

+2 votes   article: The Stanley Parable Released
InvertedVantage Jul 27 2011, 9:52pm says:

This game is awesome, glad to see it on Desura. :D

+3 votes   game: Hammerfight
InvertedVantage Jul 23 2011, 10:18pm says:

Really fun game. :) Needs some GUI work though, the current one doesn't flow very well.

Are you guys looking for any additional help with modeling or something? :)

+2 votes   article: Free Red Eclipse published on Desura!
InvertedVantage Apr 29 2011, 8:59am says:

Good work on fixing that grenade launcher. :) And that shotgun is very crisp, good work.

+1 vote   media: Updated Grenade Launcher + Shotgun
InvertedVantage Nov 23 2010, 8:25am says:

I must say, I am very impressed.

+2 votes   article: Overgrowth Alpha Video-log
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