I am the founder of DBolical and creator of ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB. My aim is to make it easier for gamers to find great games/mods no matter their stage of development. And more importantly give game/mod developers a place to share their work and grow their fanbase - without being dependent on press/editors gatekeeping the important news sites. If you have any ideas or suggestions, hit me up I am always available to talk with the community.

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Mod DB Update: RSS Feeds

Mod DB 15 comments

We've been hounded by many a person to provide some decent RSS feeds so others can syndicate our mod news, files, features, tutorials etc... A few months...

Welcome to Mod DB v3.1

Mod DB 29 comments

As promised here is Mod DB v3.1 What has changed? Well there are tons of little fixes / enhancements applied all over the place. The most notable is however...

Mod DB is Back

Mod DB 29 comments

DNS is updating, caches are clearing, issues have been fixed and finally the Mod DB is back! Apologies to everyone dying to play mods over Christmas ...

2005 Mod of the Year Awards!

2005 Mod of the Year Awards!

2005 Mod of the Year Awards 61 comments

Reminder that voting will close on the 15th of January and winners will be notified shortly after, so get your votes in now! For those that haven't seen...

Mod DB v3 Launch

Mod DB 135 comments

It has been our dirty little secret for a while now, but for those unaware Mod DB v3 will be launched this Saturday the 3rd of December at 10pm PST. So...

New ModDB Feature: Game Filtering

Mod DB 25 comments

One feature which has been requested again and again, is the ability to filter this site, so you can only see information about mods you want to see...

Mod DB @ Freeplay 2005

Mod DB 11 comments

UPDATED WITH DAY 3 & 4 PICS! CHECK IT OUT! Well Free Play 2005 is over for this year. I have uploaded a few extra pics and will be uploading videos...

ModDB v2.5 Released

Mod DB 56 comments

For the few observant visitors that noticed, the past few days the ModDB staff have been frantically testing out the Mod Database's newest feature. Forget...

MoDDB / ACHO Hosting Content

News 11 comments

ACHO Hosting has just offered three mods listed at the Mod Database the chance to win a years hosting complete with domain name! So off the bat, what...

Happy 3rd B'day MODDB!

Mod DB 67 comments

It seems a little surreal that the Mod Database is now 3 years old. Boy does time fly, and this website has certainly flown with it. Three years ago this...

Chaos Theory Added / Reviewed

News 1 comment

The Mod Database has received, reviewed and added Tom Clancys Splinter Cell to the game lineup. So if this game takes your fancy (and you liked what you...

Theme Selector

Mod DB 42 comments

Following the huge success that was our April Fools joke of a PINK Mod Database theme, we've decided to make it permanently available. So if your unhappy...

New SITE theme! - April Fools!

Mod DB 135 comments

For a long time now, people have complained about the Mod Database's dull grey theme. Well, we listen to our sites fans and that's why you can now see...

Download Server Beta Testers + Splinter Cell Released

News 13 comments

Before I get onto the real news, a game which is presently sponsoring the all new Mod Database download server has just been released! This game (in-case...

Menu Changes

Mod DB 37 comments

The Mod Database menu system has just been overhauled to improve this sites ease of use. I think everyone will agree that this site is confusing at the...

Download server / ad system - we're nearly there!

Mod DB 64 comments

For a long time now the Mod Database has been working towards obtaining a download server we have 100% control and ownership of. With the legions of dedicated...

New search BUTTON!

Mod DB 23 comments

The Mod Database is at best a bloody confusing site. There are links everywhere, tons of games, mods, members, tutorials and features scattered all over...

WTF are those big ugly ads?

Mod DB 66 comments

Ok now I know what your all thinking. OMG huge ads.. thats bloody hideous. In a way it is I agree, however these ads don't popup, they don't flash up...

Missing Mod Images

Mod DB 19 comments

DONE - 2,300 images deleted, 500 recovered Its a sad day losing this much data but thankfully much of it was recovered. Thanks for your efforts ------Old...

Ion Storm closes its doors

Ion Storm closes its doors

Ion Storm 2 comments

The legendary development studio behind the Deus Ex and Thief: Deadly Shadows series is no more.

Mod Database is BACK!

Mod DB 43 comments

Well... its been a chaotic, stressful and rough week for those that noticed the Mod Database hasn't been up for the past 6 days. Before I begin my short...

Only 2 Weeks to go!

Only 2 Weeks to go!

2004 Mod of the Year Awards 5 comments

There is only 2 weeks to go before the Golden Spanner Mod of the Year Awards polls are closed and the Mod of the Year as choosen by the people is declared...

2004 Mod Award Sponsors

2004 Mod Award Sponsors

2004 Mod of the Year Awards 16 comments

Thanks to Game-Panel and EA Games, the 2004 Golden Spanner Mod of the Year Awards now have a few sponsors on board. Hence the winning mod teams may very...

Max Payne

Mod profiles gallery box updated

Sample Mod 17 comments

For those that haven't yet noticed, mod profiles now show up to 3 images from the mods image gallery. Why? Well gaming is generally all about the graphics...

2004 Golden Spanner Mod Awards

2004 Golden Spanner Mod Awards

2004 Mod of the Year Awards 32 comments

Each year we see a flurry of 'Game of the Year' awards. We have even seen some 'Mod of the Year' awards, however they inevitably end up as small uneventful...

Mod Database Shortcuts
Max Payne

Mod Database Shortcuts

Sample Mod 8 comments

There are many features often unknown and overlooked in Mod Database v2 which I believe are incredibly handy, so I decided to post this news alerting...

Welcome to MOD DATABASE v2

Mod DB 71 comments

Alright I have to keep this brief however please enjoy browsing the new look MOD DATABASE! Please report any bugs you may find by using this link. Known...

Mod Database v2

Mod DB 25 comments

After a year of development the time has finally come to unleash Mod Database v2. Whilst the new site will appear similar to the present one, it has undergone...

Mod Classifieds!

Mod DB 1 comment

Well good news for the many HL and HL2 mods out there which seem to be eternally searching for team members! Halflife.org has a new feature called the...

Mod Database Advertisements

Mod DB 10 comments

Ok now I know this is against my policies of this website but I have decided to trial Googles new, text banner ad system, having recieved the authorisation...

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