I am the founder of DBolical and creator of ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB. My aim is to make it easier for gamers to find great games/mods no matter their stage of development. And more importantly give game/mod developers a place to share their work and grow their fanbase - without being dependent on press/editors gatekeeping the important news sites. If you have any ideas or suggestions, hit me up I am always available to talk with the community.

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Rome: Total War

Rome Total War Realism 6.0 Gold

8 years ago Rome Total Realism Full Version 26 comments

Rome: Total Realism is a complete modification for Rome: Total War developed by an international team of skilled individuals with a passion for history...

Return To Castle Wolfenstein


8 years ago banimod Full Version 0 comments

Installation Win32: To install - make a directory at the same level as your wolfenstein/main directory called bani, eg wolfenstein/bani and put the qagame_mp_x86.dll...

Killer Quake Pack 2.2z

Killer Quake Pack 2.2z

9 years ago Killer Quake Pack Full Version 3 comments

"This is a massive über-hack for Quake, incorporating the best weapons and 'bots into one slick patch. It's the best one-stop solution...

RC Minimod (for mappers)
Unreal Tournament 2004

RC Minimod (for mappers)

9 years ago V-Power RC Full Version 0 comments

Installation Instructions: The mod file contains 1 folder named "R" Step 1: extract the folder to the directory of ut2004 for example c:\ut2004\R...

UnrealSpeed 1.61
Unreal Tournament 2003

UnrealSpeed 1.61

9 years ago UnrealSpeed Full Version 1 comment

UnrealSpeed is a racing mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. Drive a car, gliding through the twists and turns to win the race. Your car is (optionally) heavily...

Battleracer 1.29
Battlefield 2

Battleracer 1.29

9 years ago Battleracer Full Version 8 comments

The Sir. Community has just announced that the newest version of the wildly popular Battleracer mod has been released. Dubbed 1.29, this version more...

ObsidianBeta 1.1 Full
Half-Life 2

ObsidianBeta 1.1 Full

9 years ago Obsidian Conflict Full Version 2 comments

Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.1 FULL

AirBuccaneers 1.6 - UMOD Installer
Unreal Tournament 2004

AirBuccaneers 1.6 - UMOD Installer

9 years ago AirBuccaneers Full Version 0 comments

AirBuccaneers is a modification for UnrealTournament 2004. It contains a new multiplayer game type with airships, cannons, airmines and various other...

Team Freeze 0.30
Unreal Tournament 2003

Team Freeze 0.30

9 years ago Team Freeze 2003 Full Version 1 comment

Team Freeze is a teamplay gametype in which players are frozen instead of killed. A frozen player cannot move or shoot, but they can cycle the list of...

Mercenaries  v8.0
Battlefield 2

Mercenaries v8.0

9 years ago Mercenaries Full Version 2 comments

########### Mercenaries 8.0 for BF2 ############### MOD BY: Hayabusa ALL ARTWORK: KIDD INSTALLER BY: Tide HOSTED BY: - Visit for custom Mercenaries Maps...

Eastern Sun v3
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Eastern Sun v3

9 years ago Eastern Sun Full Version 9 comments

Eastern Sun, A modification for Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (exp) It adds new skills, new items, and new Aura graphics. Brand new units and sets plus...

Eastern Sun v3 Patch
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Eastern Sun v3 Patch

9 years ago Eastern Sun Patch 2 comments

Install this patch after you have installed the full mod to make it compatible with the latest version of Diablo. A patch for Eastern Sun 3.00, which...

Max Payne

Sample Addon

9 years ago Max Payne Wallpapers 8 comments

This is a demonstration addon which shows off a standard addon profile. If you have an addon you have made please share it on this site.

San Andreas Copland 2006
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas Copland 2006

9 years ago San Andreas Copland 2006 Full Version 103 comments

= SAN ANDREAS? 2006 - COPLAND = is an ultimate collection of over 160 GTA San Andreas modifications made by independent authors from allover the world...

Fallout2: Survivor MOD v1.02c Setup (EN,FR,RU)
Fallout 2

Fallout2: Survivor MOD v1.02c Setup (EN,FR,RU)

9 years ago Survivor Full Version 1 comment

This is the installation executable for the Fallout2: Survivor mod packed in a ZIP archive. You have to install Fallout2 and apply Fallout2 1.02 patch...

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.5 [EXE] [FULL]
Unreal Tournament 2004

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.5 [EXE] [FULL]

9 years ago Defence Alliance 2 Full Version 4 comments

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.5.0 - ReadME ====================================== The latest FULL version of the popular assault mod for UT2004. Read the...

Half-Life 2

ARCHIVED: Empires Mod Beta 1

9 years ago Empires Full Version 27 comments

NOTE: This is an archived version of Empires Mod. Download the latest version of Empires Mod on Steam! Get playing

Hall of Mirrors
Max Payne 2

Hall of Mirrors

9 years ago Hall of Mirrors Full Version 22 comments

The modification is loosely based on the movie "Equilibrium" with the main focus of the work being based upon implementing a new combat system...

Battlefield 1942

Silentheroes 1.0

9 years ago Silent Heroes Full Version 3 comments

For a complete changelogg from 0.48 to 1.0, head over here



10 years ago Other 2 comments

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. Simply put, Putty is a handy webserver...

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.0 [EXE] [FULL]
Unreal Tournament 2004

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.0 [EXE] [FULL]

10 years ago Defence Alliance 2 Full Version 0 comments

Defence Alliance 2 Beta 1.0.0 - ReadME ====================================== The first FULL version of the popular assault mod for UT2004. This is where...

Mod Database Promotional Banner
Max Payne

Mod Database Promotional Banner

10 years ago Sample Mod Wallpapers 5 comments

This file was uploaded to test the new Mod Database download system. Enjoy!

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Splatoon for Minecraft
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