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INtense! Jul 27 2002, 9:53am says:

my mod rocks and dun you forget that :D

+2 votes     mod: Sample Mod
INtense! Jul 27 2002, 9:13am says:

I don't quite get what I am meant to be seeing at that bystander page ? :P

Ahh well looks like a phat mod with all the aussie stuff mixed in

+2 votes     member: finite
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 10:47pm says:

how can you quite possibly hate this mod... must be a competitor or something of that nature.

ever since it first registered at modDB and I saw the amount of effort that has obviously gone in..

I mean i am impressed by anything original as making models is onething but creating something different is something else and this mod achieves that brilliantly by dishing up both air and ground warfare to furiously paced serious sam game engine... it is certain to be a winner!

+2 votes     mod: BTB airlines
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 10:18pm says:

thats an impressive lineup are they all going to have different attributes weapons and the full deal

or only minor differences with the main one of course been their appearance :)

+2 votes     mod: Operation Hollow Point
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 10:16pm says:

nice effort judging from those promo images your mod has really captured a spiderman feel...

be interesting to see how this mod shall turn out on the Q3A engine as opposed to the HL rendition - i wont speculate but if either makes it, i would definatly be interested in giving it a spin :)

+3 votes     mod: Spider-man: Dynamic Forces
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 10:08pm says:

yeah all comments you have raised are right..

however to keep commenting undercontrol mod leaders would be able to delete any comment about their mod they dont like... i am siding with what mochumbo had to say... let them sample the site post a few comments, because others thoughts is what everyone likes to read most...

i mean i can turn it off and turn it on in a jiffy so if it does prove sour it'll be removed right away... any flames? :flame:

+3 votes     poll: Mod Profile Comments Should Be...
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 9:49pm says:

this is one modification i have had my eye on really since its inception having once hosted it on an old website of mine.

Has made some really solid headway and yeah got alot further than most mods so keep it up team and hopefully i'll be able to fire it up at the next lan or whatever i venture to :)

+2 votes     mod: WH40K : Rival Species
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 4:24pm says:

fill in some mod details so i know what it is about =/

+2 votes     mod: WolffloW
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 3:57pm says:

I am 100% with hunter on the selection of this mod.

Great to see a more little known mod reciving this award hopefully via the modDB we can drum up a fair bit of interest for it.

I mean not only if the game objectives are met will it be something unlike anything i can say i have played before but judging from the visuals they are showing off on their site it will really make the most of the powerful quake 3 engine... - :o

+2 votes     mod: Bystander
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 3:41pm says:

to be of service :)

and also i gotta say i wacked your mods title into the random title rotation and it is my fav.. i love it, you got some nice GFX coming outta here

+2 votes     mod: G.H.O.S.T. Ops: The Avalon Project
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 1:56pm says:

i am siding with all that has been said...

i am really tempted to try out commenting by anyone however then that will most definatly encourage some mofos to just post negative stuff...

if it were to be implemented all IPs would be logged and administrators would definatly be given the ability to delete comments - as to extending that functionality to include mod leaders deleteing comments about their own mod.. i shall have to consider it.. i dunno i am really tempted to give this a run but so far the consensous is no

+3 votes     poll: Mod Profile Comments Should Be...
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 12:38pm says:

i am an information / statistics man i cannot help cluttering up pages with lotsa incoherent stuff

i really do have to agree though i prolly shouldnt :paranoid:

i will look into this though i dont suppose you have a suggestion on what could change this?

+3 votes     poll: Mod Profile Comments Should Be...
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 12:25pm says:

personally i believe they should be open to all... well at least give it a test run. Because then guests could share there thoughts and well thoughts really are invaluable... That is one of the many aims of this site - to get a real community created where modders can post their thoughts and recieve insightful feedback from <b>anyone</b>

just have to see what other people think of this :rolleyes:

+3 votes     poll: Mod Profile Comments Should Be...
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 12:15pm says:

LOL - you have gotta scope out this mods webpage

i think i am gonna have to reinstall serious sam so i can play this puppy.. loving it :)

i mean check out this image, which is of a baddy


+2 votes     mod: Sister Snatch
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 11:27am says:

i erased your news, merely cos that news also gets posted on the main page once authorised, so nothing fake like that shall be accepted :)

also i just modified your current news post and wacked it up. mod is looking fantastic :O

so yeha feel free to submit news, just keep it more friendly include a link and it'll be posted sooner rather than later i can assure you!

+2 votes     mod: G.H.O.S.T. Ops: The Avalon Project
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 11:18am says:

if those pictures are anything to go by i have got to say this mod is looking fantastic...

and 90% complete to.. i will be awaiting news on a public release! :)

+2 votes     mod: Tour of Duty
INtense! Jul 25 2002, 6:37pm says:

Chandler! I just wanted to thank you for sending news around to the Jedi-Knight sites. A few have now posted and the jedi-knight modders are flooding in which is wonderful!

+2 votes     member: Chandler
INtense! Jul 25 2002, 6:10pm says:

good to see you logged in mate!! :)

and yeah great to hear people are liking the site... hell i like it :devious:

+2 votes     member: Howling
INtense! Jul 25 2002, 11:20am says:

in case you have not realised 'hunter' has adopted this mod and added it... so things may not be quite authentic :)

also curious is the mods rating of 4.7 at the time of writing... hmmm

+2 votes     mod: Counter-Strike
INtense! Jul 25 2002, 5:20am says:

i will look into making it optional.. however is it to be taken fairly lightly, though I guess many will believe otherwise


+2 votes     article: Mods Other Than Halflife Ones...
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 7:05pm says:

yeah the 2C at the top means your profile has 2 new comments since you last visited...

if you should ever leave the site for more than 30mins that number will reset to 0 unless of course anyone posts any new comments in your profile :)

+2 votes     article: Mod Database Explaination...
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 6:16pm says:

welcome to the modDB the specialists mod team! this is one mod i have really been lovin for quite some time !!

+3 votes     mod: The Specialists
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 6:13pm says:

it is 1337 coding by me :devious: combined with a rather cool server config...

Basically to achieve that sorta thing you need an apache server with the module mod_rewrite installed.

Then what mod_rewrite does when used correctly is each time someone visits the modDB it converts the url www.moddb.com/mods/bodyguards to www.moddb.com/mods/?mod_id=13 and whola you have some neat URLs which are search engine friendly :D

+2 votes     article: Mod Database Explaination...
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 5:43pm says:

I am 100% with you. CS had a popular run for some time but DoD is without a doubt one of the most played mods made without commerical interests at heart (well at least initally) and that is just one of the many mods.

Plus the engine is just so versitile - Natural Selection, Buzzybots, HL Rally are just a few mods which are testimony to that...

+2 votes     game: Half-Life
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 4:10pm says:

over 1000 profile visitors and no comments... comon peeps share your thoughts about mods and stuff :P

+2 votes     mod: Earth's Special Forces
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 4:07pm says:

i gotta say this mod looks great as does that link ani hehe :P

nice stuff :o

+2 votes     mod: Mobile Infantry
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 4:05pm says:

hey mate!

Just wanted to thank you for your comments scattered across the page.. appreciated and i am confident once i encourage a few news sites and mods get the know modDB the people visiting will build and the community shall also! :)

+2 votes     member: azzDB
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 3:58pm says:

looks like every damn mod is getting a huge rating by fellow members. Then again i'd have to say sven-coop deserves it :ninja:

+2 votes     mod: Sven Co-op
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 3:57pm says:

i'd have to agree there.. this mod has been in the works for quite some time but for good reason.

frag the leader whom i know well has just coded in so many features never before seen on the HL engine it is sure to be impressive :O

+2 votes     mod: HL Rally
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 3:55pm says:

damn does that HUD rock :)

as will this mod i am certain... i remember it before it was even called destiny though i forgot what it was named back in the total-reload days :(

+2 votes     mod: Destiny
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