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INtense! Oct 5 2002, 8:52am says:

love that animated gif in your sig, those smilies really are hitting the booze :lol: hehe love it

+2 votes   member: BigBird
INtense! Oct 5 2002, 6:08am says:

ohh, i think dunc does not like to be quoted online, but if i am sure to quote him, i am certain all the guys would have to agree with me :)

i'll just whisper it into your ear, when i am using up my tokens :devious::wub:

+2 votes   member: Scruffy
INtense! Oct 5 2002, 1:47am says:

next time we meet, i think i will have to surprize you, with a big BOO

i remember as a kid when i used to do that ot my brother, or have it done on me... harmless gag but damn if executed well, you'd end up falling head over arse, or just freaked out - those were the days! :P

+2 votes   member: INtense!
INtense! Oct 4 2002, 11:49pm says:

duncan is a wise man, much like moses - only more direct... if you want to know what you should be listening to - next time me catches up with you, i shall say :P

+2 votes   member: Scruffy
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 11:40pm says:

too true that... but i mean so bright and colorful it is irresistable and well even the items and stuff theme in perfectly with this mod.. fantastic all round job thus far, keep the updates flowing in :D

+2 votes   game: World of Padman
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 5:38am says:

great start on the mod.. for a brand spanking new one on the scene, you have made a nice start with a uber looking webpage.. hopefully the mod follows this trend :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: Team Delta
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 5:37am says:

nice sig you got there.. eye catching colors - really puts me at ease :P

+3 votes   member: Greg
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 3:54am says:

just a barman!?

scruff wrote:he is a barman scotty!!!! i dont believe nething he says!!!! males! they all stick together and try and lie to females! but we have worked it out tho!!!

if i told duncan that he would be hurt... years of training and conditioning is required to become a barman!! he speaks well and should be listened to!

+2 votes   member: Scruffy
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 3:46am says:

I just wanted to say, my mate Duncan is a wise man ehhe ;)

I mean i am certain he has countless PHD's / Degrees / Honours... so yeah good man! :D

+2 votes   member: Scruffy
INtense! Oct 3 2002, 12:43am says:

nothing quite beats a mean pancake...

all it takes is 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and 1 flour and you are on a winner :D tis all i can cook, everything else either gets burnt or ends up tasting like chicken hehe :P

+2 votes   member: INtense!
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 10:14pm says:

Matty wrote:If i ever get hooked up, i'll be an advocate for dinners at her parent's place. Voila! Free food

Hmm I never thought of it that way... matty you are soo romantic sure to charm some lovely girl one day :D

And Actually I have had a few dinners at her house, mmm nice food indeed - so you are on a winner mate ;)

+2 votes   member: INtense!
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:36pm says:

nice custom logo you made... simple and sweet just the way i like it - great effort thanks for the submission - and keep up the fine work on the mod

+2 votes   mod: team-lambda
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:14pm says:

astro boy is generally the one who ends up whining and crying in his TV show mate... and lol go the blank text you clearly muffed it up a wee bit thou :D

+2 votes   member: azzDB
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:12pm says:

thanks for the lil mention.. yeah site is growing a well.. be good if it could speed up a tad but i am happy! Besides i aint even really done any hardcore pimpage yet :)

+2 votes   news: modDB - 2500 Members!
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:10pm says:

Heheh, I have been watching this mod since it first joined the database... and well yeah azz0r you are right on the money it looks brilliant... great work laddies!@

+2 votes   news: Big PadMod News UpDate
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 2:41am says:

I just wanted to say, i love your random picture... great stuff, incase he changes this is what it was set at

Demons.com.au - carn the demons!

+2 votes   member: liquid
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 2:39am says:

how good is the zephyr song off that albumn!! an old mate of mine drives a zephyr ford (a sixties car...) i wonder if that is what they are refering to in the song? cos it most definatly is a wikkid car :D

+2 votes   member: M@t
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 2:38am says:

In reply to twelve, i think i may have to work some color into my sig... not sure how i will go about it thou :D

Now to deal with Greg and Matt...

First off, Greg we all know what you think about all day every day (whenever you are not thinking about how good modDB is that is) and well this is confirmed with a little thing by the name of P.C. and some of the emails you have shown me... which I shall keep confidential as you requested :P

matty wrote:it is odd to see Scotty acting like a gentleman. Honestly, what are your motivating factors? Is it sex like Greg suggests? I think not, i think it is merely Greg who has the fascination with sex. Is it free food? Is it so he has fuel to insult us bachelors? We shall never know...

As I have demonstrated and proved with irrefutable evidence above, it is greg with the facinaction... mind you i cannot deny i share something similar :P you see however, young kiddies browse this site, and well i just gotta protect them, by counteracting gregs crap with some of my own just without certain words :confused:

so yeah, i cannot quite understand my arguement there.. oh and what free food is this? i don't eat maccas so that kinda rules out the free food element :(

+2 votes   member: INtense!
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 1:48am says:

i don't know the exact release date of mobile infantry i am afraid.. like most mods and projects alot has been done, so yeah it'll prolly still be a while before it is released unfortunatly.. :(

just have to wait until the next update from that mod team

+2 votes   member: Goku
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 12:59am says:

hehe, nice sig you got happening there... loving the color scheme eh?

+2 votes   member: tw13ve
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 12:34am says:

damn this mod is shaping up to be something special... may have to organise a feature with one of your team members or something on modDB if you are willing? :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: The Third Reich
INtense! Oct 1 2002, 3:29am says:

hehe, greg don't you worry bout the peaches, but you are missing out...

lol that seinfeld episode is a classic, clearly you have to get a certain peach cannot accept alternates... speaking of which i got these A class oranges at the melbourne show.. and boy are they delicious i don't think i can return to stock standard oranges after them :(

oh, and shhh that is a male secret... well we wish i guess - and yeah i saw that email sooo funny - but clearly ladies are so gorgeous how can we resist em? tis unfair :confused:

+2 votes   member: INtense!
INtense! Sep 30 2002, 1:36am says:

some modDB administrator added this game without telling me... :rolleyes: not to worry i have since wacked all the images up :D

+2 votes   game: Breed
INtense! Sep 29 2002, 10:46am says:

heya, thanks for joining us in the forums @ moddb! You rock... oh and be sure to leave a message in this game forum


+2 votes   member: Leperous
INtense! Sep 28 2002, 4:08am says:

hehe, fine job! I so rate this... should offer some sorta reward for working mentions for modDB into your mod or something :P

+2 votes   news: ModDB TFC flag skin
INtense! Sep 27 2002, 7:48pm says:

Great to have the UT: Badlands mod listed once more in the modDB!

I got to say, this mod really does look something special.. even the website is themed perfectly to the mod. Keep up the fine work and I'll be certain to modWatch it so I can catch any and all of the latest happenings


+2 votes   mod: Unreal Badlands
INtense! Sep 26 2002, 2:16am says:

you will have like 2000 mW updates to sift through lol cos i coded in no limit on them :| should i?

and i dunno bout this kissing business :P

+2 votes   member: ForK
INtense! Sep 26 2002, 2:12am says:

you know officially watch to many mods me thinks :D

maybe i should have it only show a few mods you watch and not everyone

//me digs the modwatch /me says mmmm :P

+2 votes   member: ForK
INtense! Sep 23 2002, 8:29pm says:

congrats on getting a release out, and I love the mod name :D

Just wack in a description of the mod, in its mod profile so people like me know what it is about as the guest below pointed out

+2 votes   mod: SOD Mod
INtense! Sep 23 2002, 7:29pm says:

Congrats on been featured in PHL's mod of the week. Always a great way to drum up an absolute ton of attention! Good stuff :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: Tour of Duty
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