I am the founder of DBolical and creator of ModDB, IndieDB and SlideDB. My aim is to make it easier for gamers to find great games/mods no matter their stage of development. And more importantly give game/mod developers a place to share their work and grow their fanbase - without being dependent on press/editors gatekeeping the important news sites. If you have any ideas or suggestions, hit me up I am always available to talk with the community.

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INtense! Feb 27 2015, 11:41pm says:


+5 votes   media: RIP Leonard Nimoy
INtense! Feb 26 2015, 1:32am says:

trying, keep up the fine work

+1 vote   game: Soul Axiom
INtense! Feb 20 2015, 8:08pm says:

amazing initiative, cannot wait to see the games this yields

+4 votes   article: Grants for Epic developers
INtense! Feb 10 2015, 12:37am says:

amazed that is early alpha footage

+1 vote   game: Scrap Mechanic
INtense! Dec 23 2014, 1:33am replied:

i concur

+1 vote   game: Patchwork Empire
INtense! Dec 5 2014, 12:26am replied:

now approved! all the best for the release

+1 vote   game: Lone
INtense! Nov 29 2014, 5:27pm says:

tracking, very polished news post keep up the fine work

+1 vote   game: Guild Commander
INtense! Nov 12 2014, 1:17am says:

That looks like it be crazy with a few friends. tracking

+1 vote   game: Override
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 4:32am replied:

So how would this be solved? By making it so that threads are continuous and don't paginate?

+4 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Oct 27 2014, 10:17pm replied:

How would you like to be able to embed the game? Do you have example code / demo I can see?

+1 vote   article: Embedable game support
INtense! Aug 20 2014, 8:09pm says:

beautiful art style, love it

+1 vote   game: Aegis Defenders
INtense! Aug 19 2014, 12:04am replied:

Unity is a massive company, they are under no pressure at all

+3 votes   article: An Unreal Decision
INtense! Mar 4 2014, 2:59am says:

congrats on the win - how can I make the site better and easier to navigate?

+6 votes   media: Contest Winner, Prize and Why.
INtense! Dec 24 2013, 9:20am says:

congratulations to all of the winners. much deserved!

+4 votes   article: Indie Of The Year 2013 Editor Choice
INtense! Dec 1 2013, 6:38pm replied:

Fair point, they were great days and am hoping that moddability returns to gaming.

+5 votes   article: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
INtense! Dec 1 2013, 6:02pm replied:

Battlefield 2, C&C, The Sims a lot of their games have mod support

-2 votes   article: 2013 Mod of the Year KICKOFF!
INtense! Jul 11 2013, 10:34pm replied:

Absolutely, an expanded team will allow us to put our plans into action which we haven't had the resouces to do

+8 votes   article: Open letter to game developers on Desura & IndieRoyale
INtense! Dec 9 2012, 9:45pm says:

Amazing artwork - thanks so much for the time you put in, the mascots for this years awards look amazing

+8 votes   article: It's all about the art!
INtense! Nov 30 2012, 3:20am replied:

kicks *** doesn't it?

+10 votes   article: MOTY Kickoff
INtense! Nov 20 2012, 12:21am says:

Amazing work cheeseness and the Desurium team. We shall work on incorporating this into the main build once the testing phase is done.

+4 votes   article: Desurium 0.8 RC3 Call For Testing!
INtense! Nov 14 2012, 2:19am replied:

about 1 ~ 2gigabit off peak, up to about 5gigabit on peak. So it's more than that

+6 votes   article: Comment history and download issues
INtense! Oct 24 2012, 8:46am replied:

need to have at least 2 upvotes.

+4 votes   article: Site updates...
INtense! Oct 20 2012, 2:47am replied:

tried and all those domains were taken (but not in use). Super frustrating but what can you do.

also isn't it "slide to unlock"

+4 votes   poll: Thoughts on SlideDB?
INtense! Jul 16 2012, 6:05am replied:

Good catch I have fixed the links

+5 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Jun 13 2012, 2:13am replied:

I think this is potentially a bit over the top. if you want that functionality you can get it on twitter but as always we will continue to refine it.

+3 votes   article: Twitter feeds in profiles
INtense! Jun 12 2012, 10:30am says:

btw - the design is lacking a little, if anyone has suggestions on how they think it should look email me pictures support@moddb.com

+4 votes   article: Twitter feeds in profiles
INtense! Feb 20 2012, 8:47pm replied:

yeah, existing topsites are there - just need to be found :|

+2 votes   article: Topsites are back!
INtense! Dec 1 2011, 10:42pm replied:

CDkey issue has been resolved

+3 votes   game: Multiwinia
INtense! Nov 14 2011, 9:48am replied:

Over here we love multiplatform but as you can imagine (and rightly so) the HIB guys have done an amazing job of signing up all of the multiplatform developers. So while we push for it, it is difficult to achieve.

So instead we focus on games we have throughly enjoyed playing, and feel are worthy of your attention. We will attempt to partner with the HiB to offer the awesome linux and mac games they support.

+2 votes   article: The Difficult 2nd Bundle
INtense! Sep 2 2011, 1:43pm says:

so impressive, and linux support out of the box. nice!

+3 votes   game: Oil Rush
INtense! Aug 31 2011, 6:00am says:

The streets sure are crowded ;)

+9 votes   media: Project Zomboid Trailer
INtense! Jun 14 2011, 12:52am says:

Just to clarify, I spoke with Potteh and decided that removing that post and his access to the site was the best course of action.

He will be developing his future games / mods via other sites and will not be returning here.

So lets put this issue to bed, no more posts!

+7 votes   article: Heads up for you guys
INtense! Jun 4 2011, 12:46am replied:

send an email to support@desura.com with your interest and we will be in touch when it is available.

+1 vote   media: The first screen of Desura on Linux
INtense! May 27 2011, 12:15pm replied:

I'll drop by for sure, love the style of your game want to meet the markers in person!

+3 votes   article: Who wants to meet at E3?
INtense! Apr 25 2011, 11:32pm says:

You have some extremely talented artists. ARES Indiedb.com looks excellent and the style in this game is already developing nicely.

+1 vote   article: Our first two weeks with So Many Me
INtense! Mar 14 2011, 2:16am replied:

While I cannot speak on behalf of the organizers (we are just helping with promotion), I believe they want the game to begin its life as a linux exclusive, and are open to releasing it on more platforms later down the road. They are open to negotiation.

Secondly, I'd say 99.99% of games only reach a handful of gamers even if they are released on every single platform known to man. Focusing on a niche can sometimes help you reach many many more people than "releasing everywhere" will. Especially when you'll have all Linux sites and press coverage organized for you (really hard to do yourself!)

+9 votes   article: Introducing Project Bossanova, a Linux exclusive game
INtense! Feb 7 2011, 1:02pm says:

looks amazing, looking forward to it

+1 vote   media: Chell's Legend - Part 1 - Trailer
INtense! Jan 23 2011, 3:12am replied:

Nothing, we just picked random boxart. In time our aim is to list all great games.

+3 votes   article: Desura Art Direction
INtense! Dec 19 2010, 7:17am replied:

spot on. we actually aim to support all games from triple aaa to indies to mods. however if you have brought the games on another platform we shall still attempt to at least display them in the "play" tab for you and support mods.

+2 votes   article: Desura is launching!
INtense! Dec 5 2010, 2:55pm replied:

They used to but both sides seem to argue they are the first and the best so they opted to stick to their own site unfortunately.

+2 votes   article: The Modding Hall of Fame
INtense! Dec 5 2010, 1:44pm replied:

Indeed but MTA or SA-MP?

+4 votes   article: The Modding Hall of Fame
INtense! Dec 2 2010, 7:33am replied:

because there is a "Best Upcoming" award as well as "Best Released"

+1 vote   article: Primal Carnage Top 100 - New images, video and more!
INtense! Dec 1 2010, 9:29am replied:

Correct though if a team wants to know we shall hint at where they placed.

+1 vote   article: Top 100 Indies of 2010
INtense! Nov 4 2010, 2:17pm replied:

The number updates when a vote is logged, not removed. So next time someone votes it will update.

+3 votes   article: New site review system
INtense! Sep 14 2010, 4:39pm replied:

you need to email me updated CSS which makes those names appear as white or a color so you can see them

+2 votes   article: Site updates report
INtense! Sep 14 2010, 10:51am says:

All bugs should be ironed out, but there were tons more changes made so if you notice anything strange - let me know!

+2 votes   article: Site updates report
INtense! Jul 23 2010, 2:36pm replied:

we've been getting record traffic this week too due to some massive mod releases (total war, terminator, firearms) so those are the guys i'm worried about. We really want the site to be up and running 100% so we can help them distribute their mods to as many people as possible.

+17 votes   article: Server troubles
INtense! Jul 9 2010, 4:22am replied:

We plan on selling all games, triple-a to indies and mods. However our focus is on perfecting the product and beginning with the indie teams. No point biting off more than we can chew

+5 votes   article: Gifts, Invites and Updates
INtense! Jan 31 2010, 2:19pm replied:

the karma system may be crap, but it is there to allow the community to "self" moderate comments. the admins cannot look at every comment, so I cannot see a better way of doing this?

Plus it would take some seriously good programming to identify which comments are legit and good vs. which are not.

+9 votes   article: Warning for spammers
INtense! Dec 31 2009, 6:56am replied:

We have built the underlying code in the most cross-platform manner possible so linux / mac will come, however our list of stuff to do just to get desura done is a mile long, so it will be a while before that time rolls around.

+3 votes   article: Invitations are on their way
INtense! Dec 19 2009, 1:15am replied:

Correct, Desura has no ads and if Desura is a success ModDB will go ad free as well, as we would prefer to earn money by selling and supporting indie games!

+4 votes   article: Our thoughts on Desura
INtense! Dec 16 2009, 1:31pm replied:

At the very least Desura will support and link your games but patching and updating may not be available. You will most likely have to use the original service your brought your game from to patch it. Depends on the deals we can negoiate with publishers (we haven't attempted any yet, we want to iron out the bugs and make it user friendly first)

+4 votes   article: Introducing Desura
INtense! Nov 5 2009, 3:05pm replied:

For those interested here is some more of my analysis (posted in the forum discussion Moddb.com)

This has changed the game quite a bit, and when something like this happens usually it will force others (i.e. Crytek) to do the same. The winners in this situation are developers and PC gamers. The only people who might be a little disappointed with the news are the teams who chose to make their own engine / tools (i.e. NS2, Overgrowth). Because whilst having your own tools gives you absolute control (i.e. no licensing, no profit split, can re-licence to mod devs etc) is the time / risk worth it when you now have a proven engine available, with all the tools already built. Sure they may not operate as you like, but editing existing code is easier than working from scratch, especially when you consider what people expect of todays game engines. Now these devs which once had their engine as a competitive advantage no longer have that with many indies most likely now working with UE3.

I'd be interested to hear their response, can you justify building your own engine anymore? I guess if your game is a success you are MUCH MUCH better off with your own engine to do as you please, but the extra risk vs. everyone rapidly prototyping UE3 / Unity / etc etc games.

And to think we were going to offer engines as a MOTY prize, I'm not sure that is good enough anymore.

+1 vote   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
INtense! Nov 5 2009, 1:52pm replied:

Spread the great word: Digg.com thou it looks every other site on the planet has the story

+5 votes   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
INtense! Nov 5 2009, 1:44pm says:

Apologies for been a bit dramatic with my post, it isn't every day software drops millions of dollars in price and becomes accessible to all

+36 votes   article: Unreal Engine 3 Free to Indies
INtense! Oct 31 2009, 3:00am says:

yes it is pretty damn awesome. 7 years of NS... holy s**t!

+2 votes   article: First ingame screenshots of Natural Selection 2
INtense! Oct 30 2009, 2:39pm says:

looks like you had a lot of fun making that vid

+2 votes   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - King of the Hill
INtense! Oct 21 2009, 1:39am says:

sadly i've been playing puzzle games on my iphone as i'm constantly on the go and dont have time to fire up the pc atm

+1 vote   poll: What major game genre have you played most in the last week?
INtense! Oct 14 2009, 2:08am says:


+5 votes   poll: Whats your favourite chat platform?
INtense! Sep 1 2009, 11:35pm replied:

Turn off adblocker and make sure javascript and flash is enabled and see if the video works then?

+1 vote   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - August 2009
INtense! Jul 31 2009, 1:25pm says:

very impressive lineup. gotta play R&D everyone loves it

+3 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - July 2009
INtense! Jul 15 2009, 3:40am replied:

We are just using that as an excuse to run the event ;)

+2 votes   article: Summer of Mods & Indies IS LIVE!
INtense! Jun 23 2009, 2:15am replied:

the ad does not interfere with the download, and hopefully allows us to provider faster downloads so it should be win/win

+3 votes   article: Smart download system deployed
INtense! Jun 17 2009, 2:23am says:

Quite enjoyed the comic... anything your team cannot do? Concept art, flash, good PR, custom engine, models...

+4 votes   article: Overgrowth Comic -- Scene 1
INtense! Jun 11 2009, 9:03am replied:

If you know any gaming friendly ISPs that we can contact please tell us.

+1 vote   article: AU Download Server Active
INtense! May 28 2009, 10:58pm says:

Great article, I just want to let the indie and mod teams know that we will basically do anything we can to help you spread the word. So please take advantage of all we offer and contact us if you want to try something new. Who knows... maybe we want to try your idea too!

+6 votes   article: Using Moddb for PR
INtense! May 1 2009, 1:19pm says:

oh wow some great releases this month. what was the "boiling" scene with the girl?

+1 vote   article: Mod Video Spotlight - April 2009
INtense! Apr 2 2009, 10:30pm says:

get the trailer on ModDB please!

+2 votes   article: FPS/RPG E.Y.E reveals new trailer.
INtense! Mar 5 2009, 8:51pm says:

i've never seen a game where the melee combat really really works. A lot get close (AoC) is a perfect example, but this looks like it really feels like you are there fighting. great stuff

0 votes   media: Zeno Clash Developer Video - Gameplay Mechanics
INtense! Feb 28 2009, 3:11am replied:

A mod doesn't necessarily need to be a "total conversion".

+1 vote   article: 2008 Upcoming Mod of the Year Winners
INtense! Feb 6 2009, 6:53am replied:

Editors choice will be posted daily a few weeks before this, so you will have a day to day showcase to keep you on the edge of your seat :D

+5 votes   article: Top 100 Voting
INtense! Feb 5 2009, 11:50pm replied:

We received maps for GOW2 and others, the nostalgia title is a little misleading - as we just wanted to explore great gameplay layouts. There were a lot of factors been judged here.

0 votes   article: The Winners
INtense! Jan 17 2009, 11:06pm replied:

To clarify - when the counter above hits zero, the top 100 will be announced here: Moddb.com

A second round of voting will then commence as people pick there favorites from the top 100. Hope that helps!

+2 votes   article: Coming SOON: Top 100 of 2008
INtense! Jan 13 2009, 9:06pm replied:

I think it is great the editor is so easy to use. What I believe *hope* this book will focus more on is not discussing the tools but the mechanics, layout and structure that makes a map fun to play. Making a map might not be hard, making a map that is fun to play... well that is damn hard!

+2 votes   article: Calling all Wordsmithing Mapmakers!
INtense! Dec 18 2008, 6:15am says:

hammy-bob is baaaaaaaack!

+1 vote   article: Annoucing A Hammy-Bob Mod Christmas Nightmare
INtense! Nov 24 2008, 9:04am says:

This was Valve's favorite due to the potential for interesting "gameplay" mechanics

+2 votes   media: The Breeder
INtense! Nov 15 2008, 2:11am says:

My mum doesn't know what I do and constantly wonders why I spend so much time on the site.... clearly not "down" with the latest gaming stuff

+4 votes   poll: My mom
INtense! Nov 9 2008, 9:41pm replied:

yes this works with 2142 as well

+1 vote   article: SGLR v1.01 Released
INtense! Oct 18 2008, 12:56am says:

looks great, thanks for the ModDB link too

+1 vote   article: 1 week and 100 watchers later
INtense! Oct 8 2008, 11:13am says:

wow love the detail - good to see a bit of "behind the scenes" design work here. Crazy to think this much effort went into one screen.

If the quality of the mod follows what we have seen here, you've got me watching and excited already. I also like the fact that you mentioned you are experimenting with some new ideas. creativity = win!

+2 votes   article: Chell's Legend 1st media release!
INtense! Aug 23 2008, 1:32am says:


+2 votes   article: Warlord Returns to ModDB
INtense! Jul 17 2008, 9:45am says:

share the love - Digg.com :D

+2 votes   article: Diablo 2 Mod Roundup
INtense! Jun 19 2008, 3:04pm replied:

Whilst sporepedia is one of the more interactive sites I have seen a game developer create, profiles are still incredibly restrictive. All you can do really is add creatures and leave comments - nothing more.

So I'm all for spore users using ModDB to post spore content / creations as we give them more power in the form of news, videos, tutorials and heaps more stuff. However a creature is essentially just a model - it is not something we consider a "mod". Groups of creatures, themes, packs and everything bundled into one mod profile is awesome, but it won't work if all of a sudden this site gets blocked up by 1,000 spore mods. I guess we'll see how the spore users make use of ModDB. We are currently asking EA what level of customization spore will truly allow (can it potentially go beyond the creature creator?) I doubt it, but worth asking.

+3 votes   article: Spore Squirrels! Content Pack Version 1.0 Released!
INtense! Jun 17 2008, 3:38pm says:

awesome stuff, but get the video on moddb in your profile. heaps better quality

+2 votes   article: Grayshot Created before your eyes
INtense! May 3 2008, 1:03pm says:

Looks great guys, really great. Congrats to your team that found positions in the industry - hopefully it doesn't slow your mods progress too significantly.

+2 votes   article: Warm Gun Weekly Update No. 4
INtense! May 1 2008, 2:45pm replied:

Release a patch so we have an excuse to include it in next months edition ;)

+3 votes   article: Mod Video Spotlight - April 2008
INtense! Apr 23 2008, 4:17pm replied:

Wow your mods profile looks awesome. Unfortunately you are correct - most tags excluding P, SPAN, BOLD etc will be stripped out. I made this change because too often people were copying-pasting content and seriously messing things up.

I'm thinking about ways around this but don't know of any solution. You can always use styled P tags to achieve the same effect.

+2 votes   article: New forums and code help - at last!
INtense! Feb 1 2008, 2:33pm says:

top art piece.

+2 votes   media: War on Water Concept.
INtense! Jan 25 2008, 7:43am says:

3 iron actually... oh and i'm not brilliant at golf but I try, and thats what counts right!?

+5 votes   media: Having a swing of golf
INtense! Jan 19 2008, 3:59am says:

Woo, tower fence... one flash game that was actually worthy

+2 votes   article: Tower Defense announcement
INtense! Jan 19 2008, 2:32am says:

Help wanted and forums are next in line... plus fixing about 400 site bugs ;)

+3 votes   article: Private Message System Launched
INtense! Dec 14 2007, 10:41pm says:

wow i cannot believe you cheographed (right spelling!?) all those moves from the film so damn well

+2 votes   media: Wake up Neo...
INtense! Nov 22 2007, 2:25am says:

Download is FIXED now!

+2 votes   download: Ashes of Apocalypse Soundtrack
INtense! Nov 14 2007, 9:44am replied:

People can see who is watching them remember. So its hardly stalking ;)

+2 votes   article: Mod watch is back
INtense! Nov 13 2007, 11:34am says:

Only 1 member so far but he is talented :D

Lets hope more people join.

+2 votes   article: VAU: Amateurs with professional standards. Whoa!
INtense! Nov 9 2007, 11:39am says:

I keep saying and i'm not gonna stop. This is only a taste of things to come. Once all the engines are linked, groups are made things will really start to work beautifully. Bear with us. There is a lot of great stuff on the horizon!

+13 votes   poll: v4 is here. Your opinion is:
INtense! Nov 9 2007, 10:45am replied:

yeah i got to admit that is a seriously cool feature. I only made that yesterday. Very last thing before deployment.

Reason why is because Mod DB is about game development, not about commercial console games. So sure we have the tabs up top and we will cover content in these areas somewhat, but we want to give you the power to view and see what you want. We still have a lot of work to go before its perfect, but bear with us and we will get there.

+3 votes   article: Mod DB v4 Walkthrough
INtense! Nov 3 2007, 10:22pm says:

wow everytime I see photos from the cryengine I want to go and live in the jungle

+2 votes   article: MechWarrior: Living Legends October Update!
INtense! Nov 1 2007, 10:20pm says:

where is the Mod DB mirror ;)

+2 votes   article: Fortress Forever 1.1 is out!
INtense! Oct 21 2007, 10:25am says:

I have a full time job in the games industry and I love it... thanks Mod DB!!!

Oh and Mod DB is actually hiring an editor in chief

+2 votes   poll: Are you looking for a job in the games industry?
INtense! Oct 12 2007, 2:15pm says:

Same here, I need a good new wallpaper. Concept art rocks. Game + Concept Art = Win!

+2 votes   article: Concept Art Contest
INtense! Sep 28 2007, 10:26pm says:

so where is the Mod DB mirror eh!? :(

+2 votes   article: Download FS Now!
INtense! Aug 8 2007, 1:41am says:

wow thats one way to get attention

+2 votes   article: Shockwave: Mega Update
INtense! Jul 8 2007, 6:30am says:

Top effort as always Leilei, lets see if you can beat that download record

+2 votes   article: OpenArena 0.7.0 released
INtense! Jun 26 2007, 3:13am says:

I will verify the file tonight and fix it if I have any problems.

+3 votes   article: Creating a Weapon for Source
INtense! Jun 23 2007, 1:31pm says:

Looks like it

+2 votes   article: The Specialists 3.0 Release
INtense! May 1 2007, 2:05pm says:

in the thumbnail version I thought they were holding hands haha!

+3 votes   media: Two new models
INtense! Apr 29 2007, 7:48pm says:

we shall be working closely with AiO in the coming months to hopefully provide many more insightful and detailed tutorials.

+2 votes   article: 10 Modding/Level Design Tips
INtense! Apr 2 2007, 10:27pm says:

Fantastic tutorial you submitted. Keep up the fine work!

+2 votes   member: Psalm
INtense! Apr 1 2007, 9:38am says:

damn... haha, for such a fun cartoonish game - that banner image is rather suggestive!

+2 votes   article: WoP Standalone - It´s done!
INtense! Jan 3 2007, 11:02pm says:

TANK! what a tank haha. that is such an awesome model :)

is he holding a chicken?

+2 votes   media: hammy-bob's first appearance in HBM
INtense! Dec 7 2006, 9:04am says:

Will you be running an Australian servers?

+2 votes   article: Iron Grip Official Gaming Days
INtense! Nov 27 2006, 9:33pm says:

Have a bit of fun is what i'm looking for!

+2 votes   poll: What's on your Holiday List?
INtense! Nov 19 2006, 11:44pm says:

I had a real laugh reading this review. Mod looks pretty damn nice IMHO. Love the PROs/CONs haha!

+2 votes   article: Eternal Damnation
INtense! Nov 2 2006, 8:41am says:

I cannot wait to get my PC in working order and give this mod a run. It is great to see mods inventing genres and experimenting with amazing ideas. Good video and interview too :)

+2 votes   article: Iron Grip: The Oppression
INtense! Oct 31 2006, 10:00am says:

We are trying to establish many new and innovative ideas which help out mod teams with promotion (as much as we possibly can anyhow!)

+2 votes   article: Mod News Roundup #2
INtense! Oct 30 2006, 10:15am says:

Damn - I've gotten lazy with so many pics in the news these days!

+2 votes   article: The long awaited news post
INtense! Nov 22 2006, 8:50pm says:

For Mod of the Year ey?

+2 votes   article: A letter from the Goldeneye source team:
INtense! Aug 29 2006, 7:51am says:

You are now a fully fledged member of the Mod DB staff. It is well deserved - so welcome aboard!

+3 votes   member: Pxl_Buzzard
INtense! Aug 13 2006, 3:08am says:

Don?t know!

+2 votes  
INtense! Jul 29 2006, 10:00pm says:

We wont lynch anyone we just ask that everyone abide by the Terms and respect everyone else on the site and there should never be any issues - simple really.

+2 votes   article: From the Admin's Desk
INtense! Jul 4 2006, 7:31pm says:

Some awesome screens there - good use of colors

+2 votes   article: Announcing GTW's Debut on ModDB
INtense! May 25 2006, 10:32pm says:

I have moved this news to the mods profile. The images are huge! Please post thumbnails or link to the images in your mods gallery.

+2 votes   article: Jade Phoenix Re-opens its doors! Media Update
INtense! Apr 13 2006, 9:23pm says:

it is 963megs crazy

+2 votes   article: The SoulKeeper Special Edition-Available Now!!
INtense! Mar 11 2006, 9:18pm says:

That is just to draw attention to the article. It will be reverted back to the non-sparkle version in a week or two :)

Enjoy your reading!

+2 votes   article: I am new to mods - article complete!
INtense! Mar 11 2006, 6:16am says:

someone creative can come up with an awesome unique forum template which fits Mod DB's design which mod teams can use.

Plus using these forums is much better than some of the fugly free ones around :) and you've got a community 10000000x the size!!

For a list of all forums head here: Moddb.com (updated daily)

+2 votes   article: Mod Forums are HERE!
INtense! Feb 25 2006, 7:47pm says:

decent effort, espically considering some mods are hitting the 400meg mark these days

+2 votes   article: Alpha3 DM Test released!
INtense! Feb 6 2007, 7:58am says:

We want to run a diff comp each month. I think that is plenty of time.

If it isn't we will make it 6weeks and will run 2 competitions in tandem.


+2 votes   article: Addon DB Mapping Comp #1 “Living on the Edge”
INtense! Feb 2 2006, 6:04am says:

fixed that up for you. me? well i'm a player.. thou i've made tons of mod related websites

+2 votes   poll: My attempt at mod making...
INtense! Aug 9 2005, 7:16pm says:

I cannot believe you beat me to posting this news! Great work.. i'm just looking forward to the day when we are serving 50,000 downloads daily!

Great achievement considering only 10% of mods have put their files on the server so far!

+2 votes   article: 50,000 Downloads!
INtense! Jun 21 2005, 6:01am says:

technically not. ripping off is taking someones work and editing it. in your case you would be writing it from scratch and adding your personal experiences therefore making the tutorial one you wrote, and you have ownership over.

+2 votes   poll: Will you write a tutorial to share your knowledge?
INtense! Apr 4 2005, 8:59pm says:

Fixed now, but those thumbnails are a little large (40kb) each, so i've had to temp - move the news post.

+2 votes   article: April Update
INtense! Mar 26 2005, 7:01am says:

mod uploads only it'll be for the time been :P we aint a file host :D

+2 votes   article: Mod Downloads
INtense! Feb 16 2005, 6:15pm says:

It could have been worse. Thank god our database backup was only like 2 hours old ;)

+2 votes   article: Missing Mod Images
INtense! Feb 6 2005, 4:56am says:

I was worried since my last backup was like a year old.. christ was i worried!

+2 votes   poll: Were you worried about modDB over the past 6 days?
INtense! Dec 13 2004, 3:43am says:

i love the perspective on this drawing. damn well done my stuffed friend :D

+2 votes   media: Action
INtense! Nov 16 2004, 3:31am says:
Quote:The most anticipated event of 2004...

what about moddb v2 launch :D

+2 votes   article: The most anticipated game of 2004...
INtense! Nov 5 2004, 10:44pm says:

oh and if you want to chat about these awards.. there is now a forum category for them! :D


+2 votes   article: 2004 Golden Spanner Mod Awards
INtense! Oct 31 2004, 8:14pm says:

You are only allowed 1 account on the Mod Database. If you wish to have your nickname changed, please tell me rather than using another account.


+2 votes   member: RETRiBUTION
INtense! Sep 27 2004, 8:59am says:

its been a while since i've played this game, but its the one where you can turn people into piggies right?

man that was great fun!

+2 votes   article: Korax Mod Review
INtense! Sep 26 2004, 11:49pm says:

good work on the tut mate, glad you like the new site. Hopefully we'll see a few more tuts from you! :D

+2 votes   member: San-J
INtense! Aug 13 2004, 12:19pm says:

krycha you are a legend mate :D

looking forward to having you on the team when v2 is out!

+2 votes   article: Games List Updated
INtense! Mar 22 2004, 6:56pm says:

gotta be playstation, i mean so many games to choose from including FF7 and FFX :)

+2 votes   poll: What gaming console has your vote?
INtense! Dec 14 2003, 6:19am says:

Love the mod, great job thus far, have the lads from penny arcade seen it?

+2 votes   mod: Cardboard Tube Showdown
INtense! Nov 20 2003, 8:49pm says:

forth comment ;)

+2 votes   member: ShadowDragon
INtense! Nov 1 2003, 8:31am says:

looks awesome, very nice job, why the wierd mod name though?

(mind you i do like the mod name! :p )

+2 votes   mod: Drunken Duck Mod
INtense! Sep 24 2003, 10:24am says:

jeez easy now, correct me if i am wrong but this modification is intended to be taken light hearted and humerous, and well its just like a flame thrower, only different ;)

i mena if this mod were a world war 2 sim, then i'd agree but in this care i reckon it could add some interesting gameplay, not because 2 year olds will be laughing at the gag, but because when someone is sneaking up on you, you can let them know you know they are their

+2 votes   article: First real innovation in FPS in years
INtense! Sep 5 2003, 4:27am says:

banned, email banned@moddb.com if you want to get unbanned


+2 votes   member: cartercrz
INtense! Aug 31 2003, 5:13am says:

your logo is up! thanks for the submission, nice job :)

+2 votes   mod: Operations: Hundschiesse
INtense! Aug 8 2003, 9:10pm says:

bloody AEWSOME logo love it soo much, brilliant :)

+2 votes   mod: Wizards' Islands - The Story Of Burning Snow
INtense! Jun 7 2003, 8:51am says:

brilliant images but still i don't quite understand the point of them for nothing else other than pimpage?

+2 votes   article: A Public Apology
INtense! May 29 2003, 2:59am says:

thats beautiful, damn is that a sweet background too :D

+2 votes  
INtense! May 21 2003, 10:46am says:

About your harddrive crash. Nothing is worse in the computing realm. Even badder news if it means the discontinuation of a modificiation. I guess at least you reached the release stage.

+2 votes   mod: Liberty Madness
INtense! May 8 2003, 4:22am says:

I would look similar playing the mod but at least i got more teeth :D

+3 votes   media: welcome the new hammy-bob character
INtense! Apr 29 2003, 6:02am says:

damn my comment above sure don't make no sense :confused:

+2 votes   article: Webby Awards
INtense! Apr 25 2003, 11:21am says:

Great whistle... get to deafen the players :D

hehe, *BLLOOOOW WHISTLE, i said sitdown biatch* people will listen then :)

+2 votes   article: Super Inspector Whistle
INtense! Apr 11 2003, 4:50am says:

I would love for modDB to be able to exclusivly serve modifications for download, but this site does 180gigs a month solely off traffic passing through the webpage.

Imagine if that was combined with files? jebus :o

+2 votes   article: Strategy X Development Network
INtense! Apr 2 2003, 8:16am says:

Why? Well I mean it is impossible to keep anything like this underwraps... I mean they would have to be using another engine, and well at least a minimal amount of information would have been leeked... it just aint happening at the moment

+3 votes   poll: Do you think Half Life 2 will make it in the E3 coming this May?
INtense! Mar 27 2003, 9:40am says:

and i'll say it again, your an amazing modder eheh :D whip out stuff that would take a team of DBZ misfits months eheh ;) and you ajust did this to be st00pid :D

+2 votes   mod: Crapack
INtense! Mar 16 2003, 7:33am says:

I am stoked to hear that this mod is still kicking along. Damn brilliant enough said!

+2 votes   mod: Defence Alliance 2
INtense! Mar 3 2003, 8:10am says:

It is not me wanting money though, it be nice to give oktagone a little for all they do. At the moment this shall not happen but with the move to the new server, i shall be devising various ways to somehow pay back oktagone

+2 votes   article: IMPORTANT Mod Database Update
INtense! Feb 26 2003, 12:42am says:

If you have questions on what this all means please post them here :D

+2 votes   article: More Useless Mod Database Features
INtense! Feb 12 2003, 6:22am says:

I guess that explains how they got such a nice, clean fresh shot of it :o

+2 votes   mod: Star Wars: Rebellion
INtense! Feb 9 2003, 1:04am says:

looks great i reckon :D

+2 votes  
INtense! Feb 8 2003, 9:44pm says:

Thanks lads, would not have got there without you all :D

And the modDB is 149,000 most trafficed site in the world... not bad i suppose when there are 2,000,000,000 sites to search through on google :D

Scope This Out: Alexa.com

+2 votes   article: New Mod Database Features + Milestone Reached
INtense! Jan 14 2003, 10:33pm says:

Your avartar for this alter-ego I presume? :confused: rocks mate!

+2 votes   member: |PsychoFarmer|
INtense! Jan 11 2003, 12:20am says:

That donkey and kart just looks soo sweet. Secondly fine work as always forkeh!

From what I have been told (by forkeh) this mod is shaping up sweetly.

Oh and on a side note, good to see you use the image upload feature. Cool uh forkeh? :D

+2 votes   article: Black Hawk Down
INtense! Jan 9 2003, 12:02am says:

Just wanted to say fine job on the mod, one mod indeed worthy of a mention in the year 2002 top mods feature posted here: Moddb.com

+2 votes   mod: Gangwars
INtense! Jan 8 2003, 11:49pm says:

Just wanted to say fine job on the mod, one mod indeed worthy of a mention in the year 2002 top mods feature posted here: Moddb.com

+2 votes   mod: Vampire Slayer
INtense! Dec 29 2002, 7:31am says:
pf wrote:so ppl can opt whether or not to have the function on their mod

That is exactly right. It is for people like blackpanther who don't want 'people rating their modification' when it isn't even released for example

+2 votes   article: Mod Ratings Optionally Disabled
INtense! Nov 13 2002, 7:52am says:

I just wanna say that looks awesome, and well nice video. Good stuff keep it coming!! :o

+2 votes   game: Tiberian Sun Reborn
INtense! Nov 13 2002, 12:13am says:

ahh, run for your lives... damn reminds me of Mars Attack somehow :confused:

good job!

+2 votes   mod: Invasion From Mars
INtense! Oct 30 2002, 3:50am says:

not acceptable... spamming a spam site, lame idiot - your not welcome here :eyebrow:

+2 votes   member: j_mcc99
INtense! Oct 29 2002, 7:51am says:

whats more, it is good that the model aint like the majority out there which basically are all the same only with a different skin...

need i mention the 100+ mods featuring scientists and gordon freeman! :D

+2 votes  
INtense! Oct 12 2002, 11:08pm says:

if you see a modification you believe is 'in-active' please get in touch! It shall be reviewed and marked appropiatly..

It is sad that 95% of mods never make it.. but that is reality and hence modDB must clean up such mods, to ensure those mods having effort put in get their just rewards :D

+2 votes   article: *IMPORTANT* New Mod Listing Policy
INtense! Oct 12 2002, 10:05am says:

not a problem, just thought i would check..

nice effect with the 'bullet time' :D

+2 votes   mod: Matrix Q3
INtense! Oct 10 2002, 11:01pm says:

just read your news... awesome stuff... looks like you know your thing.. keep up the fine work :D

+2 votes   mod: Path to Victory
INtense! Oct 10 2002, 9:06am says:

i wonder if i can ever get back into this mod...

i used to play it tons have not touched it for more than 30mins in the past 3 months.. so much has changed in that time i'll be a n00b and get hammered... i don't think i could handle that :(

+2 votes   article: Erik Johnson on CS v1.6
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:12pm says:

thanks for the lil mention.. yeah site is growing a well.. be good if it could speed up a tad but i am happy! Besides i aint even really done any hardcore pimpage yet :)

+2 votes   article: modDB - 2500 Members!
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 7:10pm says:

Heheh, I have been watching this mod since it first joined the database... and well yeah azz0r you are right on the money it looks brilliant... great work laddies!@

+2 votes   article: Big PadMod News UpDate
INtense! Oct 2 2002, 12:59am says:

hehe, nice sig you got happening there... loving the color scheme eh?

+2 votes   member: tw13ve
INtense! Sep 21 2002, 10:27pm says:

yeah, they seem a pretty shut up shop gamespot... unless they choose to pimp you, they really only flog their own things, but hell they like modDB so i like em :wub:

+2 votes   article: Gamespot: Mod, Mod World Article
INtense! Sep 20 2002, 7:36pm says:

oh and I am just enjoying a crumpet right now! I cannot believe you put nutella on them! That is just not on, not doing the crumpet justice :D

+2 votes   member: lil_girl
INtense! Sep 20 2002, 1:20am says:

just coded in a new feature! If you visit the Battle Ground mod profile, you will see any features we have done with this mod team!!


hope yah approve :P

+2 votes   article: The Battlegrounds Review
INtense! Sep 16 2002, 7:48am says:

www.oktagone.net hosts the modDB.. greatest known hosts in the free world :) Setup all these awesome custom options for modDB

Oh and the majority of images on this site are not working. I am 99% certain this is a DNS propogation issue and shall automatically fix itself over the coming hours

+2 votes   article: modDB Downtime
INtense! Aug 24 2002, 9:10am says:

I need of a sound d00d? Hmm, I imagine that sorta thing would be hard to chaise down. Well best of luck scoring one!

+2 votes   mod: Rebel Operations
INtense! Aug 2 2002, 2:22pm says:

Here I am thinking 10% intervals is more than adequate. i'd add more but at most the difference is like 5 ~ 9 percent i mean hopefully that aint to bad..

maybe i should add in 99% just so mods can tease people ;)

+2 votes   mod: Tour of Duty
INtense! Aug 2 2002, 12:14pm says:

yeah huntEr found this mod a while back.. hardly heard of and yet it is visually impressive for the HL engine, and seems well organised so good things can be expected i guess

+2 votes   article: ORF MP - First Exclusives
INtense! Aug 1 2002, 11:02pm says:

At this stage the forum will be just one biiig blob, like standard forums - so that i can get it done quick. However fortunatly i coded it so that the forum could be split up into a game-by-game basis, hence hopefully in a few weeks what each of you lads suggested would indeed become a reality

+2 votes   article: Forum Are Getting There
INtense! Aug 1 2002, 9:08pm says:

Ok first off, I have to commend you on pushing out a mod release, great stuff but I just wanna clear something up, what are the future intentions cos so far i cannot see *too much*

I will not pass any judgement as i do realise the Halflife mod scene is tough and to get attention sometimes you gotta do radical things, but can you just clear that up?

+2 votes  
INtense! Jul 30 2002, 10:30am says:

elton john?? ROFL LOL thats to much, be hard to model him with his glasses and all, and the colors of his jackets would hurt your eyes

+2 votes   mod: Monkeystrike
INtense! Jul 25 2002, 5:20am says:

i will look into making it optional.. however is it to be taken fairly lightly, though I guess many will believe otherwise


+2 votes   article: Mods Other Than Halflife Ones...
INtense! Oct 21 2012, 8:23am replied:

we do need more, suggestions? oh and the URL for those wondering is www.slidedb.com

+6 votes   poll: We've launched SlideDB
INtense! Oct 20 2012, 2:50am replied:

they will continue to occur across all sites. this site is just specialized in mobile platforms we are trying not to fragment by allowing you to login and post across all

+4 votes   article: Introducing Slide DB
INtense! Oct 20 2012, 2:50am replied:

no plans at this stage - just want to help mobile developers out with exposure

+5 votes   article: Introducing Slide DB
INtense! Oct 20 2012, 2:49am replied:

you add your game via www.slidedb.com/games/add once it is added you need to add images and content to your games profile which you can do via: Slidedb.com

+3 votes   article: Introducing Slide DB
INtense! Oct 19 2012, 3:57am replied:

cheers - still only early days (we've got a ton todo / fix) but we want to open up the mobile platforms a little, help developers out that are willing to put in the time.

+10 votes   article: Introducing Slide DB
INtense! Oct 19 2012, 12:13am says:

We're hoping to help all mobile games in a small way - good or bad please share your thoughts.

+5 votes   poll: Thoughts on SlideDB?
INtense! Jul 30 2012, 11:25pm replied:

we have all files backed up and as soon as we can afford all the bandwidth and space we shall

+7 votes   article: Celebrating 10 years of ModDB!
INtense! Jul 30 2012, 3:32am replied:

we've received all kinds of crazy emails and posted mail even

+7 votes   article: Celebrating 10 years of ModDB!
INtense! Jul 19 2012, 4:10am replied:

thought about it, but might be a little ugly and most games will be adding these buttons to their homepage so changing the icon wont be super-relevant

+3 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Jul 17 2012, 6:17am replied:

I've just made the buttons only show up in a few places

+3 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Jul 16 2012, 8:48am replied:

only developers see these buttons - normal users browsing wont.

+2 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Jun 15 2012, 10:01pm replied:

whilst I do agree sites that force the use of twitter / facebook to login and do stuff is lame - adding a few little things here and there as we have is the right way to do it. it's entirely optional!

+2 votes   article: Twitter feeds in profiles
INtense! Jun 8 2012, 1:44am replied:

I've added all of these feature requests to the list, but I have to be honest none are marked as urgent.

+3 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! Jun 8 2012, 1:40am replied:

building in twitter support now

+4 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! Jun 6 2012, 9:00pm replied:

What features do you think are more important?

+3 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! Jun 6 2012, 10:14am replied:

the information is used only to log you in, we don't share it in any way.

+9 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! May 26 2012, 10:09am replied:

if you contact us, we are able to get you a Steam key for your purchase.

+2 votes   game: Dungeon Defenders
INtense! May 16 2012, 4:06am says:

Very cool dice purchase mechanism

+3 votes   article: Super Office Stress is out!
INtense! May 15 2012, 4:16am replied:

It can be but Moddb.com does an awesome job!

+8 votes   media: Our servers!
INtense! May 15 2012, 4:16am replied:

not quite, we have about 30TB of space and only use about 10TB

+7 votes   media: Our servers!
INtense! May 3 2012, 11:40am replied:

afraid not, 5 windows and 2 mac games in this bundle. we continue to search for linux titles to offer

+6 votes   article: The May Hurray Bundle!
INtense! Apr 4 2012, 9:55am replied:

i'm scott from desura - we will happily offer desura keys if the games request them from us

+6 votes   article: Wanderlust in the IndieFort Bundle! [4/5/12]
INtense! Feb 23 2012, 9:10pm replied:

idea behind this bundle is to raise more for the developers - hence fewer games

+8 votes   article: The Alpha Funding Collection
INtense! Feb 23 2012, 10:39am says:

Definitely an experiment - see if we can get a bit of the doublefine kickstarter like love for promising upcoming games.

+10 votes   article: The Alpha Funding Collection
INtense! Feb 20 2012, 8:48pm replied:

Already done: Moddb.com

+2 votes   article: Topsites are back!
INtense! Jul 31 2014, 10:13pm says:

God this game is amazing. So lucky to get early access :D

+4 votes   game: CRAWL
INtense! May 6 2011, 11:13pm says:

it is pretty cool and so easy to enter, will post news with some of our favorites so far in a few days :D

+1 vote   article: Witcher 2: Alternate Ending Contest
INtense! Jan 17 2011, 10:34pm replied:

working on it

+5 votes   article: The power of stats
INtense! Dec 1 2010, 10:16am replied:

we will provide a hint, especially for the teams that missed out and want to know how close they are. i.e. usually only a few votes separates 100 from 110!

+2 votes   article: Top 100 mods of 2010
INtense! Nov 30 2010, 1:05pm says:

yeah afraid so, voting happens right up until a few minutes ago. Now we need to fill in the description and images for 150 mods / games.

+2 votes   article: Top 100 is locked in
INtense! Nov 4 2010, 6:23am says:

i've subscribed...

+3 votes   article: The Beard Ultimatum
INtense! Jun 11 2010, 4:28am replied:

we haven't had performance issues, site should always be zippy (0.05 render times)... but it never hurts to go even faster!

+2 votes   article: Technical Update #1
INtense! May 26 2010, 12:12pm replied:

Is the image quality of the thumbnails really that bad?

+1 vote   article: Images and embed codes
INtense! Jan 24 2010, 2:07pm replied:

Appreciate the kind words. Don't worry, Desura is just an "extension" of ModDB. ModDB is the development hub and will always remain, while Desura is more the distribution point. In actual fact we hope that Desura earns enough money through game sales to be able to fund an ad free ModDB + all the stuff we want to do but cannot (HD videos, fast download servers etc)

+5 votes   article: 2009 Retrospective
INtense! Jan 21 2010, 11:33am replied:

It is mirrored around the world now, try again if you need to

+2 votes   download: EF_Setup.exe
INtense! Nov 18 2008, 3:52am replied:

we are going to write up a feature showcasing these images, they deserve the limelight. Oh and be sure to browse the rest: Moddb.com

+2 votes   article: L4D Concept Art Contest WINNERS!
INtense! Nov 5 2008, 9:00am replied:

I didn't actually code the Flash Graph - only the backend stats system so there isn't much I can do about this. I will continually update the Flash software so hopefully this will be patched. Besides if you enter bogus dates it is your own damn fault for the error ;)

+2 votes   article: NEW: Detailed Statistics Feature
INtense! Jun 22 2008, 12:05pm replied:

no smartlink support now - the new editor is WYSIWYG so it should be easy to link stuff anyhow.

+2 votes   article: New URLS!
INtense! Jan 29 2008, 1:30am says:

This is my summary of the awards:

The 2007 Mod of the Year Awards Players Choice winners have been announced, capping off a great year in gaming. This year titles which were influenced by the War in Iraq fared well, with Half-Life 2, Battlefield 2 and the GPL'd ID Tech 3 engine polling strongly in the indie games and released mods categories. Crysis mods though still in the early stages of development, did well in the best upcoming category, as developers attention shifts to some of the next-gen engines.

+4 votes   article: Player's Choice Winners Showcase
INtense! Jan 14 2008, 11:20pm says:

Ok I should have fixed this now for everyone!

+3 votes   download: Gear Portal Map
INtense! Dec 23 2007, 10:00am replied:

No way of removing votes sorry

+2 votes   article: Top 100 Mods & Indie Games ANNOUNCED
INtense! Aug 9 2007, 10:14pm says:

Can you please decide on an appropiate mods name and update the media accordingly so you are not mimicing this: Tdof.awardspace.com

You really should have all this covered before you submit a mod to this site.

+2 votes   mod: Chronicles
INtense! Feb 16 2007, 9:20am says:

The main idea is, whichever mod wins mod of the month is playable on this server.

I think that is a top prospect, since it gives everyone a chance to "roadtest" it.

+2 votes   article: Mod DB Community Mod Server!
INtense! Oct 19 2006, 11:28pm says:

The developers have just released a SDK for this game - grab it here and get modding!

+3 votes   game: Prey
INtense! Jun 21 2007, 11:19am says:

Don't be confused! This is Salochin!

A nickname change was requested and I obliged (because I am nice, and because this nick is not too different).

+2 votes   member: Sallycin
INtense! Aug 10 2006, 5:53pm says:

press the big blue button :)

+2 votes   article: Gauss Gun WIP Release
INtense! Dec 2 2005, 7:18pm says:

a MUG babay! :D

+2 votes   poll: If Mod DB had a store, what would you buy first?
INtense! Sep 5 2005, 5:13am says:

PC guys, though something interesting to note is that I don't believe it will be too long before mods come out on consoles. I mean with all modern console systems having internet connectivity this isn't a surprising move!

I can't wait to see this in place :D

+2 votes   poll: Which next gen console do you want the most?
INtense! Feb 6 2005, 7:34am says:

guest 2 spaces above, your comments are justified however i believe i'd be silly to desert oktagone now, after they have their own datacenter setup they can personally manage. lets see if my decision here is right, i am confident it is.

oh and just to give people an indication at how worried i was for the future of this site.. i was expecting a few important emails but needed sleep badly, so what i did was setup my gmail account, to forward email to my isp account which was setup to play the muppets song to wake me up when any email arrives :P

+2 votes   poll: Were you worried about modDB over the past 6 days?
INtense! Apr 7 2004, 9:41pm says:

been a long time coming but it looks awesome! Good effort i reckon to make a FPS shooter into a rally game as good as this.

I played a few early beta's over a year ago and it was great fun then, so i can only imagine that gameplay has improved now. I cannot wait!

+3 votes   article: HLRally releasing soon!
INtense! Dec 16 2003, 8:13pm says:

fixed :D


www.oktagone.net (gotta love greg)

+2 votes   article: Modification Absence...
INtense! May 6 2003, 5:10am says:

Welcome back deadsoul

Conditions of your reentry to this site are simple. You can use all pages, you can argue on the forums, but use intelligence and do it tactifully and don't stoop to others low levels let me deal with them..

If that doesn't work you will be banned from the forums, and if that doesn't work banned forever. But I have faith and I know you can be a good contributing member so lets not prove me wrong!

+2 votes   member: GAMESOULjA
INtense! Mar 27 2003, 9:04pm says:

yes... looks to be a bit of a mod fan jebus :D

I really should code it in so that you can watch entire games, save having to individually select 4000 mods ;)

+2 votes   member: ModWatcher
INtense! Mar 24 2003, 5:52am says:

oh and to be honest i reckon this is a pretty damn cool idea.. the mod looks pretty sweet also.. :D

it just would never work due to the limitations of games... with the main problems I see as been

- games can only really handle 32 people at a time (even then it is massive server strain)
- guys make up the vast majority of gamers
- finally, you have to own the game to join the chatroom... expensive little chat this one :(

+2 votes   mod: Esc
INtense! Feb 2 2003, 3:46am says:

great logo good to see you finally got around to submitting one :D

+2 votes   mod: Rebel Operations
INtense! Nov 7 2002, 1:23am says:

hahah, course it is not just a boobs - though that tight red dress :P

I mean just take those two promotion images above. They look damn mesmorising to put it bluntly. I was hesitant at first in acknoleging your mod with an award since it has only just been listed but it just demonstrates way to much class and talent.

So congradulations keep up the fine work and I shall ensure all the AVP sites around know of this honour :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: AvP2:LAST ONE OUT / CM:Online
INtense! Sep 22 2002, 6:45am says:

i forgot to mention this earlier but sorry for eating all the food at your house! I can honestly say i missed out on the pasta dish to, but i took much more than my fair share. Was very nice, will have to thank your parents really did not have to goto all that trouble for me, now my mum is worried :P

+2 votes   member: lil_girl
INtense! Sep 18 2002, 10:04am says:

i'll be mailing about to all the SOF sites, to drum up a bit of attention and hopefully draw a bit more of that gaming crowd to this site :D

+2 votes   mod: The 45th Platoon
INtense! Aug 25 2002, 10:30pm says:

Worms does work a real treat. I remember the first time i played worms 2 with the big fat cartoonish worms.... At first I thought it was a lil ghey, but it is gameplay that rocks and well i got used to and feel in love with the cartoonish graphics

lixus wrote:hey, you seem to forget creativity, or do you want to see another six thousand realism cs-like mods..? my vote is creativity

100% with you mate!! Nothing is more depressing than a mod which is basically reguritating another mods ideas and generally making them worse. Thats kinda why gameplay cannot really lose cos essentially good gameplay is brought about by a twist on the normal way of doing something - which is just another way of saying creativity.

+3 votes   poll: Whats the key to a top fun mod?
INtense! Aug 11 2002, 7:50pm says:

nuff said O_o

+2 votes   member: azzDB
INtense! Jul 31 2002, 11:03pm says:

Hmm, yeah that be a brilliant idea. At the end have a big poll, nomination sequence..

yeah by the years end that sorta thing will definatly exist i am sure!

+3 votes   poll: How often should mod awards be dished up?
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