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INtense! Jan 7 2015, 12:52pm says:

Great article about the developer of this game Rockpapershotgun.com

+1 vote   game: The Light
INtense! Dec 12 2014, 12:24am replied:

you've got an awesome game - it should be no surprise!

+1 vote   article: Top 100 Indies of 2014 are here!
INtense! Nov 6 2014, 3:51am replied:

Perhaps we should do it so that if I do @[TZP]LoNer1 then you get notified?

+4 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 4:01am replied:

You can get an email alert when someone replies to your comment?

+3 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Oct 15 2014, 12:13am says:

Good luck for your early access release

+1 vote   game: The Hive
INtense! Sep 27 2014, 11:53pm says:

nice liking the look of this

+2 votes   game: T.I.M.E.S.
INtense! Jul 11 2013, 10:13pm replied:

spot on!

+4 votes   article: Linden Lab Acquires Desura
INtense! Nov 14 2012, 8:41pm replied:

Actually the countries are primarily non-english speaking + high traffic places.

So my guess is that Gamefront is unable to sell advertising in places like Russia, France, Japan etc and due to the high cost of providing bandwidth have decided to focus on the countries where they can.

Whilst it is frustrating - having run download servers ourselves it is expensive and not easy

+5 votes   article: Comment history and download issues
INtense! Jul 17 2012, 6:17am replied:

I've just made the buttons only show up in a few places

+3 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Jul 16 2012, 8:48am replied:

only developers see these buttons - normal users browsing wont.

+2 votes   article: Browse by popularity and top rated
INtense! Oct 31 2011, 12:49pm replied:

ahh your comments brighten my day.

+2 votes   article: Indie Royale - The Launch Bundle
INtense! Sep 19 2011, 12:31pm replied:

this should be resolved now, so i've deleted the comment thread below (will undelete if it still occurs). thanks guys for your assistance debugging!

+3 votes   article: Desura Linux - Beta launch
INtense! May 7 2011, 7:56pm replied:

I totally agree with this, AAA games generally hit their targets if they are a good game, and get sales irrespective due to their marketing. However with indies, especially the smaller ones that only sell a small amount of copies, I feel piracy is understated since they depend on those sales entirely to keep going. And i'm talking a 99%+ piracy rate.

Seems there are a ton of people who want to try games out, especially the smaller indie games but aren't prepared to pay. I guess it would still be worse to have no one checking out your game.

+5 votes   article: How can we lower game piracy?
INtense! Apr 28 2011, 2:10am replied:

Get this, it is excellent value!

+1 vote   article: Announcing Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
INtense! Dec 20 2010, 3:43pm replied:

it is significantly more than that.

+6 votes   article: DDOS causing system instability
INtense! Nov 4 2010, 2:24pm replied:

It's only the backend system that is complex, the frontend is very simple. My description makes it sound more complex than it is.

+4 votes   article: New site review system
INtense! Oct 30 2010, 2:07pm replied:

You have to remember that nothing is set in stone hence the "grey area".

i.e. tetris is a super basic game but it kicks ***.

So lack of content does not rule you out, some games don't need content to be good. However if you make a FPS with just 1 room, well that wouldn't be good enough.

The inverse is also true. You might make hundreds of levels, but if they are tedious, not fun then the extra content isn't going to help you qualify.

+3 votes   article: Qualifying rules on Desura
INtense! Jun 23 2010, 10:05am says:

Wow brilliant post, cannot believe I missed this (caught it in RPS comments). I've got to say you are spot on in your assessment here. e3 for a big company makes sense, since it is one time in the year that they are pretty much guaranteed that all press (and a good percentage of the gaming population) is tuning in.

It is also the reason why games fail... they don't focus on ROI, think they can throw a lot of money and sales will result. 10 years ago I wondered how the newspaper industry survived... I mean they sold ads at premium prices with 0 metrics (just x readership). Fast forward to today and the internet has metrics so you can see exactly who responds to your ads and ad prices have plummeted as a result, and newspapers all over the world are in trouble.

First you need to think about all the social services (twitter, world of mouth, facebook etc) and make sure the people you have convinced to pay, spread the word. Next, coverage on game sites is therefore great so keep pushing for that... Most important is coverage in places where people are purchasing (i.e. Steam, Desura etc). Once you have done all you can there, then start looking at paying for stuff.

Moral of the story you have to identify who is going to buy your game and get it in front of them. Do anything it takes, make friends, shameless plugs, get a speaker spot at a conference like GDC etc.

+1 vote   article: Indie games vs. E3: who shall triumph? Also featuring Frozen Synapse!
INtense! May 26 2010, 12:11pm replied:

The full size image loads the uncompressed original, which can sometimes be a few megabytes.

And yeah originally the image gallery system was super fast and "ajaxed" but the problem is with the ajax approach, is that I decided I prefer to show comments with every image. i'll certainly welcome mockups and ways to improve it... as changing the template isn't that hard.

Just make sure you DO upload your images here, so when we do enhance everything your images benefit as well

+2 votes   article: Images and embed codes
INtense! Apr 7 2010, 2:20pm replied:


+2 votes   article: Mod DB Shirt Sale!
INtense! Feb 4 2010, 12:01pm says:

most entertaining post i've seen in a while. consider $20 donated to help you start!

+2 votes   article: Velociraptor Job Interview Simulator Pro's First ModDB News Post
INtense! Jan 31 2010, 11:08am says:

A warning for spammers like this member: Moddb.com

+1 vote   member: Matthew-Scott
INtense! Jan 11 2010, 3:12am says:

haha, a mod about shooting sh*t... got that right!

+2 votes   media: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - Official Trailer
INtense! Dec 29 2009, 11:16am says:

Our mirrors are back online and available!

+3 votes   download: MEC2 Release 1.5
INtense! Dec 21 2009, 4:51am replied:

Well even if you dont, you can still be nominated for a "best upcoming" award.

+1 vote   article: 2009 awards have begun!
INtense! Sep 4 2009, 4:55am says:

8 CORES baby... upgraded my PC a month ago so it runs pretty well

+1 vote   poll: How many cores does your cpu currently have?
INtense! Aug 23 2009, 10:38pm says:

We've still got some way to go. Our servers hit 100% load quite often but we'll get there eventually.

+1 vote   article: Mod DB Upgrades Complete.
INtense! Jun 16 2009, 5:25am says:

so.... does this mean the witch is next? I'm not sure where I stand with content like this. On one hand I commend the creativity (even if i'm not a user or a fan) but I worry that the media will portray this in a bad way ala "hot coffee" and cause game makers pain as they are forced to tighten up the usage of their SDK. And thus hurt modding.

+6 votes   article: Theories on nude mods
INtense! May 4 2009, 9:39am says:

I must admit I felt JS sucked before frameworks like JQUERY showed me how powerful it can be.

Admittably this was because I was using JS for HTML manipulation which (as pointed out in this article) is a nightmare due to differences in interpretation between browsers.

+4 votes   article: Four myths about JavaScript
INtense! Feb 19 2009, 7:34am says:

i've had the privledge of seeing the videos and it is our (Ryan and Daves) best work yet - looks brilliant!

+2 votes   article: Editors' Choice Awards
INtense! Jan 24 2009, 9:39pm replied:

Not true at all - in fact we actually tried to change the sites name to GameCore (ran a beta for one month) but the idea what shot down by our community who thought that name was too generic. It was basically our attempt to show we are totally about getting to the "core of the game" and development, be it indies, mods, iphone, console etc.

In the past year we have actually been trying to beef up our representation of indies by attending GDC and talking to all devs there. So yeah I hope we can serve indies as well as we serve modders through a strong profile, promotion and everything else.

+2 votes   article: Attention all Moddb-ers!
INtense! Sep 8 2008, 2:58am replied:

good suggestion, might see if there is a way to host and stream the video of moddb.com servers since they are ubar fast - cos the lag is seriously frustrating!

+2 votes   article: Modcast Live! Episode 5
INtense! Jun 21 2008, 2:08pm replied:

mod_rewrite is used, but technically it is only doing half of the work. oh and dragonlord every page now has one extra sql query to lookup the name. not too bad considering the improvement it brings

+2 votes   article: New URLS!
INtense! Jun 10 2008, 3:50pm replied:

It can be confusing sometimes, make sure you open / close your browser and you are running v9.0.64 or greater Kb.adobe.com

+2 votes   article: HD Video Support & Levelling
INtense! May 22 2008, 12:11pm says:

I've made it so that the images are clickable now, should help you get a bigger view.

+2 votes   article: TF2 Shading in UT3
INtense! Apr 25 2008, 7:45am replied:

Yeah they slowed down bigtime because the v3 forums only worked for old members. The new forums work for everyone so hopefully many new members start participating and posting.

+2 votes   article: New forums and code help - at last!
INtense! Jan 9 2008, 10:20pm says:

I'm tracking this game, looks interesting. Time to enter the World of Iron Grip!

+2 votes   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
INtense! Dec 5 2007, 9:39pm replied:

I deliberately don't show mods / or leading indie games so that way no cheating etc goes on. All that is simply displayed is votes as they happen, since you cannot really determine a great deal from a vote.

+2 votes   article: Live scoreboard is uhh... LIVE!
INtense! Nov 22 2007, 12:41pm replied:

I believe it is relevant to link it to portal though. The link system is an incredibly complex one which attempts to decide "which profile" is the best to link too. Unfortunately it isn't perfect.

+3 votes   article: A different kind of (action) adventure
INtense! Nov 22 2007, 11:51am replied:

I updated the linking system. It did not make sense to link it to one mod when it is linked to many. It is linked to portal because this article was inspired by their "out of the box" thinking (if you look at the last url you will notice it takes you to the site of the people who developed Portal)

+3 votes   article: A different kind of (action) adventure
INtense! Nov 5 2007, 8:09am says:

It this poll was black and white and allowed you to select 50:50 every would. So we are just trying to spice things up!

+2 votes   poll: The best games are mods
INtense! Oct 20 2007, 2:26pm says:

Give it a shot - who cares if you cannot draw, worst that'll happen is people laugh at your work (happened to me... at least i made someone smile!)

+2 votes   article: Two Alienware A51 PCs to WIN
INtense! Jun 28 2007, 12:27am says:

This mod really needs to be registered on the Mod DB with the download + screenshots, so that it is not lost or forgotten.

Anyone care to volunteer?

+2 votes   article: Tuesday and Ark
INtense! Apr 24 2006, 11:32pm says:

I think the article is well researched and quite detailed. At Mod DB we aim to provide honest, uncut, real features - unlike other sites who have a team of journalists paid to write what they write.

It is a refreshing change from the norm I believe.

+2 votes   article: Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
INtense! Dec 10 2005, 1:37am says:

but just because you don't like something, doesn't make it bad!

all the more reason to vote, to make sure the mods *YOU* like have a good chance

+2 votes   article: 2005 Mod of the Year Awards!
INtense! Aug 15 2005, 10:27pm says:

we will always consider all applicants. show potential and deliver some good articles and consider yourself a chance!

+2 votes   article: ModDB Digs For More Staff!
INtense! Mar 21 2005, 7:18pm says:

there are 1.8gig mods?!

+2 votes   poll: Whats the average size of mods you download?
INtense! Apr 22 2004, 10:39am says:

... :rolleyes: exactly what i was about to say :)

nifty, only diff is yours have green eyes and don't float, very nice :o and well come to think of it, its nothing like it :P

+2 votes   article: War of the Worlds Mod - Renders
INtense! Mar 28 2004, 1:18am says:

about 10 days ago :)

good to be back, oh and why do you use this account champ, your only a 1 dot member here?

+2 votes   member: Bunky_09
INtense! Dec 4 2005, 6:39pm says:

See this thread - Moddb.com

If someone answers the challenge, then I shall add another color theme :D

+2 votes   article: Welcome to MOD DATABASE v3!
INtense! Oct 14 2003, 10:52pm says:

this may seem poor, but would someone care to explain the purpose of steam, what valve is trying to achieve with it and all that to me... i am yet to use it, and never really bothered seeking to much information about it!

my opinion presently however, is game developers should stick to making games and thats IT!

+3 votes   poll: What are your opinions of Steam?
INtense! Sep 14 2003, 2:43am says:

your custom modDB logo is up and looking great!!! good job

+2 votes   mod: Operation:Shadow Phoenix
INtense! Jul 10 2003, 11:58am says:

nice custom logo, good job!

+2 votes   mod: SpliTTer: THe ONe
INtense! Jun 19 2003, 2:09am says:

lovely review and editable comments? yeah i suppose the demand is there to implement that feature /me shudders

+2 votes   article: True Combat Review
INtense! Jun 14 2003, 2:01am says:

:( terrible shame seeing mods like this with much progress going under. Good luck with your future endevours.

+2 votes   mod: Underhive
INtense! May 16 2003, 11:03pm says:

I wanna be shooting human marines mainly not aliens... thats what i want, though i do love a bit of cover... even better when they take the bullets for you :D

+3 votes   game: Half-Life 2
INtense! May 16 2003, 11:03pm says:

indeed i am just waiting for the HL2 mod explosion.. just hope that a few of em make it :)

+2 votes   article: Half Life 2
INtense! Apr 10 2003, 12:19am says:

Good looking logo, lotsa action, what i like to see :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: Bumper Cars
INtense! Mar 23 2003, 11:12am says:

but I suppose one mod had to win it. Hopefully they can see the positive side of this. After all any promotion is good promotion :P

+2 votes   mod: Esc
INtense! Feb 4 2003, 6:46pm says:

Ok a few people have told me you have been doing unneeded and perhaps even offensive forum posts. Please post stuff that makes sense and is nice and you can carry on doing it all you like!

+2 votes   member: DarkPredator
INtense! Jan 22 2003, 6:47am says:

Just wanted to wish you and alex all the best. (sorry if I got her name wrong, just trippin out a little here :D)

+3 votes   member: Greg
INtense! Jan 9 2003, 12:01am says:

Just wanted to say fine job on the mod, one mod indeed worthy of a mention in the year 2002 top mods feature posted here: Moddb.com

+2 votes   mod: Western Quake 3
INtense! Jan 4 2003, 10:48pm says:

fly cow fly O_o

+2 votes   member: LyNx
INtense! Nov 20 2002, 5:59am says:

I aint a rich mofo but i have

PC, Nintendo, Gameboy, PS1, PS2 and i got about 20 games for each :D

+3 votes   poll: What gaming rig rocks your jocks!
INtense! Oct 30 2002, 5:43pm says:


I remember back in the 3DFX / VooDoo Days.. ahh the memories :D

+3 votes   poll: In your opinion who are the best makers of GPUs ?
INtense! Oct 29 2002, 8:05am says:

nice looking profile updates, damn do i rate this mod - great stuff :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: The Specialists
INtense! Sep 22 2002, 9:06am says:

astro boy with a border.. i gotta say it really does compliment that image well.. nice stuff :D

+2 votes   member: liquid
INtense! Sep 17 2002, 8:43am says:

Site is now officially 100% up and working... so yeah good stuff, took a while for the DNS to update, but all is sweet and proper thank god

+2 votes   article: modDB Downtime
INtense! Sep 17 2002, 8:39am says:

Good selection on the award this time around hunter! twas a while since the last mod was acknoledged.. but yeah more awards shall keep coming and 45th Platoon is the latest on the recieving end. Congrats peeps :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: The 45th Platoon
INtense! Sep 9 2002, 1:26pm says:

A while back BW from modDB interviewed this mods team. Good read actually and i just got around to wacking it up. If you have not seen it, read it here


+2 votes   mod: Sven Co-op
INtense! Aug 27 2002, 9:26am says:

as for the UT2k3 icon, I really like it, but if you can suggest a better image to use or whatever - to make it secsy i'll happily update it!

+2 votes   article: *UPDATE* Custom Game Topsite Link Images Available!
INtense! Aug 9 2002, 11:31am says:

If that is your definition of v1.0 which is fair enough, i prolly better call this modDB v0.95b or something :)

but on a serious not good stuff, this game always goes off at the lans i attend with a few mates who always endevour to play as many mods as possible

+3 votes   mod: Science And Industry
INtense! Aug 1 2002, 11:31pm says:

the commenting system already has most of those checks in place and the forum will to...

oh and i just thought of a few more categories.. mods are all about development, and creation

so their will be stuff like

Mod Ideas
- Models

i dunno.. need suggestions!! :)

+2 votes   article: Forum Are Getting There
INtense! Nov 6 2014, 2:23am says:

concept art translated well into the game, nice

+1 vote   game: Das Tal
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 2:20pm replied:

You cannot bury comments made by the author

+3 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 2:19pm replied:

I got rid of new comments unless they occurred in the last 10 minutes. There is also a "STAFF" tag for site staff.

+3 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 4:32am replied:

So how would this be solved? By making it so that threads are continuous and don't paginate?

+4 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 5 2014, 3:14am replied:

Yeah that could certainly be done. having said that the comments are typically taller than just the avatar

+5 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 4 2014, 10:27pm says:

Check it out, I am identified as author of this post!

+19 votes   article: Comment tags
INtense! Nov 4 2014, 10:14pm says:

new tags to identify key people in comments, woo!

+2 votes   article: New IndieDB visitor record!
INtense! Nov 3 2014, 11:39pm says:

I am intrigued, will have to check this out

+2 votes   game: Yes, Your Grace
INtense! Nov 3 2014, 11:36pm says:

killer trailer jam

+4 votes   game: Stardust Galaxy Warriors
INtense! Nov 3 2014, 11:34pm says:

Such a polished indie game, everyone should try this!

+4 votes   game: Depth
INtense! Oct 28 2014, 1:46am says:

Congrats on hitting #1, amazing mod - really liking the ARMA III Make ARMA not War competition. Best of luck in it.

+3 votes   mod: Arma 3 - Life
INtense! Oct 28 2014, 1:13am says:

This looks interesting, so it is a puzzle game? Brilliant logo btw!

+2 votes   game: Concrete Jungle
INtense! Oct 27 2014, 10:17pm replied:

How would you like to be able to embed the game? Do you have example code / demo I can see?

+1 vote   article: Embedable game support
INtense! Oct 27 2014, 10:16pm replied:

Good question and one I had't considered. I think if the ads are not intrusive, stay within the game and don't take personalized data then yes it is a possibility - as we want to be fair. Do you have a link to your game and the embeddable code so I can check it out?

+1 vote   article: Embedable game support
INtense! Oct 26 2014, 6:01pm replied:

Well, how do different games embed? Would we just support the HTML needed to embed, or would we host the embeddable game itself?

+2 votes   article: Embedable game support
INtense! Oct 25 2014, 3:45am says:

been a long time between casts!

+9 votes   article: Mod Cast - 25th Oct
INtense! Oct 25 2014, 12:28am says:

holy cow I laughed so hard at pewdiepie's video of this game: Youtube.com

+2 votes   game: Breakfast at Cemetery
INtense! Oct 25 2014, 12:22am says:

Congrats on the reviews, good launch

+4 votes   game: Primitives
INtense! Oct 23 2014, 1:42am says:

all the best with the release

+2 votes   game: Zpocalypse: Survival
INtense! Oct 18 2014, 7:11pm says:

awesome concept, like unique indies

+2 votes   game: An Apparently Normal Room
INtense! Oct 17 2014, 1:37pm says:

color pallet reminds me of Indiedb.com good job, looks promising

+2 votes   game: InnerSpace
INtense! Oct 16 2014, 6:20pm replied:

I like the indiedb magazine under the desk :)

+4 votes   media: Small design changes
INtense! Oct 16 2014, 3:04am says:

I am now the proud owner of Depth. BRING IT SHARKS!

+3 votes   game: Depth
INtense! Oct 16 2014, 3:01am says:

good to see card games finally getting great art

+3 votes   game: Ancestory
INtense! Oct 13 2014, 11:32pm says:

daddy long legs are so cool, I remember having one in my room for weeks. kinda became a mini pet :D

+3 votes   game: Daddy Long Legs
INtense! Oct 11 2014, 8:40pm says:

such a beautiful style, love all the art methods being explored by indies these days

+1 vote   game: Autocraft
INtense! Oct 3 2014, 8:09pm says:

great art style, tracking interested to hear more

+6 votes   game: INT
INtense! Jan 25 2015, 10:31am says:

That would be cool

+2 votes   media: Stranded Deep - Official Teaser Trailer
INtense! Dec 24 2014, 6:21pm says:

All the best with the release countdown!

+2 votes   game: Ralin - Dwarf Wars
INtense! Dec 11 2014, 7:09am replied:

Well desered and thanks for the reddit up vote!

+2 votes   article: Top 100 Indies of 2014 are here!
INtense! Nov 25 2014, 2:27am replied:

I think it would be amazing if EA brought modding support to the new DA, as it made Origins an amazing game. I'm hopeful as the frostbyte engine matures this becomes reality.

+3 votes   article: Dragon Age: Inquisition cosplay how-to
INtense! Sep 12 2014, 11:35pm says:

congratulations to all modders involved. For those that didn't win - amazing and hats off to you. Keep up the fantastic work

+3 votes   article: TOTAL WAR Mod Award: WINNERS!
INtense! Jul 18 2013, 3:07am replied:

that's before we neatened them

+6 votes   article: Downtime scheduled tomorrow
INtense! Jul 10 2013, 10:02pm replied:

ModDB / IndieDB / SlideDB remain independent as they always have, under www.dbolical.com

+9 votes   article: Linden Lab Acquires Desura
INtense! Dec 6 2012, 2:22am says:

i've removed your ability to post comments

+5 votes   member: *Symbiote*
INtense! Nov 30 2012, 2:49am replied:

We accidentally launched a tad early due to me mis-calculating timezones... so all live and GO now!

+12 votes   article: MOTY Kickoff
INtense! Nov 14 2012, 9:06pm replied:

this feature will be added next deployment

+5 votes   article: Comment history and download issues
INtense! Nov 14 2012, 1:54am replied:

comments posted in private groups will not be shown. You can also make your profile totally private or viewable by friends only, is that what you want?

+7 votes   article: Comment history and download issues
INtense! Jun 8 2012, 1:44am replied:

I've added all of these feature requests to the list, but I have to be honest none are marked as urgent.

+3 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! Jun 6 2012, 9:00pm replied:

What features do you think are more important?

+3 votes   article: Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Steam, Google!
INtense! Feb 23 2012, 9:10pm replied:

idea behind this bundle is to raise more for the developers - hence fewer games

+8 votes   article: The Alpha Funding Collection
INtense! Dec 24 2011, 8:26am says:

i've removed your ability to post comments. happy to give it back provided you don't just spam your website in an inappropiate manner.

+2 votes   member: Mauser1941
INtense! Nov 6 2011, 7:25pm says:

Despite the alpha tag, this is an incredibly polished game so it's future is looking promising.

+3 votes   article: Xenonauts Alpha Funding on Desura!
INtense! Sep 2 2011, 2:41pm replied:

You need:

ARMA 2: Desura.com
ARMA 2 OA: Desura.com

+1 vote   article: Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.1 BETA Released!
INtense! Sep 2 2011, 11:57am replied:

we are trying to get NTTE on Desura now...

+2 votes   article: Blocks that Matter Live on Desura!
INtense! Aug 29 2011, 11:24pm replied:

we will be attempting to add the better quests / mods made by the community once they are released

+2 votes   article: Project Zomboid out now on Desura!
INtense! Aug 29 2011, 12:54am replied:

Actually you can thank feillyne: Moddb.com he is our mod expert and is doing an amazing job working through mod collections game-by-game

+3 votes   article: Quake 4 mods on Desura
INtense! Jul 29 2011, 4:37am says:

Looking amazing... have to release it on Desura: www.desura.com especially with Linux support

+2 votes   article: New Oil Rush gameplay video
INtense! May 11 2011, 12:55pm replied:

The game retails for $50US, but is subscription based. This prize covers your first month.

+1 vote   article: RIFT ModDB Contest, 10 copies to win!
INtense! Apr 29 2011, 5:18am replied:

I think it just gives you the option and more promotional outlets for ZPS so the developers win and gamers win. You can choose which you wish to use, or you can use both (desura will detect if you already have ZPS installed)

+2 votes   article: ZPS 2.2 Release available on Desura!
INtense! Apr 26 2011, 12:44am replied:

We actually search for the folder "Star Wars Conquest" in your M&B directory. Is that not where you installed the mod?

+2 votes   article: Mount & Blade Live on Desura!
INtense! Apr 22 2011, 12:57pm replied:

I believe they always pledged mod support, plus Modern Warefare 2 was made by Infinity Ward while Black Ops was made by Treyarch and both have different approaches and respect for the PC.

+3 votes   article: Black Ops to add mod support in May!
INtense! Apr 22 2011, 4:20am replied:

I doubt many will make the switch either, _BUT_ new developers now have more choice than ever and CryENGINE games certainly have a unique look to them which I imagine would help sell copies.

+6 votes   article: Be Free... Be Creative... Be the Developer
INtense! Apr 20 2011, 4:35pm replied:

by connecting with facebook, an account would be created here. that is my present thinking anyhow.

+2 votes   article: Opengraph support added, more social stuff coming
INtense! Mar 17 2011, 1:35am replied:

Appreciate the support guys, slowly growing the catalog it'll only get bigger and bigger :)

+1 vote   article: Trine released on Desura
INtense! Mar 16 2011, 9:25am replied:

can you email a screenshot to support@moddb.com

Images should not be affected as they run on a separate server.

+3 votes   article: Platform Update
INtense! Feb 9 2011, 12:05pm replied:

it's next, it is just a little more complicated to setup

+3 votes   article: Crysis mods get Desura support!
INtense! Feb 3 2011, 4:41am replied:

I believe flash embedding should work too, but let me know if you have difficulties with it

+2 votes   article: Embed Unity Games
INtense! Jan 5 2011, 12:20pm replied:

Desura is going to be our big push in 2011. We are only just getting ourselves organized now but seriously expect it to list 500+ mods. It will take a little time thou... We've got some interesting ideas (somewhat controversial ideas) too which I think will be debated quite a bit, so looking forward to sharing them.

+2 votes   article: 2011 musings
INtense! Dec 19 2010, 12:10am replied:

true, they support a few mods and typically add one every 6 months. we are trying to support all high quality mods on all games (i.e. adding 1 a day)

+3 votes   article: Desura is launching!
INtense! Nov 28 2010, 2:04pm says:

The Party of Sin video is _AWESOME_ Moddb.com

so have to get you to make infomercials for Desura!

+3 votes   article: Best MOTY/IOTY Promotions 2010
INtense! Nov 16 2010, 11:35am says:

always enjoy the cell shading

+2 votes   game: Bungle in the Jungle
INtense! Nov 10 2010, 4:01am says:

I remember playing this at IGF 2 years ago. Concept was great then, looking even better now - top stuff guys.

+4 votes   game: Snapshot
INtense! Sep 14 2010, 4:38pm replied:

these stats are on a VEEEERY small dataset of a few hundred. It'll look more balanced once we actually allow people into the beta

+5 votes   article: Crunch time nearly over
INtense! Sep 14 2010, 1:31pm replied:

Not sure what you are trying to achieve by posting here but potteh unless you wish to be banned again please show some respect

+8 votes   article: Site updates report
INtense! Aug 18 2010, 11:10am replied:

Great point, he did a fantastic job too - they are widely used now.

+5 votes   article: Social Icons
INtense! Jul 8 2010, 3:09am says:

nice style, how does it look in-game?

+1 vote   article: Introducing the Ghoul!
INtense! Jul 2 2010, 5:45pm says:

I really do like the art style in this. This concept art is setting high expectations

+3 votes   media: Overwatch Concept/Promotional Art
INtense! Jul 2 2010, 7:33am says:

awesome intro, top compilation - good stuff dave!

+8 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - June 2010
INtense! Jun 23 2010, 6:22am replied:

PC is windows... we are considering switching it to that for clarification

+2 votes   article: New Platform - Web
INtense! Jun 8 2010, 10:00am says:

game is looking great

+1 vote   article: update to infdev
INtense! Feb 17 2010, 11:54am replied:

Yep that means PMs. If you uncheck that box you will not receive any email from us.

+1 vote   article: Handling email updates better
INtense! Feb 17 2010, 11:02am replied:

The purpose of this post is to discuss what you want - so yes I encourage this feedback. I agree with everything you have said here. Notifications / updates badly need an overhaul - and this is all stuff I want to. It wont be done for a while - but we fully intend on doing this. Just be patient - www.Desura.com is taking the time at the moment.

Also I want to recieve an e-mail when I get a PM, but not when my content is approved.
YOU should get an email when you get a PM (unless you are already online)

+1 vote   article: Handling email updates better
INtense! Feb 4 2010, 11:06am replied:

They did very impressively, maybe they will win best released in 2010 if they keep up the fine work.

+7 votes   article: Players Choice - Best Upcoming Mod
INtense! Jan 31 2010, 11:40am replied:

Essentially yes. Posting NICE on the odd picture you like is fine, posting NICE on virtually everything is adding no value and is clearly spamming to increase your "level". Another option instead of banning is removing certain members ability to post comments, we have done that in the past

+10 votes   article: Warning for spammers
INtense! Jan 12 2010, 2:46pm says:

We can actually convert this mod profile into a game profile if you want?

+1 vote   article: Tread Mod Canceled
INtense! Jan 5 2010, 11:32pm replied:

I shall be attending and look forward to meeting those from the community who will be there also.

+2 votes   article: 2010 Independent Games Festival Finalists
INtense! Dec 31 2009, 6:02am says:

As we said in the post, you are not missing too much at the moment, as Desura is only demo'in a small amount of content. In the new year we should begin to support quite a few more mods and games.

+2 votes   article: Invitations are on their way
INtense! Dec 16 2009, 1:22pm replied:

Whilst I do agree with you here, options are never a bad thing. Plus none of these services are really open and nor do I doubt they ever will be. Also if you exclude Steam and Impulse, none of the others are "true digital distribution" in my eyes but just glorified download sites. We provide all the functionality from downloading, installing, playing and patching. That is all done.

+8 votes   article: Introducing Desura
INtense! Nov 8 2009, 10:35am says:

Just saw your site, looks great - feel free to promote and get all that you can out of moddb.com

+4 votes   group: Games Modding
INtense! Nov 5 2009, 12:30pm replied:

Personally I feel the download system shouldn't be used for "images"

I'll consider upping the limits imposed

+3 votes   article: New EU download mirrors are live!
INtense! Oct 31 2009, 12:07pm replied:

Its pretty huge, its rare that I get excited about a game and well this really has perked my interest

+1 vote   article: First ingame screenshots of Natural Selection 2
INtense! Oct 24 2009, 7:29am says:

Well I can easily bring back images / comments - I jsut felt that a blog is more suitable for fan groups and you can post comments in the blog?

+2 votes   article: Group / Developers & Publishers Split
INtense! Oct 2 2009, 7:53am says:

awesome.... i love top down racers and well violent ones (I lost a great deal of my life to carmagedon!)

this looks sweeeet!

+2 votes   article: Zombie Driver Announced
INtense! Sep 9 2009, 9:53am says:

I look forward to the day when all browsers use the same webkit library... the differences between them all (even the good browsers, firefox, safari etc) when it comes to rendering forms and effects is a daily nightmare

+2 votes   article: A WebKit primer - part 1
INtense! Aug 19 2009, 5:09am replied:

what is your old account?

+1 vote   article: Me getting banned
INtense! Aug 6 2009, 8:53am says:

hate to be a pain but can you please upload these videos to ModDB also :)

looks great btw.

+1 vote   article: Zero Gear LUVBOT video
INtense! Aug 2 2009, 12:27am says:

howcome dx9.0c is required?

+1 vote   download: Turba Beta
INtense! Jul 24 2009, 12:05pm replied:

I've done some testing and it appears HD only works when you view the video on the original page, i.e. Moddb.com

I'm currently investigating why HD doesn't work when the video is embedded... rest assured this will be fixed automatically (not a great demonstration of HD i know!)

+2 votes   article: HD videos and audio visualization
INtense! Jul 9 2009, 11:56pm says:

holy crap thats awesome, big thanks to wolfire and Iiro... i'll be re-blogging this for sure, I don't think anyone has made a ModDB icon before :)

+2 votes   article: Social Media Icons for Game Developers, including ModDB
INtense! Jul 5 2009, 11:43am says:

hello all!

+2 votes   group: [PAD]Community
INtense! Jun 23 2009, 2:05am replied:

All ModDB mirrors use lightty download security, so links only work for 5minutes. If you want to resume, you will have to get a new link each time.

+2 votes   article: Smart download system deployed
INtense! Jun 4 2009, 12:18pm says:

Its great news, but it does sound like a way of "calming us down" and buying them time to release the SDK.

+1 vote   article: The future of the L4D SDK
INtense! May 30 2009, 11:57am replied:

Keep in mind that the shirt can be any color and may not be white / black like all of these are so just pick your favorite design! You can see the runner up entries here Moddb.com

+1 vote   article: Vote for your favorite Mod DB shirt design
INtense! May 11 2009, 7:52am says:

I'm 99.99% certain it is a brand new engine built from scratch. My question is, how do you have time to both create these videos, post blogs (all of which takes big chunks of time i'm assuming) and still find the time to develop your game with such a small team?

+1 vote   article: Intro to post processing effects - HD Video
INtense! May 8 2009, 3:56am says:

Whilst most teams may have SVN, a wiki or bug tracker, maintaining and hosting each individually is complicated and takes plenty of time. Herein lies the beauty of trac as it brings this functionality together and interlinks it all.

+3 votes   article: Trac your game development
INtense! Apr 17 2009, 10:13am says:

I'm not much of a writer, but ask Stenchy (Ryan) I do have my moments. Got another piece i'm working on in-between the 5000 other things sitting on my todo list!

+1 vote   article: Breaking down the walls
INtense! Apr 17 2009, 1:37am replied:

that is a bug, your upload is still actually working you just need to wait for it to complete

* remembers to look into and fix this

+1 vote   article: Release Date & Trailer
INtense! Apr 10 2009, 11:43pm replied:

We are really trying to help these modders get on the site. So if you can help us achieve that, let us know. Would be great to spread the word and let modders of NVN, Baulder, DA etc know about ModDB.

+2 votes   article: Dragon Age Early Access Beta
INtense! Apr 9 2009, 11:15pm says:

brilliant, good to see a "backstory" beginning to emerge.

+3 votes   article: New Zeno Clash trailer - 'The Corwid of the Free'
INtense! Mar 20 2009, 7:50am says:

This way there is no need for "help wanted" news posts, and forum threads which everyone misses. Hopefully helps out many teams (and companies)

+6 votes   article: Jobs / Help Wanted is back!
INtense! Mar 2 2009, 10:00am says:

Spread the indie and mod development love - Digg.com and Stumble

+5 votes   article: 2008 Mod of the Year Winners
INtense! Feb 28 2009, 2:50am replied:

works for me, email me the error support@moddb.com - anyone else with this problem?

+5 votes   article: 2008 Upcoming Mod of the Year Winners
INtense! Feb 5 2009, 11:06pm replied:

COD was the most popular multiplayer game of that year and bog was one of the best.

-1 votes   article: The Winners
INtense! Jan 18 2009, 7:00am replied:

spot on

+2 votes   article: Coming SOON: Top 100 of 2008
INtense! Jan 17 2009, 11:04pm replied:

well the scoreboard is designed to tick over to phase 2 immediately, but phase 2 hasn't yet started so I extended it.

+2 votes   article: Coming SOON: Top 100 of 2008
INtense! Nov 24 2008, 10:54am says:

holy **** thats awesome

0 votes   media: Meet the Wormdemon!
INtense! Nov 9 2008, 12:12pm replied:

We do have a say in the process - obviously however we need to find a sponsor for prizes and concept art is hot at the moment. I'll push for a map / modeling / music / machinima contest next to give everyone a fair go to compete, be creative and challenge one another which these competitions usually encourage.

+2 votes   article: Unleash Hell Concept Art Competition
INtense! Oct 8 2008, 7:20am replied:

I believe they have organized quite a few translations

+1 vote   article: Portal: Prelude Preview
INtense! Sep 30 2008, 1:13am says:

Top right the fat one, he looks like he has just eaten a huge chocolate pudding and who wants to mess with someone who has just eaten a huge chocolate pudding!?

+2 votes   article: Pick Your Warlord!
INtense! Sep 25 2008, 4:52am says:

looks brilliant - this trailer has convinced me to sign up.

+3 votes   article: The Premiere Trailer
INtense! Sep 13 2008, 12:10am says:

very polished as always

+2 votes   article: Warm Gun September Push
INtense! Aug 25 2008, 1:52am replied:

I like turtles. Youtube.com

+3 votes   poll: Where do you buy new games from?
INtense! Jul 18 2008, 12:24am says:

Post mortems rock... they really do. EVERY modder (new or experienced) should read them.

+2 votes   article: Eternal Silence: Post-Mortem
INtense! Jun 21 2008, 4:26am says:

the main benefit is you can sorta guess urls now, like moddb.com/mods/counter-strike takes you to Moddb.com counter-strike see!

+2 votes   article: New URLS!
INtense! Jun 20 2008, 11:07pm says:

awesome stuff, damn i was really hoping for a video :)

+2 votes   article: Lava experiments and more
INtense! Jun 20 2008, 1:21am says:

wow, awesome art

+2 votes   mod: Ikusa Legends
INtense! Jun 20 2008, 12:16am says:

You should add the bullfrog from HL that I made ;)

+3 votes   article: Spore - Gateway to Modding?
INtense! Jun 18 2008, 1:07pm says:

Japan rocks, my fav country. Always interesting, great food, great sites - highly recommended!

+12 votes   media: Its me!
INtense! Jun 11 2008, 12:42pm says:

Great interview - Dice has some sweet game-themed rooms there. Very suave.

+2 votes   article: From Modder to Game Developer: Diego Jimenez
INtense! May 25 2008, 2:47pm replied:

oh you better believe it!

+2 votes   poll: Have you joined the ModDB Steam community group?
INtense! May 25 2008, 4:29am says:

I might actually slip in a plug for the ModDB group on other sites, which we encourage you to watch (these can all be found in the ModDB blog: Moddb.com )

- Twitter.com
- Youtube.com
- Facebook.com
- En.wikipedia.org
- Pwned.com

Let us know if you run a community site you'd like us part of.

+2 votes   poll: Have you joined the ModDB Steam community group?
INtense! May 8 2008, 5:35am says:

Banned for spamming BMS - why lie?

+3 votes   member: unandpw2
INtense! May 8 2008, 5:01am says:

hey mate talk about a blast from the past - how are you?

+3 votes   member: wiredgear
INtense! Apr 29 2008, 9:49am says:

I use firefox too and I can put spacing in no problems?

+2 votes   article: Text formatting update
INtense! Apr 23 2008, 3:57pm replied:

I went for a design similar too: Code.google.com

Just made it green to stand out really

+2 votes   article: New forums and code help - at last!
INtense! Apr 20 2008, 12:43pm replied:

love the seinfeld reference

+2 votes   poll: Which is the best game feature/ability?
INtense! Mar 20 2008, 8:04pm says:

There are absolute dates don't worry ;)

+3 votes   media: New v4 Forums
INtense! Mar 14 2008, 5:13am replied:

Neither will valve, Steam is PC software and that won't change as sony and microsoft run their own digital distribution systems on the consoles, they won't allow 3rd parties.

+2 votes   article: Unreal Engine 4 "will exclusively target consoles"
INtense! Mar 7 2008, 1:46pm replied:

It is all fixed now, files were getting mirrored slowly!

+1 vote   download: DIPRIP Demo v1.0
INtense! Feb 29 2008, 7:43pm says:

The design still looks good to this day. Awesome stuff

+5 votes   media: 2000 to 2002 - ModRealm
INtense! Jan 30 2008, 2:53pm says:

I'm interested to see just how portable these tools are. Based on my understanding, I'm guessing a lot of these tools tie in with Steam and Steam will therefore be required for the server browsing, encryption and stats capabilities.

I maybe wrong and this maybe a totally open toolkit, but my initial assumption (without actually doing any investigation) would be this isn't the case.

+2 votes   article: Valve Unveils Steamworks
INtense! Jan 24 2008, 10:15pm says:

This is the absolute original, the first - we will try and deck out this profile so you can see it in all its glory

+8 votes   mod: Team Fortress
INtense! Jan 14 2008, 1:06pm says:

Beautiful profile :)

Some great work you have done in the past!

+2 votes   member: ENTE
INtense! Dec 23 2007, 9:58am replied:

Actually guests can vote but there vote is weighted extremely low vs. members votes. For example a mod with 5 guest votes vs a mod with 1 member vote will lose.

Plus the voting system has 3 levels of checking from ip hash to cookies which does make it more difficult to cheat than just pure ip checking

+2 votes   article: Top 100 Mods & Indie Games ANNOUNCED
INtense! Dec 23 2007, 7:50am says:

I like the emotion / story in this one. The glow captures it well

+2 votes   media: Assassination of Madam Butterfly
INtense! Dec 13 2007, 4:59pm says:

Looks really awesome, I like the colors, the craziness and everything going on. Downloading now (videos rock too)

+6 votes   mod: Welcome to Wilshire Heights
INtense! Dec 10 2007, 11:23am replied:

Flash 9 sorta, Flash 9.0.60 onwards supports H.264 which is currently only installed by 1% of the internet (plus it is still quite buggy).

Once the H.264 support improves, we shall move to it, but it looks like that may take up to 6 months or so

+3 votes   article: Videos are running!
INtense! Dec 10 2007, 10:02am replied:

We are using the open source program ffmpeg to render all videos using the Sorenson H.263 codec. This is the same codec used by YouTube, but our own tweaks mean that you'll get much better quality from us. In the near future (when support for it becomes more commonplace) we'll be moving to the even higher quality H.264 codec, making videos on Mod DB an amazing way to showcase your work.

+5 votes   article: Videos are running!
INtense! Dec 2 2007, 8:48am replied:

That is coming this week, now that MOTY is launched!

+2 votes   article: Mod of the Year 2007 LAUNCHED!
INtense! Nov 26 2007, 9:27pm replied:

Actually I believe that almost makes it harder to win, since there are 500 mods all fighting for the same attention / votes. We saw that in the 2006 competition where HL2 dominated the top 100, but because people could only choose their top 3 and there were so many HL2 mods, BF2 dominated this stage and ended up cleaning up the prizes.

+4 votes   article: Mod of the Year Archive
INtense! Nov 15 2007, 2:13am replied:

I'm betting you just want me there so you can punch me for making such a bad site :P

+2 votes   article: eGames expo to start Friday in Melbourne
INtense! Nov 15 2007, 2:07am says:

Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem, Doom, Wolf 3D all favs of mine. I remember creating Dos boot disks so I could allocate the right amount of memory to be able to play the damn game!

+3 votes   group: DOS gamers
INtense! Oct 20 2007, 1:26pm says:

awesome looking as always

+2 votes   article: Nuclear Dawn News Update
INtense! Sep 27 2007, 12:21pm says:

you are telling me... HOT DAMN!

+2 votes   mod: Allied Intent Xtended
INtense! Jul 8 2007, 6:17am says:

THIS IS A FAKE account, this is Osman_GUNYAZ account:

+2 votes   member: Osman_GUNYAZ
INtense! Jun 10 2007, 4:29am says:

Please note that Mod DB is not affiliated with Noesis in any way.

+3 votes   article: Face Mapping Video
INtense! Jun 13 2007, 6:44am says:

Worldwide entries are permitted. I believe they will be flexible regarding the file format but MAX will be preferred.

Renders of the skin is the most important aspect, the max file is secondary.

+2 votes   article: Scion Skin2Win Entries Open!
INtense! May 30 2007, 12:17am says:


+7 votes   media: Loader render
INtense! May 19 2007, 9:51pm says:

I believe it works by showing an intersital. Good idea - and I don't mind if they use it on their own site, but I've removed it from the Mod DB news. As people will think it is something Mod DB staff has added when we have not and I dont want that confusion.

+3 votes   article: Insects Infestation 1.0.9 Released!
INtense! May 18 2007, 9:51pm says:

I've uploaded the release files to the Mod DB - so you can grab them here: Moddb.com

+2 votes   article: War§ow 0.3 Released!
INtense! May 3 2007, 1:44am says:

give it a go leilei! you can make great stuff

+2 votes   article: Ultimate Tournament.com Player Contest
INtense! May 2 2007, 11:39pm says:

indeed - i'm certain we will see some really really sweet player model entries. I've seen tons of great work on the moddb so hopefully everyone has fun and gets involved.

+2 votes   article: Ultimate Tournament.com Player Contest
INtense! Jan 12 2007, 5:46am says:

There is a non-commerical license available for 100$ unless I am mistaken?

+2 votes   article: Mod News Roundup #8
INtense! Nov 10 2006, 10:12am says:

However Addons can be made - so it was added due to Moddb.com

+2 votes   article: Mod News Roundup #3
INtense! Nov 9 2006, 10:50am says:

Man I loved that game - I really should download this and give it a go sometime. I bet it is addictive

+2 votes  
INtense! Oct 15 2006, 10:53am says:

We are currently performing a massive archival process whereby all mods found dead will be archived. This should significantly clean up the site, and be beneficial for everyone, visitors and mod teams included.

Rest assured that mods are not deleted - they are only archived and can be fully restored at any time. We are planning on adding an archived mods search, in-case you wish to view these for historical reasons. Oh and the archived mods will still show in your personal page, only they will be dimmed out and marked as archived (example: Moddb.com )

+2 votes   article: From the Admin's Desk
INtense! Aug 14 2006, 7:19am says:

that bloke must get a really tired back! :D

+2 votes   article: A new website and new media!
INtense! Nov 5 2006, 10:46am says:

so nice, better than the original game :)

+2 votes   article: Master Chef ENTE changes the Menu
INtense! Apr 20 2006, 9:59am says:

good job - lets see how it turns out1

+2 votes   article: Public Beta Release!!
INtense! Mar 31 2006, 8:51am says:


+2 votes   article: First Glimpse of You
INtense! Mar 30 2006, 1:42am says:

Why not upload to the Mod DB?

+2 votes   article: Streetfighter trailer now available!
INtense! Jan 17 2006, 6:22am says:

Don't forget Mod DB's tutorials ;)


Submit a few! Speaking of which we are presently working out a comp of some sort to encourage ppl to submit some tuts!

I will also be syndicating all of moddb's tuts with this site

+2 votes   article: Tutorial Database
INtense! Jan 9 2006, 6:53pm says:


+2 votes   download: Dystopia Demo Client Update 4
INtense! Dec 9 2005, 11:34pm says:

You better believe it! Get clicking on the VOTE NOW button

I've already nominated 2 mods i like

+2 votes   article: 2005 Mod of the Year Awards!
INtense! Oct 8 2005, 9:12pm says:

can I join :D

+2 votes   article: Mod Database needs you!
INtense! Sep 30 2005, 11:12pm says:

ahh but the first on DIII ;)

Looks awesome

+3 votes   article: Media updates
INtense! Jun 30 2005, 8:48am says:

That at the moment you can only UPLOAD files. The download part will be active in the next couple of days. We are presently purchasing and fitting out a d/l system. So please everyone be paitient, you have waited 3 years.. i'm sure we can all wait 3 more days ;)

+2 votes   article: ModDB v2.5 Released
INtense! May 1 2005, 8:24am says:

The purpose of adopting a mod is one where, you can maintain its moddb listing until the real mod leader wishes to get control of it. As the real mod leader wanted this mod archived, it shall be for the time been.

+2 votes   mod: Bubble Crisis Online
INtense! Apr 13 2005, 5:05am says:
Authors wrote:A Note: I'm sorry to all those I've "stolen" models from. I would have taken the time to credit everybody properly if I knew I was going to release it publically. By the time I decided I wanted a public release I had already "borrowed" about 30 models, which would have taken an eternity to hunt down the authors to. So if your work is found in my mod, and you want proper credit (or if you want the work removed from the mod), contact me at the above email address. Thank you.

If people are opposed to this, this mod shall be banned. HAving said this, its made for fun - not serious at all and not to steal stuff so i'm sure people won't complain.

+2 votes   mod: Jaykin Bacon: Source
INtense! Apr 4 2005, 8:23pm says:

woah, thats one huge news post! about 10 paragraphs too long ;)

+2 votes   article: April Update
INtense! Mar 29 2005, 7:19am says:

The url's in this news item still get income, so if your interested in this game or just wanna help us out, give em a click :D

+2 votes   article: Download Server Beta Testers + Splinter Cell Released
INtense! Mar 14 2005, 8:59am says:

i tried it on 1024*768 and i think it works fine. Any lower than that and your in trouble mind you.

It might take some getting used to, but i think its an improvement. Espically for all the new site visitors.

+2 votes   article: Menu Changes
INtense! Feb 20 2005, 7:35pm says:

cool, it doesn't look too shabby.. we'll wait and see what others say.. i'll take everything into account and if people hate them, i'll consider a new design or reverting to the original

+2 votes   article: WTF are those big ugly ads?
INtense! Jan 1 2005, 7:09am says:

why another account? this is against the rules?

+2 votes   member: Shader
INtense! Oct 25 2004, 8:39pm says:

There is that option now

too bad you've already voted... :P

+2 votes   poll: What are you?
INtense! Oct 20 2004, 7:19pm says:

Thanks for the suggestion. I will be looking to implement systems such as that to hopefully earn enough to get a download server

+2 votes   member: Pengus
INtense! Oct 17 2004, 2:15am says:

I guess you cannot call it the best mod, but you can say it looks pretty damn fine.. so awards such as 'best models' etc could goto any mod, but awards such as 'best action mod' should only goto released ones?

+2 votes   poll: Should unreleased mods be eligible for Mod of the Year awards?
INtense! Oct 12 2004, 7:56pm says:

Seems a little strange but sometimes you just cannot look past what isn't yet out!

+2 votes   article: October's Mod of the Month
INtense! Jun 9 2004, 10:23pm says:

your kidding me?!

i've really been looking forward to this mod.. i cannot believe its actually been released :D


+2 votes   article: WoP is coming..
INtense! Apr 24 2004, 2:01am says:

why did you create a new account why didn't you just ask me for your password? i'll create you a new one if you want

+2 votes   member: ShØwTime
INtense! Apr 17 2004, 3:18am says:

yeah shame its in french, i'm not that lingual... it does however look like a good review if that means anything :D

+3 votes   article: HL Rally Overview
INtense! Dec 14 2003, 6:27am says:

hey mate, hows the mod doing :D

btw have you talked with the strongbad author about it?

does he like it?

+2 votes   member: FreakingNeo
INtense! Dec 13 2003, 2:04am says:

is this a real life gun you can buy?

DAMN its huge!

+2 votes  
INtense! Dec 13 2003, 12:33am says:

wheres rudolf ? :P

+2 votes   media: ingame: single player
INtense! Dec 13 2003, 12:33am says:

with that many clothes on he'll melt :D

+2 votes   media: snowman troop *updated*
INtense! Nov 28 2003, 10:22am says:

make that peon, dunno what it is about green, nice soothing color for me :D

+2 votes   article: Booyah! Progress... Warcraft style.
INtense! Oct 16 2003, 6:52am says:

gollum?!? :D

+2 votes  
INtense! Oct 10 2003, 11:20pm says:

great custom logo thanks for the submission!! :thumbup:

+2 votes   mod: Wolfenstein: "Halls of Stonehenge"
INtense! Aug 22 2003, 10:51pm says:

haha, here piggy piggy piggy!!! :D

+2 votes   media: g-pigs
INtense! Aug 22 2003, 10:46pm says:

haha, what the hell is going on? that woulda taken a long time to setup!

+2 votes   media: fun with satchels
INtense! Aug 19 2003, 6:20am says:

you love your HL & HL2 :o

+2 votes   member: Metal_Sac
INtense! Aug 19 2003, 6:18am says:

boy do i remember this game. I had osoo much fun playing it absolutly brilliant. Why are you making it on HL2 though? I guess the car engine will be easier and better to manage, but it hardly has to be too complex

+2 votes   mod: Ironman Offroad Championships
INtense! Jun 7 2003, 9:25pm says:

yeah is that a type lega warz? :rolleyes:

+2 votes   article: LegoWarz Beta 1.1
INtense! Jun 6 2003, 11:10pm says:

that is 100% real there are tons of categories where you can win up to 15 grand! i mean anyone can really win something check out this table of prizes!

Phase I - entries close July 15, 2003 Total 1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   Best Mod (FPS or non-FPS) 15,000 7,500 1 3,000 1 2,000 1 1,500   1,000   Best level 7,500 3,000 1 2,000 1 1,500 1 750   250   Best level using original content 7,500 3,000 1 2,000 1 1,500 1 750   250   Best mutator 10,000 3,500 1 2,500 1 2,000 1 1,500   500   Best model 5,000 2,000 1 1,500 1 1,000   500       Best voice pack or audio modification 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Best tool 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Phase 2 - entries close October 20, 2003 Total 1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   Best FPS mod 20,000 7,500 2 5,000 2 4,000 1 2,500 1 1,000 1 Best non-FPS Mod 20,000 7,500 2 5,000 2 4,000 1 2,500 1 1,000 1 Best real-time non-interactive movie 10,000 5,000 1 2,500 1 1,500   1,000       Best level 10,000 3,500 1 2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best level using original content 10,000 3,500 1 2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best mutator 10,000 3,500 1 2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best model 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best voice pack or audio modification 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Best vehicle 10,000 3,500   2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best tool 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Best use of materials 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best use of 3D sound 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best use of Karma Physics 10,000 3,500   2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Phase 3 - entries close February 15, 2004 Total 1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   Best FPS mod 25,000 10,000 1 7,500 1 4,000 1 2,500 1 1,000 1 Best non-FPS Mod 25,000 10,000 1 7,500 1 4,000 1 2,500   1,000   Best real-time non-interactive movie 10,000 5,000 1 2,500 1 1,500 1 1,000       Best level 10,000 3,500 1 2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best level using original content 10,000 3,500 1 2,500 1 2,000   1,500   500   Best mutator 10,000 3,500 1 2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best model 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best voice pack or audio modification 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Best vehicle 10,000 3,500   2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Best tool 2,500 1,000   750   500   250       Best use of materials 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best use of 3D sound 5,000 2,000   1,500   1,000   500       Best use of Karma Physics 10,000 3,500   2,500   2,000   1,500   500   Educational Awards - entries close March 15, 2004                     Special Educational Category - computers award to schools   15   10   10   10   5 Grand Finals - entries close March 15, 2004                       Grand Finalist Game Mods 150,000 50,000   40,000   30,000   20,000   10,000   Grand Finalist Non-Interactive Movies 50,000 30,000   15,000   5,000          

+2 votes   article: UT2k3 Modding Competition
INtense! May 24 2003, 12:06pm says:

indeed always a good sign i suppose ;)

+2 votes   article: New Strong Bad Mod Models!
INtense! May 22 2003, 11:37pm says:

for your avatar make sure you are uplading a jpg or GIF, not jpeg and make sure it is under 5k's big and 50 * 50 pixels and it should definatly work

+2 votes   member: fshost.net
INtense! May 19 2003, 8:37pm says:

woah, that is damn sexy, really shows yo u got some talented skinners on board... why does it seem though that you are always reskinning the same gun, or am i just stuoopid?

+2 votes  
INtense! May 7 2003, 1:39am says:

lookin forward to em!

+2 votes   article: Tuesday Mod News
INtense! May 4 2003, 7:43am says:

That is one sweeeet logo mate, love your job fantastic work!

+2 votes   mod: Project Hellmouth
INtense! Apr 29 2003, 6:00am says:

Cheers thanks for the kind words. Be great to see this site get some form of recognition but still i don't believe widely known just yet .. it'll happen though i am sure :D

+2 votes   article: Webby Awards
INtense! Apr 28 2003, 5:11am says:

Works fine and looks great for me

+2 votes   mod: Rapid Fire PaintBall
INtense! Apr 25 2003, 9:18pm says:

fan base just keeps on growing... fab job! love it all :D

+2 votes   article: bzzz....do you read?..phzzztt
INtense! Apr 20 2003, 5:27am says:

One of the first few mods i ever played :)

+3 votes   mod: Wizard Wars
INtense! Apr 20 2003, 12:20am says:

funky looking logo, love it :)

+2 votes   mod: Bomber-Mod
INtense! Apr 16 2003, 10:02pm says:

Control of this modification has been shifted to 'Sinister' the PR leader for Kannonball. Thanks for registering it lillbrorsan and letting the modDB grow!

+2 votes   mod: Kanonball
INtense! Apr 8 2003, 4:03am says:

I checked like every 2 minutes to see if this site was working.. good to have it at least partially back online :D

+2 votes   article: Mod Database Back In Business!!
INtense! Apr 7 2003, 12:17pm says:

I know nothing about megaman, cept this looks damn schweet :D

+2 votes   article: X-Buster: Free Toy with every read.
INtense! Apr 7 2003, 5:18am says:

That vehical does rock, fab job as always :D

+2 votes   article: Some new media for your viewing pleasure!
INtense! Apr 4 2003, 2:49am says:

Great to see I suppose a lesser known Halflife mod get some pimpage it most definatly deserves. Fine maps, fine models, great work thus far!!! Good feature too. Now to get it pimped :devil:

+2 votes   article: Shores Of Victory
INtense! Mar 29 2003, 11:45am says:

Looks fine to me.. looks grand :D!!!

my only question is how does this map fit in with vegas!?

+3 votes   media: RC_Vegas
INtense! Mar 25 2003, 6:52pm says:

I know it may seem harsh but this is what annoys me so much about HL mods... they just seem to abandon there project because they see something else... I suppose thats just how the system works :P

+2 votes  
INtense! Mar 24 2003, 3:10am says:

<scarcasm mode>Hard to see what will win this</scarasm>

All great <b>released</b> war based mods these ones. From a few different games to!!

+3 votes   poll: Since we are at war. What is the best war mod to date?
INtense! Mar 21 2003, 7:03pm says:

nothing but a bad smell coming from here, this mod does appear to be dead and hence it has been marked 'in-active'

+2 votes   mod: Where the Winds come from...
INtense! Feb 26 2003, 12:03am says:

Just wait till you see the website SDK. I reckon some gamers sites will adore this new feature, Xs4gamers.net is already planning on affiliating up and using it with there query system :D

+2 votes   article: More Useless Mod Database Features
INtense! Feb 23 2003, 2:11am says:


+2 votes   mod: Metroid Mod
INtense! Feb 17 2003, 8:44pm says:

I have to agree with the point that 1 lamer really can wreak a multiplayer experience which has happened more times than not to me.

+3 votes   poll: What mod style rocks your boat?
INtense! Feb 17 2003, 6:35am says:

Blackburns, remember you can always EDIT your news. I am not happy with the admin who authed this news. Not all people are on broadband.. it is like 1 meg of images it took me over a minute to load hence I deleted them all. Apart from that looks sweet :D

Oh and please use images but if they are over 15k in size they shall be removed

+2 votes   article: Un-Annual News :)
INtense! Jan 22 2003, 9:30pm says:

works and looks an absolute treat :D

+2 votes   media: I Know I dropped It Here, Somewhere....
INtense! Jan 20 2003, 6:52pm says:

I am a sucker for Aussie Rules, it is our version of football I am not sure if you have heard about it. Anyhow nice selection of sports half the americans on this website won't even know them :D

+3 votes   poll: What's Your Favorite Sport?
INtense! Jan 11 2003, 10:09pm says:

Should I mark this mod as 'in-active' or not?

+2 votes   article: Mod stopped
INtense! Jan 8 2003, 11:55pm says:

well I was third, and third time lucky so i guess that makes me special ;)

+3 votes   member: RageCage321
INtense! Jan 8 2003, 11:49pm says:

Just wanted to say fine job on the mod, one mod indeed worthy of a mention in the year 2002 top mods feature posted here: Moddb.com

+2 votes   mod: GODZ
INtense! Jan 8 2003, 9:12am says:

Just wanted to say great work to all the modifications choosen. It was based on the feedback posted in that forum thread. Next year things shall be a little stricter and more automated, so I cannot wait to see another years work from these and all the other modification teams out there!

+3 votes   article: Mods of 2002
INtense! Dec 31 2002, 10:53pm says:

Santa popped in but nothign special. Just a few little presents which all were nice :D

+3 votes   poll: Score Well This Christmas?
INtense! Dec 13 2002, 6:00am says:

I am getting 0.7

Which is awesome but it used to be 0.07. Then again the site was not so popular then and the main page did not have to process so much information

+2 votes   article: Downtime
INtense! Nov 8 2002, 8:55pm says:

pull out anything anywhere near as nice as your logo for your mod and well it'll be awesome!

+2 votes   article: modDB Christmas Cheer
INtense! Oct 30 2002, 3:06am says:

i gotta say, while they are only icon sized so it is hard to judge.. boy is that an impressive line up of vehicals :D

+2 votes   article: HERC Destroyer + Shifter in Tribes 2
INtense! Oct 25 2002, 10:40am says:

drat and i was looking forward to dressing up as a pimp daddy and going around scaring lil kids :P

+2 votes   article: NS Release date announced, trailer released.
INtense! Oct 18 2002, 6:48am says:

beaten good and proper this time w00t!!

oh and check out chunners avatar.. purpletoes indeed!

+2 votes   member: purpletoes
INtense! Oct 13 2002, 10:05am says:

just wanted to quickly say nice looking logo.. and well nice looking characters you have :P

thanks for the submission.. 21k's big which I generally don't allow but i decided to be nice this time ;)

+2 votes   mod: Half-Life: Escape Velocity
INtense! Oct 11 2002, 8:26am says:

good stuff, and azz0r i dun understand what you are saying in your first comment? :?

+2 votes   article: HL Rally - New Map Shots
INtense! Oct 9 2002, 3:08am says:

crappy sig? not at all.. i love it mate great job :o

+2 votes   member: Arch-Angel
INtense! Oct 5 2002, 8:52am says:

love that animated gif in your sig, those smilies really are hitting the booze :lol: hehe love it

+2 votes   member: BigBird
INtense! Sep 28 2002, 4:08am says:

hehe, fine job! I so rate this... should offer some sorta reward for working mentions for modDB into your mod or something :P

+2 votes   article: ModDB TFC flag skin
INtense! Sep 23 2002, 8:29pm says:

congrats on getting a release out, and I love the mod name :D

Just wack in a description of the mod, in its mod profile so people like me know what it is about as the guest below pointed out

+2 votes   mod: SOD Mod
INtense! Sep 20 2002, 6:17pm says:

Good speaking with yah last night Ash! Oh and I cannot believe you paid out the way i was lying back!!!! I was very comfortable that is all!

Anyhow keep on serving those peeps at maccas, while i sit here and scratch my bottom :P Will mean alisha wont have to fight with you for the PC :D

+2 votes   member: lil_girl
INtense! Sep 17 2002, 8:41am says:

HL has been shown time and time again to be a winner when it comes to modding, so why deny / ignore that. Fine job of and i dunno what it is about promo image #1 but it really does look fab!

+2 votes   mod: Xen Rebels
INtense! Sep 14 2002, 11:10am says:

i am with azz0r on this one, phat avatar there :D

+2 votes   member: Shadow(AW)
INtense! Sep 13 2002, 11:15pm says:

Hmm I am prolly wrong in saying this, but I was certain that there was a HL mod going by the name of Real DM like 2 ~ 3 years ago? I am probably just in my dream world, time for bed i think :confused:

Oh and I gotta say congrats to the team for developing what promises to be a fine mod in a rather impressive period of time (well under 1 year so far!)

+2 votes   article: Real DM Interview
INtense! Sep 7 2002, 2:27pm says:

once a mod of the month is selected and posted... that'll happen next weekend, so still one more week.

Oh and just to clear something up, standard members cannot post features, it is limited to administrators and moderators... but you can always send any feature in or whatever, or apply to become a moderator :D

+2 votes   article: Feature System Complete!
INtense! Sep 3 2002, 8:53pm says:

hehe alisha rocks :thumbup::wub: , thou you gotta be careful about girl germs :P

+2 votes   member: Scruffy
INtense! Sep 1 2002, 1:04pm says:

just wanted to extend my thanks to you for lending me the thumbnail script you wrote. Whilst your original coding is virtually unrecognisable you did show me the ropes :P


+2 votes   member: Megasaxon
INtense! Aug 30 2002, 4:10pm says:

good stuff, well i am modWatching the mod now, so i'll be sure to catch it when it updates :D

+2 votes   mod: Cassidarin
INtense! Aug 28 2002, 11:30pm says:

damn straight the new website this mod team churned out is an absolute ripper... and well the link to modDB just makes it look so much nicer ;)

+2 votes   article: MonkeyStrike Update
INtense! Aug 23 2002, 11:13pm says:

I dunno if you updated the site or not, but from what i can see the flash works and while nothing complex, it does the job just fine!

oh and thanks for the logo submission, looks great loving the perspective on that gun, good work!! :wub:

+2 votes   mod: Rev mod for Tribes 2
INtense! Aug 22 2002, 11:57pm says:

how can one possibly get bored of just killing everything eheh :) I guess it is a lil unfair having gameplay in the mix, cos it'll obviously win, because good gameplay is basically created through a culmination of good maps, good models, good pixie fairy's, AI etc... so it is prolly to broada term to include in this poll

Still be interesting to see what spans out as a popular option

+3 votes   poll: Whats the key to a top fun mod?
INtense! Aug 21 2002, 9:21pm says:

hehe sif he cannot watch em all.. a true mod fan this one ;)

damn that is alllllllloooooottttttaaaaaa mods !! :D

+2 votes   member: ForK
INtense! Aug 19 2002, 11:45am says:

lol go the 'big fat 10' votes ;)

Does look like a mighty fine mod this one... took a while to be added, but yeah welcome aboard oh and upload some promo pics!! Show off that fine work you lads have put into this mod


+2 votes   mod: Starship Troopers HL
INtense! Aug 17 2002, 9:24am says:

good stuff and thanks for the linkage on your site, truly appreciated! oh and don't forget to wack a description about your mod in ;)

+2 votes   mod: USkaarj
INtense! Aug 12 2002, 10:49pm says:

I must agree it was a tad short, i could not believe it when i finished it, cos i mean i did not play on the hardest difficultly but i did not struggle at all :|

Maybe thats just me? :P

And if you want movie/game style play this mod rocks, awesome story line though MGS (Metal Gear Solid) is also brilliant in that regard

+2 votes   game: Max Payne
INtense! Aug 11 2002, 3:31pm says:

just wanted to say that I read your news item, scoped out your webpage and well i wanted to congradulate you on a fine job. Looks fantasitc, themed really well.

Oh and thanks for the links to modDB really really appreciated :)

+2 votes   mod: Gladiator
INtense! Aug 11 2002, 2:02pm says:

i feel the same way... all i know is that when this mod is out it'll prolly be one of the most played car games online.. since my car games have poor online support.. but with HL as its backing, tons are sure to fire up HL Rally (me of course included)

+2 votes   article: HL Rally Interview
INtense! Aug 6 2002, 9:20pm says:

i know how it is to have tons of stuff to do :(

ahh well, and sif dogs dun rock... nice doggy indeed :)

+2 votes   member: TerroX
INtense! Aug 6 2002, 1:06am says:

thanks for the kind words in the news posts... i love mods, its my hobby and i am here to help get mods the recognition and help they so deserve..

besides your doing your part and pimping modDB in return.. which is all i ask for and hence i am satisfied :) - keep it up!

+3 votes   mod: Extraction Half Life
INtense! Aug 3 2002, 7:19pm says:

only 2 new pics.. what a tease

still looking promising though it would be great to see more -in game shots

btw, scope out the new modDB emotion! :moddb:

+2 votes   article: New development shots of Doom 3 released
INtense! Aug 1 2002, 1:39am says:

Hey mate, whats up!

Thought I'd give you a yell and reply to the challenge you outlined.

Numerous reaons why I am making my own forum. Namly i feel more comfortable and can customise it instantly any way i like.

Secondly, I dont plan to use 99% of the features those forums have... i want a forum modDB style :)

Thirdly, modDB members will be able to access these forums and not have to re-register. if I were to use another forum, i would have to re-code the entire user system and that would almost be a bigger job.

Plus there are secret plans to have mods able to setup their own forums and with those other forums that just aint possible..

so yeah there are those reaons and more i can assure you :)

of and finally if you are online tommoz, i might PM you an exclusive preview of the forums, depending on how far i get..

+2 votes   member: azzDB
INtense! Jul 31 2002, 11:11pm says:

i think he is just pointing it out that it tis a lil funny. But fair enough stranger things have happened and i for one reckon some modeler needs to snap up this role and get his name as part of a completed mod. Shame i cannot model :(

+2 votes  
INtense! Jul 31 2002, 11:06pm says:

what is this mod? If it were not for iG constantly rambling about it, i'd have never seem it. Definatly going to have to look into it now, damn man it looks brilliant both visually and playability wise..

Great Stuff :evolved:

+2 votes   mod: Shifter
INtense! Jul 30 2002, 10:48am says:

all is better now lads, i was just errr testing you guys out seeing if you know your games :S

+2 votes   game: Unreal Tournament 2003
INtense! Jul 29 2002, 10:38am says:

great idea.. few to many game utilise a health system like that and simply put it is so frustrating...

i hate getting hit in the arms five times and dying, whereas i shoot someone in the chest 4 times and they are still alive and walking around as if it never happened

oh and btw your custom logo looks great, sorry i had to edit it a touch

+2 votes   mod: The Third Reich
INtense! Jul 28 2002, 11:17pm says:

I remember this mod from way back. Always been one of the sleeker looking HL mods and yeah i dont believe anything really to similar has come out be it as a mod or game, so it is certain to rock i am sure :)

+2 votes   mod: Bushido
INtense! Jul 28 2002, 10:42pm says:

i am yet to play UT2K3 but from what i have seen from the 'priview videos' it looks to offer something special both visually and playabilty wise

i'll be adding that game to modDB shortly so mods can register under it

+2 votes   mod: Defence Alliance
INtense! Jul 28 2002, 10:35pm says:

i must commend you on the first double post.. dunno how you did it, i thought i put in 1337 code to stop that..

ahh well it rarly happens so i'm happy :P -> oh and yeah the site looks wikkid

+2 votes  
INtense! Jul 28 2002, 6:49pm says:

hmm i might get my butt into gear and see if i can code a forum in a week flat...

stranger things have happened

+2 votes   article: IRC Channel!
INtense! Jul 27 2002, 9:53am says:

my mod rocks and dun you forget that :D

+2 votes   mod: Sample Mod
INtense! Jul 26 2002, 12:38pm says:

i am an information / statistics man i cannot help cluttering up pages with lotsa incoherent stuff

i really do have to agree though i prolly shouldnt :paranoid:

i will look into this though i dont suppose you have a suggestion on what could change this?

+3 votes   poll: Mod Profile Comments Should Be...
INtense! Jul 24 2002, 8:59am says:

yeah there is about 30,000 lines behind this site.. but it is my hobby and i enjoyed coding it up over the past 5 months :)

I am taking a few days off now however I plan on begining to code a forum system shortly so your request shall go answered ;)

+2 votes   article: Mod Database Explaination...
INtense! Jul 20 2002, 1:10pm says:

nifty stuff eh :)

all images will be working soon and everything should be in order

+3 votes   article: Welcome to modDB v0.95
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