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Dave and I were honored recently to be interviewed by DIYGamer. In the interview we talk about ModDB, IndieDB, Desura our plans for global domination and various other things. Big thanks to Geoff Gibson and the team over at DIYGamer for the privilege. They run a great gaming blog so you should become a reader. Here is my fav question:

EVERYONE! wrote: Has IndieDB done well with respects to how old it is and it’s apparent niche focus?

Dave: For the most part it has been quite effective in getting more Indie developers to use our services, every day we have a few new games being added which is around the same amount of new mods we get. However the teams still do not know how to use the site all that well. While we get new profiles and media quite often, the site lacks any news from the teams. Everyday it’s getting better and it might take some time before we see the same daily numbers we see on ModDB.

Scott: I’d hardly call indies a “niche” anymore. 2 years ago maybe but not now. IndieDB has a ton of growth yet to come, what we are doing well at is building a comprehensive database of games, videos, images and files (indie developers add your games!). The next step is to start connecting players and fans with the indie developers and helping them get feedback and customers they need to succeed. With mods this is easy because say you own game X, you go and search for mods for game X. With indie games this seems to be a real challenge, as without marketing budgets people usually only hear about and become interested in an indie game once it is already released. With time we are hopeful that people will start to browse DIYGamer, IndieDB and other indie themed sites to find out news about both released and upcoming titles.


Very interesting interview :)

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