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Angels Fall First

Early access game review

Great voice acting, solid action during FPS, and the concept is outstanding.

I love the different roles one can play. You can pilot a drop ship full of infantry, conduct assaults and boarding actions as infantry, fly interceptors and bombers against the enemy fleet, or even control the capital ships themselves. Every role requires time and effort to master, which is awesome. However, the controls are relatively intuitive and easy to grasp. It really is a great game thus far.

The AI commander is pretty good, but I would say the AI for infantry still needs work. Their pathing gets weird in close quarters on ships. Also, the graphics during ship-to-ship fighting could be improved, especially increasing LOS and fidelity at long range.

It's still in Alpha phase, so bugs are to be expected. This dev is doing it right; they haven't started marketing yet, and they want to polish the product prior to release. Get it now, and watch it blossom into a great game later on. It's worth a little money.


Keep Calm and Carry On

Mod review

Great graphics, not really buggy...and basically creates what Battlefront should have been. Great work!


Discovery Freelancer 2018

Mod review

This mod is a great expansion to a wonderful game. Capital ships that work, jump drives for whole fleets, player owned bases with manufacturing capability, a vibrant player driven economy, many new systems, factions, and a great storyline that expands the universe. Look, I won't convince you by talking. Play this game, jump on multiplayer, go to the RP 24/7 server and try it. It's a fantastic game, a great universe filled with good players and fun.



Game review - 2 agree

The single player campaign in the original game is one of the better written stories in any game I've played. That, combined with intuitive controls and loads of options in terms of ships, weapons and, once the story is done, play styles, leaves this as THE open space sim.

The mods make this, like M&B, not one but many games. Each one is lovingly crafted; some are better than others, but each is unique, and gives much replayability to this classic game.


Crossfire 2.0

Mod review - 1 agree

Holy cow. An original mod for a classic game. This mod is a total conversion of the first order. This expands the game to over twice it's original territory, adding more ships, more factions, more everything.

The mod team is a group of true professionals; it's really a shame they don't make money doing this. The community is helpful, and though the game is more difficult, if you join a faction or a group you will have no problems playing this game.

It's not just a mod, it's an experience. Try it.


Freeworlds: Tides of War

Mod review

Great support staff, bugs are ID'd and crushed with wild abandon.

It's Star Wars sandbox space flight; need I say more?

Graphics are a bit dated, but I challenge any game to have better gameplay. The controls are intuitive, and the UI is clean and easy to understand. All in all, this mod of a classic game is worthwhile.



Game review - 1 disagree

I started playing this during version 0.33, and even in this unfinished state it had more depth and features than many AAA titles. The greatest asset of this game is it's open-ended sandbox style of gameplay. Graphics are mediocre at this juncture, but I expect a lot of optimization come release time. Captain, my hat is off to you.

I have given a 10 rating based on the (qualitative) ratio of version number to game depth and attention to detail evident in design. If for some reason the later versions fail to impress or final release is lacking, I will certainly return and update this review accordingly.


Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review

This game, and the VERY active modding community, make this game a must-have for any medieval/sword-and-sorcery/strategy/tactical RPG fan. It's got something for everyone!

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