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faulk Mar 18 2013 replied:

This is in Shiva3D. The poly-count is very high, as you can imagine!

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faulk Mar 18 2013 says:

Glad to see you're both alive and well (hopefully!)

Yes, just like olden times. Except one has an army of minions to entertain him and the other has upgraded to Skype. La-de-da, mr. Frenchman!

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faulk Mar 11 2013 says:

My money's on the Nord.

+4 votes   media: Nords vs Hlaalu
faulk Mar 11 2013 says:

I'm pretty sure the biggest mistake that Germany made was failing to destroy the BEF at Dunkirk. Dunkirk could've been a British Stalingrad. The Brits would've been forced to sue for peace had the BEF been destroyed.

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faulk Mar 5 2013 says:

Is the ocean so dark on a perfectly cloudless day? You'd think the water would reflect a lot of light. :D

I've never seen the ocean, so perhaps someone can educate me on that. :-)

+1 vote   media: Concept Render: Schooner
faulk Feb 22 2013 says:

* Some Imperial Guards are now female. I'll add more diversity in the next update.

Ah, yes. Political Correctness comes to Morrowind at last. :-)

+3 votes   news: [PREVIEW] Morrowind Rebirth 2.1
faulk Feb 21 2013 says:

I'm guessing they all fell down a Sarlaac pit. Despite the more pressing need of escaping, they're still trying to kill each other. Real troopers!

+2 votes   media: Lightsabers
faulk Feb 20 2013 says:

I dunno if it's a limitation of the game engine itself, but you'd think if there were a massive lightning bolt like that striking the ground, the whole area would be illuminated spectacularly. Like everything would glow for a split second. Is that the default skyrim weather effect?

+2 votes   media: Its safer not to play the Song of Storms
faulk Feb 18 2013 replied:


+1 vote   media: Luftahraan
faulk Feb 16 2013 says:

Oh, a gate's gonna keep me out?

I'll just swim in through the stinky river!

+4 votes   media: You shall not pass!
faulk Feb 15 2013 replied:

This is true. ;-)

I kicked Umbra's *** by using a bunch of crappy spells (wearing him down) while running. He never could catch up to me. Make'em faster, at least. :D

+1 vote   media: Specific NPC/Creature that should be stronger?
faulk Feb 13 2013 says:

Great. :D

That looks incredible!

+2 votes   media: Kakariko Construction Area
faulk Feb 9 2013 says:

FOLDABLE windshields? Brilliant!

+1 vote   media: Quality overhaul WIP
faulk Feb 9 2013 says:

This sounds neat! Can't wait to see the disciplined Romans obliterate a horde of filthy barbarians. :D

+1 vote   mod: Romae Bellum
faulk Jan 27 2013 says:

Mount & Blade might've been a better engine for this mod. Everything looks good, though. Have you started on the campaign map?

+2 votes   mod: Morrowind: Total War
faulk Jan 22 2013 says:

I think the weight of the cannons (not to mention the recoil from firing) would sink those little boats. :D

Regardless, everything looks great. Keep up the excellent work here. ;-)

+1 vote   news: Devlog - 1/17/13
faulk Jan 22 2013 replied:

I think the bible became irrelevant during the Enlightenment. You're about 300 years behind the times.

-4 votes   media: roman flag standards
faulk Jan 21 2013 replied:

I suppose the banner you want to unite the world under is an all-powerful consumerist oligarchy. That's the direction things are headed. ;-)

In the process, we're destined to lose our cultural identities. That wouldn't concern uncultured dummies who play video games all day and obsess over star wars, I guess.

+2 votes   media: roman flag standards
faulk Jan 19 2013 replied:

You're willing to hand over countries that have been ethnically and culturally homogenous for thousands of years because of some unscientific belief that "we're all the same, therefore it doesn't matter if the original inhabitants are dispossessed". You believe foreigners should inherit the heritage of our ancestors. This is sad. I think your thinking has been totally warped by video games and teevee.

+3 votes   media: roman flag standards
faulk Jan 19 2013 replied:

Alright. Go back to play vidya games. ;-)

Existential problems in the real world don't concern children.

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faulk Jan 19 2013 says:

Hey Caimen, do you copy? EMERGENCY MANEUVERS! :D

+1 vote   member: Caiman
faulk Jan 17 2013 replied:

Would your ancestors also be proud of the fact that the native population of Italy is in the process of being ethnically dispossessed by Chinamens, Africans, and Slavs?

-3 votes   media: roman flag standards
faulk Jan 17 2013 says:

Cute. :-)

+3 votes   media: Hell Spawn
faulk Jan 17 2013 replied:

"the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Yes, who are these "people" whose protected right to bear arms will not be infringed upon? Are the "people" those people that the federal government decides are allowed to bear arms? Or are they all citizens whose rights are clearly defined in the constitution? Do you think anyone disputed civilian ownership of guns when the constitution was ratified?

"An even more absurd argument has been the "we need guns to protect us from our GOVERNMENT who is going to round us up and put us into FEMA CAMPS!" "

What sort of idiotic strawman is that? Anyone that believes that guns are an effective check on government tyranny is a nutcase worthy of contempt? Sounds like you need to study political science (not to mention history) a little more. Expecting people to have blind faith in the benevolence and incorruptibility of the government is incredibly naive and stupid. You want to curtail people's ability to resist government tyranny.

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faulk Jan 15 2013 replied:

Sorry. If someone wants to beat the **** out of you, the answer IS to shoot them. You can be seriously maimed or crippled by some violent thug that attacks you. I live in an awful ghetto in St. Louis and I have no faith in the police to protect me from psychopaths. Look up "knockout king" on google if you want to know the type of people around here.

Besides that, an "assault weapon" ban is just the first phase of gun control. The marxists want to ban all civilian ownership of guns. Anyway, you're right that I won't persuade you and you won't change my views, so it's best to leave it at that.

-3 votes   news: MERP January 2013 Update
faulk Jan 13 2013 replied:

Lawful citizens wish to maintain their right to defend themselves and their families against people that want to hurt them. That is logical and commendable. Your perspective says that lawful citizens cannot be trusted and that the government should have a monopoly on lethal force. You detest freedom.

You think, "If some gang of thugs beat the **** out of me and burn down my home, the police will save me!"

Yes, we saw how brave your police were during the London riots. And what did the ordinary civilian have to defend themselves and their property against marauding "youths"? Baseball bats! That'll scare 'em. ;-)

You just repeat the platitudes you hear on the BBC (the mouthpiece of the elites who hate you). You don't have a thought of your own.

-3 votes   news: MERP January 2013 Update
faulk Jan 13 2013 says:

A star port in St. Louis? Hm, judging by the condition and demographics of the city right now, I don't think we'll be ready to build a star port in three hundred years. Ditto for London and Paris!

+1 vote   media: Marcel's Howntowns
faulk Jan 12 2013 replied:

You are a true idiot. You would deny people the right to defend their lives against criminals. Do you realize that the police do NOT have a duty to protect you? Of course, you live in the UK, aka 1984-land, a place where if you express the "wrong" ideas on facebook you're thrown in jail. We Americans understand that if we allow the government to suspend our second amendment rights, soon other rights will also be taken away.

-4 votes   news: MERP January 2013 Update
faulk Jan 12 2013 says:

The three-days preparation period sounds neat. That should really add replay value. This may be THE war game I've always wanted. :D

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