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IndieBase Apr 15 2013, 9:53pm says:

Just a heads up, i managed to register my desura key on steam fine just now :)

+1 vote   game: Kenshi
IndieBase Mar 12 2013, 12:47pm replied:

Costs 10 euros more on steam, Why would you want it on steam that bad to pay that much more? :P

+1 vote   game: StarDrive
IndieBase Jan 2 2013, 3:45am replied:

Yeah the instant i found out you are only paying to get the alpha i got a refund instantly, **** this guy.

+3 votes   game: Link-Dead
IndieBase Dec 14 2012, 5:56am says:

Seems great so far, a bit buggy and sound quality is really poor, hoping the sound will be improved eventually though!

+1 vote   game: Recruits
IndieBase Aug 21 2012, 9:08pm says:

Sorry about the late update on our status, we are currently back to doing what we love to do.

+2 votes   member: IndieBase
IndieBase Aug 19 2012, 12:34pm says:

This game is much more similar to the Ace Combat series, i have played it a bit and i am really impressed so far, Graphically it's stunning for such a low resource game. The AI will actually attempt to shoot you down and do a very good job of juking you in a dog fight. All around this game has a lot of promise. If you really liked the Ace Combat series like I did then this game is definitely for you. (not an official review)

+1 vote   media: Alpha Screens
IndieBase Apr 6 2012, 6:48pm says:

Currently on hiatus, will be back in a bit.

+2 votes   member: IndieBase
IndieBase Mar 7 2012, 11:10am says:

When do i get the extra key?

+2 votes   game: Fray: Reloaded Edition
IndieBase Mar 5 2012, 9:24am replied:

Heh, probably, i did try it in singleplayer. I imagine it would be a bit more fun in multiplayer, but i found the gameplay to be a bit limiting.

+1 vote   game: Elfsquad7
IndieBase Feb 5 2012, 11:28pm says:

Whenever i alt tab out of the game and go back the ground textures are invisible, mind fixing this?

+2 votes   game: Renegade X
IndieBase Jan 29 2012, 9:17am says:

So, uh... i think i might have crashed.

+3 votes   game: Lunar Flight
IndieBase Jan 18 2012, 7:06pm says:

I'm sorry, i found the gamplay to be way too boring for my taste.

+2 votes   game: Elfsquad7
IndieBase Jan 14 2012, 9:36am says:

Hey guys, check out the review we did for this game!

+1 vote   game: Blue Libra
IndieBase Jan 12 2012, 6:23am says:

Finally bought it, cant wait to write an article on it! :D

+2 votes   game: Kenshi
IndieBase Dec 4 2011, 12:18pm says:

Hey guys, i made a video called "How I became an Atheist" and it's my first video, would love it if you could give it a watch :)

+1 vote   group: Rationalists of Moddb
IndieBase Dec 4 2011, 12:18pm says:

Hey guys, i made a video called "How I became an Atheist" and it's my first video, would love it if you could give it a watch :)

+3 votes   group: Atheists, Agnostics, and Anti-theists of ModDB
IndieBase Dec 1 2011, 9:23am says:

Palestine will never fall :3

+1 vote   media: Palestine
IndieBase Nov 22 2011, 11:40am says:

Super stoked for this, will be buying as soon as i can!

+4 votes   game: Kenshi
IndieBase Oct 9 2011, 10:02am says:

One of our editors reviewed the game over at our site, check it out!

+5 votes   game: Mos Speedrun
IndieBase Sep 3 2011, 6:51am says:

Misantrophy all the way :)

+1 vote   media: even moar
IndieBase Aug 20 2011, 9:10pm says:

No its not considered piracy in Norway, i was rather aiming at how all the big companies have been acting lately, with onlinepasses etc to sort of decrease the used game market, i made a few mistakes in my last comment and forgot to edit in time. And yes i was in fact going to mention corruption, seems to be a huge problem in Brazil, not only with politicians but also with police.

+2 votes   blog: Piracy in Brazil
IndieBase Aug 20 2011, 3:08pm says:

Hey, nice research work you`ve done here, definetely seems to be a problem with how games are sold, sadly this is probably due to broken politics, in Norway games are pretty expensive ( a new game usually costs 100$) But if you buy it used it`s a lot cheaper, which is also considered a form of piracy. Or rather the developers/publishers see it as a loss but gamestop et al see profit from it and dont. Pc games are usually a bit cheaper. This has to do with the fee consoles put on their games (microsoft gets a percentage on every sale of an xbox game etc.) Our tax rate is at 25% and it`s fair. But i usually end up buying more stuff online even though they started taxing that aswell (much thanks to the european union) I think it`s good to pay taxes on games though, as long as my own country sees benefit from it. I`ll write another comment later probably.

+3 votes   blog: Piracy in Brazil
IndieBase Aug 20 2011, 2:33pm says:

Totally agree, i get the impression that the higher you are in the system the less you believe. Now this is something that should be alarming to most people, some might even know it and just choose to ignore it. Sad world we live in, i would be okay with religion if it didn`t have political and money power. But it does, so i have to oppose it.

+2 votes   media: The pope has faith
IndieBase Jul 16 2011, 3:50am says:

Listening to music and dreaming about a better world. Pretty much adore Generals myself aswell , except for the terrible AI which is easy to exploit, (It can`t harvest resources.)
Your mod sounds pretty interesting, how far is your progress?

What are you up to yourself?

+2 votes   member: Special-Person
IndieBase Jul 15 2011, 6:21pm says:

The guy that wrote the book i mentioned gives all proceeds to the political party he supports, he is also being threatened with lawsuit by a company heh. So yeah.

+2 votes   blog: Political Dreams.
IndieBase Jul 15 2011, 10:46am says:

Fully aware that democracy isn`t perfect, i don`t really see it as true democracy anyway. There is probably corruption, even in Norway. Hard to know in what scale though. What i do know though is that having a state church with the rules today costs society a lot of money. Money that could be spent on Schools and other nice things. Just a few months ago a local school lost several teachers and a library due to the people in charge cutting in school sector. Trains will likely cost a lot of money, Norway has a lot, not sure if they have enough. Hard to know how much it would cost, but it would benefit society in a great deal. Also, if the state would take over administration of the trains again, they would be able to earn some of the money they spent, it`s something for the long run really. Also, talking of corruption, a politician in Oslo just published a book about it. You can probably translate the article using google translate or something.

And sorry for the wall of text , heh.

+2 votes   blog: Political Dreams.
IndieBase Jul 2 2011, 1:07pm says:

Colour me excited, the music sounds great already, can`t wait for more content :)

+2 votes   news: Frozen Synapse - New Music Sneak Peek!
IndieBase Jun 10 2011, 7:32am says:

i find this hard to masturbate to

0 votes   member: [TZP]LoNer1
IndieBase Jun 9 2011, 10:23am says:

Hello there yourself :)

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