My name is Shaemon (weird a bit?). I love playing the drums, making and editing audio and images for various reasons, and 3d modeling in Blender and 3ds Max. I first found Moddb when I was looking up mods for Half-Life 2 and I discovered that this site has more than you see at first glance. I hope to provide the community with cool images, tutorials, 3d models, or anything else I ca think would be a help. Also, if anyone has any requests for a logo or something image related, let me know!

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Halo: Combat Evolved

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Kill the avatars

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This game is amazing.
I haven't had so much fun being addicted to a game since I played Minecraft(Which is now boring as hell). Classic rpg elements mixed with 2d sandbox building and the ability to dig down to the center of the world is awesome enough, but for someone that gets curious too easy, like me, will find them self hoplessly searching every nook and cranny of the underground cave systems. Even when you want to leave you tell yourself "Just a little further", next thing you know youre in hell attempting to fight demons with low tier weapons and a full inventory, not even realizing youve been playing for the whole night until morning.

Theres just so many possibilities in this game. Biomes like Forests, deserts, Jungles, UNDERGROUND Jungles, Sky Islands, Oceans, Dungeons, Underworld, Caves, And no doubt many more to come with updates coming in every week.

I have owned this game for weeks and I'm still barely past gold tier weapons (Thank god for the wiki), I have a huge house with much unneaded space, A hellavator, meteors on my sky islands, getting murdered hopelessly by Skeletron on a nightly basis, and realising how awesome the underground jungle is.

If you love Minecraft, have ever played Dwarf Fortress, or are inta a Castlevania-ish 2d snadbox rpg art style, you will love this game, and is worth every cent of the $10 it is on steam.

I wont even delve into Multiplayer.

Well I hope my review-story has helped someone decide what to do next in their lives, otherwise.



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DX Studio

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I decided to give this engine a try after I got tired of using Unity 3D Indie version and all of it's limited features.
This engine is very solid, and offers a lot more for free than Unity, but the speed is decreased drastically.

I haven't yet to deeply delve into all of the features yet but there are many things going for it, like the mesh browser, which allows you to download mesh from an online list directly in the program, and download them on the spot directly in to your scene too.

Overall I gave it a 9/10. Very solid and easy but slow and not as straightforward.


Halo Engine

Engine review

Halo 3

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This engine is only limited by the user. I recommend this if you want to teach yourself programming. It's always best to learn by hours of frustration, other than days of no work at all. This engine was bad enough to give a 10/10. Hooray.

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