My name is Shaemon (weird a bit?). I love playing the drums, making and editing audio and images for various reasons, and 3d modeling in Blender and 3ds Max. I first found Moddb when I was looking up mods for Half-Life 2 and I discovered that this site has more than you see at first glance. I hope to provide the community with cool images, tutorials, 3d models, or anything else I ca think would be a help. Also, if anyone has any requests for a logo or something image related, let me know!

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Inbredguppey Aug 20 2012, 8:03am says:

Saw this on DA awhile back, and on Sankaku Complex too. I can't recall the artist name though.

+4 votes   media: secret agent girl
Inbredguppey Jun 2 2012, 7:00pm says:

looks like he has a mustache in the thumbnail Ha :D

+1 vote   media: Mangalore
Inbredguppey May 24 2012, 5:08pm says:

All I see is black. Honestly waaaay too dark.

+1 vote   media: In search of a key
Inbredguppey Apr 21 2012, 4:44pm replied:

I did make the texture myself. And did in fact add small bits of scratches etc. I would show you the texture, but I dont think it is that big of a deal.
Thank you for the consideration though.

+2 votes   media: Wooden Crates
Inbredguppey Apr 21 2012, 1:40am replied:

What do you mean "Don't just apply a wooden texture to cover all of the crate?" I UV unwrapped and applied specific wood textures to different parts of the crate.

+1 vote   media: Wooden Crates
Inbredguppey Apr 20 2012, 4:32pm replied:

That may have something to do with your materials.
Try messing with it.

+1 vote   media: nambu type14 texture WIP
Inbredguppey Mar 1 2012, 4:10pm says:

love Dead Space, especially using this thing.

+2 votes   media: Pulse rifle
Inbredguppey Feb 4 2012, 10:14pm says:

longer length-wise and shorter height-wise.

+2 votes   media: Lamborghini Alado
Inbredguppey Feb 2 2012, 4:19pm says:

Like the design and everything, but lambos of this style are typically sleeker.
But its very good anyways. :)

+4 votes   media: Lamborghini Alado
Inbredguppey Jan 14 2012, 2:21am says:

wow... just, wow...

+3 votes   media: Metro: Last Light screenshot (2012)
Inbredguppey Jan 5 2012, 7:17pm says:

Props to your props man!

+2 votes   media: Some Props for Quantum Shift
Inbredguppey Dec 24 2011, 2:03pm says:

This is too epic...

+1 vote   media: Predator - WIP
Inbredguppey Dec 19 2011, 5:20am replied:

I currently am using the default textures for the grass, skybox, and terrain texture. But am planning on making my own in the future some time.
and as for low res, the wooden fence has 1024 texture size for each portion, the shed thing has a 2048 texture, and the road has a 2048 texture also. Everything else is either smaller or less important so they have 512 or less texture size...
And thank you, I spent a while working on the lighting. And may just use lightmapping to get even higher res lighting and shadows.

+3 votes   media: Unity Scene WIP
Inbredguppey Dec 2 2011, 7:30pm says:

Your rockin' man!

+1 vote   media: rocks
Inbredguppey Dec 2 2011, 4:26pm replied:

I think that is supposed to be from the rain.

+1 vote   media: WIP Day After Tomorrow - Tokyo Scene
Inbredguppey Dec 2 2011, 4:25pm says:

I like it, needs a teeny bit of texture on the basket thingy imo.
Other than that its good.

+1 vote   media: Medieval wine bottle
Inbredguppey Dec 1 2011, 11:12pm says:

Is this in a rendering program or a game engine?
Looks very nice btw!

+1 vote   media: WIP Day After Tomorrow - Tokyo Scene
Inbredguppey Nov 29 2011, 4:36pm says:

How high of a poly is this?
It looks very nice btw!

+3 votes   media: Remington XM2010 High-poly model
Inbredguppey Nov 29 2011, 4:35pm says:

No Seriously.

+6 votes   media: Good
Inbredguppey Nov 29 2011, 7:29am says:

I would like to texture this if i could find the file :D

+1 vote   media: Shotgun House WIP
Inbredguppey Nov 26 2011, 2:29am says:

Tracking :).
Looks like a first person Dead Space/Doom kinda thing.

+1 vote   game: P S I S H O C K
Inbredguppey Nov 23 2011, 11:54am says:

Feels very Bethesda-ish

+1 vote   media: Render 1
Inbredguppey Oct 20 2011, 9:48pm says:

lol i just saw this on 4chan

+1 vote   media: Hartigan - Bruce Willis WIP
Inbredguppey Oct 4 2011, 7:17am says:

ummm, where does I start lol

+1 vote   media: Paradise Golf
Inbredguppey Oct 1 2011, 11:08pm says:

Nearly half the users on MODDB dont MOD. I found that funny, I actually find this site as more of a social kinda site, other than a db.

+4 votes   poll: How do you pick the game to mod?
Inbredguppey Sep 26 2011, 4:22pm replied:

Who said there was a shirt?

+2 votes   media: Some WIPs
Inbredguppey Sep 26 2011, 4:21pm replied:

Oh, sorry, I got confused. lol

+1 vote   media: Old Man Test
Inbredguppey Sep 26 2011, 4:19pm says:

thanks for the feedback guys! :) And yes I made the textures myself. All i did was texture paint 3 different models(The cave, 1 wooden beam, and the lamp which is barely seen. There is just a plain texture at the end of the tunnel.)And I multiplied the beams and made a mineshaft type thing and messed with the lighting. simple. It took roughly 2 hours total, but I was going slowly.

+2 votes   media: Into the Shaft of Hell
Inbredguppey Sep 25 2011, 9:03pm replied:

wait, was that against me? I wasnt trying to say anything against your comment. I wasnt being sarcastic at all either.
Sorry :/

+1 vote   media: Old Man Test
Inbredguppey Sep 24 2011, 5:46pm replied:

That was probably the longest comment i've ever seen on Moddb.
Congrats! :D

+2 votes   media: Old Man Test
Inbredguppey Sep 22 2011, 6:57pm says:

Its a flare gun for a tp project i'm helping with, so i'm not gonna smooth it because i dont want to exceed the cap, and also, Im not too worried about the handle so much, because it's not going to be seen up close. Its also going to be in a characters hand, so it still would not matter too much to me.

+1 vote   media: Recent WIP Models
Inbredguppey Aug 15 2011, 6:33pm says:

I love it man! Looks like it would be pretty new. If you are going for an older feel, ProfNutButters is right.

+3 votes   media: Lever Action Rifle
Inbredguppey Aug 5 2011, 1:46am says:

it looks great, tbh. not really that dirty, everything looks really smooth. could use a little texture work on everything but the walls. You may want to use bumpmaps fore some of the stuff. otherwise, it looks good for everything being custom.

+3 votes   media: Dirty tunnel
Inbredguppey Jul 12 2011, 1:49am says:

This was good, but the looping animations werent that great. Also, this hurt my eyes and gave ma headache to play, too dark mixed with too bright, too much bloom. You should also loop the background music or something somehow. Also, when i was in the water I noticed it was clipping, you should put all of the first person models inside a separate camera layer/depth to prevent clipping. It also had a feel of the lack of stronger gravity, was this puposeful?

+1 vote   download: Blackout Pre Alpha
Inbredguppey Jul 12 2011, 12:35am says:

Well that looks awesom- BLAAARGH! Ok, ok... im sorry.

+1 vote   media: Early MA-37 and headshots
Inbredguppey Jul 8 2011, 8:28am says:

Nice story, srceens look Bad A too.

+2 votes   game: Shavra - Dead Frequency
Inbredguppey Jul 5 2011, 4:48pm says:

Hey! This is a 3d artists group! Not photography! (jk):)
Looks scarily real, nice job! :D

+2 votes   media: Apples in a box!
Inbredguppey Jun 30 2011, 6:20pm says:

Awesome man. Looks much more game suitable than the other one.
If ur gonna texture it id love to see that. :)

+1 vote   media: Lowpoly security monitors
Inbredguppey Jun 30 2011, 4:56am says:

I don't see any reason the first one was deleted.

+1 vote   media: Blue Submarine #6 box art
Inbredguppey Jun 30 2011, 4:52am says:

Im not trying to be mean, but the textures look slopped on and mabye no effort was put into them or watever. Could be placeholders idk.
And it seems like youre just using the unity explosions framework package.

+3 votes   article: FpsProject V0.06 Coming Soon
Inbredguppey Jun 30 2011, 4:43am says:

Is the glow necessary?

0 votes   media: Glock17
Inbredguppey Jun 24 2011, 3:08pm says:


+3 votes   media: Cartoon Captain Keyes V1
Inbredguppey Jun 19 2011, 4:42am says:

I wish I could weapon model in this detail...
Nice job :)

+3 votes   media: Uzi
Inbredguppey Jun 18 2011, 11:57am replied:

I know its only for xbox, but theres been rumors of a new xbox etc. but it wud be nice if for pc, but i doubt cuz halo 2 failed terribly.

+1 vote   article: Halo 4 Announced At E3 and Halo Combat Evolved Remake
Inbredguppey Jun 17 2011, 7:05pm replied:

I didnt want plain black or grey, cuz then it wud be harder to see.

+1 vote   media: UMP! WIP
Inbredguppey Jun 11 2011, 2:47am says:

alot better than some of my attemts, keep it up!

+1 vote   media: 3d head first try
Inbredguppey Jun 7 2011, 4:25pm says:

i hope its for the 360, because im saving for a new computer, not another xbox...

+2 votes   article: Halo 4 Announced At E3 and Halo Combat Evolved Remake
Inbredguppey Apr 20 2011, 5:56pm replied:

She's nothing compared to the other girls in Unbalance x2

+1 vote   media: Unbalance x2 Ji-soo Wallpaper
Inbredguppey Feb 8 2011, 6:22pm says:

19k polys, i don't see it in a game soon!

+2 votes   media: A-104 Mark 3 Assault Rifle
Inbredguppey Feb 6 2011, 10:56pm replied:

Its not always the engine but the person running it. 7k is lower than the 10k models for most modern fps like cod and halo.

+1 vote   media: Springfield M1A
Inbredguppey Jan 22 2011, 11:13pm says:

Looks fit for a game.

+2 votes   media: Subway Entrance
Inbredguppey Jan 12 2011, 5:42pm replied:

Thats why so many people cant play crysis! And I dont know if forza is for pc or not so...

+2 votes   media: Scar-L Renders
Inbredguppey Jan 5 2011, 5:28pm says:

btw. Did you make all of the pieces for them yourself, or were they separate models.

+1 vote   media: Toa Treidan
Inbredguppey Dec 19 2010, 8:13pm says:

I do not want to be offensive, but this is trash. The forerunner structure does not have any variations in color. That is the same for everything else in this. It just looks bland. There are also white spots everywhere.
Really could have been done better. I am disappointed. :(

+1 vote   media: Forerunner Cable Cliff View (early drawing).
Inbredguppey Dec 19 2010, 8:09pm says:

I can already tell by the tone of this post that this game is never being finished.

+4 votes   article: Halo Revived News Report 5
Inbredguppey Dec 19 2010, 8:08pm says:

This place needs a better header. Badly.

+1 vote   group: Trippy Turkey Studios
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