My name is Shaemon (weird a bit?). I love playing the drums, making and editing audio and images for various reasons, and 3d modeling in Blender and 3ds Max. I first found Moddb when I was looking up mods for Half-Life 2 and I discovered that this site has more than you see at first glance. I hope to provide the community with cool images, tutorials, 3d models, or anything else I ca think would be a help. Also, if anyone has any requests for a logo or something image related, let me know!

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New Computer!

Inbredguppey Blog
HP DV6 Quad Edition

  • AMD A8-3510MX APU (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz/2.4GHz Overclocked
  • 8GB DDR Ram
  • 621GB HDD
  • AMD Radeon HD 6620G Video Card
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit

This is a huge improvement for me. I used to have an Inspiron b130 Notebook 1.5gb ram, 1.5ghz w/ 1 cpu, and intel integrated chipset family 950g/gms.


Inbredguppey Blog
^ Use that for my blogs.

I'm changing the place of where I blog because I don't get on ModDB as much as I'd like to. So use that link to my official blog where I can say more. And I don't have to confine simply to mod etc. intersts.

February 4, 2011 Blog!

Inbredguppey Blog

I haven't blogged since Christmas and I thought it looked too the same for these months. Oh well! I have recently cleared my computer of everything and have 10GB of free space. So out of the 34GB I have, that is the most I recall ever having free. So I am going to be working on some audio and possibly more backgrounds for a group called Background Makers.

Anyways, I felt the need to get involved with a game somehow so I am open for creating images or audio for anything you suggest. Simply contact me.

Other than that, you should really check out my Cloth Test Beta v2 that is currently released on my profile. I have deleted Unity from my computer though, so I wouldn't expect another Cloth Test Beta anytime soon.


Christmas Blog!

Inbredguppey Blog 1 comment

Hello! First blog here, and so far the only things I have done are submit a few images, so I don't really expect many people to read this. But what the heck! This place was too dull anyways.
So, if you have not read my bio thingy, it states that I will make logos or similar images for you. That being said, they are entirely for free at the moment (One day I will charge).

If you are wondering about Paint Shop Pro 9, the I got mine at Amazon for $75. It's not too much money compared to Photoshop, and It it produces similar quality products if you know how to use it. PSP9 also is WAY easier to learn. I may post a few tutorials if anyone needs them.

To 3d Modeling! Yes, I can do 3D models quite noobishly, but I am determined to learn.

Christmas! Yes it's finally here, If I am lucky I might get a ton of money like 2009. I am putting my eyes on a few things to save up for something like a...Satellite A660D-ST2 GO6 Laptop or similar, or an HDTV.
I want the computer because I have a crappy Dell Laptop.
Here are the specs:
Manufacturer: Dell inc.
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor 1.50GHz
Memory:1528MB RAM
Hard Drive: 36GB
Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family
Physics Card: AGEIA PhysX
Monitor: Built in
Sound Card: Sigma Tel Audio
Speakers/Headphones: SigmaTel Line in/out
Keyboard: USB Root Hub
Mouse: USB Root Hub/ Touch-pad
Operating System: Windows XP Home edition SP3
Intel Motherboard.

I bet 90% of the people reading this have some freakin' overdrive Alien-ware super turbo xg69,000 supreme commander , windows 7 kind of machine, and that is fine besides me being jealous. :)

Anywhat, I have reached the end of this post, and am tired a spit.


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