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Kaminoan Rebellion:

You guys might be thinking "What in the world is the Kaminoan Rebellion?". Well this takes place during the "Rise of the Empire" in the game Star Wars battlefront 2 campaign mode when the Kaminoans cloned soldiers to obey the Kaminoans and used them against the Empire until..They got defeated of course. But, this mod is like a custom event on what if the empire's soldiers failed to destroy the cloning facilities and the rebellion continued with clones being made.

The idea originated when i was playing battlefront 2 and when i put my eyes on the clones fighting the empire. i thought("This would make a good Star wars empire at war mod").

Anyways i'm no expert to coding empire at war Forces of corruption i've started a while back and if anyone is willing to help out like modeling or textures or even code along with me. That would be much appreciated.

Factions: Kaminoan Uprise , Galactic Empire,(Might Remove Consortium).

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