Three people get captured by indians while walking through the woods. they say "ok, we will let you live if you find some fruit." the first guy comes back with grapes. they tell him "if you can shove those up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." so he gets almost all of them in and bursts out laughing. "why did you laugh?" "cuz the next guy came back with a pineapple!" so they kill him. they tell the guy with the pinapple "if you can shove that up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." he gets it almost all the way in and just bursts out laughing. "why the fuck did you laugh?!" "cuz the third guys got a watermelon!!" aaaaaaaaaanyway, im into pretty much anything that has giant robots or mechs. i love spiders, i love mechs, put them together, omg. same thing with centipedes. i love legos. i frequently use the free program called Lego Digital Designer. pretty easy. hard at first but its fun to use once you get to know it. i love to make my legos pose.

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Avalanche MK2 takin it  hard
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i was focusing on turning enemy seraphim walkers and a vulture into cannon fodder when i noticed it was about 10% done. took them down and noticed an enemy madcat mk4 sitting just ashore of another island close to my base. just sittin there. i sent an engineer out to try and capture it but a battleship stopped me when i had it 5% captured. so i went to build a scu to capture it but by the time i had the scu at 10%, a megalith walked up and joined it. i kept trying at the scu hoping the megalith would go away but at 50%, a normal madcat joined them and all three of them came at me at once. i zoomed out and noticed another megalith a few km off the shore of another island, also heading in my direction. the first three reached the shoreline, the megalith let loose first and i killed it and then one of the seraphim mega xps took 95% of the madcat mk4s rocket barrage to the face and took half its health. then the other madcat did the same to the one standing next to it. i prepared the seraphim xps to combat the megalith comming up the shore and just as it emerged i zoomed out and noticed that the avalanche was staring my commander in the face, just offshore. i said oh kay **** the megalith and turned the seraphim walkers in the avalanches direction and sent the commander into the shoreline to the left of my base. it took about 30 seconds to take down the avalanche and i noticed the megalith making a break for my commander. took the megalith down and said **** THESE

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an avalanche from the total mayhem mod for supreme commander really taking it from a bunch of seraphim experimentals

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