I'm a 30-something web developer/programmer, who loves gaming, and loves saving cash. I think that last part comes from being half-Scots... ;) I mainly play on Wii (I love Wiimote/nunchuk controls for FPS games, it's worth the sacrifice in graphics) or on PC. I'll play games on Linux preferably, as it's the OS I use day-to-day, though I still dual-boot to play Windows-only games. Also, I can't work out how to put newlines into my bio. I like white space. You'll find me inhabiting the Bundeals group on Desura, come and join us there!

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I've put up a list of Desura (& Indievania) games that will be on offer for the Because We May sale here:

Because We May Desura Deals

As I stated in the thread, I had no idea that any Desura games would be on offer - which is a bit crappy considering that the point of Because We May is to "celebrate online stores" like Desura...

I'll keep the thread updated anyway.

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Just want to say thanks again. We have a indiegogo.com project up now!


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ifss Creator

Cool, glad I could be of help. Best of luck with it! :)

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I just want to give a BIG thanks from the entire Megaton Games team for your links! You saved the project! You will definitely receive a major thank you in the credits, and a digital collector's edition of the game upon release!

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Jun 14 2012

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The AGTV group Desura.com kindly posted a huge list of all the free games & demos available on @Desura: Desura.com

Jun 4 2012

Contact details, for anybody wanting Desura support in the latest Humble Bundle: Desura.com - please RT if you're a Desura user

Jun 2 2012

At least we got one answer on Desura support at @humble Reddit AMA Reddit.com -disappointed it was ignored by Humble & the devs :(

Jun 2 2012

The Sea Will Claim Everything is truly a hidden gem, & 1893 as well, both worth much more than the min $0.99. Review: Backlogjourney.com

Jun 2 2012

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