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0 comments by IceViperLat on Nov 6th, 2012

Hello dear users/comrades. As you can remember some really long time ago i deleted 2 of my mods. The last one related to third world conflict, we are reviving. The game has been changed. First of all it has got a new name- FOC: World Escalation,also a lot from alpha_0.1 which you could play if you found a link in my comments has been changed . More about changes you can check on our web site

People who were linked to our development group in some way are welcome back if they want to continue to develop our mod. Just send invite and i will add you back. Also as you can see development group name has been changed as well.

3 comments by IceViperLat on Jul 24th, 2011

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0 comments by IceViperLat on Jul 12th, 2011

In some paltry 100 km from Moscow to Kiev highway is a wonderful museum of strategic rocket forces at the training center of RVSN. Customers in a huge hangar can enjoy virtually the entire history of the Soviet missile from the P-2 to Poplar and even assembled here learning the layout of mine command center.
However, there is one drawback - the museum at the military unit and therefore there ordinary people are not allowed, extraordinary allowed, but does not allow much to photography.

1)In an open area lined up a variety of vehicles RVSN. Not without its "master" - Topol. To distinguish RT-2PM Topol from Topol-M RT-2PM2 ,just look on wheels - a first modification 7 wheel axes.

Assembled the whole thing on the MAZ-7917 - 15U168. If the Soviet era in the production of Topol was attended many Soviet republics, now in a Topol-M missiles of foreign manufacture present only chassis (Belarus, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant - MZKT)

2)Fuel consumption per 100 km - 200 liters. With tanks of 800 liters will be enough for 400 km. Next we have to wait for a tanker, or in an emergency drain diesel fuel out of the service car that follows along with the starting complex and other necessary machines.

3)Here is the driver's seat. That's right, the last thing the area is assigned to the windows (so as not to frighten the horrors of nuclear war)

4)Everything is very easily controlled, automatic gearbox and etc.

5) As an intelligent machine is called a "unit 15U168." Accordingly, this unit is based on the MAZ-7917 carries a rocket 15ZH58 in transport-launch container. The container maintains temperature and humidity conditions with all heaters, coolers and dehumidifiers. Solid-fuel rocket is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so although it may be stored at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50, but the main thing to avoid abrupt changes...

6) Forgot about the most secret - gyro. Previously, he was so secret that it was impossible to even look at his right side the car. Now you can examine his side, but the compass is strictly sheathed.

7) Then we go to the help car - MOBD, 15V148 unit.
Mounted on MAZ-543M and serves as a power to "rocket car" (two diesel generators to 30 kW), as well as for life support personnel in an amount up to 10 people

8) Within a four-seater coupe, and one two-seated.
In such a CjUUL atmosphere, you can comfortably go to the position from which you will destroy the world

9)To not crumble at the sheets, for eating a separate dining room, where you can crumble at the maps and dirty cups with dried fruit compote

10) Dining room without a kitchen - fasted money LOL. Therefore, separate compartment holds kitchen. To the right cooker , fridge on the left .

11) In fridge everything packed,so your food will not mix with sausages and fish while you are driving to launch some present to America:)

12)Water cold,water hot all what you want! LOOL

13)Somewhere in the corridor is located switchboard

13)And radiation and chemical reconnaissance GO-27

14)In the tail compartment is placed with a machine gun turret and connected equipment, which, despite its 30 years of age still is secret and can not be photographed
By the way, here such a nice car selling for only 650 thousand rubles
(approx 16000 euros).

15) Of the minuses - you can not see even the layout of the nuclear charge. Here is a false goal and they say they are simmilar

17)The most beautiful - the exposition of missiles, housed in a huge building. Unfortunately, there were not allowed to shoot everywhere, because here and there placed the rocket standing on the arms

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0 comments by IceViperLat on Jul 9th, 2011

Okay main thing i should tell you today is,that i was on russian or american specification it could be called some kayak LOL BUT in Latvian specification its calling like some minehunter LOL.

Imanta M-04 is Tripartite class minehunter build by Belgium,France and Netherlands in '84 and was bought for 11.4 millions euros from Netherlands.

Main armament is french 20mm F2 gun.Surprisly it was very light so i could manouver with it very well.I didnt really understood against what it is for,one sailor said its against everything,second said against-air,i guess last one was correct because of some tubes that was blocking gun if you was aiming under -5 degrees.Btw its perfectly aiming about at +70-75 degrees,but thats only on eye counting,it could be smaller.It has 3 fire modes 1,8 shots and extreme free fire.It could be regulated by wheel and nice red button that will kill someone :) On both sides it has 2 ammo tapes.I didnt really understood does they carry 150 ammo each or both,but i you saw in past 20mm shell you must to know sizes,anyways i think 150-each...One sailor said to me that its shoots 4 km,but some people on the net said that its effective range is 1.0-1.5 km,i guess that mess was because absence of any optical scope.So shots 4km,see enemy 1.5km:)Btw there were some fails also ROFL
-and how far does it shoot?
-about at 4 km range
-4 km?aviation will blow you up first (laughin)
-yes i think,that scenarios would be more realistic (smiling)

Another thing is its main bombs anti-mines!!Every that yellow thing carries 120 kg of trinitrotoluene !!

Anyway i am happy to see that my fascist navy sails on boats with cannons,not on some kayaks LOL:)As well on the stern of the boat,it carries x2 M2 50 cal machine guns,i actually firstly touched it and charged...Kinda some far imagination about american HUMVEE drivers in action:)Btw surprysly it was very very easy to charge,one move down,to chest and back,than just to hold 2 triggers.Das it,and you can happy kill someone:)

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4 comments by IceViperLat on Jun 11th, 2011

Hi everyone,today was in WW2 museum located in capital city of small country Latvia. Here are some pics;D Mostly small-sized moddels and "nazi" opinions but was ok,i actually found some things about which i didnt knew yet:)

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