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IceIYIaN Dec 16 2012, 11:17am replied:

Monsters of Warâ„¢

+1 vote   engine: XNA
IceIYIaN Jun 8 2012, 5:36pm says:

The other day I figured out a new name for my first game. Kind of ****** I'm moving away from Elements of War, but this name is actually cooler (: I'll have more to annouce on 8/9/12 or 12/20/2012 ;)

+1 vote   article: Elements of War 2012
IceIYIaN Dec 7 2011, 11:42pm says:

Elements of War: cSharp

I don't really know how much I'll actually do on the project though.

+3 votes   engine: XNA
IceIYIaN Oct 24 2011, 8:45am replied:

As a modder, that's really insulting that they're taking a mod's name... Even in acronym form. At the end of the day, a trademark is a trademark. Gotta register it or make money off of it. Cutting Defense of the Ancients to DotA was a smart move.

-1 votes   article: Blizzard DOTA isn't More of the Same
IceIYIaN Aug 16 2011, 11:06pm says:

I edited this photo.

-3 votes   media: In-game screens
IceIYIaN Aug 7 2011, 10:38pm says:

The WindowZ KeyZ are ripped off of my keyboard btw.
I really need a much larger desk / area.
Larger mousepad...
Upgrade my $10 three button mouse :D But it's a new laser version, so, not too many complaits :p
Much larger screens!!!111

+1 vote   media: Computer Area
IceIYIaN Apr 12 2011, 1:41pm replied:

You can probably port levels from Hammer/WorldCraft into 3D modeling programs

+2 votes   mod: Lylat's Last Stand
IceIYIaN Oct 9 2010, 3:16am replied:

Third Person is easy in Source.

What you want are levels based on sky/side/whatever views and different weapons... That's hard.

+1 vote   article: Blade Symphony trailer and promotional website reveal!
IceIYIaN Oct 5 2010, 5:45am says:

Elements of War
by Curtis Turner <IceIYIaN>

+1 vote   media: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Sep 16 2010, 12:48am says:

Works with ANY Source game/mod. Also Gold Source!

+1 vote   media: Elements of War Sky Camera System
IceIYIaN Jul 30 2010, 5:21pm says:

fyi: This version is heavily outdated probably.

Elements of War: 1337 Board

+1 vote   download: 1337 Board - World of WarCraft
IceIYIaN Jul 6 2010, 9:58pm says:


+1 vote   game: Astaroth
IceIYIaN Dec 28 2009, 9:09pm replied:

It really just depends. Using a few pictures isn't going to get you anywhere in court I believe. I could easily make a war movie with "magic", spaceships, lazers, etc. What I couldn't do is call it Star Wars and use the char names and I dunno it all depends :P

0 votes   mod: Shrek mod for doom 3
IceIYIaN Dec 28 2009, 1:50pm replied:

Shrek is Copyrighted. This could avoid that? (:

-3 votes   mod: Shrek mod for doom 3
IceIYIaN Dec 8 2009, 6:44pm replied:

Well that's graphics. That is harder to change, depending. Moving forward, strafing, and turning... That's probably just a slight change to your codebase and would make it more enjoyable for all involved.

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IceIYIaN Dec 6 2009, 5:44pm replied:

It's 2009 and you made a -computer- game. We expect mouse use. Moving forward, strafing, and turning all at the same time.

It's only useless in your game cause when you try to do more than turn it cancels out your actions making you just stand there. Anybody who's played a FPS'er is just gonna /cringe and /quit.

-1 votes   game: BOH
IceIYIaN Dec 3 2009, 7:07pm replied:

Strafing and turning is just so important. I understand you want basic controls, but you limit your game so much in terms of gameplay that most players will be put off. I guess you should just remove strafing cause it was beyond annoying in your game when turning would cancel it out.

Wanting to Buy +mlook (wtb I guess is from WoW/MMORPG's)
+mlook is the hotkey/console command/config.cfg for turing mouse look on.
Quake/Half-Life/Call of Duty/-ANY- game/mod that uses Quake's Config.cfg has that command.

+1 vote   game: BOH
IceIYIaN Dec 3 2009, 4:17am replied:

No, it doesn't require new graphics. In Zelda when you press up, you move up. When you press down, you move down. In Diablo, you move towards where the mouse curser is. I'm just saying you could add these options. Not that it matters, always pointing to the north of the screen is the best sky camera system IMHO.

Hotkeys/Configs matter ;) But you won't even allow turning/strafing at the same time... wtb +mlook

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IceIYIaN Nov 11 2009, 5:35pm replied:

The view is the same in your game, Zelda, and Diablo. It's 2D from above. Your camera system allows rotation. I ment adding a hotkey to allow Zelda style movement or a hotkey to bring a mouse pointer you can aim/move like that. Then when you let go the player returns to looking at the top of the screen.

Your hotkeys menu doesn't have to change at all. What I'm asking for a config.cfg change. All you gotta do is change your engine from Configuration.txt to Config.cfg looking something like this:

bind "A" "+back"
bind "S" "+forward"
bind "D" "+moveleft"
bind "F" "+moveright"
bind "SPACE" "+Attack"
Name "Death"
Theme "Default"
Volume "1.0"

Then any unknown command that a user could put in it, just have the game remove it from the config or simply overlook it.

But yeah that could be some work... It's a request though.

+1 vote   game: BOH
IceIYIaN Nov 11 2009, 1:01pm replied:

BOH and Elements of War aim at the north of the screen always. Looks like Shadowgrounds you can aim anywhere. Unless you mean it combines Diablo aim with Zelda movement, which I don't care for either of the three.

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IceIYIaN Nov 11 2009, 11:41am replied:

Well I make a mod called 1337 Board which offers over 9,000 hotkeys... The ability to not turn and strafe at the same time is a major turn off. If you're not going to add a mouse option to turn and shoot, I'd suggest adding a hotkey to make turning faster.

I'd like to see your config use Config.cfg (Quake/Half-Life/Call of Duty) - Although your system is fine as is... I'd like you to use that because then my mod might work in your game, lol...
bind "a" "+back"
bind "s" "+forward"

Using combo hotkeys would be great too. bind "ALT-Space" "+attack"
Usually combot keys use TAB/CapsLock/Shift/CTRL/ALT.

Also, hot about a hotkey to make the game act like classic top down view games like Zelda? Simply let go or toggle it to return to the normal camera system.

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IceIYIaN Nov 10 2009, 6:32pm replied:

I tried the demo, I don't like the fact that I couldn't use a mouse. I also couldn't turn and strafe at the same time.

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IceIYIaN Nov 10 2009, 9:50am replied:

Awesome. As far as I can tell, only your game and my mods use this camera system. I'm amazed more games don't use it. It's a ton of fun.

+1 vote   game: BOH
IceIYIaN Nov 9 2009, 11:43pm says:

Looks like the player always looks to the north of the screen? Rather than Diablo or Zelda style aim/movement... Is this correct?

+1 vote   game: BOH
IceIYIaN Oct 24 2009, 4:50pm says:


+1 vote   media: ALL Map Source Files
IceIYIaN Oct 12 2009, 7:54pm replied:

LoL no kidding (: This screenshot had to be made.

+1 vote   media: 1337 Board - Keyboard Menu
IceIYIaN Oct 12 2009, 7:32am replied:

I don't really have that problem. Maybe like once or twice a year, if that :P I'm just saying it would help, even if slightly.

+2 votes   media: Exclusive In-Game #4
IceIYIaN Oct 11 2009, 9:40pm replied:

Yeah, I figured that was gonna come sooner or later too. However, I do still feel that it's hard for some people to figure out what team they're on.

Perhaps change the life color to red/blue and or the vest/helm color.

+2 votes   media: Exclusive In-Game #4
IceIYIaN Oct 11 2009, 5:17pm says:

You can tell this was made for Counter-Strike (:

I would suggest adding a "what team am I on" "something". Maybe just a small red/blue block at the very top left or something.

+2 votes   media: Exclusive In-Game #4
IceIYIaN Jul 7 2009, 5:38pm says:

I believe this was my first PC game(That I bought, a few came with the computer). A month or two later AoK came out and I got that. Been playing PC games ever since (: First online game too :D

+3 votes   game: Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
IceIYIaN Jun 26 2009, 6:19pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Map01: Dam
IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:25pm says:

Grand Marshal Warblade - Icy Chill Enchant.
Was perhaps the biggest weapon in the game til they nerfed em sometime around WoW:WotLK (:

+1 vote   media: IceIYIaN t3h ph34r3d
IceIYIaN May 4 2009, 10:51pm replied:

lol wouldn't this be a mod of PowerPoint rather than a full game?

0 votes   game: stress defender
IceIYIaN Apr 23 2009, 1:28am says:

Made the code really ugly... I'm not editing that :P

+1 vote   article: Third Person Camera System - No Code!
IceIYIaN Apr 22 2009, 8:33pm says:

/cast Curse of Agony

Blizzard crits you for OVER 9,000!

+1 vote   media: Model Concept
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 10:39am replied:

This is based off of Elements of War tech. Many features will go unnoticed.

This is a mod for authors wanting to share their work in a different way. So, it somewhat depends on the community for content.

As for me, my book Elements of War is coming along, I'll release the chapters soon enough.

+1 vote   download: Epic TaleZ v1
IceIYIaN Apr 10 2009, 11:54pm says:

Eww, a rar and .exe all in one! Never played the Gold Source version or this one, however, so, I'll give it a go :p

0 votes   download: Ragnarok Arena Remastered Beta 2 Full Version
IceIYIaN Apr 9 2009, 5:52am says:

I was thinking of a new game title, "Super Reading Sisters". What you think? :p

-1 votes   media: YOU SHALL NOT READ!
IceIYIaN Apr 7 2009, 7:42pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Main Character
IceIYIaN Apr 7 2009, 8:10am says:

oh yeah, to play the map type:
map LevelCreation
In your console.

+1 vote   download: Epic TaleZ - Level Creation
IceIYIaN Apr 5 2009, 4:58am says:


Hit "Ctrl" to remove the HUD.

+1 vote   media: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 5 2009, 4:57am says:

Page layout

+1 vote   media: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 5 2009, 4:57am says:

Book title

+1 vote   media: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 3 2009, 3:00pm replied:

lol this is heavily modified.

Yes, there is no client/server.dll (Code).
Yes, there are no sounds.
Yes, there are only a few textures.
Yes, there are only a few maps(Compiled).

But compare my default folder to any mod you've seen and you might be shocked at the difference.

+1 vote   download: Elements of War v9
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 12:01pm says:

You could make the right stick navigation and d-pad jump/slash for fun ;)

0 votes   media: Help
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 11:59am says:

Looks like way, way old school arrow key hotkeys. Later players started to use WASD, because of the access to even more hotkeys. With some players finally using ESDF. However, I use ASDF movement
A = Back
S = Forwards
D = Strafe Left
F = Strafe Right
Right Click = Jump // Space as Duck

I'd rather use ASDF with my mouse to slash/jump/scare/collect... But that's just me :p

Hope you give a keyboard/controller/mouse hotkeys menu ;)

+1 vote   media: Help
IceIYIaN Jan 12 2009, 2:50pm says:

Nox is a tight game. My only complaint was that you couldn't be a female in single or multi.

0 votes   game: NOX (duplicate)
IceIYIaN Jun 10 2008, 12:10am says:

Version .1 of Elements of War: Half-Life 2.

+1 vote   media: EoW Camera Views
IceIYIaN Jun 10 2008, 12:08am says:

Sweet top down camera view on Elements of War: UT2003 and UT2004 versions.

+1 vote   media: Elements of War - UT2004
IceIYIaN Jun 10 2008, 12:07am says:

Showing off a few of the Elements of War camera views. This version is outdated.

+1 vote   media: Elements of War - Camera Views.
IceIYIaN Jun 8 2008, 7:51am says:

Download Elements of War .7

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 7 2009, 5:15pm replied:

Years ago. Went HL ---> UT2003 ---> UT2004 ---> HL2 ---> UT3
HL, UT2003 got lost. UT3 never finished the top down view, but the code is available as a UT2004 download on here

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 7 2009, 3:33pm replied:

Well my levels you can only read atm. However, other authors can use photos, sounds, music, have somebody read the book to you, etc. You could play multi-player where your grand pa reads it to you, have a group get together to play the voices...

I never liked the idea of DLC, but for some reason this game has it all over it.

Anyways, I'm mainly just showing my author friend that she has more options than just trying to hit it big with selling a book. She's totally ignoring online, which is a big mistake IMHO.

+4 votes   mod: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 5 2009, 8:49pm replied:

Yes, scroll down just a few comments.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 5 2009, 5:16pm replied:

I think the shoulderview camera only works in Left 4 Dead.

That was just a console command.

However, for Gold Source games can use the chase camera commands.
chase_active 1
chase_up 0
chase_right -16 to 16 (Left or right shoulderview)

Simply put, I didn't realize you could mix third person camera with chase camera. The next version will be updated to use both.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 4 2009, 5:15pm replied:

Nope, just copy 1337 Board's Half-Life 2 folder into your Half-Life 2 folder and enjoy! It'll only replace kb_act(Your keyboard menu)

However, if it's not HL/HL2/CSS/L4D and it's a mod, IF that mod has different hotkeys, then you just gotta make sure you add those hotkey's to 1337 Board's keyboard menu (Game/Scripts/kb_act)

As for Elements of War mod, unless you want to change it from a default Half-Life 2 mod into say Dark Messiah, then just paste it into your SourceMods folder. If you want to make it into a HL2mp, Portal, Dark Messiah mod, just change the GameInfo.txt (ElementsofWar/GameInfo.txt)

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 3 2009, 12:39am says:


+1 vote   mod: The Howling
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 5:30pm says:

This is one hundred times different than typing "thirdperson" in your console

0 votes   download: Elements of War v9
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 2:46pm replied:


+1 vote   mod: The Nightmare Mod
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 11:29am replied:

??? EoW comes in a zip that installs straight into your Steam folder. 1337 Board you just gotta find the game ---> Steam/SteamApps/YOUR ACCOUNT NAME/Half-Life 2
Counter-Strike Source
Left 4 Dead is in the Common folder...

Most of the stuff in EoW you can copy/paste into any Gold Source or Source game. If the game has extra hotkeys(like say +attack3) then you just gotta make sure when you copy/paste the keyboard that you don't override those keys(so you gotta actually get into it)

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 5:09am says:

FYI: Elements of War v9 was released.

It contains all keyboard menus and an updated cfg folder. (Which is what 1337 Board is)

ElementsofWar/Scripts/kb_act (HL/HL2/CSS/L4D/and now Dark Messiah)

+1 vote   download: 1337 Board v4 - For HL/HL2/CSS/L4D/ xHL Series
IceIYIaN Apr 1 2009, 7:39pm says:

Says they just made an agreement with Epic Games to use Unreal Tech 2.5 on their webpage.

+2 votes   mod: Dark Age
IceIYIaN Mar 30 2009, 9:24am replied:

dl 1337 Board v4
Open Half-Life 2/HL2/
Copy cfg/xCFG
Paste into SourceMods/Obsidian/cfg/

Open HL2/Scripts/kb_act with a text editor. Copy everything
Open Obsidian/Scripts/kb_act, scroll down past the Obsidian hotkeys and paste.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Mar 28 2009, 3:44am replied:

UT2004 - Supports most gametypes, I left out DM.

Single player.
Multi-Player Team DeathMatch(I tried to remove DM, but it's still possible)
1vs1 - Think Street Fighter
Duel - 1vs1, but you can move around the map
TDM - 1vs1 to 64 people

I would like de_crystalb00mz0r, but I'm not a coder. Round based TDM(well bomb defusion) is perhaps my fav gametype of all time.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Mar 12 2009, 2:11pm says:

I just wanted to say copyrights and trademarks can be a tricky issue. Even if you do create/edit something for free, it's possible the "owners" could still sue you. In the case of id, I really doubt they're gonna try and sue you until you do massive amounts of work or just theft. I'm taking a guess that they will attempt to have you hault your work though. I'd suggest making "DeathMatch Classic" instead. It's just a name, afterall...

+2 votes   mod: Quake: Source
IceIYIaN Mar 10 2009, 12:26pm says:

fyi, I got
Check it out ^^

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Mar 9 2009, 7:21am says:

Talking with an admin, I've been told I can ONLY pick one game...

EoW is a mod for HL/2, UT2003/4...
EoW:1337 Board is a mod for every Valve game ever made, Quake series, etc... Doh...

I'll stick with Half-Life 2.

+1 vote   download: Elements of War UT2004
IceIYIaN Mar 9 2009, 7:19am says:

How so? Show's the default camera views...
First person, side views, third person, top down views... It does more than just change the camera angle...

As for World of WarCraft, That's just my name in the video.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Mar 9 2009, 7:17am replied:

I looked at the EoW game icon/app, it appears to link to C:/GameZ/UT2004/ that's probably why it wasn't working. I always use GameZ as my install dir...

Hotkeys are based around ASDF, aka touch typing. I've used ASDF for years, if you want to listen to me talk about it:

Not sure why you had a crash... I play just fine. That one level, iff you fall, it won't let you respawn(you didn't die from the fall)

As for EoW... It's Half-Life, Half-Life 2, most Valve games, UT3/2003/4, Quake... World of WarCraft. It's mainly a HL2 mod. I no longer continue UT2004/UT3.

0 votes   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Mar 2 2009, 7:10pm replied:

Don't know any. Where do I find them?

+1 vote   download: Elements of War UT2004
IceIYIaN Feb 22 2009, 7:19pm says:

Not sure if I can edit that.

+1 vote   download: Elements of War UT2004
IceIYIaN Mar 1 2013, 7:15pm replied:

Nobody plays Kingdoms Collide cause of the Master Bow.

It also allowed bunny-hopping/strafe jumping/duck-jumping/roll jumping, making players like me nearly unstoppable.

Combine the player physics with a sword, mana steal, and healing pretty much made certain players Gods/Goddesses.

0 votes   game: Kingdoms Rise
IceIYIaN Dec 7 2011, 11:43pm says:

Visual Studio 2010, C# / XNA Game Studio 4.0

+3 votes   engine: XNA
IceIYIaN Dec 25 2009, 5:22pm replied:

1337 Board doesn't override your Config.cfg You should already have the default keys or changed to your own, like I use ASDF movement. (exec xCFG/xGameZ/ElementsofWar.cfg for my full default FPS'er hotkeys or my WoW config for my FULL hotkey set).

Movement keys are at the top of the keyboard menu(you don't gotta paste kb_act over the default one, you can open it up in a text editor and just paste it at the bottom). Anyways, if you spend just a few minutes making a config, it's not gonna be very good.

+1 vote   media: 1337 Board - Keyboard Menu
IceIYIaN Dec 20 2009, 5:32am says:

Is the whole world flat?
sv_cheats 1
cam_idealdist 1024
cam_idealpitch 75 or so

+3 votes   mod: Cube Story
IceIYIaN Nov 11 2009, 12:18pm says:

You put the .uc files in the correct place and added ModPackages=EoW to that-one-editor.ini when you ran -ucc make?

+1 vote   article: First MoD - Unreal Scipt - Unreal Development Kit
IceIYIaN Oct 31 2009, 2:03am says:

Some games allow combo hotkeys. "ALT-Z", "SHIFT-ALT-Z", "SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-Z"


-1 votes   download: 1337 Board v6
IceIYIaN Oct 17 2009, 3:03am says:

Source map file for Hammer(Source engine):

+1 vote   media: awp_8BaLL
IceIYIaN Jun 26 2009, 5:51pm replied:

lol yeah, it's super easy to pick out Ricochet

+2 votes   media: SandPit mounting Ricochet
IceIYIaN Apr 21 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Really? What about RE2, RE3, etc?

+2 votes   game: Resident Evil
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 6:49pm replied:

lol it used the Quake II engine? Interesting. What about RE1, etc?

0 votes   game: Resident Evil 2
IceIYIaN Apr 12 2009, 3:03am says:

Looks like some glorified "Mouse Hero" to me... LoL. But I just downloaded it not even ten minutes ago :p

-1 votes   game: Audiosurf
IceIYIaN Dec 7 2008, 5:53pm replied:

Textures are a joke. I decided I have no time for textures, so, EoW .8 will use only realistic textures.

Down the line, I'll come back to them so you can play realistic or cartoon.

0 votes   media: Ancient Arena
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