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IceIYIaN Jun 14 2009, 10:11pm replied:

I just got my main computer fixed last night. Work has resumed (:

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IceIYIaN Jun 1 2009, 3:02pm says:

Hey guys/gals if you have any interesting console commands, string of commands, etc that I haven't included in 1337 Board, I'd love to hear about them.

I need more Quake III stuff for sure, so, if you got those plz pm me or post here.

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IceIYIaN May 30 2009, 10:46pm replied:

I believe during Source Valve started to make hiding hud/weapons considered cheating. So, you'll have to use sv_cheats 1... But there is a command to raise or lower your weapon. I'm not aware of any other commands to make them smaller or bigger

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IceIYIaN May 23 2009, 4:37pm replied:

There are a lot of NPC Creat commands. I'm trying to add more in the next version.

As for bots, only CS has those(By default)? I know the CS:S keyboard menu has those way, way at the bottom.

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IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:25pm says:

Grand Marshal Warblade - Icy Chill Enchant.
Was perhaps the biggest weapon in the game til they nerfed em sometime around WoW:WotLK (:

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IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:22pm says:

WoW - Simply amazing :D

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IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:08pm replied:

I give out map source files, rather than compiled maps. I also removed all textures and sounds from the download. I'll add them back in later versions.

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IceIYIaN May 15 2009, 9:23pm says:


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IceIYIaN May 12 2009, 7:13pm says:

Well bad news. The computer I was working on 1337 Board v5 crashed and I'm not certain if I'll be able to get the information back. On the bright side I had uploaded some of it to my portable HD... But not much. I'll have to pretty much start from 1337 Board v4 :/ So, don't expect it for a while :(

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IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 6:05pm replied:

Well EoW HL2 and UT2004 is a simple mod for the most part.
1337 Board is just configs and keyboard menus. Really simple (:

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IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 5:57pm replied:

Open Half-Life 2/HL2/Scripts/kb_act with a text editor. Delete anything you don't want in the keyboard menu.

1337 Board v5 is now just one keyboard menu, with HL2/CS:S/L4D only having commands for those games. Rather than each game having a keyboard menu(Editing was a pain).

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IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 5:51pm replied:

I've only compiled like five maps with EoW v9(HL2), nine maps come with EoW UT2004.

However, there are like 20+ maps that are open source. You can hit compile(by default they're HL2:DM). On the right side of Hammer, click the single player on and click mp off. Or just turn them both off and make it for Dark Messiah, CS:S, whatever.

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IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 1:38am replied:

I'm too lazy to sell it :D It's an interesting thought though. I'm curious if I could legally get away with it ^^

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IceIYIaN May 10 2009, 8:51pm says:

wtb .zip

+1 vote   download: Varion 1.0 [Old]
IceIYIaN May 4 2009, 10:51pm replied:

lol wouldn't this be a mod of PowerPoint rather than a full game?

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IceIYIaN Apr 30 2009, 4:47pm says:

I'm thinking about turning Elements of War: 1337 Board into a commercial product. I was thinking about 50cents to $1, maybe $3-5... Only a thought though, so, we'll see.

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IceIYIaN Apr 28 2009, 5:14pm replied:

Camera system has been rebuilt. It now supports HL/HL2/Quake1-4/Call of Duty(I think).

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 26 2009, 5:00pm says:

lol, the sad part is Epic TaleZ is getting more downloads than my main mod, Elements of War :/

+2 votes   feature: Transmission 13073
IceIYIaN Apr 24 2009, 7:22pm replied:

1337 Board only contains Config.cfg(Your hotkeys) files and kb_act(Keyboard menu). Elements of War HL2/UT2004 is a normal TC mod folder, which contains all the files needed to play the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 23 2009, 1:28am says:

Made the code really ugly... I'm not editing that :P

+1 vote   tutorial: Third Person Camera System - No Code!
IceIYIaN Apr 22 2009, 8:33pm says:

/cast Curse of Agony

Blizzard crits you for OVER 9,000!

+1 vote   media: Model Concept
IceIYIaN Apr 21 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Really? What about RE2, RE3, etc?

+2 votes   game: Resident Evil
IceIYIaN Apr 21 2009, 3:34pm replied:

Counter-Strike: Source and Left 4 Dead you can do a number of crosshair changes. There's also an option for create a HUD. These are the built in crosshairs and console commands.

In the keyboard menu scroll way down to HUD options or whatever it's called.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 19 2009, 3:09pm replied:

What do you mean? Field of View zoom, third person camera zoom, Half-Life 2 zoom, or just the weapon zoom? I believe all of those are possible...?

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IceIYIaN Apr 19 2009, 12:23pm says:

What in the world is a .bin?

Your main mod folder, just right click that and select the .zip option.

+1 vote   download: Cherubs first map (incomplete)
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 6:49pm replied:

lol it used the Quake II engine? Interesting. What about RE1, etc?

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IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 10:39am replied:

This is based off of Elements of War tech. Many features will go unnoticed.

This is a mod for authors wanting to share their work in a different way. So, it somewhat depends on the community for content.

As for me, my book Elements of War is coming along, I'll release the chapters soon enough.

+1 vote   download: Epic TaleZ v1
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 10:35am says:

Just fyi I'm almost finished with chapter one of Elements of War(Book). As for level creation, I think instead I'm going to make that level(err book) about mod creation for Source. Don't expect either anytime soon though :P

+2 votes   mod: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 13 2009, 6:50am says:

wtb GunMan and 007 support :P

+1 vote   mod: Sandpit
IceIYIaN Apr 12 2009, 3:03am says:

Looks like some glorified "Mouse Hero" to me... LoL. But I just downloaded it not even ten minutes ago :p

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