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IceIYIaN Aug 22 2010, 4:38pm says:

In coop a hotkey to view what the other player is seeing would be nice, considering you're a robot. Perhaps even a splitscreen mode, over the Internet.

+2 votes   game: Portal 2
IceIYIaN Jun 14 2009, 10:11pm replied:

I just got my main computer fixed last night. Work has resumed (:

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Jun 1 2009, 3:02pm says:

Hey guys/gals if you have any interesting console commands, string of commands, etc that I haven't included in 1337 Board, I'd love to hear about them.

I need more Quake III stuff for sure, so, if you got those plz pm me or post here.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 30 2009, 10:46pm replied:

I believe during Source Valve started to make hiding hud/weapons considered cheating. So, you'll have to use sv_cheats 1... But there is a command to raise or lower your weapon. I'm not aware of any other commands to make them smaller or bigger

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 23 2009, 4:37pm replied:

There are a lot of NPC Creat commands. I'm trying to add more in the next version.

As for bots, only CS has those(By default)? I know the CS:S keyboard menu has those way, way at the bottom.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:25pm says:

Grand Marshal Warblade - Icy Chill Enchant.
Was perhaps the biggest weapon in the game til they nerfed em sometime around WoW:WotLK (:

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IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:22pm says:

WoW - Simply amazing :D

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IceIYIaN May 16 2009, 6:08pm replied:

I give out map source files, rather than compiled maps. I also removed all textures and sounds from the download. I'll add them back in later versions.

+1 vote   download: Elements of War v9
IceIYIaN May 15 2009, 9:23pm says:


+1 vote   game: Deathmatch Classic
IceIYIaN May 12 2009, 7:13pm says:

Well bad news. The computer I was working on 1337 Board v5 crashed and I'm not certain if I'll be able to get the information back. On the bright side I had uploaded some of it to my portable HD... But not much. I'll have to pretty much start from 1337 Board v4 :/ So, don't expect it for a while :(

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 6:05pm replied:

Well EoW HL2 and UT2004 is a simple mod for the most part.
1337 Board is just configs and keyboard menus. Really simple (:

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 5:57pm replied:

Open Half-Life 2/HL2/Scripts/kb_act with a text editor. Delete anything you don't want in the keyboard menu.

1337 Board v5 is now just one keyboard menu, with HL2/CS:S/L4D only having commands for those games. Rather than each game having a keyboard menu(Editing was a pain).

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 5:51pm replied:

I've only compiled like five maps with EoW v9(HL2), nine maps come with EoW UT2004.

However, there are like 20+ maps that are open source. You can hit compile(by default they're HL2:DM). On the right side of Hammer, click the single player on and click mp off. Or just turn them both off and make it for Dark Messiah, CS:S, whatever.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 11 2009, 1:38am replied:

I'm too lazy to sell it :D It's an interesting thought though. I'm curious if I could legally get away with it ^^

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN May 10 2009, 8:51pm says:

wtb .zip

+1 vote   download: Varion 1.0 [Old]
IceIYIaN May 4 2009, 10:51pm replied:

lol wouldn't this be a mod of PowerPoint rather than a full game?

0 votes   game: stress defender
IceIYIaN Apr 30 2009, 4:47pm says:

I'm thinking about turning Elements of War: 1337 Board into a commercial product. I was thinking about 50cents to $1, maybe $3-5... Only a thought though, so, we'll see.

-1 votes   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 28 2009, 5:14pm replied:

Camera system has been rebuilt. It now supports HL/HL2/Quake1-4/Call of Duty(I think).

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 26 2009, 5:00pm says:

lol, the sad part is Epic TaleZ is getting more downloads than my main mod, Elements of War :/

+2 votes   article: Transmission 13073
IceIYIaN Apr 24 2009, 7:22pm replied:

1337 Board only contains Config.cfg(Your hotkeys) files and kb_act(Keyboard menu). Elements of War HL2/UT2004 is a normal TC mod folder, which contains all the files needed to play the mod.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 23 2009, 1:28am says:

Made the code really ugly... I'm not editing that :P

+1 vote   article: Third Person Camera System - No Code!
IceIYIaN Apr 22 2009, 8:33pm says:

/cast Curse of Agony

Blizzard crits you for OVER 9,000!

+1 vote   media: Model Concept
IceIYIaN Apr 21 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Really? What about RE2, RE3, etc?

+2 votes   game: Resident Evil
IceIYIaN Apr 21 2009, 3:34pm replied:

Counter-Strike: Source and Left 4 Dead you can do a number of crosshair changes. There's also an option for create a HUD. These are the built in crosshairs and console commands.

In the keyboard menu scroll way down to HUD options or whatever it's called.

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 19 2009, 3:09pm replied:

What do you mean? Field of View zoom, third person camera zoom, Half-Life 2 zoom, or just the weapon zoom? I believe all of those are possible...?

+1 vote   mod: Elements of War
IceIYIaN Apr 19 2009, 12:23pm says:

What in the world is a .bin?

Your main mod folder, just right click that and select the .zip option.

+1 vote   download: Cherubs first map (incomplete)
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 6:49pm replied:

lol it used the Quake II engine? Interesting. What about RE1, etc?

0 votes   game: Resident Evil 2
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 10:39am replied:

This is based off of Elements of War tech. Many features will go unnoticed.

This is a mod for authors wanting to share their work in a different way. So, it somewhat depends on the community for content.

As for me, my book Elements of War is coming along, I'll release the chapters soon enough.

+1 vote   download: Epic TaleZ v1
IceIYIaN Apr 18 2009, 10:35am says:

Just fyi I'm almost finished with chapter one of Elements of War(Book). As for level creation, I think instead I'm going to make that level(err book) about mod creation for Source. Don't expect either anytime soon though :P

+2 votes   mod: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 13 2009, 6:50am says:

wtb GunMan and 007 support :P

+1 vote   mod: Sandpit
IceIYIaN Apr 12 2009, 3:03am says:

Looks like some glorified "Mouse Hero" to me... LoL. But I just downloaded it not even ten minutes ago :p

-1 votes   game: Audiosurf
IceIYIaN Mar 1 2013, 7:15pm replied:

Nobody plays Kingdoms Collide cause of the Master Bow.

It also allowed bunny-hopping/strafe jumping/duck-jumping/roll jumping, making players like me nearly unstoppable.

Combine the player physics with a sword, mana steal, and healing pretty much made certain players Gods/Goddesses.

0 votes   game: Kingdoms Rise
IceIYIaN Dec 7 2011, 11:43pm says:

Visual Studio 2010, C# / XNA Game Studio 4.0

+3 votes   engine: XNA
IceIYIaN Dec 25 2009, 5:22pm replied:

1337 Board doesn't override your Config.cfg You should already have the default keys or changed to your own, like I use ASDF movement. (exec xCFG/xGameZ/ElementsofWar.cfg for my full default FPS'er hotkeys or my WoW config for my FULL hotkey set).

Movement keys are at the top of the keyboard menu(you don't gotta paste kb_act over the default one, you can open it up in a text editor and just paste it at the bottom). Anyways, if you spend just a few minutes making a config, it's not gonna be very good.

+1 vote   media: 1337 Board - Keyboard Menu
IceIYIaN Dec 20 2009, 5:32am says:

Is the whole world flat?
sv_cheats 1
cam_idealdist 1024
cam_idealpitch 75 or so

+3 votes   mod: Cube Story
IceIYIaN Nov 11 2009, 12:18pm says:

You put the .uc files in the correct place and added ModPackages=EoW to that-one-editor.ini when you ran -ucc make?

+1 vote   article: First MoD - Unreal Scipt - Unreal Development Kit
IceIYIaN Oct 31 2009, 2:03am says:

Some games allow combo hotkeys. "ALT-Z", "SHIFT-ALT-Z", "SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-Z"


-1 votes   download: 1337 Board v6
IceIYIaN Oct 17 2009, 3:03am says:

Source map file for Hammer(Source engine):

+1 vote   media: awp_8BaLL
IceIYIaN Jun 26 2009, 5:51pm replied:

lol yeah, it's super easy to pick out Ricochet

+2 votes   media: SandPit mounting Ricochet
IceIYIaN Apr 7 2009, 3:33pm replied:

Well my levels you can only read atm. However, other authors can use photos, sounds, music, have somebody read the book to you, etc. You could play multi-player where your grand pa reads it to you, have a group get together to play the voices...

I never liked the idea of DLC, but for some reason this game has it all over it.

Anyways, I'm mainly just showing my author friend that she has more options than just trying to hit it big with selling a book. She's totally ignoring online, which is a big mistake IMHO.

+4 votes   mod: Epic TaleZ
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 5:30pm says:

This is one hundred times different than typing "thirdperson" in your console

0 votes   download: Elements of War v9
IceIYIaN Apr 2 2009, 5:09am says:

FYI: Elements of War v9 was released.

It contains all keyboard menus and an updated cfg folder. (Which is what 1337 Board is)

ElementsofWar/Scripts/kb_act (HL/HL2/CSS/L4D/and now Dark Messiah)

+1 vote   download: 1337 Board v4 - For HL/HL2/CSS/L4D/ xHL Series
IceIYIaN Mar 2 2009, 7:10pm replied:

Don't know any. Where do I find them?

+1 vote   download: Elements of War UT2004
IceIYIaN Feb 22 2009, 7:19pm says:

Not sure if I can edit that.

+1 vote   download: Elements of War UT2004
IceIYIaN Dec 7 2008, 5:53pm replied:

Textures are a joke. I decided I have no time for textures, so, EoW .8 will use only realistic textures.

Down the line, I'll come back to them so you can play realistic or cartoon.

0 votes   media: Ancient Arena
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