I'm just some college kid who owns a business and is currently working on a first person adventure Noir, and trying to pay rent.

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Angels That Kill Release Plans

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Man I have not used this blog in a while, well here goes nothing.

Angels That Kill is coming along nicely and everything is right on schedule, hopfully this continues and the public demo will be released on October 25, 2015. It will come out on here, on Steam, and on the main game website.

The demo will include the first chapter of the game as well as the soundtrack, the soundtrack alone can be downloaded here and on the main game website. It can be downloaded on Steam as well, but there it is linked to the main game as DLC, so you would have to own Angels That Kill to own the soundtrack. Here and on the main website it is independent of owning the game.

If things continue how we have planned, we should be able to go to PAX South as well in January, but we will still have to see about that.

As always thank you everyone for the support so far and have a great day!

About all the delays

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So there have been delays?

Alright, so anyone who is watching either Pokeman Fire Red SUPRE EDITiON 4 or Far Forgotten will see that they have been delayed several times, this is partially due to laziness but also due to well laziness, but no more, I will put up both of them as soon as possible.
Far Forgotten will be free and receive updates as I work on it, and well Pokeman is just kinda there.

New Game

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So, everyday I check up on Moddb, but I have not had an update for Fade
in a while, and this isn't really and update, its just news. Now I am
still working on Fade and every day it gets better. However, for the
past couple of days now I have been working on a new smaller game.

After looking at Fade for about 4 hours straight I realized that this
is a much bigger project then I had intended. So releasing a smaller
game before hand to help raise some money for Fade would help a ton. So
in about a month from now, I will release a new game simply titled
"Forgotten". It will be released on Desura, if enough money is made then it will also be released on Steam.

Forgotten is a simple game that is inspired by the book "Purgatorio"
by Dante, the second book in The Divine Comedy. It is also inspired a
bit by Demons/Dark Souls in tone of atmosphere.

That's all I really have for now, and make sure to keep watching
Desura for the game, again it should be up soon, I would say
either later today or tomorrow.

Fade and Perisno

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So I haven't made a blog recently and that's due to how much work I have been doing so "yay" I guess?
So recently I have been working a lot on both my game Fade and the mod for M&B:W Perisno.
I would like top start off with Perisno, so far I hope I have been doing a good job with it, all I am really doing are some Misc. models and new houses for the game. Hopefully I get to work on the Mod until the end, because I really enjoy who I work with and actually working on the Mod.

Now, as for Fade.
I have, heavily been working on it, and even though it does not look like much so far, lots of time and effort has been put into that game. I don't think I will release another Pre-Alpha, but instead just keep showing off updates until I release the actual Alpha of the game. As of now I am just working on graphics mostly, as long as some light coding, but once most of the graphics, once thats complete I will start making the story. I have been writing it and it is coming together nicely. I have also decided most of the Extra content for "Fade Away Edition" (special edition). It will include quite a lot for those who wish to buy it for the 3-4 dollars its going to cost.

That's all for about now, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!


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Hello to all.
Hopefully you guys have seen what I've been doing lately, in my last blog I noted at a Mod I would be helping with and I was brought into it today! As of now I am working on the Mount and Blade Mod "Perisno". I also have started making my own adventure game that is being built using Blender and Unity. Now this doesn't mean that I am abandoning my Pokemon Mods, I am still working on Pokeman Ruby Enhanced. As for Pokeman FireRed SUPRE EDITiON 3, the whole thing was kind of a joke anyway, so if I have free time I will work on it, but otherwise I will not be. Thank you to everyone who has helped me out by downloading my Mods so far and hopefully this will continue!

The Pokemans and another project

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So Pokeman Fire Red SUPRE EDITiON 3 was released and Pokeman Ruby Enhanced is about halfway done (with text).
So, as for Pokeman Ruby Enhanced, the text is officially almost officially halfway complete. As of the back story that I am including, its still a bit rough and not quite clear, but that's kind of the point, its really not suppose to be a big grand Mod with a huge back story.
Now, hopefully I will be working on another Mod that is already in progress on ModDB, but until I officially know, I wont say what Mod, but it has nothing to do with Pokemans.

I am back

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Hello, hello, hello!
After one very stressful week dealing the no internet or water, I've finally gotten things back working! Now this past week wasn't a complete shame, I did get a moderate amount of work done on both mods. The releases are still to be on schedule, so keep watching and thanks for the support!

Pokemon Ruby Enhanced v2.0 has been released!

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Alright everyone, today is the big day, I uploaded Pokemon Ruby Enhanced v2.0
Yep, it has been released, just awaiting authorization! I know it has been a while since I posted a blog, but I has been busy figuring out an internet connection problem with my laptop. Anyways I hope that everyone enjoys the latest installment and the little "goodies" I included!

Fire Red Mod

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Pokeman Fire Red is still awaiting authorization, but as soon as it is, I will be uploading the Mod.
Thats right, the comedy Mod for Fire Red is awaiting its release, the moment Fire Red is authorized, its gonna be added. Prepare for the most inappropriate kid directed game yet!

Major Update!

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The first major update to Pokeman Ruby Enhanced was just uploaded!
Hopefully it will be authorized for you guys before the day is over, I meant to upload it last night, but a local storm knocked out my internet. Anyways, check out the Mod and please tell me what else you would like to see in the Mod!

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