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I_Love_Cat Oct 3 2014, 6:51pm says:

Strange, there are no such issues for me. I am also sure i never named a file "banners.g2" Are you sure you extracted all the files? To get back the old banners you have to redownload the original Gekokujo and replace the banner files from it to the folder. If you want to try my copy of the textures folder, pm me and i can send it to you.

+2 votes   download: I_Love_Cat's improved banner pack
I_Love_Cat Jun 13 2014, 6:39am replied:

It's not yet approved, but you will find it here:

Only some of the banners were replaced, but i rearranged the textures so that the worst ones are gone. I also replaced all the menu screens, since i thought the white ones were a bit plain. In my personal version, some of the music is also replaced with tracks from Shogun 2, though for copyright reasons i did not include them, and i suspect that it is much more a matter of taste. Thank you for an awesome mod and keep it up!

+6 votes   article: Gekokujo 3.0 Is Finally Done!
I_Love_Cat Jun 12 2014, 10:51am says:

I just thought you should know, i made my own private submod for this where i remade the banners to be more historically accurate (the right lord has the right banner etc), if you want to include them in yout mod (or just look), i would be happy to send them. They also look a million times better (no more neon colors and pixelations)

+7 votes   article: Gekokujo 3.0 Is Finally Done!
I_Love_Cat Mar 2 2014, 6:09am replied:

I bet that the modders have not bothered to make proper LoD-models.

+2 votes   media: Battle at Black Gate by Virkhus
I_Love_Cat Nov 3 2013, 9:17am says:

Inspired by Eve Online much?? ;)

+1 vote   media: Ship Fitting
I_Love_Cat Oct 30 2013, 7:34am says:

I just want to add that i am currently working on a hotfix for WiF fixing stuff like paratrooper balance, japanese paras being unable to banzai, issues with shared control, issues with strategic bombers being unable to bomb on water, italian troops battling neutrals on map start, and a bunch of other things. It will be released in the coming week.

+1 vote   article: The future of World in Flames
I_Love_Cat Apr 23 2013, 4:24pm replied:

There were generally no real uniforms at this period, both when it came to armors and banners. The only things that were consistent within the clans were the general design of the mon, and even then there were variants. However, the only clan known to have had a uniform color pattern was the Oda clan, who prefered to dress their ashigaru in black armor with lemon clothing. So considering this, i would suggest you use these colors for the Oda banner.

+1 vote   media: Art work.
I_Love_Cat Jul 20 2012, 1:42pm says:

I just can't wait for this!!!

+1 vote   media: Naval Action
I_Love_Cat May 12 2012, 4:59pm replied:

That... ouch. Just ouch.

+1 vote   article: Carrier has arrived!
I_Love_Cat Nov 1 2011, 7:19am says:

I love the whole idea of a vertically-based map. Really brings out the while mine feel in it. Great job as always!

+2 votes   article: Mineshaft Reveal
I_Love_Cat Sep 11 2011, 12:37pm replied:

Ships of the 16th century often really had that riddiculous sterns, have a look at the one from the swedish ship Wasa for instance:

I think it looks wierd because it hols a single, tall window in it instead of several detailed levels.
Nice work on the mesh, although i think the textures feel a bit cartoony.

+1 vote   media: Queen Anne's Revenge
I_Love_Cat Sep 11 2011, 12:29pm replied:

I am a great fan of his work!
Your cat, that is!

+1 vote   media: more pictures
I_Love_Cat Jul 24 2011, 5:40am replied:

I'd say a couple of Kongō-class battleships instead of the Yamato, they are much faster and can keep up with the carriers. Also, submarines are great support during naval battles where it is too chaotic for the enemy to hunt them down.

This mod looks fun, kinda like navyfield!
I might try it out once it is released.

EDIT: Speaking of which, will you have carriers?

+1 vote   game: Thunder Fleets
I_Love_Cat Oct 14 2013, 12:52pm says:

Is there anything you're NOT doing for this game??? You are just too awesome to be true.

+6 votes   media: Game of Faro
I_Love_Cat Sep 10 2013, 9:19am replied:

WORD!! Halo 2 is where ALL the actual canon is created. It is where we first find out ANY information about how things look on earth or within the covenant (Prophets! Admiral Hood!), ALL vessels except Halcyons and CSS-Cruisers are first featured here, it takes place on an immense diversity of worlds, and you get to play the F*KIN ARBITER!!

+3 votes   media: UNSC Infinity
I_Love_Cat Apr 24 2013, 9:49am replied:

Stationary guns is fine, the unpredictability of random maps was propably my greatest concern with this, but as i see you have already replied to this it seems we won't be having any trouble. I know very well the problems of coding a system like this, because i once did one for wc3. The biggest issue then was related to movement - i had to make the soldiers snap to the wheels while they were pushing the cannon, and them getting killed, knocked back or otherwise interrupted could cause some conflict and needed lots of checks.

In any how, i was thinking your artillery crews were looking a bit small, hence me asking. I would suggest at least 6 men for each cannon.

+5 votes   article: Artillery In Singleplayer
I_Love_Cat Apr 24 2013, 6:31am says:

OOOOOHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODDD!!! Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this. How will they move? Do the artillerymen push them, or do you have horse carriages somehow? Or are they stationary? And how many men do you have as spare crew for each cannon? If one gets killed by a stray bullet, as they often do, it mustn't make the cannon useless because of lacking crewmen. Regardless, keep up the good work!

+5 votes   article: Artillery In Singleplayer
I_Love_Cat Mar 7 2013, 11:23am replied:

Well, the Tiger could kill an average of 9 T-34's each, but so what? In the time it took to create 1 tiger tank, you could create 20 T-34's. The Tigers engine was prone to break down or even catch fire, and shifting gear could sometimes require the use of a sledgehammer. It would get stuck in terrain that the T-34 could cruise across. It's weak roof armor made it equally suspectible to air attacks. The T-34 was perhaps not the best tank in one-on-one combat, but it was by far the most effective. If you want to compare the T-34 to a german tank of equal class, compare it to the Pzkpfw IV. There you will find it excels.

+1 vote   media: T-34 model 1943
I_Love_Cat Feb 6 2013, 9:38am says:

Docm30, if you read this, PLEASE tell me that you will include "commander battle" for multiplayer like in NW? It's basically 200 bots distributed over 2 teams where each player commands one type of regiment of their choosing (with bot number weighted by class of troop, ofc) and then they command it just like you do in regular m&b campaign. It should also be possible to include artillery regiments too, where only the player himself controls the cannon. If you do this, i will easily switch NW for L'Aigle!

+1 vote   mod: L'Aigle
I_Love_Cat Jan 7 2013, 1:14pm says:

Can you please desaturate the colors on the textures just a little bit? Especially the red and yellow tones need to be desaturated, and maybe darkened a bit. Everything just looks too colorful right now, some colors almost get a neon glow to them which feels very inappropriate for a medieval age game.

+1 vote   article: House Tyrell of Highgarden Preview
I_Love_Cat Dec 1 2012, 2:19pm says:

Voted for this as MOTY! NOW FINISH IT DAMN YOU!!

+5 votes   mod: L'Aigle
I_Love_Cat Oct 11 2012, 8:49pm says:

Dunno what you guys are talking about. I got a 2.3ghz quad-core computer, 4gb RAM, 2gb graphics card, i run the game smoothly at an even FPS. I got medium textures and all settings on except AO, reflections and texture streaming. FPS is around 30, which i admit is about half of what is standard, but to be fair you could never tell the difference if it was 60 (video cameras record at 24 fps).

One thing i find strange though, is that when i spectate (with the camera chasing other players, before spawn), the fps is at 60, but once i spawn, it goes down to 30 again. Maybe it's something about the UI?

+1 vote   article: Natural Selection 2 Release Date
I_Love_Cat Sep 19 2012, 6:39am replied:

Why eat lembas when you can have some nice stale Cram!

+1 vote   media: New food
I_Love_Cat Jul 20 2012, 1:44pm replied:

Being short is pretty much the definition of a carbine :P

+3 votes   media: British Light and Heavy Dragoons
I_Love_Cat Jul 20 2012, 1:38pm says:

Add videos! I want to see how well you nailed the animations!

+5 votes   article: Heavy Cavalry of Prussia
I_Love_Cat Jun 22 2012, 4:01pm says:

So glad that someone finally picks up where Battlefield 1942 left off. Seriously, way too few ww2 games have been featuring both infantry, tank and airplane warfare like this.

I just seriously hope you ad naval battles too, where you can send in different types of ships and have players man their guns, too!

+2 votes   article: Heroes & Generals – Come Out to Play Trailer
I_Love_Cat May 26 2012, 4:11pm says:

Ssssssss... :D

+1 vote   article: Armored supporters
I_Love_Cat May 12 2012, 4:55pm says:

Nice to see you are still working on this mod.

+1 vote   media: Decal ROUGH sample
I_Love_Cat May 12 2012, 4:54pm says:

Looks good, except.. the textures have no detail whatsoever. It looks like you just slapped on some grey/brown/black colors onto the models - if anything, you would want to improve the graphics from the original game? because the bar is not set that very high.

+1 vote   article: New ships for the Imperial Japanese Navy
I_Love_Cat Apr 17 2012, 6:39am replied:

Well, swedes tend to have that attitude about their own language.

0 votes   article: Patch 1.06c Revision 3 is released!
I_Love_Cat Apr 3 2012, 11:36am says:

Kinda like an italian M3 Grant :)

+4 votes   media: Fiat M11/39
I_Love_Cat Mar 11 2012, 7:17am replied:

Patching efforts? What patching efforts?
My soldiers still die when running down stairs that are adjacent to destroyed walls, thank you CA! Not to mention boardings failing to complete (resulting in stuck ships), the bugging sounds in campaign map, and the fact that the game is incapable of picking another host when the host leaves. :(

+2 votes   article: DarthMod Napoleon v2.3 Released
I_Love_Cat Mar 11 2012, 7:07am says:

I knew this mod was too good to be true.

+1 vote   article: A New Year, a New Direction
I_Love_Cat Feb 25 2012, 6:00pm says:

Builder tool looks cool and all, but judging from the video, i miss the old sparks sound! This one sounds more like microwaving the structures to completion rather than welding them!

+1 vote   article: Build 198 & 197
I_Love_Cat Feb 7 2012, 8:24am says:

You really need to work on your proportions. His head is in proportion to his arm, but they both look huuuge compared to the tiny body and the short, midget-like legs. Also, i get the impression that his other arm dissapears somewhat behind his body, even with the angle, it should stick out behind him. Finally, his torso is skewed in an impossible way given that pose, which makes it look like the straight arm is attached directly to his nipple without a shoulder. A shame, given that his face, hood and hands were all very well drawn.

+1 vote   media: December 2011 update
I_Love_Cat Jan 31 2012, 8:28am says:

Napoleon total war in M&B?
Just make sure you add multiplayer too!

+2 votes   media: 1794 - Battle Formations
I_Love_Cat Jan 26 2012, 11:58am says:

I really don't understand how people would draw parallels between this and socialism - for christ sake, the concept of the law is to give the power of censorship to the COMPANIES, to make the hunt for profit control the internet, that if anything would be the polar opposite of socialism!
Goddamn americans are still mentally in cold war-mode.

+2 votes   article: SOPA and PIPA - our internet freedom
I_Love_Cat Jan 26 2012, 11:46am replied:

SOPA means "garbage" in swedish. So suiting :)
And PIPA means "pipe", lol.

+1 vote   article: SOPA and PIPA - our internet freedom
I_Love_Cat Feb 25 2015, 6:03am replied:

Nigga please, 445 here!

+1 vote   media: Make a ModDB Account
I_Love_Cat Feb 17 2015, 6:44am replied:

The most invasive ads are the ones which start playing a video or making a racket. Just keep those off the sites and i will have no problem with ads.

+19 votes   article: The challenge of Adblock
I_Love_Cat Sep 25 2014, 11:42am says:

I honestly feel like all the female character designs for this game are ridiculously over-sexualized. Perhaps you should consider changing the title to "Attack of the space hookers"?

+1 vote   media: Companion Example Art
I_Love_Cat Jun 9 2014, 10:52am says:

Martells don't ride camels. They ride sand steeds, a breed of light brown horses which are very swift and enduring, although not very strong.

+1 vote   media: New stuff
I_Love_Cat Jun 2 2014, 12:18pm says:

I might be speaking for myself, but despite enjoying programming, i find it simply incredibly boring to watch someone else do it.

+2 votes   article: Progress Update April/May 2014
I_Love_Cat Jan 24 2014, 7:52am says:

I love you so much.

+20 votes   media: Old Guard in Winter
I_Love_Cat Jan 18 2012, 10:46am replied:

Since when would an ideology based on the redistribution of resources have any opinion on censorship in the first place? Censorship is a tool of dictators or anyone else who wants to force their ideals onto others, regardless of what "-ism" they put on themselves. My own home country, Sweden, is traditionally socialist, and we're not the ones using beeping sounds, black boxes or pixelated fingers.

+17 votes   article: Blackout Day
I_Love_Cat Sep 8 2011, 6:33am says:

So this is looks just like Shogun 2 in the terms of both map, characters, design and UI.. except without epic real-time battles!

Still, gotta love Paradox Interactive, though.

+1 vote   article: Sengoku - Way of the Warrior Pre-order Available!
I_Love_Cat Aug 27 2011, 12:00pm says:

Wait.... ArmA 2 is F2P, and it's predecessor is sold at 3,99?

+1 vote   article: ARMA Gold on Desura
I_Love_Cat Aug 26 2011, 5:01am replied:


+1 vote   media: Screenshots
I_Love_Cat Aug 26 2011, 4:31am replied:

They do have modeled chassis behind the tracks, but on some of them it is laid pretty deep and is hard to spot from this angle. Regardless, you don't notice it when the tank is on the ground in the game.

+1 vote   article: US Army summary
I_Love_Cat Aug 7 2011, 5:07pm replied:

Yeah, they look a bit funny, but you will be seeing them at a very long distance.

+2 votes   article: Introducing the Imperial Japanese Army!
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