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Mod Review on May 13th, 2012 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

This mod (even without the patches) set the example for what Call of Pripyat should have been. The gameplay in regards to the difficulty and ballistic enhancements leaves a very satisfying feeling. Almost 200 hours put into Call of Pripyat alone and this mod gives Call of Pripyat a very attitude. Very unforgiving. I'm in love with it, aside from a few nuances, to include a few 10:16 resolution iron sight misalignments (which i wish I could fix myself), weapons missing sprint animations, and the new created weapons that have integrated red 'dot' sights. I love the look of it, however they're nothing of quality like the 74 Cobra. A bit more love needs to be spent on them, in my opinion.

The atmosfear used in this is amazing, and it would seem every time the sun pokes out for a few hours is a blessing, however funnily enough, I feel safest during cloudy mornings and sunsets. The new textures are mindblowingly good, and I could only wish to run the Dynamic Lighting at DX11.

All in all, amazing. You guys did a great job, enough to look past the few mistakes.

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