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Well, I recognize that we have not been updating for a while our blog at Indiedb, but I think that we have ac good excuse, as we have been working intensivly to prepare our upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Upside-Down Dimensions Yuurei  teaser

In order to be ready for an intensive month, in terms of communication and PR, he have been preparing a lot a of new materials, and planning carefully most of the steps that we will be performing as soon as we are live in the most successful crowd-funding platform.

We have basically two main objectives when going for the crowd-funding: 1) to be able to collect the funding that we need to keep developing the game to its conclusion at least in one or two of the platforms, and that will allow us from there to organically through the game sales to continue the development for other platforms (in case the game is liked): 2) To keep promoting the game and shoutout loud and clear to new audiences what an awesome game we have in our hands.

Upside-Down Dimensions intense action

Planning for a kickstarter campaign is not an easy task, specially in a year where for the first time, the number and volume of kickstarter funding has been falling, part due to the failure of some projects in delivering the committed and part due to possible some tiredness of backers towards a lot of new projects almost in a daily basis. This makes, more crucial than ever, the need to get it right the first time and to be able to impact potential backers with the most vibrant and brilliant aspects of your game, directly into their hearts and get backing from the emotion.

30 days is a long time to prepare, and large list of actions, resources and materials to be delivered as to have the momentum rolling and the engagement with the community rising. But we think that it is no more complicated than creating a great game nowadays where lack of funding makes it harder to move games forward.

We will summarizing the process here in Indiedb, and we hope to have good news to share once we have gone through those incredible 30 days under the light of Kickstarter. Stay tune and gives us your support too, as without committed players and fellows developers we wouldn't be where we are currently.

Upside-Down Dimensions melee AI combat system

Press Release

Press Release

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