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Time to Nominate!

12 years ago News 4 comments

Alright, time to put this feature to use. You may have noticed a feature in your Control Panel where you can nominate your favourite mod. Well its time...


Download Mirrors

13 years ago The Specialists 4 comments

If your having a hard time getting The Specialists modification for Half Life, and you really want it, there is a list of mirrors of where you can get...

Unreal Tournament 2003

Interview @ ActionRealm

13 years ago Terrorism: Fight For Freedom 1 comment

ActionRealm posted up an interview yesterday that they had with Captain Winters from the Unreal Tournament 2003 modifcation; Terrorism: Fight for Freedom...

Soldier of Fortune II

Interview @ ActionRealm

13 years ago The 45th Platoon 3 comments

Sevensins from The 45th Platoon has a interview with me about The 45th Platoon, a Soldier Of Fortune 2 based modification that looks to rock. In the interview...


Interview @ ActionRealm

13 years ago Destiny 0 comments

CouGaR interviewed the multi-talitented Mojo from the Destiny HL mod about, you guessed it, Destiny. This interview contains 10 questions all with in...

Mods Awating Authentication

13 years ago News 0 comments

It has come to my attention along with alot of the other staff here at modDB, that alot of modifications are being registered with non working URL's or...


Testing Session Shots

13 years ago The Specialists 2 comments

Just spoted this on their forum, some super shots from a testing session that took place no more then 24 hours ago. Some very super shots here, check...


Tour of Duty Preview

13 years ago Tour of Duty 6 comments

MasterChopChop has a preview of Tour of Duty up over on ActionRealm, it comes with 26 images and covers the main points of the modification. Dont forget...

News Explaination, Policies and HuntEr's Welcome

13 years ago News 0 comments

Policies I shall begin this post on a rather serious note. That is that recently, a few bogus mods pointing to spam sites have been submitted. Thankfully...

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