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battle19945 Jan 22 2014 says:

humiliator why you think dnalange stole content from you? explane yourself plz im not gona eb rude dont worry, i just want some answers thats all.

greet battle

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TheAmnesiaLover Jan 23 2014 replied:

Dnalange has been working togheter with both Humiliator, Summer and Vengeful on different projects. Apparently, Humilitator claim Dnalange stole maps/part of maps from his story he usesd to work on. All of those 3 people claim the same thing. Dnalange steal content/don't give credits where it's due. It was exactly the same with Mental Memorial (story he made before his newest one).

Humiliator has already explained this several times but Dnalange is not man enough to keep it at his mod and delete every comment.

It's one thing if one user says this, but every guy Dnalange has worked togheter with claims the same thing, so obviously something is going on. Dnalange is a hypocrite when it comes to defending his mods to for that matter.

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Nocturnal_Insanity Oct 12 2015 replied:

he made premonition before enigma

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HumiliatoR Creator
HumiliatoR Jan 29 2014 replied:

This guy is saying the true facts and telling you the truth, I'm not gonna bother and fight over this thing anymore, because it's useless waste of time, nobody can't do anything, there are Dnalange side and believe that Dnalange uses legit content..

Moderators banned me temporarily week ago because Dnalange attacked my thread and just come here to complain how I ruined her thread and just annoy her, well the fact is Dnalange ruined my thread aswell and just complain for no reason, which comes to this and moderators decided to close my thread and well, annoyed by me and banned me like two weeks temporarily, however I have proof that he used four of my maps on her mod. But yeah because moderators don't care anymore and almost noone believes us, so it's pointless to show this proof anymore.

Moving on, I learn now I have really hard time to trust ppls in this community, this community is simply corrupted imo.

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battle19945 Feb 4 2014 replied:

i feel srry for you man if it is the truth its indeed difficult for me who to believe and i wont choose side im gona stay neutral to this but i was interested in this thx for replying, its indeed so that this comunity is corupt i have seen dead mods on moddb wich was a cause of a team wich gave each other the claim it was there fault, you could letterly read the fight spam on that tread, but anyways im not here aswel for a fight i was just curious thats all like i said before im neutral to this.

ps: if it is the case that there was a part of that mod wich contained your maps then i say beautiful maps man you did a great job.

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HumiliatoR Creator
HumiliatoR Feb 6 2014 replied:

Thanks for the support dude! Glad to know somebody still believes me.

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battle19945 Feb 7 2014 replied:

im not saying i completely believe you im just saying its hard for me who to believe thats why i m staying neutral to this. but im still srry for you man that you have to go trough this ****.

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daortir Dec 28 2013 says:

Thanks for showing your interest in my Custom Story : ). Hopefully The Silver Key will not disappoint you !

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HumiliatoR Creator
HumiliatoR Jan 9 2014 replied:

No problem man, excited to play it :)

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KyleTheStalker Jun 28 2013 says:

Thanks for the review... The bugs about seing trough walls is any type of installation problem... I've seen some videos that they haven't got any issue. And it didn't toke me "5 minutes mapping" i'm sorry but every map takes hours. Just people don't usually care about that. If i didn't put so many stuff was to make a focus in the story... Sorry if you expected something else.

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KevinHorvath Jun 10 2013 says:

If you looked at description, I specifically said "This custom story is directed more towards story line rather than scares" Thanks for the review, but next time, read the description. I'm only providing feedback of your review. Also, check out Paranormal Survivors if you like mapping:

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HumiliatoR Creator
HumiliatoR Jun 11 2013 replied:

I read it, I was just telling my honest opinion of that mod. You just have to take criticism too and same thing with the Paranormal what I looked those pictures? Is it really early progress or why every picture looks pretty empty too. Just for the hint if you want players track your mod and get interest you should increse your mapping skills and make even more unique mapping style and detail rooms more. Just helping you, not being a douche.

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