Hi there, I very much enjoy gaming it is a strong passion of mine, I am also aspiring to become a game developer I am currently learning about the Unreal Development Kit and Cryengine right now I can only do basic mapping in both and am currently learning some pretty basic stuff on scripting, I have no real modelling skills even though I really want to learn that and texturing the most (I am not an artist however am very interested in learning it.) I have some basic tutorials on AI scripting and modelling however have no custom meshes to test on if anyone has some tutorials I am willing to take up any materials regarding developing even if it is for development of a different engine such as unity or darkplaces. Thanks for reading if you do have anything that could help just message me with a link thanks.

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FullMetal358 Oct 20 2014, 4:36pm says:

1. I have to give firearms the edge mostly because of the range that you can take a monster out

2. Assault Rifles any type as long as its a rifleish form

3. to be honest neither is safe so i'd want space but seeing as that's not an option meet in the middle so you aren't that far away from the city but not close enough to any monsters

+4 votes     article: Game Competition (NETHER)
FullMetal358 Sep 2 2014, 10:38am says:

nice i'll be watching closely

+3 votes     article: Mercennarios - September Dev Log
FullMetal358 May 24 2014, 12:44pm replied:

I agree great work this will break ground in the video game industry

+1 vote     article: T.I.M.E.S. - Update #4
FullMetal358 May 1 2014, 12:51am says:


+1 vote     media: WIP character model from Maya
FullMetal358 May 1 2014, 12:48am says:

Yup you guys (or guy I have no idea of what your studio consists of) have done amazing work

+3 votes     article: Crawle 1.0.0 Plans
FullMetal358 Apr 18 2014, 5:23pm says:


+1 vote     article: Demo Progress & Your Own NPC!
FullMetal358 Nov 10 2013, 4:37pm says:

Hi first I'd like to say that's a great pitch for the TSB I like the idea very much.

On the encumbrance I don't think its worth putting in to the game, if this game was combat-oriented it would add a type of strategy to it being prepared or being quick. Seeing the game as it is, the encumbrance would only get in the way of actually playing though I can see how it would work in this game.

Thanks for the update and good luck with your pitch

+2 votes     article: Less business, more development!
FullMetal358 Jul 18 2013, 5:21pm says:

hello there good sir

+2 votes     member: Lopractic
FullMetal358 Jun 22 2013, 11:25pm replied:

I didn't think the re4 port was that bad but with saints row 2 I still can't even get past the logos (I'm pretty sure its not the computer as it runs most modern games fine)

+2 votes     article: Saint's Row 2 & 3 Mod Support
FullMetal358 May 28 2013, 12:39am says:

I'm liking it so far keep up the great work

+2 votes     download: StaudSoft's Synthetic World 0.1 Beta 32Bit
FullMetal358 May 11 2013, 1:15pm says:

screens look great but this one is a bit crowded, will there be any adjustments?

+2 votes     media: Screens of the game
FullMetal358 May 7 2013, 7:57pm says:

Looks interesting what else do you have planned?

+2 votes     article: New vegetation and climatic zone
FullMetal358 Apr 23 2013, 6:46pm says:

well at least its not completely dead hope your work continues to go well

+1 vote     article: Mod is not dead.
FullMetal358 Apr 18 2013, 8:57pm says:

Alright Ai is always a good thing to have wish games would focus on good ai more often

+2 votes     media: A.I. R&D
FullMetal358 Apr 17 2013, 6:47pm says:

congrats getting through the greenlight can't wait to see the game on steam

+2 votes     game: Planet Explorers
FullMetal358 Apr 17 2013, 6:39pm says:

glad to see that the goal has already been met. Good luck with the next three weeks

+2 votes     article: Risk of Rain Kickstarter
FullMetal358 Apr 4 2013, 12:32am says:

glad to hear again from this game, it looks as good as ever

+3 votes     article: Long overdue update!
FullMetal358 Mar 26 2013, 12:41am says:

glad this is still being worked on the RTD is pretty fun

+2 votes     article: IM BACK!!!
FullMetal358 Mar 23 2013, 2:29am says:

it's so awesome to hear from this mod again

+1 vote     article: Friday Update: March 22nd, 2013
FullMetal358 Mar 20 2013, 12:42am says:

loved the manga have yet to watch the anime is it any good?

+1 vote     media: Oreimo
FullMetal358 Feb 28 2013, 11:09pm says:

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome

+1 vote     media: Character Customization
FullMetal358 Feb 8 2013, 12:22am says:

Glad to hear you made it I was worried when the project first started but it sounds like things can only go better from here good luck and glad you got funded.

+1 vote     article: Dark Storm says Thanks!
FullMetal358 Jan 17 2013, 11:48pm says:

Gotta admit I was brought here by the picture of Kagamine Rin sounds interesting though good luck

+1 vote     article: Olacraft introduction
FullMetal358 Jan 10 2013, 7:22pm says:

I thought the game looked familiar just couldn't put my finger on it anyways congrats that is amazing that they chose your game out of everything they could have chosen

+2 votes     article: Microsoft demoes next gen concept w/ SuperTuxKart and Red Eclipse (FOSS games)
FullMetal358 Jan 6 2013, 6:35pm says:

Hope you bring back bots someday but its great to see that there is still work being done on this

+3 votes     article: Bad Fur Day Remake - News 04
FullMetal358 Jan 4 2013, 2:33am says:

Very nice

+3 votes     media: K98AZ
FullMetal358 Dec 16 2012, 10:50pm says:

Thanks for adding AI support my internet isn't very good so I end up playing against AI a lot

+4 votes     article: Renegade X - Map Design and AI
FullMetal358 Dec 13 2012, 6:12pm says:

Really cool the design is amazing

+2 votes     media: Lightforce Assault Rifle Low Poly
FullMetal358 Dec 11 2012, 11:51pm says:

Hey saw you got an article on rockpapershotgun reminded me I have yet to try alpha .41, congrats

+1 vote     game: Planet Explorers
FullMetal358 Dec 6 2012, 6:19pm says:

That is a nice looking blaster, really cool

+1 vote     media: DL-44 blaster - finished
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