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HounderKnight Aug 8 2013, 5:30pm says:

Nice work. Can't wait to see it in game :)

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HounderKnight Aug 8 2013, 11:06am replied:

That's happened to me multiple times as well. Alt-tab'ing and maximizing the game again fixes it for me without having to restart, though obviously I have no idea if it'll work for others.

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HounderKnight Aug 8 2013, 10:29am says:

Lovely uniform work as usual.

+2 votes     article: Pistols, Sentinels, and Stormtroopers
HounderKnight Aug 7 2013, 9:56pm replied:

The swath of comments and posts say otherwise (at least as far as "unbroken" goes).

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HounderKnight Aug 7 2013, 3:30am replied:

To be safe, I almost never use DX10/11 when first playing games, but I've recently run into CTD upon loading any of my saves just with DX9.

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HounderKnight Aug 6 2013, 9:19pm says:

Is that a bolter and Space Marine armor I see? ;D

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HounderKnight Aug 4 2013, 10:44am replied:

Err, I think you missed the point of "semi-automatic."

+1 vote     mod: MISERY
HounderKnight Aug 3 2013, 10:00pm says:

Well, game officially broke...

Now every time I try to load any of my saves - even ones with a different class - the game crashes to desktop. I've even tried setting all my preferences to low (someone on a page or two over said it may help), but to no avail. It all started after I saved nearby the Sawmill during a return visit, and was almost immediately killed by some sort of psychic mutant (I'm not sure what it was since I didn't even see it, nor have I played the unmodded CoP).

I assume multiple people have also brought up that trying to mod the Galil also results in an instant crash. I assume it's happened with lots of others, but I also experience no subtitles whatsoever.

The mod is amazing - though sometimes agonizingly difficult! I just hope some or all of the issues will be fixed by the patch.

+4 votes     mod: MISERY
HounderKnight Aug 3 2013, 7:10pm says:

Adorable and awesome :)

+1 vote     media: Watch Shield
HounderKnight Jul 30 2013, 12:05am says:

What chapter/ band is this? Or is it just a custom one?

+1 vote     media: Have some 40k
HounderKnight Jul 30 2013, 12:03am says:

Gorgeous work! Though that rifleman seems a bit ill-prepared without a bayonet ;)

+4 votes     media: 2.0 German soldiers
HounderKnight Jul 27 2013, 7:06pm says:

How exactly will the honor/ dishonor system work? Will you earn the respective points through certain gameplay choices, or will the player choose to allocate points towards honor/ dishonor as they earn experience?

+3 votes     article: Character Customisation in Bushido: Build your own Samurai
HounderKnight Jul 25 2013, 2:47am says:

Now that's a beaut'

+7 votes     media: G3/SG1
HounderKnight Jul 24 2013, 10:43pm says:

The screens all look amazing.

Keep up the great work :)

+1 vote     media: Fran Bow with the tree ghosts in-game screenshot!
HounderKnight Jul 17 2013, 1:50am says:

Awesome! Been waiting for a good feudal Japanese, up-close-and-personal combat sim.

Best of wishes!

+3 votes     article: Big news for Bushido
HounderKnight Jul 11 2013, 7:30pm says:

I watched as the original Oblivion page popped up on Moddb and began to evolve and eventually move towards the Skyrim port; all throughout being very excited to not only get a full, in-depth single-player RPG true to the lore and world, but one that was extremely high-quality and lovingly crafted.

It's disheartening to hear the news... A pox on both the engine and legal limitations.

Nevertheless, I'm glad the team is at least continuing on with new projects; I'm eager to see how they turn out :)

RIP MERP, and good luck to the team members in the future!

+4 votes     article: MERP status
HounderKnight Jul 10 2013, 6:04am says:

Holy Jebus. My computer's pretty good, but I'm worried about how my FPS is going to look when I try to run around here on max settings.

In short: flippin' gorgeous.

+7 votes     media: Paris
HounderKnight Jul 4 2013, 7:06pm says:

Reminds me of the Bates house :o

Lovely work and atmosphere.

+1 vote     media: a classical survival horror
HounderKnight Jul 1 2013, 8:03am says:

Interesting report, indeed.

+1 vote     article: Steam Greenlight Research
HounderKnight Jun 13 2013, 9:05pm says:

Great work. Particularly loving that greatcoat

+1 vote     article: German Uniforms.2
HounderKnight Jun 11 2013, 12:36am replied:

Oh? My's the same case for the rest of the screenshots then, I assume? The "User Screenshots" title just made me jump to the conclusion that they were taken by someone using some lovely shaders, since many of the screens on the Nexus and elsewhere these days use them.

Beautiful nonetheless :)

+1 vote     media: User Screenshots
HounderKnight Jun 10 2013, 7:18pm says:

Which shader/ ENB settings and such are being used in these?

Amazing work, by the way :)

+1 vote     media: User Screenshots
HounderKnight Jun 9 2013, 12:47pm says:

Oh my...excellent and beautiful work :)

+1 vote     media: Damned Nation: Damned city
HounderKnight Jun 7 2013, 8:37pm says:

Nice. Thanks for the quick upload/ updates, guys :)

+2 votes     download: ARCHIVED - 1.1.0 PATCH
HounderKnight May 29 2013, 7:58pm says:

Been watching for a bit now; great work so far and I'm sure the team will produce a fine game if you all stick with it :)


+3 votes     article: A classical survival horror
HounderKnight May 28 2013, 8:02pm says:

Are the Elves going to be expanded on? High Elves, Mirkwood Elves, Silvan Elves, etc.

+1 vote     media: races to choose from
HounderKnight May 27 2013, 6:21pm says:

Very well done; especially that knight armor :o

+2 votes     media: Update
HounderKnight May 24 2013, 6:59pm says:

Love me those greatcoats :o

+1 vote     article: General update
HounderKnight May 20 2013, 1:43am says:

Oh my :o Now that's more like it! Can't wait to see it in the field!

+1 vote     media: German Uniform [Old]
HounderKnight May 11 2013, 5:04pm says:

Gosh darn that's beautiful :o

+3 votes     media: Maschinengewehr 08
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