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Grey Goo Ecosystem DB

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After many months and requests, I have finally made a Grey Goo fan group here in ModDB. A home for those who are fans of the upcoming RTS game by the very few former creators of C&C, Petroglyph! Unfortunately, all future Grey Goo content will no longer be posted on C&C Paradise hopefully. So be sure to track Grey Goo Ecosytem DB for all the latest update on the game!

Oh, I forgot. If you haven't been paying attention, the main website to C&C has been changed into some placeholder. The official forums are gone but do not worry, a temporary one has been created on the Tiberium Alliances forum. I'll be hanging around there as well as in CNCNZ, another great forum to be at. The C&C subreddit is another option but that place is not that great.


EVE Online - Titanomachy

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So while I was happily mining some belts in my Retriever, I thought of something. I should do something stupid by going to B-R5RB through a dangerous route. I wanted to see the mighty fallen Titans. I went to Jita, fitted a Condor with a MWD, shield extenders, and warp drive stabilizers because fuck you gankers, you ain’t catching me. I undocked from Jita and head West to begin my journey. In the first lowsec system, I got caught in a bubble. Don’t panic, I got this, I have a MWD so no worries. As I got out of the bubble, a interdictor dropped in and threw a second bubble at me. But he’s too late as I am way too fast for him...

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EVE Online - Day 31 & 33 – Fleep Ops (I’M HELPING!)

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This week has been a very busy week. I’ve joined a PVP corporation called the Concordiat, which is part of the Spaceship Samurai. On day 31, there was a fleet op for us NewBros. It took a while for it to set up due to some issues that has to be deal with. Eventually the fleet was finally set up and we were ready to go. Our FC taught us some basic fleet terminology and how to tackle. I was amazed by how the FC can warp the entire fleet at the same time since it looks pretty awesome. Very screenshot worthy. After we were done, the FC told us to join up an ongoing battle which it did not work very well for me. When I first warped into the battlefield, I was like “Oh shit…” due to the number of ships on the field. It was my first time seeing a huge fleet battle. I was flying a tackle frigate so I was kind of useless. My ship didn’t last long so I got the hell out before I get podded (but I did get podded eventually by a dictor I believe.) Unfortunately I was too amazed by the battle to take any screenshots of it. I’m not sure what was the outcome of the battle since I didn’t rejoin the battle. Oh but I did buy a Ferox for L3 missions on that day.

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When I'm bored

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So like... I bought C&C The Ultimate Collection not too long ago. I say it's worth $20 even though TW and KW crashes all the time, making it unplayable. Installed Renegade but I have no idea how the online works with XWIS so fuck that game I'm too lazy to fix it. Completed Tiberian Twilight and got to level 20 for both factions. I seem to have a higher chance of winning when playing Nod which is quite satisfying. For Uprising, the bullshit gang up missions in Challenge mode is bullshit. Oh yeah, I finally tried out Mental Omega and it was chaotic as hell! Anyway, I've been working on some vectors when I'm bored. I don't know why I wrote this crap.

Wub wub wub...

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Generals 2 and Battlefield 4... damn both are going to be awesome! Westwood fanboys, you better question your Petroglyph because they have nothing to compete with C&C! Especially when they lost EoN to Trion! I freaking hate idiots who thinks the next C&C is pay to win, they never check their facts before talking crap about the game.

It's Still 2007

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It's been less than a year since the last Call of Duty game. None of this surprises me.
What happens when Battlefield 2143 is announced? Will those Call of Duty idiots say it is a rip off of Black Ops 2? Battlefield did a World War 2, Vietnam, and futuristic setting before Call of Duty did.
Black Ops 2 looks like a combination of Terminator, C&C, 2142, Ghost Recon (I think), and a little bit of Red Dead Redemption (can't think of any other games with horses).

Call of Duty: Terminator (Horse Edition)

Red Alert 3 Mods

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So many mods are so similar in ra3
when i meant similar, i meant most of them have uprising units
what happened to the creativity?
look at paradox, shockwave, and tib essence! they have completely new units
Mods like i mentioned above are doing it right
We need more creative mods, not the same old crap

Tiberian Eclipse News

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New Developments

How many times do we reiterate things are moving slow, but they are continuing to move slowly as we all have school and work. This further complicates matters, and we are losing members notably General SG Jist (a victim of extenuating circumstances), we are all sad to see him go. We currently lack anyone who can devote the amount of time needed to get this going so we are making changes in hopes to attract new members, the Hybrid concept is being put on hold. We will be making Tiberian Eclipse in two parts, an full RTS on the Sage engine, this part will feature the GDI campaign, then a FPS will be made in UDK, featuring the Nod Campaign. This does not mean we do not think that a hybrid will work, or that we wont revisit the idea in the future, only that we lack the member strength to make it work at the moment. As this change takes place we are glad to see the return of Tiberian Fiend as a member. Again feel free to use our forum to discuss. See you on the Battlefield Commander.


Battlefield 3

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yup, there is gonna be battlefield 3. it will be released in late 2011
according to a ign article, there will be a official announcement in march 1st at GDC 2011
sadly, i heard that MODERN WARFARE 3 (ew) will be released late 2011
mw3 will be grabbing all the attention
possibly reducing the sales of bf3


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it really sux bad! seriously, u can only build defences and units. no other buildings can be built. stupid freaking pop cap and u have to be online all the time (did that rhyme?) no resource gathering sucks! anyway, i hope that Gen2 would be a bigger hit than cnc4. and i also hope that EA would bring Tiberium FPS back. it looks so awesome!

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