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Rogue Legacy

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NEO Scavenger

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NEO Scavenger has come a long way so far and I hope that it will continue to progress. Anyone who is a fan of roguelikes or anyone who has had trouble playing roguelikes in the past due to the steep learning curve should give this game a shot.

Just prepare to die. You will drown in your internal hemorrhages on more than one occasion. Or fall unconscious and get your head stomped in. Or die of exposure.


Diehard Dungeon

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Excellent game with solid mechanics. This game features a simplified approach to the hack n' slash and brings in simple physics ala Crossfire a popular boardgame from the early nineties. A cute companion, the bottomless chest, follows you around throughout the game collecting treausre and occasionally upgrading itself. Even at this early stage the game shows a high degree of polish and is an excellent candidate for being Greenlit especially if the developer decides to make this a budget title ($5 to $10 range).



Game review

Wake is a fantastic game that I was able to play through, on Easy, in less than an hour. I immediately made an attempt at the Medium difficulty something I would rarely do even in a very short game and I was surprised at how much the intensity had revved up. With a total of 4 plays and 2 completions I highly recommend picking this game up, especially if it is a part of an indie bundle or is on sale itself.

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