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POP: Methodology Experiment One

Game review

The short: Wario Ware + super lo-fi TV clips + seizure inducing art = POP: Methodology Experiment One.

The slightly longer:
A very unique game that actually manages to throw some fun in with the crazy visuals. Some 'art' games try a little too hard e.g. Passages, but this one is fun even if it does at times appear to have a political message, such as the 'liberation' level.

Overall I recommend that you play this odd little game. It's very short, it's fun and it doesn't do anything too groan inducing in the name of art. The developer even had the common courtesy to supply a score at the end. This is important because the display of the score is an admission of being a video game, something that many art/indie developers are too narcissistic to include.


Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land

Game review

Very fun game that has taken inspiration from and pays homage to The Binding of Isaac and NES/GB Zelda games.

The game can be frustrating but usually just enough to make you want to try again.

One major problem with the game is the sheer amount of grammatical and spelling errors I have encountered. As soon as the developer gets these fixed the game will be highly polished.


Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle

Game review

The short: A clean, polished roguelike that is easy to jump into and start playing immediately. Prepare to die often, learn from your mistakes and most importantly have fun.

The long: I just booted up the game for the first time and I am very impressed. Graphically it is retro styled but it is very polished looking. The graphics also belie the depth and complexity of the game. Do not mistake this game to be an overly simplified game which wears its indie flag as an excuse for poor gameplay and graphics.

I have not had a chance to do anything beyond very simple crafting, but I have crafted several helmets, hats and wooden arrows. There are 4 crafting slots but so far I have put in many things in the slots and only figured out how to utilize 1 material in 1 slot. It also seems, like Dungeons of Dredmore (DoD), that there are different stations with which to craft with although none appear to be portable.

The tone of the game is somewhat silly with many jokes to be found, but the stats, items and crafting is far less convoluted than DoD.

My main criticism appears to be very little story included, which is the usual for the genre, but I always enjoy having a goal, lots of flavor text and lore to find. Either way as a roguelike this isn't necessary to have fun.

Overall this is a fantastic game and is truly worthy of an 8+ rating, unlike many games on Desura (how games that are so incomplete they are near unplayable get a 9+ score is beyond me). If necessary I will update this review.



Game review - 1 agrees

Not sure why the average score is so low but this game is a lot of fun. I recently picked it up in the Indie Royale Mayhem Bundle and I've played it on STEAM quite a bit. It is similar to the classic Pipe Dream (and similar) games, but the twist is that the pieces are fixed and must be spun into place. There are multiple game modes and when things are going good and you have drop accounted for its a blast.


Love, By Fred Wood

Game review

This game proves that you don't need many frills as long as you have great gameplay. I can't even figure out why it is fun. It is repetitive, it looks very, very old school and the only challenge is platforming. Judging by those attributes I should hate this game and so should everyone else, but I don't and I don't think anyone else does either. Verdict: Just stick it in yo' Genesis!


To the Moon

Game review

A highly polished game that has received almost universal acclaim. You owe it yourself to play this game if you have been in a rut of half finished indie games that will forever remain in the alpha stage or beta at best by the time they are abandoned by the developers.

While this game features a higher quality of writing compared than 99% of video games it, unfortunately, becomes the exception that proves the rule: video game writing is light years behind visuals and mechanics. The story also tends to get a bit heavy handed especially when betrayed by the overly simplistic display of the characters and their environment.

Overall this is still a step in the right direction and I still have hope that one day the gaming world will finally produce its Illiad, Hamlet or Mona Lisa.


Depth Hunter

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While visually appealing this game, frankly lacks gameplay. The main objective is to spearfish which turns out to be much more difficult than necessary. If you consider buying this game outside of a bundle please watch reviews and notice that no one is capable of reeling in fish with any kind of consistency.

Luckily, with improved mechanics or a fan patch this game could be saved. It would take a lot of work and the game, again while it looks good now, is going to quickly begin showing its age. If the developers are looking to cash in on a sequel they are going to need to really step up and make the game outstandingly beautiful and far more populated with fish or at least realistically sized schools as for now they are too small.

As always caveat emptor.


Diehard Dungeon

Game review - 1 agrees

Excellent game with solid mechanics. This game features a simplified approach to the hack n' slash and brings in simple physics ala Crossfire a popular boardgame from the early nineties. A cute companion, the bottomless chest, follows you around throughout the game collecting treausre and occasionally upgrading itself. Even at this early stage the game shows a high degree of polish and is an excellent candidate for being Greenlit especially if the developer decides to make this a budget title ($5 to $10 range).


Megabyte Punch

Game review


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