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"You must create a weapon that can hit every point in space and time in the multiverse... with bullets that are each composed of every point in space and time in the multiverse... at point blank range to every point in space and time in the multiverse... And to clarify, the term "multiverse" includes: all alternate realities, parallel realities, perpendicular realities, potential realities, imagined realities, unimagined realities, inconceivable realities, and impossible realities. So you need a gun that shoots at everything, with everything, when next to everything. Now... how can we achieve *dramatic chord* too much dakka?" ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... NEVA ENOUGH DAKKA!!!!1!!

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War! Dec 4 2011, 3:45pm says:

have you even read my comment??
my ships were in a half circle formation you can't flank that.
i don't see how your planetary guns slow me down, i just position them how i want them to be, although getting some ships damaged along the way.
that's a price i'll gladly pay. my ships are in a better position then yours, minus some planetary fire. that is helping you, but won't decide the outcome of this battle.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 3:44pm replied:

have you even read my comment??

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 3:36pm says:

many of HH ships fall, before i really get into the fight. the 3 Hades cruisers advance, through my ships to the front line targeting at sab3rs upcoming forces my gladius destroyers protect their flanks, the tsad now aim at any corvette in sight and unleash a barrage of rockets. at the same time my beviin carriers unload my fighters and strikecraft.

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War! Dec 4 2011, 3:32pm replied:

ok, ok

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War! Dec 4 2011, 3:31pm says:

true dat HH, but, as i stated b4, my main fleet was postioned ion a half circle. your fleet just bumbs into a stream of fire from my destroyers. my buurenaars managed to disable the engines of some, while my krayts could disable some shields. which all aids in the effectivness of my artillery fire from the tsad ships.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 3:25pm says:

well i don't like you battling like that, no other persons use it. just battle with your ships 'pirate'.

and i played KOTOR, i just stated that your battle meditiation isn't as effective on us, true mandalorians.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 3:18pm says:

the mandalorians stay alert and loyal as always growing awere of the ongoing battle meditation, they try to repell its effects and keep pushing forwards.

from what i made up from the battle schematics posted on the group, we are directly faving Taris, which makes your planetary guns not as effective, certainly for most of my ships, which are heavily armored especially on the front. is i were saying, when 1/3 of sab3rs fleet is trying to attack the remains of my small cut-off fleet. my main fleet flanks him, putting him under heavy artillery fire and not to mention the gap he makes *hint*. while my small group is retreating and recharging their shields at adenn's circle.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 3:05pm says:

decimating is a bit muchXp, but a lot of avenger frigates are caught up in the fire and are struggling to survive, now the alorade corvettes expected a bomber counter attack and their quad mass drivers and heavy laser cannons proved effective in fending of the assualt. the other ones, wich are pure anti-ship destroyers, target the scythes and start firing. first the heavy ion cannons of the krayt and buurenaar hit them, damaging their precious shields. then the fire linked verpine and plasma guns of the krayt kick in and could manage to damage a few from a distance. the scythe now get closer, so the tsar and hades move to the flank fo the buurenaar and krayt.
the rest of my main fleet moves further to the front line were sab3rs fleet is positioned while maintaining a thight formation.

edit: snap i didn't refresh the page. consider i did this then? and my ships are adequatly shielded against those planetary guns.
my main fleet, as said, which was now moving closer to sabers, adepts to the situation by intercepting the 1/3 of the blokade. while heavy artillery fire managed to save some ships of my split-off fleet. fair enough, i lost 6 avenger frigates, 1 tsar and 2 alorade heavy corvettes in that effective counter.

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War! Dec 4 2011, 2:54pm says:

a formation of 1 Hades battlecruiser, 5 heavy tsar destroyers and the fast alorade corvettes flanked by avenger frigates, paired with the krayt and buurenaar destroyers quickly advance forward, to try and prevent HH repairings, while being covered by heavy artillery fire from the dominus', tsad artillery ships and the terror missile ships who are breaching a gap in the defenders front line.

at the same time the ground cannons hit one of my gladius destroyers, but it didn't sustain much damage, because i'm the furthest away from the planet

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 2:27pm says:

i haven't done anything to attack so...
seeing that adenn's fleet isn't pressured that much anymore, my fleet moves to adenn's right flank, assasin is at the left one i think, in a half circle, the only part were it isn't a circle is were my fleet is very close to adenn's one.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 2:25pm says:

i made a troll jesus, Y CAN'T I POST IMAGES ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

+1 vote   media: The Challenge
War! Dec 4 2011, 2:18pm says:

should i just continue participating in the fight or not?

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 2:00pm says:

i am online now.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 9:46am says:

you know what? i retreat with my forces back to bestine, because i won't be online in 4 hours, so you won't have to worry about me.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 9:45am replied:

yay another faction's big company pooped out of nothing!
GM's are really keeping low profile in therms of fleets.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 8:24am replied:

nvm, that last part i said.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 8:16am says:

Asians and horses ... ... i'm not going to say morexD

+2 votes   media: Chinese Female Police Forces
War! Dec 4 2011, 8:12am says:

What's ******* happening here 0.0 another GM helping the GA.
great, just what we needed>.>

i think we would just best settle this battle in a pm, i won't read all the 10 pages back.

and pirate attack? since when are mandalorian worlds under attack by pirates? never heard of it.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 4 2011, 8:06am replied:

troll jesus?

+3 votes   media: Hit me will ya?!
War! Dec 4 2011, 8:02am says:


+2 votes   mod: Campaign Commander
War! Dec 3 2011, 3:05pm says:

When will we restart? don't wait to long or we'll have to pause again >.>

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 3 2011, 2:57pm says:

:O jaw dropping
the green thing that you can see when the turbolasers hit it are very nice to!

+4 votes   media: New Ascendancy Model Ingame
War! Dec 3 2011, 4:25am replied:

MOTY award, gives every mod an 'update', thats why it resurfaced on the foc mods lists.

+1 vote   member: megavin123
War! Dec 3 2011, 3:37am says:


Bestine shipyards (wwc)
4 clone commanders, 120 arc troopers, 2500 clone trooper phase 2, 200 clone medics, 100 clone engenieers, 90 heavy weapons clones, 100 clone pilots.

that is all.

+2 votes   article: How to Post An Order
War! Dec 3 2011, 3:26am replied:

Eeeeeew, but you paused teh battle herpedy derp

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 3 2011, 3:10am says:

i always used that jesus face xD

+1 vote   media: Last of The Jedi
War! Dec 2 2011, 5:52pm says:

my fleet gets together again and moves back after adenn's fleer to unleash fighters from the beviin carriers and make the artillery do its job., i presume dark assasin will take the offence. i do make shure to prevent any possible counter attack.

and acc. i gtg too:P
pause this fight and continue tomorrow?

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 2 2011, 5:50pm says:

i see

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 2 2011, 5:48pm says:

whith that flank of adenn safe. and sab3r positioned at the defense grid i guess? but were is your main fleer HH? i don't really know fo shu.

+1 vote   group: Galactic Alliance
War! Dec 2 2011, 5:42pm says:

were is them concept art you promised?:P

+3 votes   member: OsoDEADLY
War! Dec 10 2011, 10:44am says:

i played the campaign of both, and i don't think bf3's was that good.
bf3 still manages to stomp mw3 right in its face:D

+3 votes   media: Battlefield 3 - Players' Choice
War! Dec 9 2011, 3:12pm says:

that would be a little bit fanatic:D

+1 vote   media: Mando Tatoo
War! Dec 5 2011, 3:54pm says:

i still can't post ****:/

+1 vote   media: Room
War! Dec 2 2011, 11:55am says:

very well drawn, to bad the joke's ****.

+2 votes   media: Random 40k
War! Dec 1 2011, 4:18pm replied:

this denise is a lie:D

*comment from the fuuuuuuuuuutuuuuuuure

+1 vote   media: Sith Pics
War! Dec 1 2011, 3:40pm says:

nice try, but i would srsly rethink the proportions.

+1 vote   media: Lucrehulk model
War! Nov 29 2011, 1:10pm says:

The number of the beast!:d

+1 vote   media: Okay... This is scary
War! Nov 28 2011, 3:43pm says:

thats some mighy defensive fleet if you axe me bro

+1 vote   article: Standard Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet
War! Nov 27 2011, 9:49am says:

uhm...looks like my drawings in the 5th grade;) LOlz
nah, jk just keep drawing, and you'll get better.

+2 votes   media: Drawings
War! Nov 27 2011, 6:34am replied:

Troll Troll Troll!

+5 votes   media: Santa
War! Nov 26 2011, 3:01pm says:

very nice!

+1 vote   media: Yorik-Akaga Render
War! Nov 24 2011, 3:22pm says:

Watch this, its just crazy

+3 votes   media: Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Stats
War! Nov 24 2011, 11:13am says:

i consider rule 5 obsolete, also rule 15 could be adjusted a bit, since the numurous star wars ships simply can't cover the need for some mando ships... rule 17 is easy to say, when you yourself have Drakkar.
also why should the mando/sith/ga post everything they are constructing?

consider this arrogant or smth, but i had to say it(:

0 votes   article: Role-Playing Rules
War! Nov 22 2011, 3:41pm says:

pleasse do it away -_- not especially for me, but you had 4 accounts, it just make you look stupid:S

+1 vote   media: Proof
War! Nov 21 2011, 3:41pm replied:

lol het is te hopen dat je alsnog in die klas terechtkomt
"fisische geografie?" gast, ik zou zelf van het gebouw springen als ok in die righting zat T-T

+1 vote   media: Small update in the description
War! Nov 21 2011, 3:30pm says:

if youre armor really can do all that ****, it must be heavy and unussual to use:/

pleasse stop spamming uber things.


+1 vote   media: My Combat Armor *READ DESCRIPTION*
War! Nov 21 2011, 3:26pm says:

Modern mandalorians:O

+2 votes   media: Serbian Special Forces Brigade
War! Nov 20 2011, 3:44pm says:


looks very zerg-ish.

volg je kunst onderwijs mss? [kunst-dossier]

+2 votes   media: Small update in the description
War! Nov 19 2011, 1:34pm says:

actually that person doesn't have a nose,
he's dying from suffocation!:d

+6 votes   media: Apps
War! Nov 16 2011, 3:54pm says:

Poly count?:D

+3 votes   media: Bellator-class
War! Nov 13 2011, 2:59am says:

nay, but thats just me i don't like babylon 5.

+1 vote   media: The Armifer
War! Nov 12 2011, 9:54am replied:

thats wut she said

+3 votes   media: Even Deeper
War! Nov 11 2011, 7:06am says:

i don't get it:/

+3 votes   media: TF2
War! Nov 6 2011, 4:39am says: +6 votes   media: Lost in McDonalds...
War! Nov 5 2011, 8:20am says:

very nice, but i think its Ysalamiri and what are ECM's exactly?

+2 votes   article: The Great Sith War Battlefields
War! Oct 31 2011, 2:13pm says:

"Words cannot describe how awesome this is" your remember this quote ori'? xD

and can you pleasse add that the tsad has 1 heavy ion cannon (the obvious onen, under the bridge), paired with the artillery rockets, this should be a perfect artillery ship. and can you please decompress the image a bit, as it looks ridiculously flat -_-

+1 vote   article: Mandalorian Armed Naval Forces
War! Oct 29 2011, 4:46am says:

Why don't the israeli have a special operations going on in Belgium q_q

+5 votes   media: Even more IDF
War! Oct 28 2011, 11:31am says:

is it just me or does the bridge and the part under it look to big?

+2 votes   media: Screen shots
War! Oct 27 2011, 4:48pm says:

still think i like mine more XO XO XO
this one hasn't got syle :D

+1 vote   media: Verpine Shatter guns
War! Oct 27 2011, 4:47pm says:

a f*** load of weapons, just as it has to be :D

+1 vote   media: Despoiler Class Battleship 2
War! Oct 26 2011, 1:43pm says:

you guys know what i think >8)

+3 votes   media: John McCain is threatening to Putin?!
War! Oct 24 2011, 12:50pm replied:

you haven't watched at all the groups pics yet then:D

+4 votes   media: Swedish Female Soldier
War! Oct 23 2011, 11:14am says:


+1 vote   media: Mandalorian Invader-class
War! Oct 21 2011, 4:30pm says:

i am working on my own persona, kinda hard to draw it myself, does anybody know someone who is skilled in coloring smth with the computer?.

+1 vote   media: Ruus'alor Sol'yc Knightmare
War! Oct 21 2011, 1:41pm says:

Model and texture look both so awesome...

+3 votes   media: New Empire of the Hand Vehicle
War! Oct 21 2011, 12:57pm replied:

you forgot "Belgian suppremacy" at the end xP

+8 votes   media: Viva Qaddafi !!!
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