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holyknight Jul 20 2008, 9:34pm replied:

ah, i see, I never got to use it because my men always died before using it =\
now that I think about, isn't that even more unfair? :P

+1 vote   mod: Lambda Wars
holyknight Jul 19 2008, 9:18pm says:

wtf, how come your buildins look different from buildins I've been making? Mine are huge and hard to build in tight spot like the third mission.
and it'd be nice if you give us combines some rockets so we can actually KILL something :P

0 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
holyknight Jul 6 2008, 4:10am says:

yay for Korea :D

+3 votes   mod: Hell Blow Out
holyknight Jul 3 2008, 2:51pm says:

I made a video for it, yay.

+1 vote   mod: eXterminate
holyknight May 26 2008, 9:12pm says:

it's too bad it's only SM vs Tyranids. Because then it's long range vs close range, and there's no more shooting only fights.
but damn this game looks good, I would so be that space marine with heavy bolter, whoo!

+2 votes   mod: Exterminatus
holyknight May 15 2008, 2:45am replied:

@Jagji56: Oh but how do you know? What if it was one of those pure awesome sync-kill ingame? ;)

+1 vote   game: Dawn of War II
holyknight May 8 2008, 3:21am says:

man I don't get the fistful of dollars mode. I get the money, then I lose it! :0
and my favorite weapon is bow... except it dissappeared when I died. Is that supposed to happen?

+1 vote   mod: Fistful of Frags
holyknight May 8 2008, 3:18am says:

this looks really cool :D
is Naginata like spear or something? Because spears are cool.
anyways, this looks really good. can't wait.

+1 vote   mod: Samurai: The Art Of Battle
holyknight May 7 2008, 8:45pm says:

love this game. My third time playing the campaign. The hard difficulty is REALLY hard!

+2 votes   game: Star Wars: Republic Commando
holyknight May 7 2008, 7:40pm says:

still playing this game and still loving it

+1 vote   mod: eXterminate
holyknight May 7 2008, 1:35am says:

so... this works well and people playing this or what?

+1 vote   download: Music
holyknight May 7 2008, 1:33am says:

awesome game.

+1 vote   game: Portal
holyknight May 7 2008, 1:32am says:

yay go mechs.

+1 vote   game: Mech Warfare: Co-op
holyknight May 7 2008, 1:31am says:

Man I love Gundam.
Nice job on this! Can't wait for it to be finished!
It's a good thing your gundams are based on the old animes, sure I like Gundam Seed and Destiny, but if those were made, they'd be too confusing to control. They'd be too fast and too strong and bla bla.
The only old anime I watched was the 08th MS team. That was awesome.

+1 vote   game: Gundam RTS
holyknight May 7 2008, 1:23am says:

holy crap what happened.
There are no servers. I don't know what happened, help.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect Dark: Source
holyknight May 7 2008, 12:51am says:

it'd be nice if the latest download file wasn't zip file... it's damn annoying to unpatch all the stuff. Takes longer than just using the exe program.

+1 vote   mod: SourceForts
holyknight May 7 2008, 12:25am says:

is anyone playing is mod? Because last time I tried, no one was on. If there are people playing, then I'll redownload it and play.

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
holyknight Apr 26 2008, 4:27pm says:

this is old, but is still awesome as always ;)
I just love being the zombie master. Way better than being a plain zombie.

+6 votes   mod: Zombie Master
holyknight Mar 27 2008, 10:32pm says:

this game works again, but later turned off itself :(
was really fun though, very interesting :)
nice job.

+1 vote   mod: Ballmen
holyknight Mar 25 2008, 2:38am says:

SteamMountFilesystem(2524,312,0x2550fd64)failed with error 5: No Steam Content Servers are availible."
Other games work fine =\

+1 vote   mod: Ballmen
holyknight Mar 9 2008, 6:55pm replied:

This mod does work on Vista. It's just too bad the servers are mostly empty :(

+1 vote   mod: Iron Grip : The Oppression
holyknight Mar 9 2008, 6:51pm says:

I still don't get what this mod does...

+1 vote   mod: CSPromod
holyknight Mar 9 2008, 6:50pm says:

This game is great, and people who think melee combat looks lame, you probably should try out this game.
And people should stop comparing this to PVK2, they may seem similar, but are very different.
This mod is more "serious" with more objective-based.
PVK2 is "comical" with fast pacing action.
That's like comparing Counter Strike to Quake, you can't really compare those two because their gameplay is different.

+2 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
holyknight Mar 2 2008, 3:14am says:

yay update

+1 vote   mod: The Runners
holyknight Feb 24 2008, 1:38am says:

wait, is this same as CS Source execpt its a mod for HL2?

+1 vote   mod: CSPromod
holyknight Feb 10 2008, 6:05pm says:

no one plays this anymore. They'd rather go play cs 1.6 or source, LOL
there's only one server, and no one is in it :(

+2 votes   mod: Counter-Strike
holyknight Feb 7 2008, 3:56pm says:

Cool, beta 2! And yay for archers! I love Knight Archers ;)
downloading now

+1 vote   article: PVKII Beta 2.0 Released!
holyknight Feb 7 2008, 1:36am says:

I don't think this game is free... check its main website, it says "BUY NOW"

+1 vote   game: Iron Grip: Warlord
holyknight Feb 7 2008, 1:05am says:

hmm, this sounds promising.
no offense, but Natural Selection wasn't very suitable for me.

+1 vote   game: Natural Selection 2
holyknight Feb 7 2008, 1:05am says:

whoa this game is like, one of those really deep and famous ones... sounds really good!

+2 votes   game: EggScapes
holyknight Sep 5 2009, 7:13pm says:

that's brutally sick

+3 votes   media: Spy's head exploding
holyknight Jul 14 2009, 6:39pm says:

oi, that's lots of people leaving.
that sucks.
hopefully you will find some right people.

+1 vote   article: The spirit carries on!
holyknight Mar 16 2009, 6:34am replied:

same, stopped playing awhile ago, but with a different reason.

+1 vote   article: Tremulous Merchandise!
holyknight Sep 7 2008, 9:20pm says:

will there be multiplayer? Like Tau vs Imp?

+1 vote   mod: Warhammer 40k: The Damocles Gulf
holyknight Feb 6 2008, 6:34pm says:

man this game is great...
you know what would have been cooler in the video? Have a lot of archers shoot at the enemies at once. While the enemies are charging ahead.

+1 vote   article: New Media!
holyknight Jan 23 2008, 11:26pm says:

LOL a mod made by Koreans. Thought I was the only Korean who was interested in HL mods, hehe.

+2 votes   mod: Residual Error : city 34
holyknight Jan 9 2008, 6:54pm says:

so it'd be like republic commandos? I loved that game :D

+1 vote   mod: Trans-Human Attack
holyknight Jan 3 2008, 3:48am says:

it's always stuck together. Didn't you see the Clone Wars cartoon? When he's fighting two jedis, two more comes out from his other arms.

+2 votes   media: General Grievous
holyknight Dec 19 2007, 4:26am says:

lol stole models from Tremulous... or did you ask?

0 votes   game: Trepidation
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