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holyknight Apr 26 2011, 9:46pm says:

when i first saw this mod, which was like years ago, i didn't think much of it.
now, i'm loving the way this mod's going, it's amazing and beautiful. i can't wait to see it come to fruition!

+3 votes   mod: HL40k - Tale Of The Inquisitor
holyknight Apr 26 2011, 9:43pm says:

you are our last hope. please don't die.

+4 votes   mod: Star Wars: The New Era
holyknight Jan 3 2011, 1:44am says:

i was looking for a realistic shooter game to buy.
i thought about the Battlefield Bad Company 2, but then I didn't want large open maps and vehicles.
I thought about the new Medal of Honor, but the gameplay didn't look too good and I thought the money wouldn't be worth the game.
i thought about Black Ops, or other CoD series, but I just simply didn't like CoD, and they weren't that realistic with the approach

then I thought about Insurgency, and I had forgotten that I had it, and playing it was awesome :)

+1 vote   mod: Insurgency
holyknight Aug 16 2010, 8:27pm says:

yeee nice, tbh dark eldar of soulstorm isn't that good, I am probably 100 percent that your DE will be better!

+2 votes   article: Life from the Webway!
holyknight Jul 22 2010, 1:56am says:

will battlefront 2 for steam work well with this mod? will I have to do anything differently for installing?

+1 vote   mod: The Dark Times
holyknight Jul 11 2010, 9:40pm says:

nice :)

+1 vote   media: Model for a techpriest
holyknight Jul 5 2010, 9:57pm says:

this was an amazing game, although i didn't really understand the plot.
first I go fight guys with guns
then i fight guys with guns who look like mutants or something
then i go fight zombies and monsters
and i win.
still great and fun, i got scared at some of the zombies, I remember that there was this spider-like mutant too?

-1 votes   mod: PARANOIA
holyknight Jul 4 2010, 7:10pm says:

hey the game keeps crashing at the menu screen. the video at beginning doesn't even work as all i hear is sound with white blank screen. when it goes to the menu screen I'm able to glimpse at the screen and all of sudden it crashes.
other mods/games work fine, so I'm confused, any solutions?

+2 votes   mod: Age of Chivalry
holyknight Jul 4 2010, 6:49pm replied:

2.601 is the latest patch, right? cause I just bought the THQ pack with all COH

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
holyknight Jul 4 2010, 6:46pm replied:

ah ha, thanks for that

+2 votes   mod: Firearms: Source
holyknight Jul 4 2010, 12:33am says:

this is probably by far my favourite source mod, it has everything i love: knights, humour, comedy, cartoony graphics that I oh so love (TF2!)
at this moment I'm just waiting for Man-at-Arms since he has weapons that I favour the most (mace+shield!)

+1 vote   mod: Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II
holyknight Jul 4 2010, 12:09am says:

is this playable on ToV too?

+1 vote   mod: Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
holyknight Jul 3 2010, 11:57pm says:

damn this mod is so fun
sadly i've never played it with anyone
anyone wanna start playing this up?

+2 votes   mod: Revolt The Decimation
holyknight Jul 3 2010, 11:52pm says:

I never played Firearms before, so I'm just curious, what's the difference between this game and other "realistic" fps games?

0 votes   mod: Firearms: Source
holyknight Jul 3 2010, 10:50pm replied:

why not sub? subs are okay

+4 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - June 2010
holyknight Jul 3 2010, 3:36am replied:

space marines? free time?
the warriors of the emperor have no time to be free, they are the warriors who always do their duty of PURGING and KILLING and FREEING the mankind of emperor from HERETICS ALIENS MUTANTS

+1 vote   media: Marine armor decorations
holyknight May 7 2010, 2:20am says:

freaking awesome job Isotx!

+3 votes   article: Iron Grip: Warlord Hits Steam, Full-Force!
holyknight Apr 27 2010, 2:28am says:

:( how terrible, a good looking mod once again dies

+1 vote   article: I am truly sorry... but this is the end
holyknight Apr 27 2010, 2:27am says:

thank god

+1 vote   article: April update
holyknight Dec 22 2009, 2:29am replied:

your avatar and that comment match well.

+7 votes   article: A Year in Review - January
holyknight Nov 20 2009, 4:45am says:

claustrophobia, since, you know, there's too many people around (inside) you.

+1 vote   media: More concepts anyone?
holyknight Nov 17 2009, 10:54pm says:

oh the sweetness, death korps has to be my favorite imperial guard regiment.
also, why is death korps spelt wrong? is that intended?

+1 vote   media: deth korps
holyknight Nov 17 2009, 12:24am says:

what's the song? it's very catchy

+2 votes   media: 2.3 Gestir Gameplay
holyknight Nov 10 2009, 11:12pm says:

i cry.

+2 votes   article: I've got some bad news...
holyknight Oct 29 2009, 4:45am says:

lol orcs sound like gremlins, but that makes it cool.
this is better than the first one, whoo

+1 vote   media: time for a waghhhhh
holyknight Oct 28 2009, 7:09pm says:

I don't like the techno-like music on the mid.
should be more harsh and cruel, with drum beats and BABABABABOOOOOM KABOOOM you know, like BOOOOOM?

+1 vote   media: ork them beta
holyknight Oct 27 2009, 12:40am says:

it's cool, but needs more KABOOM effect.
the beginning like this would be really cool, but as it progresses, adding a bit more loud and booming noises would be awesome.
somewhat sounded like a megaman boss music (which is good, since I like those kind of music, except it's not that good in warhammer)

+2 votes   media: a song
holyknight Oct 24 2009, 1:28pm says:

wow if the game's name was AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! (AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!) , it'd be damn craZy

+1 vote   article: --> We Learn From 13 to build 14
holyknight Oct 23 2009, 6:23pm says:

"...sent to Korea..."
huh, that's pretty random there. Not being offensive though, since I am Korean.
But when you say Korea, you mean South Korea or North Korea?

+2 votes   article: Exodus: Update #4
holyknight Oct 23 2009, 2:27am replied:

put the volume higher, because i can hear it

anyways, it's really good, except his "waaaaagh" didn't sound enough like a real "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH"
make it louder, like one in dawn of war, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH"

+1 vote   media: ork voice final?
holyknight Apr 23 2009, 10:44am says:

sounds freaking awesome.

+1 vote   article: gametypes and maps
holyknight Apr 16 2009, 9:59pm replied:

does orks use ripper guns? If not, then that's not a ripper gun. I don't think Imp Guards use ripper guns, and I don't think the guys would make guns for Space Marines (or chaos marines) since they aren't going to come out for some time.
looks more like a gun orks use, called shoota I think.

+1 vote   media: more weapons
holyknight Mar 24 2009, 10:13pm says:

Oh sweet new maps. Does this mean Tremulous is being updated?

+1 vote   media: aliens invades a school
holyknight Jan 23 2009, 8:09pm says:

I did vote for indie games, since I like them so much :)

+2 votes   article: Attention all Moddb-ers!
holyknight Jan 15 2009, 9:26pm says:

that sounds awesome

+1 vote   article: Suicide Survival 1.2 feature list announcement
holyknight Jan 7 2009, 4:20pm says:

Looks nice :)

+2 votes   mod: Afrikafeldzug
holyknight Dec 31 2008, 2:53pm says:

man you should try to change the AI or something, because HL combine AI isn't that good... they just stand there while their friends are dying.

But then again, making new AI is hard... so... I'll still be happy.

+1 vote   media: Army Men Extended Video - Test Level Part 2
holyknight Dec 31 2008, 2:51pm says:

wow that was so cool when those armymen just dropped from the skies XD

+1 vote   media: Army Mern Extended Video - Test Level Part 1
holyknight Jan 9 2008, 6:53pm says:

lol this is just like that novel i read ferrenheit (sorry spelling) something... read it long time ago...

+1 vote   mod: Letters
holyknight Jan 5 2008, 2:28am says:

whoa this looks awesome...
I love mechs, too bad most of them I can't play because I don't have those requiring games.

+1 vote   article: January Update
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