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Mod Review on Jun 14th, 2015

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9 Review

Mod Review on Mar 23rd, 2015 - 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

OK so, I can say i liked this little arena old school HL1 Combat mod. There is no story or stuff to tell, just go to the point: play old HL1 Combat.

The whole place is nice and i really liked this japanese pagoda style. Also this feels like an overall classic arena mod, so be warn you have to make some difficult jumps and be ready for some unadvised ambushes in your way!

My only complaint is that some jumps are quite difficult so you have to cheat almost mandatory in more than 2 places. Also is kind of easy to get confused in which path to go. Also some health kits are difficult to reach and overall scarce.

In conclusion i got entertained by this release, and i enjoy the combat and the old school environment in this map.

So I can recommend it and i'd say is a Play it Now.

The Gate 2
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Mod Review on Sep 16th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

TG2 develops a very intense and strong environment, a sheer atmosphere that keeps the whole The Gate universe alive, and I think that’s why I also liked the mod, because not only the battles got me entertained, but also the story despite its voids kept me hooked and always wondering and always wanting to know what was coming next.
Now about the proper mapping, well I have to be objective in this paragraph and say honestly that TG2 was like a crazy roller coaster in between average, bad and good mapping. I mean some parts like the Alaska section or the North Korean sections frankly have to be revisited. In the Alaska map, an airboat or a jalopy-jeep could be handy, and also there are many parts where you can get completely out of the map and see the naked details of it, the same happens in the nuclear north Korean plant map, there we can get out of the map completely and some sections looks completely unpolished, this can be an opportunity to improve it and offer a better quality mapping in there.
Also the first sections, mars and the Nazi 2nd WW were fair enough average to good in quality terms and they looked and play OK, also the whole area 51 section was nice but I had some terrible trigger problems in there because some doors that were supposed to be opened pressing buttons didn’t worked, or like in the pit prison section triggers that activate sequences just took so long. And finally I have to say not all the maps in TG2 were bad or low quality, and honestly some of them like the surface section of Area 51, and the Dinosaur Forrest just were stunning, I loved the Dino section as it was visually a very impressive huge map (actually divided into 2 sectons), though I’d like at least to be armed before face the main raptor or retrieve the battery from the fallen helicopter.
I have to say the absence of custom weaponry was a kind of let down in my gameplay experience, because this mod could fit perfect regarding the custom weapons models, also I got disappointed

Half Life : Climbox
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Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014

This is a mod I liked. For me the concept was quite neat and simple, and also I can fit it into the “HL2 Combat Arena” category, as you kill enemies in a particular closed scenario and also progressive scenario.

I really liked the health recovery stations, and those ones which provide super speed, I would love to use those speed boosters in a bigger combat arena.

The combat overall felt OK, but obviously, as you fight inside a building, actually, from the cellar to the rooftop is a very narrow and close combat all the way, the 2 last bosses to fight felt quite cool to battle against them specially if you use the speed booster carefully.

In conclusion, I got entertained by this mod, and it was pretty cool to experience the combat arena style again.

Rabbit Hole
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Mod Review on Jul 21st, 2014

I liked Rabbit Hole. From my point of view it offered an original twist to the classical plot inside HL2 Universe mods, and I think that’s nice.

To me this mod seems more like a survival horror, or better say, is a HL2 universe mod, which progressively turns out into a zombie survival horror, and I have to say I liked the idea of the mighty Combine scared by this supernatural-poltergeist forces under the city.

Now, about the gameplay, to me seems fairly good, the combat in the surface of the city feels quite right, but obviously this mod is not centered into CMB soldier combat, but in zombie combat mainly, so once you’re inside the catacombs beware of it, because there’s plenty of zombie combat down there, also is a decent point in favor to have plenty of ammo and med kits around.

The “experimental” part with almost 0 gravity was a total surprise to me, and I think it was quite good implemented into this mod so I didn’t find it annoying as some have pointed out.

So maybe the big cons about this mod, from my perspective are related mainly about the gameplay, I mean, for me is pretty much annoying to fight hordes and more hordes of HL2 zombies, because for me that kind of combat is very, very slow, I like faster and more dynamic combat in HL, so I decide battles against CMB troops than zombies a million times.

So I guess for me I would have preferred the lasts parts of the mod after the fog no-gravity section, would have been focused more in trying to scare the player than those battles against zombie hordes. Specially once you reach the underground cemetery, I found that part very hectic, because you fight hordes and hordes of ghost-zombies, so that makes it way to much struggling, and I guess the author kind of lost a cool part there in the cemetery to have a more scary ending, though the idea of having the G-Man involved in those poltergeist issues was a cool touch too.

In conclusion I found this mod original because thinks out of the box.

9 Review

Mod Review on May 26th, 2014
This review may contain spoilers

Well, here we have another "old school" HL2 map pack, and I say map pack, because here we have a set of 6 chapters, which offer us very special maps which not necessarily have a logic together.
In all of the maps always have to look for a key or something in order to open some doors and proceed into the map, the mod itself has some cool battles and most of it develops underground until you reach the surface.

Battles were fair enough and also were entertaining, the only issue I complain about is the end, for me, would've been perfect that once you reach the house near the buggy to escape, a final big or huge battle comes down, I hadn't that so I got very disappointed, I mean why is the point of offer to the player a bunch of weapons and ammo as a "gift" at the end of the mod if you can't use it??? There would have been perfect to fight against some hunters in an ambush like combat, some elite combines and maybe a helicopter.

Overall is a nice mod to play, with the simple goal to escape, also being a rebel and not Gordon adds another nice touch to the story.

In conclusion play it! I guess your gonna be entertained"!

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Mod Review on May 26th, 2014

This is a very "old school" horror mod here you explore and look for things like keys and stuff in order to progress, also the horror in this mod is quite psychological so is not horror-survive action like, here we don't have a total conversion as "Grey" or "NH2" and compare this work to those mods is simply out of place.
I like that just to be the first time, this guys have developed a nice mod with a concept that definitely stands out. That creepypasta is absolutely a great source of inspiration and I don't really know why nobody has developed a movie, or a game around it.
The scares in this mod were good and simple, a thing that I loved, that crucified skeleton just gave me the most horrific shiver I've had so far... Now I know many things can be improved and actually this mod opens the door to a sequel that definitely can be improved.
I have to warn you that if you look for a Cry of Fear mod style, this is not that kind, I guess this is closer to the "Korsakovia" mod kind, though that one is better than this one.
Overall I loved the concept and the fact this guys finally were able to release it is always a good point, I hope they improve the mod in the future until we have a better and bigger piece of work.

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Mod Review on Apr 29th, 2014

This is another mod in the category of those in "Continuing Development", because here in this release we have the first official delivery called Estranged, Act 1. Now, if that is a good thing well I really don't know. I mean, as a pure mod gamer, I prefer a mod to be delivered as a whole instead of parts, although I know there are some very, very ambitious projects, as Underhell mod, which their only way is to release in parts rather than a whole. With the case of this mod, I guess the job into it is great and huge as in most of those Total conversion mods, but I would have better preferred to wait to see this mod launched as a whole, why? Well because here in this Act 1 I found things I liked but others I frankly didn't like at all.

First, the pros are the quite immersive story around this mysterious island and the whole secrets, the gameplay and story tell is quite linear, a thing that I prefer rather than those cut scenes-cinematic mods like Underhell, also the dynamic "search things such as keycards or so" and "go there and press the button" are not overused, like in Underhell, again that's another nice touch.

Now the cons, or things I didn't like at all, but nevertheless can be improved are, the hectic combat and absolutely stupid weapon system used in the gameplay, I just did not like the formula, many zombies in one part, too few in others, plus be able to carry just 1 weapon which is melee in almost a big amount of time during the maps, I just allow the player to use more than 3 weapons and, please correct that terrible enemy imbalance in the whole mod. Also the zooming use is pretty weird, very annoying in some times I'd rather prefer to use the old reliable "Z" key to do that instead of the scroll-wheel in the mouse, also there is an imbalance regarding to lighting in the maps, as dark areas are way too dark and lightened areas are way too enlightened.

Overall, this is a nice mod to play is fun and bad points can be corrected in the future.

9 Review

Mod Review on Dec 22nd, 2013

This mod, feels great. I mean is one of its kind, is maybe only of the few that based on HL1 are trying to recreate a HL2 mod, a HL2 environment and that's so unique, so far I know no one have try to do something like that, as remember, in fact only another map work contains HL2 material.

Though some maps were narrow the combat is OK, and the whole objective is placed nice, also when you are in the citadel building the atmosphere in there really feels like the ones we found in HL2 maps and mods, related to CMB architecture.

Overall this is a nice mod for HL1 you should try, but if you are trying to found perfection then this one is not for you, this is for people who really love HL spirit and environment, and appreciate the concept of HL1 to recreate the spaces of HL2.

9 Review

Mod Review on Dec 24th, 2012 - 1 person agrees

Ok. First i have to say that i enjoy this kind of mods, they are funky free and a good distraction from the old classic layout of modding which tries to be serious.

With that in mind, i’d say i enjoy this kind of maps. Now, if i compare this to the GFT release i obviously say The Great Forever Tomorrow, is a huge qualitative jump from this first work.

The progress linear arena style is fun and entretaining, also the psychodelic textures and music is cool, it just feels as something nice and different, and accept it: this is a nice arena funky mod, conssidering many arena mods just sucks, this is nice.

I wonder why Kiwi, sttoped doing maps and mods, personally i’d love another funky release, maybe TGFT2 would be great, i hope he release something in the future.

Overall this is a nice relaxing different mod which i recommend to play especially if you are tired of the serious classic HL mods.

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