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This little mod was a nice touch of mystery as is involved into the atmospheric and mythical aura of the HL2 Beta. Indeed I think the original HL2 Beta project was even more darker and sinister than the HL2 we all have played. Well in this mod through its all 4 maps you can see that darker aura, a strange but cool oppressive superb dark environment, even scary environment.

Overall i liked the whole dark environment in all the maps, though i felt this mod more like a mapping demonstration than a complete piece of work with plenty of combat in there. Combat is very scarce indeed, so I guess the charm on this mod is about exploration, also I have to mention the overall difficulty of this mod is really hard, so be warn about it.

I think this modder could do a better mod with a bigger team on his side, as I think is kind of sad not many modders are willing to do a HL2 beta style map, i think because is hard and actually many HL2 Beta mods have been cancelled. Actually we only have the great Missing Info. And as far as i know this one.

All in all, I think this is an OK mod to play latter, and if you're looking for mods with a Beta scenario well then You will have to try this one, I also think this is special because we can actually fight a Cremator, that's a rare enemy on HL2 mods and it would be really nice if some other modders could introduce it in a creative way into a more complete HL2 Beta mod.


Half-Life Hazardous Materials

Mod review

Ok so here we have nice maps, cool basic story and acceptable combat scenarios all over the place, so is a nice medium lenght mod.

I liked the interesting mysterious g-man sightings, and some of those were quite good planed.

In the bad points I think a big WTF moment is about the music, a heavy metal super hardcore stuff is just not quite appropiate for a hl1 mod, i’d love to hear something electronic or anything different from that heavy metal concert definitely!

About the episode 2, I'd say it improved a lot the original and previous Ep1. The whole mapping design was improved and now it doesn't feel quite boxy, and a lot of work were put into the "open" areas, which makes you feel you're definitely inside Black Mesa.

The combat was also enhanced in this current ep2, and always was intense and kind of hard both against xenians and grunts, the mounted gun part was just lovely to play. But the med kits supplies were very, very scarce and that just sucks as battles are hard and can turn down your health points very quickly.

The story is developed into the mod and that's a nice detail, though I honestly have to say that voice cast is horrible and it doesn't feel very realistic. Also another thing that I dislike it was the end, it was very lame, and almost absurd you never see it came and literally ends up in a boring hallway so I hope an ep3 could expand the story and gameplay a little bit more.



Mod review

I have to recognize I’m not a big fan of artsy mods indeed. But in this one in some areas visuals just were delightful just very immersive I say. For example, the very first part on that weird island, remember me to the all time sadistic mod classic Half Quake Sunrise, and got me thinking why on earth nobody haven’t developed a Half Quake mod for source engine??????? If it may be very good.

Obviously this mod it has nothing to do with any concept of the Half Quake Saga. and here the basic gameplay is developed around puzzle solving, where the one involving a car battery is if we can say, the hardest of all in there.

Now I really didn’t get the plot or story inside the mod, and I really don’t know if it really matters. To me was just a guy facing a girl who tells him “nothing is going to be the same never again” or some heart breaking wordiness like that. So well I really never felt connected to the main plot in this mod.

So if is not the story inside the mod. Then, what makes this mod worthy in my opinion? Well, again for me the strongest point in this mod are the visuals, really make me feel like I was in a kind of strange land, the water, the island, and even the end, although I must admit I’m always gonna be the kind of gamer, who wants a full army of CMB soldiers or a bunch of Hunters coming out from that huge splendid building-structure, instead of just contemplate it’s beauty and that intense almost real blue sky.

Probably if this mod was like an arena combat style, you know, the kind of mod like the all time combat arena HL2 classic; “The Great Forever Tomorrow”, I would certainly have loved it, you know have a combat in those surreal places must be pretty cool, at least for me. But I definitely know that was not the goal in developing this mod, so I understand.

Overall it was an ok mod to me, some exploring in strong visual areas, and that’s it.

The fact it made me remember of Half Quake mod saga at least in the visual part, make me wish some cra


The Forgotten Ones

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Well, this was a pretty interesting mod, the lovely German and Russian WW2 weapons reminded me a lot to another great HL1 mod called "The Gate" which I hope the 2nd source version of this one coming soon...

Anyway I think this mod is a great total conversion, as some reviewer said, it had the all time old school atmosphere of adventure total conversion from HL1, but I guess some of HL1 total conversions are better in gameplay terms than this one.

Now, the main flaws I see in the implementation of this mods are that well, is horrendously influenced by CRY OF FEAR mod in the whole structure, I mean, items management and stupid fix save games zones, those stupid books!! In my opinion that's the main weak point in here, HL2 engine is just not suitable for that kind of gameplay so just allow the quick saves f6 key it'll be perfect especially when you have to do a lot of backtrack in the main central part of the mod, that's Scheinzel's mansion.

Also balance of the combat and exploring part is another down point for this mod, as it feels just overwhelmed with some enemies in some parts and just too damn empty of them in other parts..

Finally, some points about the story are kind of a joke. I mean, to name swastika forest to the place where the mansion is, is just stupid, and I didn't understood why the story of the mod is located still in Europe?? Better place it in South America like Brazil or Argentina, as many Nazi main commanders ran away there at the end of WW2... This details are just big stupid flaws in the story plot.

But overall we have the classic cool aspects of a classic survival horror mod, a clichéd story of a lunatic commander of some war experimenting with people, monster abominations impeding your way to kill the big bad guy, and some cool scary moments involving dark places as hell.

In conclusion play this mod as it's cool but be warned you have to backtrack a lot search for items and press lots of buttons.


Gut Reaction

Mod review

OK, so I can see now why some people say this mod is a HL1 classic. Because, back then in 1999 one year after HL1 was released, I guess this mod sure it was impressive. With a coherent story involving Gordon having to achieve an epic goal and the whole combat against grunts and xenians, and also some puzzles along the way, this mod sure blew the minds of many gamers whose desires for more HL1 maps were big.Now its been 13 years after and to me it doesn’t look great, actually I had terrible troubles to find the crowbar at first place, sure or maybe it was my mistake and I didn’t see it in the first maps at all, I just found a glock which it was practically useless due to the amount of enemies you have to deal with at the first steps.Also I believe the whole map design sometimes feels boxy, and some areas are just too narrow, so it felt that after some years of HL mapping some mods were definitely better than this one, compare “smart decoy” to this one and you see what I mean, the former is an almost perfect HL1 map, or kind of closest to the HL1 perfection in map development terms, also the celebrated Adam Foster’s “Some Place Else” a prequel to “Minerva” was also between the really well done maps for HL1.The previous doesn’t quit credit in this mod, because it was one of the first in HL1 mod universe back then when Planethalflife or Halflifefiles were the big and almost unique HL1 dedicated mod spaces. Also the coherent story tell of the mod and some clever combat parts make this mod worth to be played.



Mod review

Well this is a Play Now mod.

There's a plenty of cool combat and really hard battles against the CMB and zombies, in an old fashioned Half Life2 combat scenario.

The first part of the mod is really cool done, and there's a powerful Ravenholm atmosphere all the way, then the transition through the sewers until you reach the city was a little bit empty and it was puzzling to get through that section.

And then the final battle in the city before you reach the subway, was also a total mayhem and it was really cool, though some hunters or even some striders would have come perfect in that final section.

Overall was a pretty entertaining mod, as I liked fill with tons of combat and fighting, indeed this is so inside the HL universe that the story told by the author is really irrelevant, you are again old Gordon Freeman kicking some CMB and zombies butts classic and lovely like that.



Mod review - 1 agrees

This is a great idea for a HL2 mod, Is really cool to fight in City 17 again, but overall there are many glitches in the tech design so far, that i strongly recommend the team who is developing to polish the whole mod, if it's possible to release parts 1 and 2 together in order to improve the whole quality of this mod.

If this mod release as a whole finished project and fully polish and enhanced, then it's gonna be a great deal. I just loved the ideas all arround.

I definetely loved the weapons, but in the gameplay terms, having no medkits at all and trying to emulate the autohealth dynamic as in Call of Duty game is just out of the limits!, i mean is still HL2, so please stick to the clasic way to heal the damage in it!!

I agree with those who say this mod definetly still needs a lot of work to do, but if they polish it then i'd think its gonna be more than worthy.

And well if you Mr. Developer ever enhacne this mod please provide the player with a FLASHLIGHT!!! because many parts are just dark-black as heck!!, and also add some close caption feature in order to be able to read the dialogues.

Finally do i recommend to play it?? hell yes maybe to play it latter fits well, but play it as is a good concept to develop in the right done way!!



Mod review may contain spoilers

Iguess this is a cool wierd funky map, perfect to play it latter when u want something to play, the last part in an arena style combat was nice, overall just funky cool map.



Mod review

I think this will be better once is just completed, is good so far, but i guess it would be better the mod explain better the whole context, because the story plot is kind of ambitious, so i think that is essencial to improve the whole work as a propper mod.

The mapping is ok, but maybe the developers could enhace the color issue in order to make it brighter, and less darky.

The battles against the cMB wwere also good especially in the main arena in chapter 2.

Overall this felt really cut-off, and i think it's better to wait for see this complete.


Titan: XCIX

Mod review

Great work, telling the story, therefore we have a very interactive mod, more in the movie-like line, more combat will come perfect in the future, and i certainly loved to be me shooting against those soilders in the last scene, but is ok, episodic is maybe fine for the amount of work on this one but i'd loved just to be a one big piece of mod instead of those episodic awating.