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Mod Review on Jun 25th, 2014

Well I say I like this mod, because its whole intention reminds me to the old school mods we used to seen once in HL1 modding scene of the first years of the 2000'nd decade, which is basically mods built in very narrow, almost boxy scenarios lousy transitions between maps and mainly the whole maps built around the puzzle(s) concept even involving some backtracking (a thing that I hate in HL mods, but this is ok, as Riot in Progress mod is the big backtracking hell or I should better say mess!!!)

The stuff in the map that is already been delivered feels OK and I hope the developer finishes the last part of the house in order to play the whole mod.

Also I liked the main language of it is Spanish as is my native language, and those models are just pretty nice touch, I loved the melee weapon by the way, I just only would love if they can re-model the fire weapons too.

So in conclusion this is a nice nostalgic project you should try.

Muy bien hecho sigan adelante y traten de mejorar todo el mod me gusto mucho ya que es uno de los pocos mods disponibles en español!! gracias amigos!

7 Review

Mod Review on Oct 25th, 2013
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Well, I have no doubts about the technical high quality standards of this
mod. Is it clear that this map was neat and polished overall.
Now, I believe this is the kind of mod some will hate or some will love.
Also is hard to fit it in a certain category, though I think is clear this map
is close to the puzzle category.
Also is it clear that the challenge is really tough I just couldn’t end it without god mode, and that
got me a bit annoyed, it was that maybe there were just too much headcrabs, I mean more than
the necessary to beat the map right, or I am a terrible player with just few weapons that you
have to use far more than “strategically”…
I have to say I was unable to find the 5th lambda sign, maybe in my pc didn’t appear, I even
look for it via noclip and none “nada” just nothing, non a sign of the freakin 5th lambda
In conclusion, if you love challenge maps or mods like Training Course 2, you’re gonna love this.
For me was just a really tough and annoying map to play… maybe I was not in the mood, or is
just not my kind of map.
PD. I love the Easter egg I hope HL op. Sirocco is the one of the mods I like good old fashioned
HL1 pure combat.

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Mod Review on Oct 9th, 2013

Well, this was a middle mod. And the Overall felling is like there was a bundle of maps with some good-ok puzzles but the whole thing just felt too much narrowed, you know there were no big spaces at all.

Also we have a mediocre and totally disappointing end, I guess that's why is called "hopelessness", but all in all the concept feels poor in here.

You know there were some pretty annoying things in this mod. Like the very poor ammo you find and then you can really get some low, low health points just because the weapons are very few, and you can even turn on the impulse 101 cheat....

I guess this mod overall deserved a better ending though is nice to have some HL1 maps to play in this days where mod production is decreasing badly.

Ground Complex
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Mod Review on Apr 12th, 2012

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