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Mod Review on Jun 29th, 2014

I have to tell you, I didn’t like this one. some pros, are about the good mapping, and almost ultra HD new models, and indeed we can see it has some very nice and polished parts, in a pure Black Mesa style, but oh boy!! some others like the final battle are a complete mess… And then that hectic and daunting stupid use of bots to open doors!!! I really don’t matter to use bots, but in Source engine they’re more handy than in HL1 for god sake!!, and I have to tell you this mod relies more than 40% of the time on that silly bot dynamic.

And also another super bad level designing decision is to place a backtracking dynamic, when you’re in the bio dome complex part and in the core, and in Dr. Eddie’s lab. Oh boy!!! please don’t do that!!! many stuff to search in order to open doors like more than 3 freakin’ keycards!!!! and I didn’t found the last one, so I guess that was a horrible trigger glitch, I just have to use noclip more than twice!!! that’s enough. The gameplay navigation is frankly terrible in the most crucial part of the mod, even in the confuse beginning is terrible too, and here I’m talking about of not knowing where to go and how to proceed.

Battles are OK, but at the end xenian enemies became 100 times more powerful without any explanatory reason, and also you have to take care of those stupid ally bots, so be ware of letting them get hurt because that’s gonna be the end.

Sorry but in this case as I replayed this mod, I realize the wrong points definitely outweighs the positive mapping and technical good points, so yeah, I recommend this mental mess only to truly lovers of Black Mesa Research Facility. And though the concept is good, involving some connections between the HL2 world and even Portal!, and offering 2 different finales, this mod easily goes to hell because the worst level designing decisions it makes, it was a pain in the butt to play, no joke, really. If I have to decide between this mod and Absolute Redemption I totally stay with AR mo

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Mod Review on Jun 29th, 2009

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