I am a Source Engine modder. Most of the time my work is focused on my mod, Portal Extended. I can model, map and choreograph. If you want me to help you in any way with testing and mapping, PM me. -HLCRAZY

0 comments by HLCRAZY on Jul 17th, 2012

Yo, ModDB!
Anyone here ever played the classic Tomb Raiders?
Like TR1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6? Any of them, more TR4 though.
Well, like 13 years back, they released something called TRLE (Tomb Raider Level Editor) available for download here. Now, I've been providing a few tutorials, and decided to make a website to put them on. Not very crowded, but if anyone's reading this please stop by.
It's called TRLE/NG Tutorials. It has it's own mini-forum, tutorials, maybe a few tools.
Awesomeness like that.
Tools aren't up yet, but will be if the darn owners reply to me.
...Never mind.
Anyway, that's me done.

Report abuse Custom Universes!

0 comments by HLCRAZY on May 20th, 2012

Hi ModDB!
I'm back after a long pause of blogging with this link!
Custom Universes
It should take you to the entry to the new Portal video-y thing-y that I'm working on, called Custom Universes. I hope that the video come's out ok, cause it took it's time.
Please comment if you have any suggestions on improving or where to go from here.
Thanks, and have a very safe, and productive day. :D

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1 comment by HLCRAZY on Apr 29th, 2012

Hi again ModDB.
I really don't see why I'm posting these because no-one looks at them.
Yeah, so I know my description says I can model, but we have a problem.
In our mod, Portal Extended, if you put the HEV suit on and look at yourself thorugh a portal,
you aren't wearing the suit!
If anyone can tell me how to fix this or just plain make a model, please let me know.
Thanks :D

Report abuse Stats + annoying comment

0 comments by HLCRAZY on Apr 17th, 2012

Yeah, hello and whatever.
Don't comment on this, I'm very prone to agitation right now.
Yes, our stats are sagging. Again.
Not saying they were ever popular but whatever.
Look at the link above to see what I mean.
Things aren't terrible, but the comment that came in was rather annoying.
I can't quote it cause I deleted it, but it said something like,

MrazikMJ wrote:This is just another version of Portal with different skins!

so I said,

HLCRAZY wrote:@MrazikMJ
Have you seen the other trailer yet?
That's completely different.
Same with the map in the downloads.

I wanted to say something completely different, but restraints took over.
So yes, I'm very annoyed.
Any cheery things appreciated.

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0 comments by HLCRAZY on Apr 15th, 2012

Hi guys!
As the leader of The Cave Developers, I have to share my excitement with you about the mod Portal Extended coming soon in May. It has been authorized! Also the trailer has been released, and it was hand-made by me. If anyone wants to see the mod, just look at the mods section of my profile.
Thanks in advance. :D
Just a note, if anyone wants to test this mod, just PM me.
So thanks to any people who show any interest in this mod. :-)
Thank you, -HLCRAZY

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0 comments by HLCRAZY on Apr 14th, 2012

Hi guys!
I have finally created a ModDB account!
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Source Engine modder.
Does anyone else think that Portal 2 was really short, because...I don't know.
I also found a Source Engine...buggy thing.
To find it do this.
Open Portal 2.
Make a cake while it loads, otherwise it's a lie.
Load a level, any level.
Open the developers console, and while in the menu, look at the top-right corner of the screen.
It says Source Engine 2001 instead of 2011 :D
Feel free to find me on Steam as LCLover.
See ya!

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