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Just an argentine boy... Trying to do his best to learn all the ways to modify the goldsource engine. Feel free to asking, and critic. Solo un chico argentino... Intentado hacer lo mejor para aprender todas las formas de modificar el motor goldsource. Sientete libre de preguntar, y criticar.

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LeonelC Apr 19 2014, 9:46pm says:

If I buy it now, will it come with the demo of Arrangement for free?

+1 vote   game: TOTO's little PARTY
LeonelC Mar 9 2014, 6:12pm replied:

Black Mesa's. I splitted the uv's on several parts and added some super modern additive lighting.

+2 votes   media: Moar Stuff
LeonelC Dec 23 2013, 9:12pm says:

This will be good for coop, sacrifice a partner to distract a horde of enemies.

+1 vote   media: Marine is eaten by a horde of demons
LeonelC Nov 4 2013, 6:55pm says:

Awesome, waiting for a pistol and shotgun version, this is gonna be great for those Razer Hydras who want to test Half-Life with those devices.

Keep up the awesome work.

+1 vote   mod: Hand Arena
LeonelC Sep 6 2013, 7:26pm says:

I can't wait for this mod, it looks really promising.

Good luck!

+1 vote   mod: Brutal Half-Life
LeonelC Sep 5 2013, 10:14pm says:

Kinda a recopilation of stuff.

+3 votes   download: Half-Life Collection Golden Definition Pack
LeonelC Aug 28 2013, 10:04pm says:


+1 vote   media: Electrical Boxes
LeonelC Aug 14 2013, 1:29pm says:


+1 vote   media: FerFrans SOAR Ingame
LeonelC Aug 14 2013, 1:29pm says:

I personally think that the mag looks... wierd, and it kinda lacks of detail compared to the rest of the stuff, maybe it's just the perspective and moment of the reload.

+2 votes   media: SLR107U Ingame
LeonelC Aug 1 2013, 11:02pm replied:

You took it from Trusty Crowbar.

+1 vote   media: iHL Beta screens
LeonelC Jul 5 2013, 7:42pm replied:

MI is pure ****.

+2 votes   media: THE ENDING OF INSOLENCE
LeonelC Jun 5 2013, 6:56pm says:

Wierd, I have an 64x OS and I don't have a problem at all, well, at least a crash, I just have some problems while dual-wielding and model rendering, but it's not something critic.

+1 vote   download: Cry of Fear - Crash patch for 64 bit users
LeonelC Apr 8 2013, 9:30am says:

I love how english people downvote spanish votes, but they do nothing with russian/german comments, LOL.

+7 votes   download: Traduccion del They Hunger al Español
LeonelC Apr 6 2013, 7:24pm says:

I like it, it fits with the map very well.

0 votes   media: Skyboxes timeline fixed
LeonelC Apr 6 2013, 7:23pm says:

That's some bad news man... I wish you the best of the lucks out there!

+5 votes   article: Project Suspended.
LeonelC Apr 6 2013, 7:22pm says:

Dude, try to fix, those sleeves, they look... ugly D:

I think I saw some good ones on 1.6/cz section in GB a month ago.

+2 votes   media: Skyboxes timeline fixed
LeonelC Apr 4 2013, 10:36am says:

I really like it, I can't understand why there's so much butthurt on BMS forums for this, maybe it's because the map is based on HL's original xen maps.

I will suggest you to enhance the skybox (maybe making a 3D one? with floating islands, flocks, and maybe a sun, or two hehe) and add/enlarge some paths to make the gameplay more dinamic.

You can approach the fact that there is no gonarch entity, to make that sub-chapter an alien-maze, full of creatures.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa: Xen (Improved maps from Half-Life)
LeonelC Mar 9 2013, 2:17am says:

The Case Closed pack isn't from Trusty Crowbar, It's from R1chard's early jobs :P

+1 vote   download: Gonome
LeonelC Mar 7 2013, 4:29pm replied:

Just forgot to change the page, sorry :P

+1 vote   mod: Trusty Packs
LeonelC Feb 26 2013, 12:36pm says:

It's not that hard, buy crazybump and done, the application makes the job for you.

+1 vote   article: Status
LeonelC Feb 26 2013, 12:24pm replied:

I personally suggest listening to this:


+3 votes   mod: Brutal Doom
LeonelC Feb 20 2013, 9:43pm says:

If someone missed it, we released the Blue Shift Pack on the FB Page.

+1 vote   mod: Trusty Packs
LeonelC Feb 20 2013, 5:45pm says:

Hi there Sutur- I mean Joebama.

+2 votes   member: Joebama
LeonelC Jan 31 2013, 8:42pm says:

Stolen model.

+4 votes   media: the police forcer
LeonelC Jan 27 2013, 3:55am replied:

What about creating a .txt, and renaming it to .gcf? I know that it's the worst idea ever, but maybe it can work LOL.

+2 votes   article: Gearbox HD pack now mandatory?!
LeonelC Jan 26 2013, 9:52pm says:

What about editing the .gcf file, so it just loads a blank gcf instead of the hd pack? I'm more at the mood of using xash3D than steam.

+1 vote   article: Gearbox HD pack now mandatory?!
LeonelC Jan 5 2013, 9:52pm says:

Wonderful job dude, I just finished 2 standard maps, 4vs4, and it was epic, I'm waiting for the next release :)

+3 votes   mod: Tales of Middle-Earth
LeonelC Dec 30 2012, 6:44pm replied:

I know this guy in YT, it's in the mood of making jokes about UACMN.

+3 votes   mod: Brutal Doom
LeonelC Dec 12 2012, 12:42am replied:


"Something - SC old weaponry (lost in a HDD crash)"

La gente deberia empezar a leer :facepalm:

+1 vote   media: Something - SC old weaponry (lost in a HDD crash)
LeonelC Nov 4 2012, 6:59pm says:

Now, THAT is a "Hell on Earth"!

+10 votes   media: After the Holocaust - A map for Brutal Doom
LeonelC Jul 4 2012, 10:46pm says:

Dude, everytime you show up, you just upload an epic addon haha.

This is great, man! 10/10.

+3 votes   download: Utility jumpsuit
LeonelC May 18 2012, 1:34pm replied:

Yeah, I made them from scratch too :3

+1 vote   media: Radio Detonator (Modelled From Scratch)
LeonelC Mar 12 2012, 11:13am says:

Needs some tweaking in the textures, but I love it <3

0 votes   media: Mv-22 Osprey
LeonelC Mar 6 2012, 10:09pm replied:

ahora va a ser mio :rapeface. (?

+1 vote   member: TUVI
LeonelC Mar 2 2012, 10:49am replied:

A mi tampoco no me gusta la ley, pero que le vamos a hacer, la accion de porteo sigue siendo illegal :D

Y no, no hay ley para eso (pasar contenido goldsrc a src), por eso mismo hay paquetes de goldsource a source (no hay ley para eso ya que HL1, desde el punto de vista para valve, no hay ganancia constante de este juego)

No entiendo gente tan inteligente, se le cierra la mente con esta ley...

Cierro esta discucion aca ya mismo, no quiero hacer discursitos otra vez por una boludez como una ley hecha por un judio (Gabe JEWell)

+1 vote   media: Lightbeams and textures HD.
LeonelC Mar 1 2012, 8:19am replied:

Oh, cool, I was THIS little, to ask you to, at least, put my name on the credits list :P

+1 vote   download: Half-Life New HD pack V2
LeonelC Feb 29 2012, 7:31am says:

I spot with my little eye... MY M4 RIG!

+2 votes   download: Half-Life New HD pack V2
LeonelC Feb 28 2012, 5:27pm replied:

la 1ra vez que jugue al pool, me paso lo mismo, cague la partida jajajaja.

+1 vote   media: Azure Sheep (early alpha stage)
LeonelC Feb 26 2012, 4:30am says:

HOLY sh**, awesome, I love it :D

btw, hehe, I got the w_shotbox idea too!

+3 votes   download: Small Models Pack
LeonelC Feb 13 2012, 2:55am says:

What set of anims are they using?

+1 vote   media: V models
LeonelC Feb 6 2012, 9:56pm says:


+1 vote   mod: Small-Life
LeonelC Jan 2 2012, 2:44pm says:

Too colorful, try to make it less vivid, anyways, I like it, which anims are you using?

+10 votes   media: Opinion on RPG color???
LeonelC Dec 7 2011, 10:13am says:

oh hell no, not this again!

+1 vote   download: Shotgun Barney
LeonelC Dec 7 2011, 10:08am says:

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat D:

I can't be a good person seeing this, it's horrible.

+4 votes   media: Zombie "Matrastro"
LeonelC Nov 24 2011, 3:53pm says:

I love it, but it looks TOO grainy for my taste, anyways, I see you are approaching the features of the trinity engine...


+1 vote   media: Crossfire
LeonelC Nov 20 2011, 4:00pm says:

uh me re ganastes, lo iba a subir tmb ajaja

0 votes   media: skeleton for They Hunber - HoE anims
LeonelC Nov 20 2011, 3:59pm says:


+2 votes   media: Point Of View
LeonelC Nov 15 2011, 11:33pm says:

those are the barniel hands from Romka LOL

+1 vote   media: MISC
LeonelC Nov 12 2011, 12:04pm says:

I agree with tnk, the mapping is SOOO nostalgic, I really love it, most of your maps reminds me of valve & Gearbox mapping style.

+3 votes   media: Nothings
LeonelC Nov 10 2011, 7:04pm says:

WHOA, impressive mapping, I see also a smoothing problem in the v_model, due an additive texture problem :P

+2 votes   media: Update [OLD OLD OLD]
LeonelC Nov 2 2011, 12:24am says:

I saw you are quite pro at texturing, I'll wait for a hgrunt retexture :P

+2 votes   media: Adrian Shephard
LeonelC Oct 30 2011, 1:04am replied:

aproveche la mascara, para disimular mas el estado "zombie" q se oculta realmente en el TH ep3

+1 vote   media: TH stuff
LeonelC Oct 26 2011, 10:29pm says:


Looks like a italian kitchen somehow.

+2 votes   media: Improved lights v2
LeonelC Oct 17 2011, 8:23pm replied:

for me it's a really nice model, it's a good fusion between the classic and HD zombie, gearbox made an awesome job with this zombie, I miss playing HL in my PS2 and SegaD...

+5 votes   download: Blue Shift Beta DC Zombie
LeonelC Oct 16 2011, 7:38pm says:


+5 votes   media: wearhouse adventure
LeonelC Oct 8 2011, 1:02am says:

I just love how the maps are named :)

Keep up the good 'ol but fresh work.

+1 vote   media: E1M3 - (Sewer Canal)
LeonelC Sep 29 2011, 7:55pm says:

reminds me of a character from a italian novel called "Il ladro Signore"

anyways, wonderful drawing :O

+1 vote   media: Monster Concepts by new Teammember RNG :)
LeonelC Sep 18 2011, 4:25pm says:

Quit!? D: whyy!?

I just lol'd

+1 vote   media: Coop
LeonelC Sep 3 2011, 10:37pm says:

hey, all that are in this addon report scientist1! itsn't for trolling, it's to stop this s***ty wave of addons

+10 votes   download: Huge Houndeye
LeonelC Aug 29 2011, 7:14pm replied:

yeah, I said to richard tons of times about the gloves conssistensy :P

+1 vote   media: Medic
LeonelC Aug 22 2011, 12:40am replied:

haha thanks josh :)

+3 votes   download: DiamonD's Pack Weapons with BS-OP4 Hands
LeonelC Aug 12 2011, 6:27pm replied:

Usando gflip y porteando modelos :P

+2 votes   media: Mi go-mod
LeonelC Aug 7 2011, 10:24pm says:

There isn't any custom models made by you on this mod, the textures were made and included in the HL engine by /crowbar, and the barney was hacked/textured by richard!

You suck!

+6 votes   media: Barney
LeonelC Aug 2 2011, 3:58pm says:

hmm, that equipment fits perfect in a snow-ish place...

I really like the reskin, it fits very well into the model.

0 votes   media: New textures for Barney & Otis
LeonelC Jul 30 2011, 4:29pm replied:

No soy fan de estos modelos, los hice por puro aburrimiento...

+1 vote   media: Messing 'round
LeonelC Jul 24 2011, 7:19pm replied:

jaja, impresionado? o decepcionado?

+2 votes   media: Messing 'round
LeonelC Jul 12 2011, 8:09pm says:

Soldier's Mind:

I'll kill ya with mah hand *pew pew*

+2 votes   media: HECU Commander
LeonelC Jul 10 2011, 3:07pm says:

lol, the textures fits perfectly =D

+1 vote   media: Fetus
LeonelC Jul 8 2011, 4:21pm says:

try to fix the uvs of the HEV!, the rest is really good :3

+2 votes   media: Nick Farell - The protagonist
LeonelC Jun 26 2011, 8:14pm says:

Don't like the satchel texture >:C

+2 votes   media: Using Ripent (WIP)
LeonelC Jun 23 2011, 3:16pm says:

It's a V1, which includs a bunch of alternatives model, next time in the v2 will be a lot of models, without any copy-paste, like this one :3

+1 vote   download: HL Ultimate Pack Alternatives Pack
LeonelC Jun 22 2011, 8:35pm replied:

lol, of me it looks like a young mexican boy that wants to be older that he is, leaving that sexy mustache :3

+2 votes   media: Security Guards
LeonelC Jun 12 2011, 10:57pm replied:

Gearbox, I think :/

+1 vote   media: Some Opposing Force Media
LeonelC May 23 2011, 3:42pm says:

F*ck you *sshole, my friend smash doesn't stole nothing from no one, I rigged all his LD hgrunts, if you want I can give you milkshape screenshoots of the progress.

So, shut up before let your mouth trow sh*t at another people ;)

+3 votes   member: Βutthead
LeonelC May 17 2011, 8:01pm says:

I don't like it, it fits perfect for a mechanical enemy, but not for a
fully-organical like the houndeye.

+3 votes   media: Houndeye attack sound
LeonelC May 12 2011, 11:36pm says:

Why it has a lot of contrast?

Anyway, I want that vortigaunt :3

+1 vote   media: Houndeye and Vortigaunt.
LeonelC Apr 26 2011, 7:47pm replied:

aa son las texturas que iba a usar r1chard en su pack :P

+1 vote   media: Stuff
LeonelC Apr 24 2011, 7:09pm replied:

gracias :)

+1 vote   media: Stuff
LeonelC Apr 14 2011, 10:48am says:

Sos de argentina? podrias mandarme un PM enseñandome como haces que los modelos SD tengan la funcion de cambiar colores?

Gracias de antemano :P

+1 vote   member: DJ_Iñaki
LeonelC Apr 10 2011, 1:03am says:

Damn you and maxyh upload horrible models, stop this "upload rain"!

And practice before you upload you s***ty models, it's obvious that you only used the "scale mesh" and "scale bones" on the model viewer ;).

And don't delete this comment, you delete all the comments that aren't "good" for you ;)

+10 votes   download: Mr.Shit
LeonelC Apr 9 2011, 4:48pm replied:

Because WON was made of epic win ;)

+1 vote   media: I have this error
LeonelC Apr 9 2011, 1:18pm says:

If you have the WON version of Half-Life, the "r_detailtextures" doesn't work, so, make sure that you have a steam version of Half Life.

+1 vote   media: I have this error
LeonelC Apr 7 2011, 8:33pm says:

Loving it, your updates always make me smile Rumpel lol.

+4 votes   article: Developer Commentary on AoMDC LP
LeonelC Apr 7 2011, 6:56pm replied:

Just keep the orange colour, :)

+2 votes   media: Singleplayer
LeonelC Apr 6 2011, 6:24pm says:

Please crowbar don't use wornz arms, they are overused :P.

BTW: the hud it's green? or it's the 640hud7 colour?

Anyway... I love the work, really nice ;)

+2 votes   media: Singleplayer
LeonelC Apr 2 2011, 1:06pm says:

Dude, won is great, but most of half life players use steam platform.

+1 vote   media: RMesa Menu
LeonelC Apr 1 2011, 6:16pm replied:

It's a model replacement to leech.mdl, the worms that appear in the water on half life, so you can use it on vanilla HL and/or its modifications

+5 votes   download: Piranhas
LeonelC Mar 27 2011, 10:06pm says:

I don't get it :/

*see amount of votes*

OMG ****** tons of bricks*

+3 votes   media: MINDFUCK
LeonelC Mar 20 2011, 5:22pm says:

Too sharpen+contrast, in-game looks wierd, try to make detailed overlays textures, instead of sharpen them.

The colour idea is fine, but the tie... I don't like it, a black tie would fit very well.

+1 vote   download: Black Scientist
LeonelC Mar 19 2011, 11:00pm says:

Why you upload packs that can be founded on youtube? :/

0 votes   download: Absolute Redemption Ultra Definition Pack
LeonelC Mar 19 2011, 1:41pm replied:

jaja, yo los tuve por un rato, se siente muy bien :B

+1 vote   media: Scientist NPC's for Blue Shift
LeonelC Mar 18 2011, 5:10pm replied:

deberias modificar la pose del headcrab, aprovecha la madibula del hombre, y hace que el headcrab le agarre la mandibula con las patas, asi queda como que el headcrab apresura su comida xD.

+1 vote   media: zombie for Absolute Redemption
LeonelC Mar 15 2011, 6:55pm says:

31 seconds of your life you mean ¬_¬


+1 vote   media: 30 seconds of my life
LeonelC Mar 12 2011, 6:21pm says:


+2 votes   game: Half-Life: Decay
LeonelC Mar 12 2011, 1:16pm says:


Gunship is right, make the originals guns, the HD guns sucks.

+19 votes   media: HD Default Beretta
LeonelC Mar 9 2011, 2:26pm replied:

oh please... make a "pack" is create custom content, no recompile old stuff and put it together on a .rar and call it "a new pack".

+2 votes   download: Model Pack v2.0
LeonelC Mar 9 2011, 10:57am says:

Hm, LD lover? :3

+1 vote   media: Romka's Apache edited
LeonelC Mar 3 2011, 7:53pm replied:

Maybe it can be for WON :P

+5 votes   media: CPR in co-op
LeonelC Mar 2 2011, 11:38am says:

God bless america :D

Nice voice Vinsane!! very accurate of duke :)

+2 votes   media: Duke Nukem's Day Off
LeonelC Mar 1 2011, 6:55pm replied:

nono, I created a chrome layer with 64x64 textures, one for the body, and another for the head.

+1 vote   media: Crowbar
LeonelC Feb 28 2011, 7:18pm replied:

yeah, but I re-chromed the crowbar, now it has a LD-feeling, but I'm planning to review the textures topic.

+2 votes   media: Crowbar
LeonelC Feb 27 2011, 8:33pm replied:

tenia pensado hacer lentas las animaciones, y modificar el archivo skill.cfg ;)

+1 vote   media: Oh hai
LeonelC Feb 26 2011, 4:42pm buried:


Nice, but the bms style grunts are not of my taste.

-5 votes   media: Redux Human Grunt.
LeonelC Feb 19 2011, 2:14pm replied:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

LeonelC Feb 18 2011, 4:49pm replied:

fixed :D, LOL

+1 vote   media: HEV Suit
LeonelC Feb 18 2011, 4:30pm says:

mmm now I see, I f***ed up gordon's proportions :/, I'll fix it.

+1 vote   media: HEV Suit
LeonelC Feb 18 2011, 4:20pm says:

what the...

+2 votes   media: um
LeonelC Feb 17 2011, 5:14pm says:

no uses loquendo, en mi opinion es horrendo D:.

+1 vote   media: La cara Oculta de Valve en Español
LeonelC Feb 15 2011, 3:49pm replied:

"nobody tell gabe, ok?"

+1 vote   media: Images Betas
LeonelC Feb 15 2011, 1:13am says:

I looove HL: Induction :D, the only problem was the language it's based :(

+1 vote   media: Go-Mod Induction Addon
LeonelC Feb 7 2011, 3:04pm says:


+1 vote   media: Nemesis
LeonelC Feb 6 2011, 9:04pm says:

F*** yeah, duke nukem!!

I'm a big fan of this man :D

Hail to the king... BABY!

I'm agree with nukepb, it needs more blood :/ it looks like a 8-year old kids game... (sarcasm)

+1 vote   media: Duke Plus Violence Level!
LeonelC Feb 6 2011, 4:13pm replied:

hehe it's a cool idea, if you see my ragging bull in the previous image, it's rigged in jennifer's anims, but yeah you are so right about the one handed info.

Oh and by the way, you have to teach me how you do that of modify the anims x).

+1 vote   media: Glocky :3
LeonelC Feb 6 2011, 1:03am replied:

Action Doom 2, una modificacion de doom 2 standalone, antes estaba en el mercado, pero no se desde hace cuanto esta la descarga gratuita.

+1 vote   media: Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster god!!
LeonelC Feb 5 2011, 2:36pm replied:

It's the perfection your shotty :3

+2 votes   media: Spas 12 - Animations change
LeonelC Feb 4 2011, 10:02pm replied:

Really? I'm not a big fan of one-handed hand firing.

+1 vote   media: Glocky :3
LeonelC Feb 4 2011, 3:07pm says:

This set of hands reminds me to BMS beta hands (if you don't know, check the egon test in BMS youtube channel)

+3 votes   media: W.I.P New Weapons models
LeonelC Feb 1 2011, 9:09pm replied:

It's LnD spas 12, and I think it's the skin that you are saying, it's too HL2-ish for my taste, but it's a good choice, in fpsbanana there isn't a great variety of spas 12 skins (Snark shotty, and... Pete's shotty?)

+1 vote   media: Some Opposing Force Media
LeonelC Jan 28 2011, 10:27pm replied:

el wad lo podes sacar del hl:redux, y copia los mapas del mismo mod y ahi tenes todo el half life retexturizado :)

+1 vote   media: Raging Bull V2
LeonelC Jan 17 2011, 12:47pm replied:

Search on youtube there is a They Hunger SD pack already

+1 vote   media: Beretta M9
LeonelC Jan 15 2011, 5:59pm says:

1:54, 2:08 starcraft scourge!!!

+1 vote   media: Several sounds
LeonelC Jan 15 2011, 3:07pm replied:

true true :/

+1 vote   download: Black Mesa:Source Background pack for Half-Life
LeonelC Jan 14 2011, 10:04pm replied:

pequeños errores, ahora te banean por esto :S, na broma x)

+2 votes   media: Misc
LeonelC Jan 13 2011, 10:35pm says:

I like the detail, keeping the Classic LD-feel, but at the same time upgrading its quality :)

+3 votes   media: New Barney
LeonelC Jan 10 2011, 2:33pm replied:

It isn't mirrored o_o, even the gun isn't mirrored, correct me if i'm wrong.

+1 vote   media: Stuff
LeonelC Jan 9 2011, 5:21pm replied:

I think it would be scary, just look at the health bar status :S

+7 votes   media: Playing with shaders
LeonelC Jan 5 2011, 3:31pm says:

Where I can find this pack? I like it :D

+1 vote   media: Half-life 2 Raising the bar skins
LeonelC Jan 4 2011, 8:41pm replied:

yo de manos uso las de ambient impact con el reskineo fotorealista de waterphoenix y de brazos los que puso saxon en hit forums

Edit: para arreglar el error tenes 2 alternativas:

1) Alterar las manos para que el error no suceda

2) Busca otras mangas de camisa que sean mas grandes

+1 vote   media: Opposing Force - Customized Game
LeonelC Jan 4 2011, 12:47pm says:

I really like all of this screenshoot, the HUD is the exact from Black Mesa source.

+2 votes   media: Apache & Spas-12
LeonelC Jan 4 2011, 12:11pm says:

Soo it's just a model/sounds/sprite pack?

It's a good collection, but I expected much more like... coding, all the feeling of the alpha/beta is made by coding (weapon bobing, particle sistem, damage sistem, weapon coding...)

It's a very good mod, but that is my opinion ^^

+2 votes   media: Half-Life E3 1998 Alpha 2 Gameplay
LeonelC Jan 3 2011, 10:42am replied:

ahora mismo empiezo, estoy aburrido y capas el jueves me voy a una quinta xD

+1 vote   media: intro_otis
LeonelC Dec 31 2010, 3:28pm says:

It is... Beautiful :O

+2 votes   media: Houndeye
LeonelC Dec 30 2010, 11:39pm replied:

One Word:


+2 votes   media: Lands of Lore 2
LeonelC Dec 27 2010, 7:02pm says:

Dat Water :E

+1 vote   media: More Ingame
LeonelC Dec 26 2010, 9:23pm replied:

No I can't, maybe is the sound quality, maybe the size, i don't know, but i'm sure that it's a issue in the sounds files, i have this problem too, try the next time to only copy the "weapons" file trought the "sounds" folder in DD's pack.

+1 vote   media: Barnacle
LeonelC Dec 26 2010, 9:20pm replied:

just a texture alignamnet problem, it can be fixed via milkshape 3d ;)

+4 votes   media: Vortigaunt
LeonelC Dec 26 2010, 6:17pm replied:

I don't like that part of DD's pack, but the overall is pretty nice.

+3 votes   media: Barnacle
LeonelC Dec 26 2010, 1:57am replied:

ok, I'll remember that :D (I need to do this to all the weapons...)

A pain in the ***

+1 vote   media: Opposing Force - Customized Game
LeonelC Dec 24 2010, 9:49am replied:

Yep true, but DiamonD's pack has a medkit, battery and turret model ported from hl2 :/

+5 votes   media: Barnacle
LeonelC Dec 16 2010, 4:17pm says:

Coming Soon... 2011/2012

"yeah... soon..." WTF O_O

+2 votes   media: The first TRAILER
LeonelC Dec 13 2010, 8:34pm replied:

If it was ep2 the whole bricks were jumping and having insane-collide, for me orange box engine physics are a little anormal :P, maybe i would say "it's like HL2 physics" <= because havok's ones hasn't insane collide.

@~Saxon~: yeah, most of the maps have pre-animated models, like in the start, in the part when the train bridge broke all.

+1 vote   media: Sledgehammer
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