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Hjid Mar 11 2012, 2:28pm replied:

We could, but since the helmet/kevlar is a part of the kit, it would mean that players wouldn't be able to pick up the kit until the corpse disappear.
In AP we also need the kit to disappear for the dropping helmets. We don't want a helmet on both the ground and the soldier at the same time do we?

Sorry, but we will still have the helmet/kevlar dissapear from the corpse.

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Hjid Jan 12 2012, 4:28pm says:

Nice to see you got it working, just remember to remove the circular shadow on the minimap too ;)

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Hjid Nov 4 2011, 9:37am replied:

You can see all the weapons in

+2 votes   mod: Alpha Project
Hjid Sep 24 2011, 10:54am replied:

Well we tried to make the button function as it does on the eotech replicas, which changes the colour between red and green. There was more colours in a previous version though, as seen here:

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Hjid Sep 17 2011, 2:43pm replied:

The hotfix for the "crash on join game" you can find it here:

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Hjid Sep 12 2011, 4:26am replied:

Try to run it in windowed mode and see if you get a error message.
Also, make sure that you have 1.5 and have installed the alpha project hotfix (you find it in the comments on the download)

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Hjid Aug 1 2011, 6:54am replied:

Are you crashing when you press the join game button? If so we think we have found the reason for the crash, expect a hotfix soon.

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Hjid May 2 2011, 9:47am replied:

For now, the weapons will just replace the dropbags from vBF2. With dynamic, we mean that they will be able to slide down hills and stuff.

I'm not sure if I understood your question right, but yes, the weapons will dissapear from the ground when you pick them up.

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Hjid Aug 25 2010, 8:21am replied:

Well I have to agree with you, but I actually enjoyed OPDD too.

I tried LMS, and it was pretty fun, but it crashed. Although, I think it's nice that you figured out the knife fix and added a 3rd person view :D.

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Hjid Jun 23 2010, 6:15pm replied:

Did he get permission to use it and will you have to have AIX to play?

+1 vote   mod: Russian Insurgency
Hjid Apr 25 2010, 3:28pm says:

Beautiful :D

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Hjid Mar 16 2010, 5:17am replied:

I think that the wookie mod is still being worked on by the creator, but that he is too busy to finish it. I'm afraid that the only way to customize your kit like in the wookie mod, is to make all of the different kit combinations and load them in your map. Don't worry, it should be fairly simple to make a program that wil automatically make all of the kit combinations :D

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Hjid Mar 16 2010, 4:57am says:

Nice skin :D, but please give Mr. Hunter a hat like this:

+1 vote   media: Mr. Hunter, you're looking snazzy
Hjid Mar 16 2010, 4:51am says:

Is it a dog? :P

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