As long as I've been playing games I've wanted to make my own. Captivated by the possibilities of level editors, I started mapping in 1996 for Doom II. Not long after my gaming experience was changed by the release of Half-Life in 1998. This game got me hooked for the next couple of years and it should come as no surprise that as soon as I found Worldcraft, I was making my own Goldsource wolds. As we moved into the new millennium, online gaming started opening up to me and I found Sven Co-op in 2000 for which I made countless maps and content. I closed off 10 years of GoldSource development with the release of Land of Legends in 2009. Since 2008 I've picked up Source mapping and worked on maps for Resistance and Liberation, Overwatch and Fortress Forever. After that I worked on a discontinued MOD called "An Open Window\". After a long break of mapping, I got back into the game by creating the remake of HL:Uplink for Black Mesa: Source in late 2012.

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Titan: XCIX

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Mod review - 2 agree

I found the mod very interesting :) Nice visual effects and the setting was pretty original. The different endings and the comics were a nice twist to the story. The fact that you are slowly losing health makes the puzzles more thrilling, but it would have been nice if there were more to it than just searching for ways to open a door.

And it wouldn't hurt to let someone check your spelling. My English is also far from perfect, but the mod would be more polished that way. While on the subject: getting a voice actor would be even cooler than subtitles :)

Overall: nice mod, cool art style. Next episode could use some more variation in puzzles. Looking forward to it!