As long as I've been playing games I've wanted to make my own. Captivated by the possibilities of level editors, I started mapping in 1996 for Doom II. Not long after my gaming experience was changed by the release of Half-Life in 1998. This game got me hooked for the next couple of years and it should come as no surprise that as soon as I found Worldcraft, I was making my own Goldsource wolds. As we moved into the new millennium, online gaming started opening up to me and I found Sven Co-op in 2000 for which I made countless maps and content. I closed off 10 years of GoldSource development with the release of Land of Legends in 2009. Since 2008 I've picked up Source mapping and worked on maps for Resistance and Liberation, Overwatch and Fortress Forever. After that I worked on a discontinued MOD called "An Open Window\". After a long break of mapping, I got back into the game by creating the remake of HL:Uplink for Black Mesa: Source in late 2012.

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Mod Review on Mar 29th, 2014
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As a small HL2 mod, this would be a passable piece. The level design is ok, monster placement is ok but it doesn't really excel at any level. It's also quite short. At this point I'd say 6/10.

But what drew me to the mod was the title. A mod where you have to be resourceful seemed really cool. In the sewers, suddenly a CP voice sounded. My expectation: CP's will patrol the area and I have to carefully sneak past them or trick them somehow. But: No CPs, I could just walk through the sewer.

Then in the prison. Armed with only a pistol and limited ammo, I encounter 3 heavy armored combine soldiers with shotguns. It's a completely unfair fight, so I imaged: now I have to be resourceful! I pile up the boxes and carefully block their views so I can sneak past and try to find an alternative route. But: no alternative route. I actually have to engage those soldiers to get past them.

Later I'm in a city. Up ahead I can see a combine outpost but it's far out. Where I'm currently at, there's a bunch of zombies which pose no immediate treat. Maybe here I have to finally be resourceful. Maybe the mapper wants me to use these zombies to distract the combine. So I lure the zombies up to the outpost waiting for the firefight. But: there's no-one there. I can just walk straight through the city and the combine outpost. There is some howling from fast zombies, but they also do not show up.

After that I just literally ran past every encounter and finished the map within minutes without firing a bullet.

I realize my review tone is quite harsh but none of my expectations were met giving the single goal of this MOD: being resourceful. Currently the maps are just empty shells of 'what could have been'. However, this can be remedied. If the maps get a visual update they are good enough to be used again. But this time: think outside of the box! Come up with at least 3 ways to beat the encounters in these maps and make sure the player has the opportunity to use those alternatives!

4 Review

Mod Review on Jan 12th, 2013 - 2 people agree 4 people don't

Triage is Half-Life meets Call of Duty. Backflashes containing story elements, but mostly shoot and press-on action. The large amount of NPCs and the crosshair aiming system makes it feel more like Call of Duty in gameplay than Half-Life. Also the movement system seemed to have changed, making me unable to strafe and move foward at the same time, much to my annoyance.

Where the MOD receives kudos is certainly the new AI. Enemies react faster and use cover, making firefights quite intense. Sadly the design doesn't rely on this updated intelligence. Instead, combine and rebels move in large packs, being chopped down as cannon fodder with the player somewhere in between. Less NPC's with better placement would make this a lot more interesting.

The current release feels like an early alpha. I was able to walk out of the map, jump into the skybox and I had to reload my game a few times because my actions somehow broke the scripts or just failed on their own. Often it wasn't really clear what I was supposed to do, and the voice-acting didn't help me much. Audio was low volume and there were no subtitles, so I didn't receive any hints. Having a huge message on my screen telling me where to go completely broke any feeling of immersion.

The visuals are below average. Buildings are just blocks and there is hardly any detail. You are mostly on ground level running through straight streets, which isn't what City 17 looks like, or any real city in eastern Europe for that fact.

Even with the low detail, the performance was choppy (even on my high-end gaming system). Source wasn't made to handle so much AI. While I appreciate what the MOD is trying to do (bring huge and intense fights) the current approach isn't working very well. COD can pull it off because of their high production values, but Triage can't. Rethink your design choices and look more at Half-Life than COD for inspiration, then this might actually become a good MOD.

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