As long as I've been playing games I've wanted to make my own. Captivated by the possibilities of level editors, I started mapping in 1996 for Doom II. Not long after my gaming experience was changed by the release of Half-Life in 1998. This game got me hooked for the next couple of years and it should come as no surprise that as soon as I found Worldcraft, I was making my own Goldsource wolds. As we moved into the new millennium, online gaming started opening up to me and I found Sven Co-op in 2000 for which I made countless maps and content. I closed off 10 years of GoldSource development with the release of Land of Legends in 2009. Since 2008 I've picked up Source mapping and worked on maps for Resistance and Liberation, Overwatch and Fortress Forever. After that I worked on a discontinued MOD called "An Open Window\". After a long break of mapping, I got back into the game by creating the remake of HL:Uplink for Black Mesa: Source in late 2012.

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The Stanley Parable

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Titan: XCIX

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I hardly give 10/10, but if you're making a HL2 singleplayer episode, this is how it should be done. It made great use of all assets of Half-Life and combined them seamlessly and certainly long enough for a mod.

If there are plans for a sequel, I'd like to see more various puzzles and action. Many things were direct copies out of the Half-Life series which, as a seasoned player, I saw coming from a mile away. However, the battles were more challenging than Valve dared, which was a big plus for me.


Robo Mesa

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I was really amazed by this MOD. It managed to shake off the signs of being a HL2 mod and created something truly unique. Great work on the atmosphere, puzzles and gameplay. I'm especially pleased about the level design. Somehow the mapper managed to connect every room to every room and still made it a logical walkthrough.

Some improvement could be done in the field of combat. I like the concept of it, but it feels a bit wacky. It would be better if it were harder to swing that weapon and create more feedback when you hit an enemy. Another point is the learning curve. I actually restarted the game because I only figured out how to get into the red rooms by level 3. While I'm aware there is a gameplay video, I didn't want to spoil my experience by watching that. If you made things more obvious and less hidden in the first map, I think a lot of people will be able to grasp the gameplay concept faster.

Overall: Really well done!



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Some of the screenshots of this mod seemed pretty interesting, so I downloaded it, poured a cold coke in a glass and loaded up Dissolution.

The cinematic introduction (although it's a bit long and static) managed to keep me interested all the way to the end. Thank God for my long attention span and wisdom of old age. A 14 year old might have started chewing on his keyboard when he had to sit through that.

I wake up on a slab, apparently unknowing and unloved because suddenly citizens of a planetary base start attacking me. Meanwhile, this wierd voice coming from inside my head and some PDA's with audiofragments are trying to tell me what's going on. I find it hard to concentrate since the volume of the fragments is low and some guy is trying to beat me with a crowbar. While voice acting is awesome, design-wise it's clever to keep the important conversation at uneventfull parts of the game.

The mod looks pretty decent. The custom art isn't high quality but it sets the theme pretty well. Although, after a few minutes I get the idea that the maps were made with a set of only 5 textures and 5 different prefabs of rooms/corridors. Did I just pour another coke in my glass or was this also a dejavu? While some special rooms are a refreshing change, most of the maps seem very repetive. Same goes for the gameplay: get the keycard, throw the switch, get the other keycard, throw the other switch. Not many kudos for innovation there.

However, the characters were pretty well done. The main NPC's were original or had a nice twist. The mad suicidal citizens were fun to blast away and those wacky psychedelic crows, even though they seem out of place, had a way of giving you permanent migraines if you didn't get rid of them quick enough.

Overall, if you like quick run and gun action, you could rate this 8/10. If you value original storyline, innovation and pretty graphics (like me), this will not satisfy you. However, the few nice traits made me give Dissolution 6/10.



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I found the mod very interesting :) Nice visual effects and the setting was pretty original. The different endings and the comics were a nice twist to the story. The fact that you are slowly losing health makes the puzzles more thrilling, but it would have been nice if there were more to it than just searching for ways to open a door.

And it wouldn't hurt to let someone check your spelling. My English is also far from perfect, but the mod would be more polished that way. While on the subject: getting a voice actor would be even cooler than subtitles :)

Overall: nice mod, cool art style. Next episode could use some more variation in puzzles. Looking forward to it!



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