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" Hmmm... Isn't it Ironic that the first few commenters account's were created the same day the comments were made as for the rating, not to mention they haven't been active at all since the creation of the account. Don't forget these accounts happen to be in his "fan group".

Not be to rude, but uhh... something is a bit fishy here. I'll be blunt and just say it, Stop with the fake ratings/comments, you won't get anywhere if you just pretend... "

I wasn't going to give this a one, because I haven't played it, but now that you deleted my comment and in fact you are giving fake reviews to yourself to make yourself look better... just no.

Maps are made by default RPG MAKER VX ACE RTP and done terribly. Maps are empty and looks bland compared to other RPG MAKER games that are free. Gameplay is questionable from the video... To be honest I'm not entirely sure why you are selling this.


The Useful Dead

Game review

I liked it. For the small price of $1.99 I dont see a reason not to buy it.

It's fun and nice to play.



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I would recommend this to anyone. The atmosphere, the mood, the aesthetics come together to just make this game so beautiful. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack.

The game is emotion and is about the Japan Tsunami which devastated many families.

I mean why not buy the game, you'll be getting a great product and giving some to charity! It's a win - win situation!

With a low price of $1.99 I don't see why you wouldn't want to buy this. The game itself is excellent and does a great job giving you an amazing experience.

10 / 10


Attack of the Crimson Marauders

Game review

I played the demo, so I cannot truly rate this because the full version may be different than the demo but...

There were a few things I didn't like. The controls were awkward to handle as I had to use enter and arrow keys to shoot and then I had to use the left ctrl (or alt, I can remember) to use specials and I didn't see a way to change them.

The game's difficulty was what made me come back though. The game was truly a challenge and was fun in the demo.


Voxel Runner

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The developers should have known the dangers of creating this game and it was really inevitable to get the "ITS A CRAPPY CLONE!"

It's well done gameplay wise, but the design is very much inspired by bit-trip runner a tad too much for my likes.

I mean I think it's fine to be inspired by a game's GAMEPLAY, but trying to reproduce the art design, levels, and the aesthetics are just plain.

It's overall a well-made game, but something just doesn't feel right here.



Game review

It was cute and simple. Loved it so much, the music and aesthetics of the game really came all together and made the experience incredible.

A sweet game that i'll never forget.

You won't regret downloading.


Anna's Quest Vol. 1: Winfriede's Tower

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A wonderful and cute game! The demo really makes you wonder what will happen next!


Wisps: The Redeeming

Game review

Wisp: The Redeeming is a nice arcade styled game that I believe will get you hooked on to the game! The challenges of the game is to try to collect all the wisp (I believe so) in a order and return to a point. The game excels in giving the player a challenge in the beginning because the player will have to get used to the mouse controls of the game. I myself found myself bouncing between walls for the first few playthrough of the game and making my wisp hit the wall, but as I keep on playing the mouse control get more natural and you'll soon be a pro! The game offers a highscore board to maybe challenge your friends or yourself, and it includes a randomly generated map each time you play a game.

The game's atmosphere is very calms and the soundtrack fits perfectly with it, The graphics look very well done and everything just goes perfectly together. I say the developers took some time with the look and atmosphere of the game.

Although the game may seems great and outstanding the game does have a few downsides. The game does get a bit stale very quick! Without a friend or something to motivate you to play again the game is pretty much the same thing over and over. Which questions the cost of the game, is $4.99 really worth the game? I believe the game is worth a $4.99 and I myself would have bought it for that price if I didn't see a chance to get a free code, but it all depends on you whether the game is worth it or not. Whether you like a casual game or not.

Overall Wisp: The Redeeming is a nice game that may or may not contain a lot depending on yourself, but I myself would recommend this game to anyone. This is because its nice, polished, and does a nice job calming you down after rage quitting for a Call Of Duty Game, but then again it does get a bit boring.

Rating 7.5/10



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