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Herr_Alien Feb 16 2009, 12:27am replied:

Well, to twist the knife clock-wise, have you watched also the remaining of the videos? They're pretty cool if you ask me :)

+2 votes   news: AvP2 Fortress carpet bombs ModDB. With videos.
Herr_Alien Feb 13 2009, 12:19am replied:

Well, for what it is worth it, everybody now knows that you hate them. I mean it is even written on the flash rotator on :)

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E12
Herr_Alien Feb 10 2009, 10:26am replied:

Ok, next test will be on Saturday. You can download the current beta from our site, at
Click on the Downloads section; the beta release is the first download. Give it a run, even only just to inspect the maps; you'll need that experience for Saturday.

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Herr_Alien Feb 10 2009, 4:27am replied:

What my compatriot forgot is that we (romanians) also have troops deployed in Iraq. That kinda put us in the same boat with US, right?

Think a bit before making that kind of statements.

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Herr_Alien Feb 6 2009, 3:13am says:

Cool! :) It's now time for development ad PR. Just a little advice: try to share the effort, since both PR and development can put quite some stress on a person.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

+1 vote   media: AVP GOLD 2.0 ~ Website Finshed
Herr_Alien Feb 3 2009, 3:04am replied:

Cool! Post back here when you're good to go :)

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Feb 2 2009, 11:48am replied:

You can't force them. If they moved on, they moved on.

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 - Project "Savior"
Herr_Alien Feb 2 2009, 8:16am says:

Quite funny :) You guys however made your point: We do love doing this kind of sh!t.

Good job!

+1 vote   download: GoldenPie
Herr_Alien Feb 2 2009, 4:09am replied:

So far we don't have a dedicated server running permanently, so most of these screenshots and movies are taken during beta testing. If you're interested in beta testing, I'll mail you the link to the next beta version for the upcomming Saturday.

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Jan 30 2009, 5:08am replied:

You lost me a bit :)
Anyway, I really like the game, and I do enjoy modding it. As for this particular project, it was needed.

I whish you guys good luck! I will definitely play your mod when it is released.

+1 vote   member: Herr_Alien
Herr_Alien Jan 27 2009, 2:17am says:

Hmm, Henley, regarding the indie games:

Independent video game development is the process of creating video games without the financial support of a video game publisher. (

No condition is made regarding the engine (wether is open source or not) or the IP. As long as the installer has everything needed to play it, it's a game. And if they don't have the support of a publisher (like EA) it's an indie game.

In that terms, ID Software is an indie developer. A famous one, but still an indie developer.

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E10
Herr_Alien Jan 26 2009, 2:29am says:

Uuu, so we now have a legal pretext to shoot civilians :P

+1 vote   news: From Conception to Birth
Herr_Alien Jan 24 2009, 6:46am replied:

Yes, I also hope this one will get done before FOX open their eyes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!

+1 vote   news: AVPG 2.0 Media-Release #01
Herr_Alien Jan 21 2009, 11:48pm replied:

You are correct. Fox will, usually, "fox" all alien or predator mods. I do hope they will be late to do that for this mod at least ;)

0 votes   news: PREDATOR - THE HEAT OF THE JUNGLE released!
Herr_Alien Jan 20 2009, 10:07am replied:

So nobody got the pun: "kinda **** me off"
Man, I feel so much like Dr. Evil now, cracking a pun or joke, and nobody laughing.

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
Herr_Alien Jan 20 2009, 9:07am replied:

He he he, not you, Stenchy with his "Europe in urins" :D

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
Herr_Alien Jan 20 2009, 5:51am says:

And one more comment: using open source engines does not mean you're not making a game. See Alien Arena, Irong Grip: Warlord, just to name a few.
And yes, the open source licensing does not forbid you to chagre money, it will mrerely force you to share the code if anyone asks for it.
The threshold would be when your product does not need a particular game, but rather ships everything needed to play it.
Using the quality of the artwork for this purpose is not a good factor either (see all these source mods like Jailbreak, or Eternal Silence).

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
Herr_Alien Jan 20 2009, 4:45am says:

Warlord is 24.95 USD

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
Herr_Alien Jan 20 2009, 4:39am says:

Hey man, I live in Europe. Your comments kinda **** me off ...
The mod is still alive on filefront though. What can I say, thank you for the automatic mirroring systems you guys use ;)

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E09
Herr_Alien Jan 16 2009, 3:42pm says:

That can also turn into an interesting game mode. The first Call Of Duty had a game mode called 'Radio'. That could be played also with one players team vs. an AI team ...

+1 vote   news: Patch v1.11
Herr_Alien Jan 14 2009, 5:48am says:

Physical games? Oh my, Henley, you naughty boy!

Anyway, I liked this show. Both their point of view regarding animations, and the one regarding the Mac and Linux platforms.

+4 votes   feature: Developer Banter: Overgrowth
Herr_Alien Dec 23 2008, 12:41pm replied:

Cool :)
I mean it's a funny addition to the game, but having them as a permanent thing is a bit scary. I'll let them on, for the winter holiday, then, if they don't turn off automatically (I guess you check for the local date?) I'll go to the options menu.

Nice game you guys made. I hope you'll stick to the IP you've created, it looks that it'll have a nice future.

+1 vote   news: The Winter Offensive Releases
Herr_Alien Dec 23 2008, 9:24am says:

Quick question: the christmas theme is just something during the Christmas season, right?

+1 vote   news: The Winter Offensive Releases
Herr_Alien Dec 18 2008, 10:06am says:

Well, for what is worth it, she was right. They will play an important role in his life :D

+2 votes   blog: Goku is a big boy now!
Herr_Alien Dec 17 2008, 4:38am replied:

I'll support that too. Having easier to use editors will not destroy modding, it will help people build bigger projects. It's like saying that inventing the tractor killed agriculture ;)

+3 votes   feature: Modcast S02 E05
Herr_Alien Dec 11 2008, 6:17am replied:

You can't sell mods, to anybody. Further more, most EULAs for games state that the original game developer (ie. Valve) has the right to use your mod to it's heart content, including selling it and making money out if it.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
Herr_Alien Dec 10 2008, 8:13am replied:

I think that's because you joked that it will be boring. If you ask me, modcasts and the developer banter are never boring. They all present game development from different perspectives. And even if the problems discussed are somewhat similar, the sollutions that are used to solve them are always new.

Modcasts also provide feedback for the mods that just got released. And feedback is just like a present, you should be happy to receive it.

+2 votes   feature: Modcast S02 E04
Herr_Alien Dec 5 2008, 8:21am replied:

Ok ... now turn L4D in a rich SP experience ;)
Don't get me wrong, I like all of them, but as a game modder and consumer, I am more attracted by SP.

-4 votes   poll: Favorite game mode?
Herr_Alien Dec 5 2008, 5:11am replied:

I'll second that. Try to imagine FEAR as a coop game. It will be a no game :). MP and Coop have their strong points too. But the best story and game immersion you'll get it in SP. In SP, it's like in a movie where you're the main character.

+6 votes   poll: Favorite game mode?
Herr_Alien Dec 2 2008, 1:50am says:

Well, now that you have recorded it, you can now use it as a sound FX for one of your mods :P

+1 vote   media: The Attack on my Ears
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