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Herr_Alien May 21 2009 replied:

That was actually funny. It also happened some time ago, with the live modcast. I always think (in such cases) that one of the guys (Ryan or Dave) is typing what the others should say :))
Anyway, glad to hear you guys again!

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Herr_Alien May 16 2009 replied:

That's absolutely correct :)
I'll refine a bit our goal: we do not compete with existing Team Fortress mods/games. We compete against vanilla AvP2 and how it is currently played (DM and TDM).

+2 votes   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien May 11 2009 replied:

You'll need the latest official patch for it, 1.096.
A new beta is build each week, so keep an eye on the download section from our site:

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien May 10 2009 replied:

I think that it should also work with the demo.

+2 votes   mod: The Happy Friar's Civy's
Herr_Alien May 1 2009 says:


+1 vote   feature: Mod Video Spotlight - April 2009
Herr_Alien Apr 30 2009 replied:

Well, no. But, taking a sentry from your base, and then go across the whole map just to place it? I think that should be a clear indicator in itself. I mean it's not like you accidentally dropped in in the enemy base.

You can place however turrets in your own base, and in no man's land. The enemy base is off limits for your team's sentries.

+1 vote   news: The mod gets two new damage types and a TODO list
Herr_Alien Apr 30 2009 replied:

Because of the team volume surrounding each base, when an enemy turret is dropped in your base, it becomes inactive. It does not attack. Not now, not ever, as long as the turret is labeled from the opposite team.

Now, since turrets can also be picked up, if an enemy engineer drops a turret in your base, it's actually giving you a present: the turret itself.

No man's land is however fair game.

+1 vote   news: The mod gets two new damage types and a TODO list
Herr_Alien Apr 27 2009 says:

This looks very STALKER-ish. That's pretty good, if you ask me. Will this have an SP component to it?

+2 votes   news: A new look at Gull City
Herr_Alien Apr 23 2009 replied:

I'll second that. An option "all of the above" would fit much better a lot of modders. Including me.

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Herr_Alien Apr 21 2009 replied:

I take it you're talking about the 'Aliens' music?
Well, yeah, I guess it could be annoying. I'm myself a big Alien fan (most people helping me test this are), so the music fits the map like a glove fits a hand.
It could be annoying for others though, I have to admit that :)

+1 vote   news: We get feedback on the test from 2009-04-19
Herr_Alien Apr 21 2009 says:

Ha, we got mentioned on the modcast :)
Some extra info needs to be added related to the AvP2 online community: I am not the only guy behind keeping AvP2 online. Jeff (his nickname on is The_One) also plays an important part, hosting the server, providing various interfaces for third party game broswer-like tools and so on.

Regarding the mod itself, Brian got closer to what we aim for: play AvP2 (keep the universe) in a different style, by adding new game modes, objective based instead of frag based. The Team Fortress concept provides that. Another thing that we aim to enforce is better teamwork and the class system from TF is designed with that in mind.

I guess that these two (teamwork + objective base gameplay) guarantees that Team Fortress mods will still be made, for almost each FPS that is launched.

Crysis Team Fortress, anyone?

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Herr_Alien Apr 17 2009 replied:

Actually, deathbal101 is fairly close on this one: even in copper wiring, the electric signal propagates at about 60% - 70% of the speed of light in that medium. :)

+1 vote   news: EU Download Server Activated
Herr_Alien Apr 16 2009 replied:

You're welcome! We have a lot of fun doing it too :)

+1 vote   member: Herr_Alien
Herr_Alien Apr 15 2009 replied:

Well, we're all tied up with beta testing; we do that each Saturday, at 20:00 GMT.
We might shift it this weekend: the Eastern Europe is celebrating Easter this Sunday, and there's a special ceremony that Cristina (my girlfriends) wants me to attend to. That leaves Sunday 20:00 GMT as the next possible day.

+1 vote   news: Attribute changes, a news feed and what still needs to be done
Herr_Alien Apr 15 2009 replied:

It is good; the netgun sentry is sometimes harder to get along with, but it can be handled.

+1 vote   news: Attribute changes, a news feed and what still needs to be done
Herr_Alien Apr 12 2009 replied:

Here here ! :)
The curent job is my third one. Funny that a lot of people here are school students. An employer should see this place as a god mine.

+1 vote   poll: I am...
Herr_Alien Apr 8 2009 replied:

yeah, that's a direct effect of the 200+ pings people had :)
Until I get hold of a decent server, I am hosting the matches on my laptop. That leads to what you observed.

+1 vote   news: Just having fun
Herr_Alien Apr 1 2009 replied:

Regarding the sound, you might want to click the 'Options' button on the game launcher itself. It could be that the Disable Sound checkbox is ticked.

As for the remaining players being ********, I'd just ignore them.

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 - Project "Savior"
Herr_Alien Apr 1 2009 says:

Well, one does not exclude the other. I say shelf the IP, and work on it after this small tanks game. Don't discard the work and IP; you can always pick it up again.

+1 vote   news: Overgrowth has been squashed by SMALL TANKS
Herr_Alien Mar 25 2009 replied:

I hear that! I mean between file planet (requiring to create an account) and filefront (allowing anybody to download), I'd rather keep filefront and say bye-bye to file planet.
Anyway, I hope they'll have a Phoenix-like rebirth.

+6 votes   news: FileFront closes its doors
Herr_Alien Mar 24 2009 replied:

It is you :)
I don't own HL2, so no, we didn't use any sound FX'es from that game.

+1 vote   news: Evac is more complicated than Domination
Herr_Alien Mar 23 2009 replied:

Thank you! I'll pass over the compliments to Windebieste, he's the guy making the maps for the mods. With one exception, Phase54, built by Archantosaurus.

+1 vote   news: Evac is more complicated than Domination
Herr_Alien Mar 23 2009 says:

The game looks good! I have to admit, although I am more of a shooter person, it got my attention.

+1 vote   news: Realeasing Actual Gameplay footage!
Herr_Alien Mar 22 2009 replied:

Hi there! You most likely saw the beta testing server. We are developing version 1.1 now.
If you want to join the testing team, please join our news letter:
You will be notified each time when a test is scheduled, and which beta exactly we will be using.

+1 vote   mod: AvP2 Team Fortress
Herr_Alien Mar 20 2009 replied:

I also cycle through my existing/installed games, but I play at most 3. Currently those are Codename: Outbreak, IG:Warlord and STALKER.

+1 vote   poll: How many mods/games are you actively playing?
Herr_Alien Mar 17 2009 replied:

That's true. Still, it is funny, you missed the game I actually played this weekend :)).
Anyway, good show guys!

+1 vote   feature: Modcast S02 E17
Herr_Alien Mar 16 2009 says:

Might want to mention also Kernel Panic ( ). You promised to focus more on on FPS games; well, this one is a nifty Tron like RTS. The ball is in your court :)

+3 votes   feature: Modcast S02 E17
Herr_Alien Mar 15 2009 says:

It is nice, actually. It still has a way to go, but I already enjoy it.

+1 vote   download: Kernel Panic 3.2
Herr_Alien Mar 15 2009 says:

I like the idea of pointers being able to do a lot of damage :)

+1 vote   game: Kernel Panic
Herr_Alien Mar 12 2009 replied:

To install it on Vista you need administrator access rights.

+1 vote   download: AvP2 Master Server ('Savior') mod v1.2.3
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